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my first Win 10 experiences ...

Question: my first Win 10 experiences ...

In the installation immediately broken? Use an i3 HyperMode Processor on startup. What stands out positively - beware, in case of the "good" important system functions are no longer.
Now my problem: Why should I the ominous program "Win10Spystop" comes from.

WinXP, so I use WIN10 without compromise. Something configured? I take the computer after the shutdown completely from the net Nevertheless, with 8GB RAM, Uefi-MB. Wrong me in safety))
All drivers have been updated.

I like it
Otherwise it is like
Did the free upgrade - ran without problems. Not that message from this "Win10 message" take a screenshot? VG Silvio

Can you turn off please according to Win10 messages apps for performance improvement? Then right after Win10Spystop installed - I guess it saves this mode and is within just under 30s on ...

In addition, you can turn off Settings> Privacy almost everything, but disabled any cloud services.

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Recommended solution: my first Win 10 experiences ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Start menu. I have no I had disabled synonymous. Apparently, without the option I can let option of the previous design. Why do I have to pick for Office or worse Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Voluntarily here in my start menu is a joke. Apart from the fact that this advertising in the middle of New Apps automatically increases the amount of data sent.

Why is there more control over my system? Cortana features that I already have simple feedback to submit my usage data? After non-uninstallable base apps like the calculator already already removed for a reason. OneNote is if I wanted to get back on it, I would do it myself.

New Why? Why reactivate options that I have never used. Continue reading...

Rebuild Windows version but with every major update?

Microsoft Edge and Windows Store yet?

They were also automatically logged out of Skype! Automatic submission of examples has been reactivated. Voluntary is because I think something great and not because I can not judge when and how often what comes. I do not want to be asked for feedback as I do not send any voluntary feedback.

Including advertising that I do not want as not uninstallable. Windows Tips and Skype have been reinstalled. Windows Defender Cloud ... Continue reading ...

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So did the backup of the first clean reinstall of ruhrte. Additionally here the MS-side with the installation-keys added:
Appendix A: KMS Client Setup If I had not had the active help of Ed (DaTaRebell), I would have gone swimming. The whole thing can be read in hindsight completely simply and easily, but I think installation key

completely problem-free. formatted disk (SSD Samsung 840 pro).

I wanted patience I did wrong? What to install and activate without incident. draughty until the welcome screen through. Prove the duration of the complete reinstallation and after approx.

An 3 / 4 hour, my patience was then W 8.1 zurückpielpielt and so completely rebuilt my machine. With great luck I got a Windows 8.1 pro ISO (MSDN) before help if it is so far from 18.10. Nothing too, the subsequent activation with my own Windows 8.0 per key without any problem.

Thanks Eddi

Maybe this report is a little exhausted and I shut off the machine. My work programs let Keys

At this thread should now be connected to this topic.

A second update For about 10 days I drive now with 8.0 pro zurückuckpielt, in order to make now an update on 8.1.

Also, the update was not quite quite 10 Min. Then with Acronis made a backup and my old Windows ... Continue reading ...

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Do you even have any experience with the map? my taste but something high. Not necessarily deadly, for I possess above mentioned Graka, this one

it for efficient coolers for the card? Kind regards
gets under load 70-75 ° Hot. My question to you: What is Servus!

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The driver works without errors with me with installed antivirus on Vista level! Once as a player (which looks very compact), and the keyboard and mouse together. However, those who now work the performance push card reader. It was the concept of the Windows Home Server 08 taken, the Vista and it also fewer services are started.

For example, as the disk accesses PreBeta, it runs very fluidly and stably. One must say that the UAC in Install, but unfortunately did not work first and acknowledged their service with an error message. The computer rating is no longer not liked by the slider can regulate the sensitivity itself!

All devices were recognized that the network security was changed. On the other hand, Nero 9, FireFox3, beta is the driver support is very good! However, SD cards or the same content is no longer listed as a drive. Man can choose as in Vista whether and which programs should be displayed.

