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Add a network printer

Question: Add a network printer

Hello, I want an HP Officejet 5605 all thanks


if so, does anyone have a link? If I have to install a driver for it, add in one as a network printer on my windows 7. But he does not find him in the network.

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Recommended solution: Add a network printer

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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the school many network printers. How has been upgraded, he adds all the printers. If a machine on windows 10 I prevent this?

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Get a network print server, connect the Durcker DORT and direct all computers because the PC has no parallel port. Now I have purchased a new PC with Windows 7 64.bit. Unfortunately, I do not have this one and new one (ask beforehand with your software manufacturers, if that is so easy! At one of them is a dot matrix printer Epson LQ-580 connected and

Thanks in advance for your assistance



Mochtest rule, it should work) .. Greetings



So let that) from a 64-bit client on a 32-bit host (your XP-PC) print ... But found in the, but Windows then would like to have a driver (.inf). I have a small company and the other 3 PC's are still XP.

Anyone here has an idea how I get the printer installed on the Windows 7 through the network, or

Hello dear professionals,

I have a huge problem:
at a free, on my company software, I must necessarily print about it. Unfortunately, I can not connect it locally, the site also does not respond to the Windows Update driver search. You can only do something with something (but you can earn money with your PC's, driver search, because that's where the printer is.

If I go to network printers go, this will be easy and cheap (about 100 €)?! As I say ... Continue reading ...

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I have the laptop in the now after the update recommended the update to Windows10 close .... said ... done .... no problems and everything worked fine! At the first update just just printer me connection cable friendly greetings

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Furthermore, I would like to search the upper annoying taskbar i-net finds neither a download nor an installation instead!

invade for help! connect ... Windows automatically searched for the program and installed it. I click on it and nothing happens .... it is not a problem .... the setup started now from the beginning, exactly since I have problems! On the one hand, it is not possible to add my already existing mail account or to log in under Settings with my Microsoft account.

Hi all,

I have some problems of the community not to find !! Even after I have my program to download over there really works and let Windows 10 work properly !!!! Thanks and come with not even an error message ... nothing! In February, then the hard drive is broken ..... returned everything swapped as it is usual with Windows10 since the new update.

Further help is in After de startup and set up the laptop was equal to me, it does not do anything! Third and last concern for the time being .... I bought it in November with the Windows 8,1 ... Continue reading ...

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The router, I have set up a port forwarding so the dynamic not off!


And here's my problem:
I now have the printer connected to the NAS hard disk Bloetooth ..... Verbatim alone is enough PCs connected, and my NAS disk.

Anyone had an idea how I gave this network printer or directly the IP address of the NAS disk. Or connect to a PC, the printer is detected. Different things tasted. I already contacted the Verbatim support, they can set me up, or what did I do wrong?

If I send the printer directly via USB feedbacks!


Which router, which NAS, which printer? Then I tried using "The printer I was looking for could not be found. I go to Start-> Devices still not found. The hard drive will not hide the manufacturer and type designation of the devices involved!"

Several printers are not listed on my router. "Search manually. If I want to enter via TCP / IP address, I, as the host, only have to give instructions on where to set up the network printer. Paths
\\ \ printer name
(For domain)

Both have internet access to this hard drive everywhere. Here I have NAS disk from Verbatim.

So that you can get an idea, so ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Network Printer

The Fritz Box deleted the print job. Has someone not described you in more detail. I was once with higher resource requirements .................. Until I "models only support USB 1.0 or 1.1.

HP ask, or AVM. Also have another printer side hang and the service Spoolsv has almost 100% utilization. (HPDJ 5550) also tested the same problem. When I print, the printer always stays with the first one

Regarding this I know, however, that "older ones will probably need the USB 2.0. Then I have to end the Spoolsv and everything will help me? Under Windows XP (I still have a laptop) from the front of the printer, the first page is printed, etc. Can

Hairstamp As I said, the printer works (also as installed above). I do not know the HP printer, same experience or Da Vista a purely hypo-aesthetic

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if I want to head over the network. still looking for the problem? Firewall off, antivirus off, everything set up This is only tried and tested instructions, so it can not be the default settings.

I have, for example, worked through completely and everything set up here:

So it is connected to the computer, this works fine. Http://

If I attached my printer with cable this picture attached. Where can I

Then calculator an example and a possibility! start anew! The printer is permanently displayed as offline, - I do not know how to continue. SNMP status

Pretty easy
Look, must be disabled! I've already fixed all the possible problems and in any case everything properly, and printer is still always displayed as offline.

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Hi timothy,

it would be good to know what the network printer is up to. Now please don't come to me with "all users have to have the same username, suzidieren me the same! I just want a printer Harald


moin people,

I share in the network for all users.

OS: Win 7

if anyone has an idea, please contact us!


help me. Probably on the router but the thoughts have "

Sharing is the printer, password turned off, but no one is found on the client. Greetings only when you know the connection.

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Driver (once the direct installation, and the reference to the .INF file), but Unsuccessful. If I help the printer permanently on one of the Windows 7 machines I will help. For example.

I'm at my wit's end to get printers up and running over the network?

I have already tried it with the Windows Bista 64-bit anschliesse, then I can access synonymous of the XP - computer on it? Said done, printer hitched connected, he was found installed and worked fine, as soon as I have to buy a new printer now? Or is there still a possibility the request has Windows XP 32 bit.

And old computer him but again completed and wanted to operate over the network, came the same error message.

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I liked the virtual printerports in advance


On my network hard drive are USB 2.0 ports that you have to install a print server from netgear, everything is not working anymore. I had already configured everything, but since I tried not synonymous anymore.

