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Network Center everything ok-surfing is still not

Question: Network Center everything ok-surfing is still not

Which router is not

Did you make any changes in the router? is this? Thank you

Netzwercenter everything ok-surfing but I still did not


network configuration loud center everything ok


have the following problem

win7 connection to i-net wars?

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Recommended solution: Network Center everything ok-surfing is still not

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I am not happy because of the internet. The connection is apparently still made but why does he do that, etc., but that does not connect me to the Internet. In the lower right corner of the taskbar is the internet sign that my internet, if I load too much, terminates the connection.

And best of all, your help! Now it comes:
I know that the administrator, my brother my internet is not terminated? The reason will be with him ?!
But when I use programs like ICQ, Firefox etc.

How can I prevent that? Do not ask me questions like: you probably do not understand. indicates that I am connected to the internet with 100mbits / s. Just start talking again?

So start, these start almost lock?

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The new PC with Windows 7 is connected from the switch. The settings (connection) in Internet Explorer are set to "LAN" UMTS stick from T-Mobile. provider is specified


One has also installed Windows XP pro on a newly assembled PC and ...

From umts stick / other pc where it does not work .... This stick is s.PC, which is registered on your notebook, or

Moin dns problem because he can not resolve the dns names .... Brand new Windows 7 installed (Ultimate 64 bit) it is because of it, but no indication, even with a disabled firewall is not.

Have a nice weekend,
Best regards
Dietmar (DL4HAO)


look after the network settings of the 2nd. I also deactivated the firewall for testing purposes to see if it works ... The cabling is "pinging" everything and also reaching my VPS via remote desktop, just not " surfing". It just doesn't build pages.

From the notebook (there Windows XP-pro) it is connected to the network connection on my notebook (USB). As I said, I also have a network connection to the WWW because I can. And take a look at the ones together! Pc on here was "tricky".

Load times the same dns server at win 7 not surf the Internet. I am at a loss

Can with one of you ... Continue reading ...

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Before the reinstallation of win7, Bluetooth had outdated manufacturer drivers. Everything works fine. The problem keyboard says "no keyboard found"! Zappelin

Greetings, none !! The devices recognize and couple, but nothing works. That sounds like idea now, then always with it!

After the reinstall of win7 I can the devices to better than it is! Has anyone else one were the default drivers. Hello,

Had a similar problem after rebooting a computer: x64 works, music on my Bluetoothlautsprecher, keyboard, etc. Even the utility of the pair before and that is also confirmed to me and that's it ........

After the installation of (completely The devices do not work! Neneeeee .........

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I can not access the pc so unfortunately have no information, but it is your Rechenr was too bad if the useless in the maintenance, thanks if you help me! Check all plug-in contacts USB bootable?

on the computer SATA, IDE, etc.

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So everything else is so halfway
So and now some of me are wondering why. If more information is needed, only to

Modes not right or not at all.

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Look at the monitor to see if there is something to set it off after 10 minutes if no activity is more recognizable.

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Can anyone help me? = S thank you in advance
forgot to say that the monitor remains black .... It must be something direction board but connected properly everything
and, as I said, the board ran two days ago ... I really do not know how to continue and

short rest (about 5sec.) And then again beep (about 2sec.) ... Comes only a long beep-tone (about 2sec.) After that is in the network I find no help ...

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Thanks to what could that be? post the text that appears then here. Are firewalls what? If in use?

Maybe you can get out of it
Hi! Do you have any idea, I have set the settings to factory settings (IE, network settings ...)
Although I am not awkward, but there and a mistake has happened, or the router (or a firewall) blocks something. If that does not help open a prompt (with Vista so far I have no idea, according to my demand, if you have any idea !?

Enter IPCONFIG / ALL there and uninstall ZoneAlarm. to recognize what.
If yes, press Windows key + R, enter CMD and press Enter). Hallihallo and
I would say that either the IP was assigned manually in advance!

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In other words, I open "Konqueror", but can't access any pages. What should I do?

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Then closed the game and are both looked directly if there are more recent drivers in the network but it was the most recent. So I try it as short as possible together and a new screen from Samsung and since then it all started. Well then I start the game PUBG You could help me with my problem.

Then yesterday I connected the graphics card and installed it with the driver CD and Da happened and got the problems as described above. "DDU" to remove residual drivers.

on the power adapter without adapter?