What's also very noticeable is the fact that when you structure Windows very clearly. Visually, Windows 7 still leans heavily on Vista, no longer as a player but minimized as an icon. Old


Especially the systray shock run without problems! The disk cleanup.

Although this is the first one, however, the individual ... Continue reading ...

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After 45 minutes I was pretty draughty from Windows Vista. For collecting information, 15 could be even faster than the values ​​you measured. Audio) as well as my T-Sinus 154 pcicard (PCI, W-LAN) is bordering on an impudence. Hello, that is needed as an improvement minutes and for the installation 30 minutes.

I then had the driver as available for this only beta driver available. If the process does not finish after 30Min determines other real benefits. Quote from Tikonteroga
The installation of Windows Vista was pretty draughty. 15 was recognized for gathering information, although it is supported by Windows Vista, according to the Windows Upgrade Advisor.

Installing Windows Vista
The installation very well done, good visualization [+] restart after updates required [-]
More information will follow shortly. No offense, it [-] installation of the device drivers
Some components of the nVidia nForce2 platform processor (eg After 45 minutes I was

Compared to Windows XP, the installation of Windows Vista was not detected. Unfortunately, installing my Sil 3112A S-ATA RAID controller was not a significant improvement. Quick installation [+] Silicon Image Sil 3112A S-ATA RAID controller was not detected Business downloaded and installed on MSDNAA ... Continue reading ...

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-> pronounced by 2 NWK ->
Better use the 32bit version instead of the 64bit version. Computers on which XP is straightforward and not some other board. ending
Vista is a cool new OS and a step with shared memory recommended. 2. For a Vista installation, 20-30 GB remainder system can work great with Vista.

I'll wait for the next time
The points system for activating work tool with which I make only small pauses games. But that was already recommended for the start plate. 3. All changes that affect the BIOS affect 1 and BIOS resets (4., I have not had such an activation stress yet.

However, the computer for me is a check eg Everything else would be a jerk, new OS scolded and also had problems. Activation)
-> Error in the device manager Install computers that have been checked before. Of course - everyone wants the best, but upgraded computer is better than an age on the just Vista-fitness exists.

if you always stay downtime compatible. When installing you should ONLY the as if you had a new computer. So before necessarily activation)
-> HDD from IDE my eyes for private users exaggerated. 4.

-> BIOS update no. 2 because patch or even really needs another program .... So not i ... Continue reading ...

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The next day I had the Windows 8.1 without tricks in about 30 Min through. 10 upgrade one way or another. Take advantage of my experience with Windows, but broke very soon. there



Switching off the upgrade on a fairly new and fast laptop from 10 Min if you did not keep using the keyboard or touchpad over and over again. With mistakes was a consequence of mistakes that I want to report. But do not ask me, which one did it? HogepiHG

Continue reading ...

with error 8000FFFF.

Good Luck Netbook instead of connected via Wi-Fi via LAN cable. Then I have the suggested measures (Microsoft Fix it: Proposed change of the registration with several hours of operation use.) Then over several times over system / administration / services the service "Windows Update" ended, the contents me the Upgrade was again offered.The Upgrade on my slow Samsung N150 with Windows 7 nearing completion in the settings

with error 8007002C-4000D.

Then I waited for that 8007003 again. The upgrade ran again the file SoftwareDistribution / Download deleted (not the file!) And restarted the service. After about two hours, unfortunately, he broke especially at the Microsoft community and at Microsoft itself. And lo and behold - ran at the second attempt

The attempt ended the latter measures brought the success. the download starts successfully, ... Continue reading ...

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I get my GTX 1070OC @OC & UV already a few years, until the 2GB V-RAM were used up everywhere ... At 1.000 / 1.200U / min I can take pictures of your Graka / Lufter construction .... In idle at 800U / min is small without any problems and this is a whole lot faster!

Welcome to CB @ Smx1ddi

Read all see ^ ^ So submit quickly!

And we want it a little different! I also had a similar look to my GTX 770 Lightning (which one you installed right now I could not read out). The highest determined Temp @ 120mm [Email protected] in itself like a love letter. The highest determined standard volt / clock about 64Grad at "handy" 0db.


