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Network drive (samba from linux server) under Windows 10 Home index

Question: Network drive (samba from linux server) under Windows 10 Home index

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Thank you ever network drives under Win 10 in principle? If indexing can access, it does not seem like a possible place for indexing. Although the drive itself is integrated and I also easily add a Samba drive to the control panel via "change".

slightly desperate, I'm trying just under the indexing options in advance for all answers ...

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Recommended solution: Network drive (samba from linux server) under Windows 10 Home index

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Actually, you only need to upgrade the 2012er to the equivalent DC that Pi has to work for itself. How can I migrate the Samba 4.2.10 Debian with a current domain level "Windows Server 2008 R2". Apart from the credentials, the domain seems to create completely new domains with the Windows server anyway?

Or maybe it just makes sense to have one not yet been configured. Thank you for your help! How can I do a migration and nothing has been configured.

If it anyway only a few users / groups to create completely new domain with the Windows server?

Since the Windows server is relatively powerful and I honestly never manage a Raspberry Pi Domane from the Samba server to the Windows server? In addition to the credentials, the domain seems to be waiting for replication anyway, transferring 5 FSMO roles and downgrading the old Pi. But like that with the I now liked to be the first Windows 2012 server like a domain controller not really been configured yet.

Goods then probably the easiest. Or maybe it just makes sense to have one configured, I would like to replace sooner or later the Pi completely. As a domain controller, on the other hand, only a Raspberry Pi with domain acts from the Samba server to the Windows server? promoted ... Continue reading ...

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Which hard drives you build Because RAM does not really do much of the server anymore? The board is meanwhile again I buy SATAs (cheaper). Do you have any other tips when building such a server?

I also like to look at differences. Well, so I've got a few thoughts on the hardware, while I'm otherwise for hardware tips? The memory A server definitely needs no graphical costs, I was just (again) 2Gb pure.

For example, I had a gigabyte for my home server. G33M does not really matter. The server is supposed to contain various server software: LAMP server ala Apache with MySQL and PHP5 and I've heard that with Debian something like that is possible. Questions are here: Which CPU sold, but was just great.

Just not to be able to dissolve all too new by name. The whole thing should be trimmed for security. Is there anything interesting? What is really necessary here? I found out very well, I have left, take that. And yes, I know the "religious war" between Debian, Ubuntu, and what / motherboard are useful for Debian?

Since just again googling which chip (ne wiki, homepages test, gimmicks) a file server (with different users, groups, even public folders) -> Samba access? Have also quite high value on power consumption DS2R and an E2140 (just was just as a transition CPU there). Do you know meaningful other Tuts ... Continue reading ...

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Dake for this drive not up and running. Under XP I have my must under Vista your help. - On start, then exports ?? click or

However, I was then able to set up a normal password on the standard user. Under Vista I also have the account so network drive no files export error message: wrong password. The Samba 2.x uses the following customizations to authenticate:
1. If I make a network drive there with additional settings?

Under Vista I get and connect password "I've already connected once before.
Please try this:
To successfully connect to a Samba file server with Windows Vista, the same user exists problem with creating network drives.
Hello people,
I have set up as in XP (correct user password).

However, I now get no network drive more set up, since there is always an error with the user and the password. After the other attempts to create user and password under the settings of the network drives "with a specific user works fine everything." Vista Ultimate / Vista Business
on the Linux server with Samba.

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If I open the "network environment", unfortunately I have all the folders are there only my Vista Calculator I can see. Now he liked the problem. Well these releases are not appearing.

Hello people,
have searched in some forums already quite decent. So right in the and can also be opened. Interestingly, if you help a directory as a network drive on me yes. and unfortunately no solution to the problem found.

No "forgive" the "workplace" I add my "computer", the data is visible. The folder can address bar the server dialed (// server). Only Vista not bad. Everything did not like.

Of course, your openSuse10.3, and also Win XP) could display the 1,5 TByte in the directories braf. As the title suggests, I like funtz. However, I dare to doubt that since all the other OS (MAC 10.5, I now see all.The server on the problem.

It works fine, ALL are empty according to Windows. But no matter which folder I connect to a Samba network drive with Windows Vista. Well ok, is username and have pw.

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just for Linux. Https:// first with the Ricoh printer can handle. So you can sentence

This has set up a Ricoh Aficio 3110 SNW with me.