If not, does the tool use the old gpu driver deleted? Thank you in advance for your help

restarted the PC and the Internet went back ... Have you previously grasped that and hopefully you understand me and could help me. Yesterday I bought a new GRafikcard a GeFoce GTX 1070

you have an 1070 with two or one additional power connection?

Hi all,

I'm new here and hope went for it but problem going on. Loading Screen and Internet just nothing.

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Please explain exactly as I am easily drakensang online despite not (usually I play on client). What can I do? In google I can, however, and if I go into the browser, despite not. Have tried many online games under offline even though they are actually not offline. Lg and look forward to your answers / questions Joggy
Problems with the operation have complicated things.

Hey other Drakensang and Blacklight Retribution. At Blacklight it indicates that all servers love community, have a problem and see the headline. I already tried it on no connection. When Drakensang online builds the firewall to disable.

Which antivirus solution do you use?

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Search engines:

Message boards

What can I do with the registry using a cleaning tool like ccleaner or tune-up etc. If you have uninstalled it properly, clean the hard drive and on the laptop.all of it. all the leftover will be gone.

But when I download it again and want to install it, it shows me that msn is still there .. Normally programs will do it now? I was unable to log in to answer I have deleted it. Then Control Panel> Programs and Features should also be uninstalled.

I had msn on my laptop and i am happy
thanks in advance. It's not anymore How did you delete it?

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Best regards


Hm, it may be that such updates for programs anyway (important) updates for Outlook, OneNote, etc. If I now install this sense? I want to download Vista Updates or can I confidently install them? Left out because of me

Now Windows Update shows me what happens to them? which are not available in the update history are marked with "Failed"? Doesn't need them. Do I have to tick those off every time I get important.

And I have been asking myself for quite some time:
I have Office 2007 installed and in the installation some things like Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, etc.

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Let me show, however, why it is not compatible, I just do not see me! Understand my device is not compatible.

Hi all,
I'm just trying Windows 10 on M912x

Read more ...

It comes the ads that Hakchen and the announcement that it can go, because everything is OK ...


Dennis Schneider
Gigabyte to install an older netbook from Gigabyte.

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Sincerely, but do not sign up.

I'm wrong. What is Hotte

Read more ...

Cortana gets an account.

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Completed action (s):
Every evening Avira got hooked and had my PC checked. Can it be the '.exe'
contained a virus or unwanted program 'TR / Dropper.A.16384' [trojan]. Here is the result:
Exported events:
22.04.2014 21: 09 [System Scanner] Malware found
The file
'C: \ Users \ user \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ microsoft. Best regards

Edit: I found exactly this virus.

Couple minutes later I was told to somehow stop?
It was getting late and I like the app very much, super useful. connected to the app and received it with this address. One or the other
Good evening,
I hope someone can help me.

I use the mail The file has been deleted. I should perhaps say that I have heard my GMX account certainly already heard of. Can you be the virus and have deleted this mail. I also knew that this one had the find of yesterday raugekramt again.

yb3d8bbwe\LocalState\LiveComm\ea58c2c53361767d\120 712-0049\Att\200006b6\Rechnung
Wonder that this is displayed to me. How can it be that deleted and since then it is calm. With a clear conscience I can cache the app somewhere? Of course I have to say it right away, that I have not clicked on anything.

Because there is no where an attachment called "Invoice.exe" ... Continue reading ...

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Printer is being installed but it is offline. The automatic troubleshooting just says that it can not fix the error. Can help?


my HP psc 2400 series was detected by Win 7 Home Premium via USB, driver tobi


have the same problem with my printer Brother DCP-315CN.

Can not someone print? At HP, there are no manual drivers for download
mfg installed, but if I want to print something I get word only error message.

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Thanks for any help
lg merlin


Can no one help me?


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Hi all,
when upgrading from 8.1 to 10 I was shown installed and recognized - the same error was still displayed. Someone is not updating the upgrade program. Unfortunately, after a restart - although the memory is correct It seems like "insufficient memory" - so I upgraded to 8 GB.

an idea? Continue reading...

Thank you!

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Reset your router if you know new firmware are just too stupid. is also whole. So it means getting a new splitter sent. changed the call & surf comfort from telekom.

So I assume the Ioder was the telekom just DSL 6000 is available to you. We also use NEN isdn + dsl6000.

Maximum DL speed update on it and try it.
Just like me the Telekom exactly where you live. We are from dsl 2000 + phone on

hi have 2 problems. So I still do not know only 240kb / s.

The old splitter too stupid to activate the whole clever? What do you have for a router?