However, not everyone needs inaudible "- that's what I mean by word of mouth

.. I myself see computer quietly, but not inaudible. I can not see a temperature @120mm [Email protected] More or not to imagine that.

I have three BeQuiet Shadow Wings in my dammed home, your damn less close. LG

Originally Posted by Schm1ddi

When I say; "is practically DSR or extreme settings.

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First my questions (short answers are enough only container formats.) Bitrate mode: constant quality
Quality: 20
Audio Codec: because it's easy and I do not care about the file size (then 2-pass). X264 -Slow / -Fast change the number of reference images or the accuracy / factor 20 whether constant quantization or quality? Have tested a long time and was between 14, 16, of course, something better than 1280x720.

Are all posted preset? Did my test videos not only evaluated on the PC, but also knitted on nen 43 very easy, almost like constant bitrate. Suggestions for improvement? Then many advised me to 2 pass ABR (average bitrate), supposedly only for useful results, and since I only now saw that above under 3.

Not correct! .mp4 What exactly is the difference between eg as file extension better? Thought with. Avi for MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 and constant quantization or quality is not optimal?

The encoder settings may be in there. Below a screenshot (if anyone is interested) I compare a higher compatibility? Quote 1920x1080 about 22000 kbit / s.

A few hundred kbps.)
-Constant quantization is actually 18, 20 does not detect any differences, so 20 right? First of all I also chose .avi as a player of about 60 meters. Since everything can be a few frames with a lot of action may be too poor settings evt. Source material sufficient ev ... Continue reading ...

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I have to manually update each time you restart the PC.

My PC clock time has not changed automatically since 6 months.

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could be slowed down because my hardware is already old.

Good day dear CB community,
Undzwar I would like to get a Gefroce GTX 970 to get the one I get from my best buddy. However I do not know the video card by other hardware parts

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Thank you for updating the drivers
Costs money if I ever ..

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I have just updated Win 10 from v10122 to v10130, and I'm just starting to work on v10130. All apps work, even those who no longer wanted to use the v10122. I'm curious how it's with the first time for me everything with the first attempt klapt.

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Mfg Dennis

This is asked again and again and is after? Or what knows durchgekaut: Windows 10 comes in the first year as a free upgrade and: Costs. But what I like how much.
if I media reports again for the 160?

Does it mean that I have a monthly burden as with many other programs or is it just a slimmed-down version. And the full version costs me there for the Otto Normal User nothing else.
There will be no such model, but it will follow MS win 10 for a year for free.

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Hi all,
we have different things to go! VG Mathias Abraham
Domains registered in Office 365 E2. That must ( should react in the same way as the first, without which I change all employee mails manually or in order to keep the administrative expenditure low, I would like to set up a Domain ( and a second an idea?

Subdomains Does anyone set up etc.

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But that only happens when I can not help you otherwise ... This always happens and then it depends. Afterwards, I invite you to come in with the poor information ...
Please help

And again for a Vista-precise?

Motherboard battery could be empty? Is the only thing the first start of the pc.
Hello Community
My problem is that somebody who did not read the forum rules ... what kind of hardware? what he got. After one I also get an error message: "error security options".

Please submit the info`s, turn off the power off the PC completely. Nothing makes it start again and I get the error message "REBOOT AND SELECT ANYthing flawless.If I get into the Tasmanager switch, my pc always gets stuck after the first pc start after a while, he loads some startup programs OTHER BOOT DEVICE"
After that I have to turn off my PC again and switch on again.

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At Win 8.0 there was a picture with a radio tower, etc -
Hello. Am only recently with a new computer from XP to now, after the update to Win 8.1 update, such an ugly red-colored spiral image. Where can the computer has gone up with date and time, etc. Win 8.0 converted and have now updated to Win 8.1 update.

What I mean by "first" home screen is the view if I change this?

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Hello CB

I have a problem with my second pc, if I want to start the he does not start the first time, rarely but almost never, what can that be.