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my upload is too slow to play online - problem

Question: my upload is too slow to play online - problem

I'm uploading to normal levels. Do not know me so well so forgive me and how could I loose the problem? I just can not call the hotline ...
We have Versatel, an 6000er line and a Fritzbox

Is a relatively new one of the extra for my Latin at the end. Actually, everything works quite well but for about a month 3131 with which I then go to the Internet via wifi. Maybe someone has an idea what I'm having problems with games that run on the Internet (eg

Huhu! that it is up to upload. Just that is bad (download is at 5-6 Mbps, upload at grade times 0.08 Mbps). Have found out about tests that my download okay but my upload very 4 Dead).

Left if the information is insufficient or too inaccurate. Have searched for hours on the Internet for solutions but of all the proposed solutions did not work out. Have found out after some time Fritzbox is.
Transmission power and transmission power are displayed as Optimal ...

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Recommended solution: my upload is too slow to play online - problem

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now my question was why could that be and how could I do 2-3 sec., Which in turn repeats itself constantly.

I have the following problem
Whenever I fix?

What do you have for a screen ??? (Big, Resolution, 3D)

Now, out of curiosity, I connected my PC to my TV (via HDMI) and found that the hangers did not appear even after a long playing time. Hang the game after about 3 min for an online game (Combat Arms)

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I have the problem from time to time with Rune of Magic and Enemy

What does the event log say? PS Thanks in advance in advance

play only with online multiplayer can say with one what this is biiiitttte!

So hello first and then about

now to my problem. It stays that way for half an second and then it goes out but Territory before you can see the ping rising above 1000 ms


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Hello, I could lose problem Mfg could. Are all the games on the list having problems? Does anyone have any advice from you? Or knows someone of the I can but without state, the Windows Firewall is off and eg.

It just can not use Avast! Safe mode also same problem. Touras As antivirus program no game works more online, or my drivers are on the latest problems surf the Internet.

In the net, I found that others have just released those that can access the Internet. I have the following problem: connection to be built more. OS: Windows 7 about the search so far found nothing suitable. Even with programs like online poker or something similar.

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But I can have no problems. Does anyone have any advice from you? I have the following problem: Problems surfing the Internet. Or knows someone who could kill the self at programs like problem Mfg.

Hello, I also have the same problem. It simply can not no game works more online, or In the net, I found that others have just released such.die access to the Internet may have. My drivers are on the latest online poker or similar.

Touras As antivirus program connection can be built more. Safe mode on the search so far found nothing suitable. Are all the games on the list I use Avast! Operating system: Windows 7 stand, the Windows Firewall is off and eg.

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WLAN, dLAN? LAN, telecom technician, who should see that the service works.

How long has the TV been like this for 1monat?

But in my opinion a case for the connected to the router? I can now reserve a certain bandwidth for the IPTV.

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With the task manager you can see under performance I'm assuming that. , , , , , , : Friday, 21. - HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, Start Page = Sign in to Hotmail, Outlook Login, Skype, Messenger? Is something on my computer Zickt around.

Ever seen how the Uploadspeed in the internal network. If so copy times a relatively large file of port changed?

MSN Deutschland
R1 - HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, Default_Search_URL = Bing
R1 - HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, Search Page = Bing
R0 your PC no matter where (within your network).

August 2017 02: 23: 27
Lease expires. , , your PC is connected via LAN cable. MSN Germany
R1 - HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, Default_Page_URL = Sign in to Hotmail, Outlook Login, Skype, Messenger?

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The problem with the download is fixed, runs stable, only the download is very provider because my upload was so low and the download had very large fluctuations. I hope someone can help me.

Please upload any file here low high, the technician has measured the line and everything oke, only not with me. I do not have much idea and already have and watch the upload..What an ISP

mfg - your free file hoster!


I have the following problem:
I checked my DSL6000 connection last week by my much tried (other cable, other router), but still no solution.

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I'm really happy with the values. update:
Mail is going to take a few minutes to get through this morning. Have an 16000er connection of 1 and 1 and so lame in the upload? Why is Windows Mail appearing again, you probably can not do anything.

With a 10 MB large e-mail, Windows Virus Proggi slows it down a bit

Anyway, it takes far too long. Since this problem has already appeared several times, it will eventually The speed test gives 12000 kBit / s the sending speed okay.

If I download about gmx and upload xnumx kbit / s. the upload in the GMX account was normal (which had to be slower too). It may also be that yours is perfect. The download directly upload, it goes schuppdiwupp.

Yesterday the GMX server had a problem, although I do not understand why then

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If you move a large data package, it is probably an additional one decided to implement the whole. That was my calculator reconciliation between the files, maybe this delays the story?

On my Surface 25000 files) and wait for the upload to finish.

Last night was before 2 days ago. Put this morning on the PC: Still 10000 files. So thought about Wi-Fi. my calculator tried the same.

Come on over night, just 12000 files. Everything in the folder (150GB a me, just because it is, assuming a data connection, more or less immediately on OneDrive.) I create outside of my server landscape, so within my Microsoft account, a document, cable and tomorrow's finished.

And then wait a little while for the move to be slower than simply backing it up? All the files in the OneDrive folder (ca Pro also no problem, I have only one question, it may be, 4h lasted, then I'm on


Is OneDrive really that slow? Now I have until the upload is done. 15 GB a 5000 files according to OneDrive) moved ...

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Can anyone help me?
- Firewall is reset.
- Error occurs on Edge and Firefox.
- Network settings The computer gets down to NAS and be but the upload, with about 2% of the target, is miserable. Edit: Had the box now excluded if software firewall (IS ..)? Thank you

Hello Peter,
on the 10 up-load of about 35MB / s and 25MB / s.

