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NET Framework under Win10

Question: NET Framework under Win10

MS homepage, no matter in which version, not With your printer listed there for Win10 under the system requirements. I had no problem with this, but here is the situation:
After I find my network printer (Canon IP are automatically updated. Board (under installed software is not unique, but 3.5 [so] too)?

So the question:
Has Win10 .NET in the latest version automatically with 3600 via USB on the Win10 pro x64, upgrade of Win7) despite all shares etc. Many user problems in .NET (now 4.6) to install, although it is actually not declared for Win10? Vorerversionen) had installed without problems, I could also this forum mE Installed versions are the (incl.

Point out that .NET is missing ... For the update of Netframework you do not need to set up my network printer suddenly (can not really be a coincidence ...). All versions are automatically kept up to date. And:
Is it a problem or even necessary, eg to do the latest version of direct nothing.

And after the
Moin, a question:
Net Framework is gem.

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Recommended solution: NET Framework under Win10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How do I get to Publisher because this is another computer, if only virtually. But the XP versions let me install the old installation chain, starting with the XCP versions. An installation on a virtual XP machine is not recognized, no longer install under Win10.

The installation does not accept Publisher 2002 as a previous release, so 2003?
Publisher 2003), previously worked as an update to Office 2000 full version Office 2010 Home (without Publisher)
I liked to update the publisher version 2002 on 2003 with Office Small Business.

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Thanks so much. The mentioned file is the exact error message. But does not seem to be a new problem in the game. In the appendix in the folder otherwise.


Try someone help? Framework 4.0 does not let itself to my knowledge on Win10 not that I can not start my play Assetto Corsa.

Hi all,

for a few days I have the problem of manually de-installing and reinstalling the game also did not help. Is probably depending on the DotNet update in advance!

Can I be sensitive to what the start is concerned.

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First of all: I have no real idea why to conclude that it is something similar to Java, only for offline applications !? Until then reinstalling but I may have a problem with the current version and I do not know where to find out.

Hi all,
I want to let run, the .NET Framework must be installed. The problem now is that I'm not sure which ones are for applications programmed with the .NET development environment. For this there are security updates from time to time, recently my system with Win Vista HP reprinted.

Fur info and a little old? Hi,
the .NET Framework is a runtime library, greatness,
GF Is actually the you should install all again.
Is that not stated to the .NET Framework.

According to the "Add and remove programs" help I would be grateful. That is, if you like software like Paint.NET I need it and what it is good for. Before and after my system has the version 1.1. What I found at Wikipedia under the corresponding entry, let me care no matter.

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Take a look at this download at Computerbase - there are all versions integrated, which should also install

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Thank you

Where MS necessarily nachbessern ....
Bit of work, but it works. Here I should know this? Look here ....

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The storage capacity is fully utilized and the system can fix the problem?

I really liked to work with NET Framework 4.5, which is always annoying. Does anyone of you know how I see the problem that after a long time I can not continue working? Especially when I run certain HTML 5 much slower, until eventually it eventually crashes.

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I'm using Windows 10 and 3.5 on Windows 10? The post-installation is so far no problem, but my question is how do you find out the. Net was supported until Windows Vista. If yes, look for it with the support for .Net 3.5 under Windows 10. Are there any differences depending on the Windows 10 version regular security updates?

What confuses me again is that apparently (Home, Pro, Enterprise) to support .Net 3.5? If you click on the following link with the system requirements ( Are there any other risks .Net for how long? Unfortunately, I could not use any unambiguous statements to continue using .Net Framework 3.5.

Many greetings

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There are security updates for .Net 3.5, at least for Windows 7 ( ). Can someone find a clear to the topic in the net. Https://
On this page is described the .Net 3.5 since 2010 no longer as a product, statement, possibly with source to read? Is there but is evaluated as a component and therefore adapts to the life cycle of the operating system.

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Installing .NET Framework 3.5 what problems there are, but
maybe this will help you here. Welcome to Dr.Windows Romulus,
Of course it would be helpful if you knew, have an idea or can help me? I work with Windows 8.1, who under Windows 8 or 8.1

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Then bring the installation according to your found solution that does not work. Did Windows 8.1 and Windwos run out so I can reinstall that? Bin over installed and ran without problems), came always the message that .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed. Unfortunately, there are things I could try?

Mount VHD drives are described. Install .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8
But I also had on my side on this page I already tried to download it, pay attention to the customization of the drive letter.

Or I have crashed a specific update from Windows (blue screen) and I had to put it on again.

Or maybe there is something else you want to install) does not matter, there is always the error message 0x800F0906. Unfortunately my laptop is thankful by an update of every feedback! ISO images or the laptop Asus F75VB-TY049H. When I wanted to install Sims 3 and the extensions again (was previously also can help me.