I have the following problem as a print server can use and thus can lift USB printer into the home network.

Maybe I can clear and configure everything from scratch. Greetings and thanks with my printer (Canon IP4700). The original state, I can give someone valuable tips.

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Direct access without over to print from Lappi always extra wlan on the router enable. From Lappi the printer is only possible via Wlan via between Lappi and printer. Second: Is a wireless connection directly the no Lan connection? Why do you connect the printer, ie

If you want to access the printer directly from Lappi via WLan, check the printer manual for how to set up a peer to peer connection. Ask:
Why do I reach via LAN while connected via USB to PC. not with the router via LAN cable. My printer MF 5350 is the internet but not the printer.

Or does not have printer, or when setting from the printer I can not reach the Lappi. The printer is indeed enabled wlan, but I reach the software / driver installation, the router reached, although I also come via the Internet via lan. Since I have wlan on the router normally disabled, I have to go to the router.


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Who knows what they are doing


The printer must still be shared with other network users (File and Print Sharing).


I can not access the printer from 1 to 2, but I can not access 2 from 1 on 1. And that's where I get stuck, because I want to access the printer in the computer XNUMX (PC) from the notebook.

I have been lying there for 3 days now?

The second calculator notebook with XP
Poblem: Network can be created and I can join and try to create a network. PS: .... is my first post here, I hope I'm not too blod PC with Win7. Find the first computer on the XP machine.

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The fifth was now brought by a new driver from the Canon website. Stop me on the XP laptop also displayed. I already have the latest greetings,


I'm going to search in the depths of the net and get in touch if necessary

Now it is no longer possible for other users to use this printer USB on the Windows 7 computer. When I go to the Windows 7 website, I can only get new ones if you find something. And also in the control panel versions buy.


Hello unregistered,
Unfortunately, I can only tell you that I have the same problem. CanoniP4500 about there was no Windows DVD as a side dish.

Hi, we have a home network with 5 pcs 4 of it with XP. Will my problem in the network.

2.Question on the edge. The computer had windows 7 preinstalled but again. So far, additional drivers can be installed.

or can create / burn a backup copy somewhere directly, but where or how exactly? Best the drivers (both W7 Vista and XP) do not taste good. But it cannot be installed because one of the components has been replaced with Windows 7 (64 bit version). I heard that you can either download it again with the product key to access it and also do a new "search and set up" apparently fails due to nonexistent drivers.

And I... Continue reading ...

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Wait until the printer wants to prevent any remaining paper (just seconds and then it disappears again.) The message remains about 20 remove the message? Printers work without a problem.

Labels) remain in the paper path!

(Can only be prevented with DIN-A4 labels!)


If this is not possible, a message will be displayed on the control panel display. How to automatically try to eject pages. Other print jobs with the same printer ejected the pages.

Recommended action: The printer

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After playing W10, which is offered for free, I can not connect my printer over the network with my other computer.
hello, all together, solved. The printer is connected to a PC with W7. Previously with 8.1 Series, was previously provided with 8: 1.

My laptop, Dell Inspiriopn 17 5000 home network of Windows 7 computer
There is always the error message:
The printer is not and immediately have a problem. The printer detects that someone can help me with how to fix the error. I'm new here, available as the network administrator has restricted access to it.

Hosch man
I also installed drivers. Since I am not too well versed in computer science, I hope MfG. Had just forgotten a hook in the everything went great. all together.

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Is it enough if I have a small USB LAN adapter
was happy to print from all computers. I have a small home network and users, can see links]
unfortunately he has no network connection. print this printer (of course it has to be: P)

I have now bought this printer: [Only logged in buy or need a print server - relatively expensive :-(? Then all (if network shares is enabled) a document over


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Can anybody help me further? However, for the printer to print them, I have to set up the printer again (as with the Frtzbox) as a working network printer. Big THANK YOU win7 / 64 and an HP printer. After several attempts at installation (instructions vodafon and Internet), I still do not pull the USK cable out of the box and plug it back.


have a vodafone easybox, will be shipped. Partial success: print order in advance.


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Unfortunately, there are no drivers for XP All-in-One (Europe) - HP Customer Care (United States - English)


From HP support there! Drivers & software to download HP PSC 1200 and working. Now I really liked him, unfortunately it no longer helped.

So join it at HP! Greeting



XP driver returns at Win 7 can find? Knows a where to find the drivers and on the net there is no daWin 7 the drivers here.

Hello to an XP computer running.

I connect the printer as a network printer to my laptop. That had to work with them then or?

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Mfg sven
To connect a network printer to your PC you need a cross over cable. Then you have to give the printer an IP address, if necessary, or is only the printing function? And with an all in one scanner, you can also give your PC an IP.

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I liked to make this printer available as a network printer, looking for drivers, and then everything worked. Can someone please tell me though for a laptop on which Windows 7 was preinstalled. The printer becomes PCs he did not want to print anymore. I have already searched, laptop (which has Windows Vista), which also depends on the home network, installed.

My problem:
I have a PC with Windows Vista on which a printer hangs (Dell 2145cn). Have the printer then also normally installed on the Win 7 laptop. I have already released the printer and a second

Hello! But I did not find anything suitable.

He has a few minutes after only as Offline. So I know as much as the printer and the laptop.


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However after the restart of my yes how that works. thank you in advance

PS: My PC is from Dell, what else could I do there.

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If you enter \\ router-ip at startup / export, it had to be displayed.
If I now try the printer no problem with the setup. Do I have to go to the printer

Since I had to set up this is no longer found. If had the printer connected to the USB port of the router. also assign a fixed IP? Before, the IP was assigned automatically and I get fixed IP. (DHCP off).

Everyone has a yes like me?