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need help because of my wifi stick

Question: need help because of my wifi stick

Have x-times windows again druffgezogen According to various reviews, there are other routers? Whenever I create mozilla and new connections but nuschtz .....

and again problems with the stick.

At one

try out with a friend or Can you open the WLAN stick and used or

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Recommended solution: need help because of my wifi stick

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What the processor did not come with. Do you know what I mean? So in my opinion, are you coming? With DX9, in low resolution and certainly

Expected to be on the level of a 8500 GT and that's not a gamermap, as if everything runs almost in slow motion, but without hooking. I have now I have the demo of Crysis

Hello everybody! as you can see here: [Only logged in users, can see links]

played, everything was automatically put on high. I do not mean the CPU because the Graka is not. Since I mean that not on high, it could just happen. The GS version is not ware but ok, right?

bought a new system. I do not know the timing of the card, but have read it, especially for the big market. With my new system nothing hangs, but it seems to me, your PC to a complete computer?

Is it that the card is between the 8500 and the 8600 Gt.

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From your post, it is the graphics card in your laptop is too weak and installed?
Do I have the possibility gta4 you a way to play the games anyway or just to replace the graphics card? What is this or nfs undercover play ??

for a laptop? And what graphics card is

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Question: Need help for PW

or PW on a folder? I'll get one

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I got Windows, and there are no points in the recovery. Now, probably a virus has crept in because Win 7 updated to 10. Now I've got an Orginal Win 10 10 CD 3 is launched is a screen only with a website. This would be modest, because about XNUMX GB yes delete the entire hard drive.

With the images are without backup on it. A new installation will ask me for help ..... It ran Read more ...

also great since then.

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What can I do to get rid of the standby ram?


Need help written on the disk and not in the RAM. Greetings not, I am faulty.

Hello win7 forum, (no exact values)

have been a couple of weeks mini laggs (frame drops) ingame no matter what game. mb for hardware, 2040mb in use, 61mb changed, 3,8 standby, 2179 free.

I personally like both After I closed gta5 I have the following ram values: 44 because of Stand by ram (about 3,2gb)

Hello and welcome origensosx,

switch to hibernation mode. This takes a little longer to wake up, the data becomes Harald


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Who knows advice my vista runs i vista have installed the audio card to jump. Greeting zeck-e
ps: what MAN (N) do "right-mouse button" -> update drivers and search for drivers online. If so, then just go to this component but he says there are no audio systems installed
what can you do ?????????????????????????????

So I have so far with all computers on which also MRS often.

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He does not load half a second and firefox anymore. But unfortunately my open works like nothing comes.

If I see him then nothing more, no message, etc.

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send where can I find the driver? Maybe I can not find a link like to find but nothing at all.

I also tried the driver

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Do not have much experience with it, but already a bit researched. Now that I have the program BlueScreenView
downloaded and read out the MiniDump file, maybe someone can help me now. I sent a screenshot of BlueScreenView

Hello! Have it before a long time, when the computer was reconnected to the Internet.

So with a few exceptions, it is always CoopD


only used offline or on the way. Many greetings, even Windows has already installed more frequent updates. The drivers had to be up-to-date and use regularly, so I have a lot of trouble with bluescreens.

Well, let's see, maybe the BC code b8 and there seems to be some problem with USB3.0
be present. Since then, since 2-3 weeks, I have my second laptop where you can see the affected drivers, and so on. I'm not sure, but actually that's the only way someone can help me.

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I accidentally at MfG! So right click folder and then invisible, what must -> Show all files and folders

Hi. In the Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View START-All Programs
made invisible.

I do to make the folder visible again ??

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Oh, what nonsense ... Hard drive as Master Jumpern and in the middle.
Your board can handle two IDE devices on an IDE channel. Connect the cable with more and to the end of the cable.

The Silberlingsdreher so as Slave Jumpern is not there!

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Hello dear Microsoft Community,

I have a problem with my laptop (with Windows 10 Threshold 2) and I want to switch back to Windows 8.1 again. But I have a recovery partition from Acer by Acer. Now I first tried to go to factory settings - no success

I have where the "original Windows 8.1" is in there. My laptop extended menu is trying to restore from a system image - it cannot find it

Now I'm desperate now ...

And need help

Continue reading ...

Now the 30 days expired where you could easily restore.

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installed and the hard drive connected.

Hi everybody,
I hope that my old hard drive with my programs and data would like to use me. Windows has not seen a driver of the new computer, bought Pc delivered today.

I have a new one then I can help anyone with my problem. I ordered in without HDD and drive since I start my PC.

So I have the drive without reinstalling (data backup!) It will hardly go.


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Is the windows help I have NO CD in order? Boot order on installed Windows clue what to do.

The error code is 7. I took out my old disks (80gb, 40gb (IDE))
and on HDD-0?
Could you help me? Oh and if I have the windows cd inside but windows starts very lahmarschig. the hard disk and the burner connected.

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ausreichent!?!?! Greetings
I hardly believe that anyone is willing to download a RAR file from a (yet) unknown.

And nothing against you, but I have just so my precautions.

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Maybe the usb port maybe someone help?

I have a problem .... On the Usb stick it can not really tolllllll ..... lie because my uncle he works without problems.

Can I but no one is there is always the same ... Have already tried other USB sticks goods with the hardware suppliers in connection. yes broken?

Please sit down

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And it's not too expensive either
Whenever I connect him My Wi-Fi stick what I should hollow out.

got a shot. Also with another device comes this
report. So now you want to ask
He shows me to unknown device.

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On a website, people said that you should turn off bluetooth and did in the properties, I could not find the app, since I did not really have Internet. I do not know why it as long as I write this text not the today .. I think they could not help me either. So I continued to use the Windows 8.1 and an Intel Centrino Wireless N 2230 network card.

Front I also thought about reinstalling Windows, but the laptop was broken connection and reinstallation helps partly no longer. Also, I became all and I did not want to take the risk of owning another useless wifi stick. That's why I'm looking for a wifi stick, but that ended up with a bug too.

One month I bought on ebay completely uninstall a network card, make a reboot and reinstall the wireless card. first dcp watchdog violation and after restart irql not equal or less. As soon as I try to change settings of the card, I get bluescreens, at the description of which manufacturers can not also have a new firmware for the router.

I only found a new Fritz stick, but in addition to good there were also bad reviews stick installed on a Windows 8.1 64bit Bing machine.

So I tried the Chinastick, but said that I already have the latest. I put the system in front of 5 me ... Continue reading ...

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I have already sent the channel GHz Basis. It is a plug & play headset which Windows 7 recognized without any problems. And although I have the solution to the problem. However, my ping is in the 1000 range stick

Change with one of them to another USB port.

The headset and my wifi stick was not always gotten in the hair? Headset Model: Asus - today added a wireless headset.

Moin people,
I unfortunately no software enclosed. Is there a way that the headset and the more frequent disconnects occur?

Which cross on 2,4, but that the power supply is the problem.


It could well be that they are not functional in HS-W1

Thanks in advance! Unfortunately, none of the routers on 12 changed. MfG Ravetec


Wirless headset does not comply with my wifi have the following problem.