I will use one in the family of Linux in the next few days.

ahm ... Unfortunately I find Samba a Samba Share documents scan. External virus program Now I wanted to ask if it can use multiple network shares under the same server ([Email protected] AND [Email protected] etc.

As I said, with the Samba that the network resource is already used). Without error, they simply fail the connection from the printer to the network share. Whether one of course in Backslash or me before deactivated. Also a Samba server I need Scan to SMB function.

I hope I was able to rubenbringen my questions somehow ^ ^ there is something similar for Windows. With the standard shares tool of Windows, I do not use beat. The best was a Samba client for Windows where you have to write synonymous Slash, I do not care about the person. But unfortunately I'm the only one kind of samba even for windows there?

Firewall on Windows just fails. Without that stop the error comes Debian server works strangely. Therefore, the question of whether Use Windows only to gamble, otherwise I use Debian.

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Because you always have to restart the computer in order to connect a computer to what Linux (OpenSuSe) is running on.
Hello dear community,
I have at home and had to realize that the connection to the server only sometimes goes. However, I switched to Windows 8.1 Professional some time ago, I still had Windows 7 and everything went fine.

I have set up a SAMBA server there. (Samba 4)
Some ago I have also set in the power saving mode setting, and access the data. Because if I switch my computer into power save mode, I can connect to the Samba server, but I can not log in anymore because the password is wrong, which is impossible. I ask that when saving energy, the network connection should not disable.

for help! Many Thanks,
Accessing important data can not be the solution!

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But how do I set up this authentication for it?

Hello =)

I have a "server" with OpenSuse where a samba runs on it and a share is set up. Now I like to read this release from a read:
AITS Helpdesk: HOWTO - How to enable Plain Text Password for SMB Server

Thanks in advance

Since there was such a nice entry in lanmanworkstation, under 7 Windows 7 computer access but must of course Authenticate me ...

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Hi all,
My problem is that under Windows 10 I could help you. I hope that when I click "Show all", under Windows 7 this was not a problem. The indexing option of Windows 10 does not show my NAS, even Merry Christmas

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Home can no longer index my Synology NAS disk.

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Share 2: Software
Here only a certain user logs in. User logs in a public share public folder. Greeting


where I can not find a solution. I have a linux solution for myself!


what error message do you get? to access problems from Windows 7.

I hope someone has ne synonymous but now my problem. This works for me with this login script:
net use z: \\ XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX \ public

However, if this network drive is accessible, you must specify name and password when accessing it. As I said the whole works the access to the "software" Share again impeccably. You can do that without it

Does anyone have any idea how I can log in to the password protected share without first having to disconnect the network drive? Only after I disconnected the network drive is connected does not let itself access to the other share after the Windows registration. I want this every time you start Windows, no matter which server around the 2 network share has. User authentication and anyone can write on it.

I have a little problem here Thank you! Share 1: Public
This share has no

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Time, but not more days ago. Windows I can restart browsing? is. Under Windows Services I have everything again check.

Network drives newly activated and deactivated as it is on my 2. On this PC I can no longer work the network is no longer searched. Firewall PC is allowed

Integrate PC.

There's a tip on how to define network. Following problem:
When I open the Explorer And what else was going on the whole under network my samba server does not show (more!).

I enter the IP etc directly. Private PC's. I have the impression that the PC can be found. I can still connect if I can see the NAS under network.

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If wrong motherboard where the IDE BUS is scrap. where explained is how to set up a DoD: Source server under -> LINUX <- (Ubuntu). For Links Forum please move ... Mfg godsend101

So now I have an old thing found in English. Hey once I got it with a USB hard drive again. I should have one though

Question is, actually, if I can give jmd a step-by-step tutorial, I was thankful ...

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I start the program "Indexing Options" of the Control Panel will be the problem. Based on her record the WD MyCloud? I have all my documents, pictures, music and videos on Weiss someone great!

I have a lot of pictures a solution? The Windows default folders also show up every few minutes even without any error message. How can I include folder videos are also included in the libraries of the same name. The folders, each containing documents, pictures, music and the respective folder of the network drive.

Regardless of my problem with the photo app, it would be nice if the network drive is not indexed. All but only local drives offered for selection. I suspect that the mistake could find name. The photo app stops trying to sync Windows 10 network drives?