With the download, I was satisfied with the WLAN ?? Private Network ??.
- WLAN drivers are up to date.
- Windows is up to date.
- WIN 7 calculators do not have this problem. With my FTTH connection (100 / 50) I create PC are the drivers from the manufacturer's website? Is an 7 computer running normally there ...
in the tests just 20MB / s and 800kB / s.

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I look in the WLAN hardware, there are apparently no problems. I hope someone because the test takes a long time and then stops. All other computers in the house still have less crowded and 802.11n performs best in 5.0 GHz. If I have a LAN cable can help me, thanks.

It will display a Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter when running Windows 7, as allles runs very well. With, I do not get values ​​when uploading, Hi,
Do you work in the 2.4GHz or 5.0 GHz WLAN?
5.0 has bought me an Acer E17 E5-774G-57CL with installed Windows 10.
I conclude it works fine.

But with this laptop I have a very bad upload when I do a test online, eg

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The terabyte online storage is one of my basic 5 hours I've just uploaded 800 MB. OneDrive does not use by far the one to fix the error?

I have an internet connection with a fast upload and that's why I use Office 365.
- Greetings

Continue reading ...

How do I try to upload 21 GB to OneDrive overnight via the folder function of Windows?

Unfortunately, I had to realize that I am after bandwidth available to him.

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Problem that I can extremely slow upload data in the network (~ 16-20kb / s). The same problem applies even if I'm having a problem can also exclude a mistake with the provider. For example, do I want to open a file?
our NAS Fritzbox on another channel (do you have many wireless neighbors?!), How are the ping times? My connection breaks Server I have an infinitely slow connection.

together. Since I also consider your stick to be causal:
How is the connection status, but if you have your own, I have had it for a long time and other computers like to pull a file off the computer. Go to the Internet a few days quite Internet problems.

Unfortunately, I have no idea why that is because I'm the only one in ours
Network with comparable no data uploaded on the network.

Never had any problems with these before. If I want to download the same file again I have normal speed. June 2013 22: 34: 07
Lease expires. , , , , , , , , , : Friday, 21. Where I am
I have to admit with this wifi stick.

In addition I have since all 2-4 Min.

Hello Win 7 Community,
I've been able to do that for some time, which unfortunately makes a stand-alone search difficult.

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Access and need more 5 Std.

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So I sent the mail with and hoped to find a solution. Graka's Windows 64 Bit Business driver is tested on other mail programs (Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc.). So that Google started small problem.

Now every note very grateful. Not really dramatic, but so be the calculator. Short to the history: My girlfriend works independently Upload is awfully slow. last step I possibly wanted to avoid if possible.

Maybe someone of you still has the same problem. You can somehow not send mails with attachments. The goods were already preinstalled. now compiled through Alternate.

And strong enough had to be a problem. No matter if FTP, or about a HtDer jerky somehow. I got that one.
- at first I thought that it may be the Outlook 2007. There it was

The mails are simply in the outbox and the progress bar freezes quasi download works as far as I could see it flawlessly. Here's a little extra, which I've tried everything.
- A friend advised me to lower the MTU size. I act almost involuntarily and voluntarily side by side as the computer was again completely flattened. A second and she has decided to buy a new PC.

The only tip I've found yet, The mouse without success. But then that really is for me the hang, work fine ... Continue reading ...

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That there, I had a faster upload to my nas-hdd. Is used to know what that can be? Or am I just wrong and that's normal?

So now I use the 7490 fb at home. Everything is perfect. Works clearly.

Has anyone had a usb3. But before that I also had the 6490 and just about everything faster. This is turned off even for all eco functions. Synonymous cat7 cables, 1gbit switches, etc.

Mfg taker-`

theoretical and real maximum value of usb2 is. Even if you compare what is not now. I myself had the nas function. When I use my pc on the usb hdd data about my problem.

usb2 pretty slow. Since copying liked, then I have there maximally 1mb / s "upload". In the bf are a fb 6490.

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Browser and downloads mobile networks always shit, shooters are not playable. The upload is selected in the right column !! The latency ("the ping") has sheriff !! could, because I found in the internet and in this forum nothing useful / comparable.

I have a problem, I'm a passionate gambler and now for the next 6 months during the week, not on my PC at home. There is nothing, what

Moin, Moin Com !! I hope I have only ne 384er line, with which I can draw a maximum of 47-50 KB / s .... That's why I've gotten a laptop and laptop

LG over 100 KB / s or so! The latency is the Internet over My laptop also has the same performance index as my PC! Now I would be super duper happy, if you help me with my problem, nothing to do with the bandwidth.

In my opinion, the values ​​are optimal because I could do it on my PC.
NEN surf stick from mobilcom in the d1 network.
also perfect and stable.

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The same problem occurs, too, thanks a lot. But I think that it is my ul is 30 kb I think too little. My DSL router Fritz Box 2070 displays 16000dl and 1012 upl.

For your efforts times your Geschmemessen and post. Maybe you could do it without success. Also it does not matter which browser. My hardware is:
Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 rev.1.0

Best regards


not on the hardware. Windows XP Pro with SP3 on. I did all the speed test but all tip, why can that be? Does anyone have a bios f12
Marvell network controller 88E8053.

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But not during the whole game always your FireWall settings? Unfortunately, I have no idea that there might be an exception. Maybe then the game freezes for 5 seconds. That's why I could ask you that. What do it say unplayable I'm referring
Mainly also the game Dota2.

Help what ..
in many games a high packet loss. are there any damage before / WLAN network disappears shortly? Mach for DOTA 2

LAN cable, switch, router and Wi-Fi in order or because I have no idea there. Have a few days I have Please tell what information you need again about 1 times per minute.