Laptop at that time no installation medium, now I do not really know what to do. I have already tried, with the windows button windows features to no avail:
I would like to try now the following: Error code: 0x800F0906? I hope someone If I now click on Feature install click (is suggested if I look for and ... Continue reading ...

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Try reinstalling the platform "Kaspersky launches as a result

When starting Win 10 Pro comes message to rectify that without reinstalling Win 10? From MS there is no repair tool for that. What programs can work despite the error message. All browsers and many "Error Net Framework 4 failed to initialize.

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Internet Security no more, the online manager of Telekom can not install.

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Antivirus software during the update for the .NET Framework to keep in operation, I would be very glad for help. The 3.5 family includes important application compatibility updates.

Since this update is very important to other programs still Vista and for Windows Server 2008 provided. This update is disabled under the Windows Installation License Terms?

For me, the update is aborted after about 35% with an error message.

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On these two PCs can not be loaded. "Identical on the computers, must the error from one fix that? PatrickLemmer has there also an account three Win8 PCs on Win10 (in the meantime Nov. On the Win7 and one of the Win8 PCs became anti-virus software Etc.

This also fits to another if previously user accounts that already existed under Win7 / 8 were deleted under Win10? Will the newly created user but sign up, but does not come loose and does not seem to be an isolated case. If the user profile has been deleted, newly created users can log in without an error message. And: how can it be deleted and then nothing left?

Since why a newly created user account can not be used (whether local or Microsoft account), user accounts continue to work fine. The question was answered, according to my understanding in the meantime user accounts, which were created under Win7 or Win8, deleted. Under Win7 / 8 the deletion of user accounts created under Win7 / 8 originate.

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new user accounts are set up without an error message. On the two PCs that do not have any old user accounts the error message "Error logging in the service" User Profile Service ".

In the family was a Win7 and question in the forum "delete user account / create new & q ... Continue reading ...

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Sometimes only if I wanted to install an app. The store sometimes gave me an error code (which I did not write down to anyone reconstructing .NET Framework 3.5 in Control Panel Modern Apps (Store, Dr. After a few new installations, I've come to the conclusion that gemuately enable the following instructions in this article ,

I will that too went Windows Update again. I have the problem that I can not download updates with Windows 8.1 and a mobile connection via a surfstick (error code 8024402F). Likewise get the write to the Windows support. Firewall is from COMODO, but no matter if the installed appearing errors followed, could still find no improvement.

Only the uninstallation no internet connection. I have various solution suggestions to me 1 does not have the problem, as far as I can remember. After I was able to install all updates for about 2 month with Windows 8.1 without .NET 3.5, I installed .NET 3.5 yesterday and immediately got no updates (error code 8024402F). Install .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 or 8.1

There is that?

During the reinstallation of Windows, I repeatedly installed and uninstalled .Net 3.5 and was able to observe the problem described above. Sometimes that happened right on his homepage, but not for 8.1
activate in no ... Continue reading ...

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How do I find the file and how is it to repair? Continue reading...

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Question: SSD under Win10

Because since Windows 7 the Prefetch will also cause unnecessary write accesses and thus shorten the life unnecessarily. again scare monger without substance! It is after the other programs what to keep from your post.
These are trimmed with and the prefetch makes zero.

The two should definitely be disabled, as they are enabled on SSD and Defrag is also active! This is not necessary for an SSD. A correctly recognized SSD will still only
Attention when using an SSD. Look here: Windows Tuning with the TuneUp Utitilites and Upgrade Superfetch and Defrag enabled.

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Unfortunately, I get the error at startup:

Error: Operating system has no value and you have to back up on XP, if necessary.

Loading Open GL1.2 [UGraphic.Initialize3D]

On board is a Realtek graphics chip. Quite fresh, the part is probably not, no 3D, 2D and video acceleration, then the thing is only suitable for DOS programs.

You have to bring the last "correct" video driver to work, otherwise it has all set because the eee series was indeed believing. If the Windows VGA driver is at the start, then there is no OpenGL,

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Can someone help me? See if that's possible with drivers? The problems with non-functioning Mpeg videos should actually be fixed with the postponed update KB 4015438. Is there still functioning eye tv destroyed under Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the youngest Win 10 Updata has meanwhile been installed.

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Niklas Zarnecke

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I disable the mouse acceleration under Win10.

Hey Community,
I would like to know where

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Bigger than XP and old computers, I advised against it. Now there must necessarily something new on it, so I bought with the Windows 10 Home on a USB stick. Unfortunately, my computer recognizes it but on the desktop.

From Windows 10 on about 10 times !!! When he has started up, he sees more power required. Windows 10 is set to boot the computer only from the USB.

In the BIOS, I also find no way the BIOS (Phoenix Award WorkstationBIOS), of which start and be installed. That should not, with the right setting in the USB stick at startup.