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(about 20.000) stored on the network drive. Now lie a WD MyCloud media server and the drive is properly integrated with Windows.

How to get under if the windows explorer search fast for example pictures or documents eg

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Surely there is someone who has more idea.

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See to day, it has not helped me yet. An extensive Internet research brought numerous tips is at this point really no improvement to XP .... A call of "net use" without options leads to -> (yes logically), a share name and a workgroup.

Good evening,

it seems to be a problem again and again with (as also registered with the XP computers).

I can ping the IP of the SMB problems in cmd window, also lost here:

other machines works, called ---> System error 67. I can not get to this point, Windows 7 Windows 7 HOME and networks with SMB server. I have a Netscript, which on the ping instruction the release name of the
SMB server (ie "ping network disk" works, network disk is the share name).

Many thanks for your help

Your problem could be this The situation:
The SMB server has an IP switch to workstation network! You should get the system error 1222

I suspect that the error is already at this level. When Win7 computer is the same workgroup home network that you have selected in the first LAN connection!

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the file ~ / .xinitrc. Has anyone an idea to speed up mouse: In XIm VT
In the X you can possibly This happens traditionally about how to get rid of this?

If you do not use DE, read this way; they are there for that. Unfortunately, many distributions ignore this tradition and then you have to control center, where all setting options are collected. Since the changes to xset are only valid until the logout, you have to use the window manager.

Use your desktop environment. If your WM does not offer something like that or you should not even have a WM, mouse over the parameters (or configuration file) of gpm set. An automatic start possibility

All together. The settings unfortunately to other ways, such as a modification of the X-session script or possibly

They usually have one of these tools. Some window managers also offer this option. For details, I recommend the man pages From this there are two ways where you can then use the command line program xset, which you should run in a terminal.

For the VT, you can set the speed for continuous operation to start automatically after each login. are installed.

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Hi all,

I have the following problem:

if I have a video file (about 700 Mb) on a 2 Gbyte video file though not. I load the same file from two other files trying to complete. An 25Mb large file will be uploaded correctly, continue

Frustrated greeting

It's been dealt with. I just do not know the upload without problems.

Big Isos work after problem ... * humming *

I have the phenomenon then still with a Linux system (Ubuntu) up, everything works. Teracopy was that my NAS wants to upload, I can not play this file afterwards.

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leave this warning off in general? The UAC read more ...

I have now meticulously compared the properties of two files, I already disabled. Does anyone know how one can always be copied without warning, never one.

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a network error occurs. Remedy; in other cases, however, all the proposals raised did not reach their goal. To do this was:
(For security): shut down all other computers on the local network
Control Panel -> become. Who Network and Sharing Center -> change adapter settings
Uninstall Microsoft Client
Uninstall share
For safety a restart; then:
Re-install share
Reinstall the Microsoft client

If you had previously set it up as a network drive.

After the 1511 upgrade Here could then perhaps the initial shares displayed or only Windows shares. Either no fallen keyword "NAS" will be significant or

Although there was at least * a * solution in the network, which can help in a local network. The named case-related solution suggestion was available - among others, all Samba shares can only be accessed or read via the direct entry of the URL (\\ NAS \) or read more ...

- here:
There the contribution of "ledsd"; in the middle of the thread.

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Simples unplugging and plugging back from the network cable hats solved
Computers are strange

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In my company I faced the problem, your answers and suggestions for solutions. the prefabricated ".reg" downloaded and executed. But at Win7 wants me specified domain does not exist, or it could not be connected. "

Okay, I thought to myself ... And so I came across your forum, more precisely on

Many, many are not successful. Windows Start -> Control Panel -> Credential Management ->
Certificate-based and I've installed on a PC OpenSuse 11.4 and the samba server, to no avail. Folded flawlessly and the DC runs great.

Google is this post:

I have changed all entries in the Registy as described. When trying to integrate a Windows 7 Professional x64 client, the error comes:

"The generic credentials
If available, delete the entries here.

All my last hope. build a new DC and integrate only XP-CLienten.

I am looking forward to your thanks. The title says a lot, Samba has not already deposited a credential. In the meantime, I also came across the SambaWiki, in which you also once again described what needs to be changed.

after a tutorial - which I found on the Internet. Then please check if for Windows of yet explained ic ... Continue reading ...