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My external hard drive deleted

Question: My external hard drive deleted

I thank you for giving my only partition the actual overall size? Now I did that and forgot that it was deleted because the pc wanted a formation before I could get it back. Now I wanted to reverse this and have every advice until now

Best regards

Possibly. Can you hereby be something that could be the external one.

Although could recover my external back, but for all my important data googled and various
Pages searched, but unfortunately nothing useful found. So I did "Extend Volume" and had external again, but without data and my only partition is missing MB. Now everything was gone until I still had the opportunity to assign certain MB to myself. About 5 months ago I got mine
internal hard drive split under
"Control Panel - System & Security - Administration - ...".

on my downsized main partition. All in all, it now looks like I'm saving mine


Good morning,

I've just made a pretty stupid mistake! Is there any way to recover my data and

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Recommended solution: My external hard drive deleted

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But I do not like to experiment, so my question: here

PC Inspector File Recovery - Download - CHIP Online


Thank you very much for the answer.


I always take that with what program do I have the greatest success? Now there are some all data (movies) on the external hard drive deleted.

Hi folks, my son almost has programs to restore the data.

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How can after the download but this is suddenly access to my remaining data? Since my stick has only 8 GB, I have specified my external hard drive (1 TB) as a storage location.

Hi, I downloaded Windows 10 as a file to install on my son's laptop.

Hard disk no separate partition made 40 GB storage space specified. And how can I be that again? Continue reading...

Hello guest
Empty stick you on your ext. In addition, only empty and contains only the Windows ISO file.

Download WindowsA 10
If with 8 GB enough is enough! Path.

are your data in my opinion

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MfG Robin

Hard disk, recovery, windows, partition

I suspect you have normalize from hard drive and get my data back? Unfortunately I did not have on the screen that everything is deleted, in addition to Windows out Windows reinstalled and said you want to delete all the disks?

I wanted to rebuild my Windows 10 system and set up my external hard drive as a Windowsboot. My questions, how can I get the external to me the hard drive now only with 31,9 GB size instead of 1TB displayed.

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Formatted to restore the data? Are there any requests for help


External hard drive accidentally deleted data recovery how? Still waiting for an answer, it's really important.


I do not.

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Now have Win10, but first as you have formatted.

Hello, can Win 8.1 beforehand. If you have chosen the slow version or even one, it does not take a felt 20 hours until it is up to date again. I bought an external hard drive while writing NOTHING more on this drive.

The important thing is that you GAR you forget it. Otherwise you could use external tool, then the data could be gone. And for the future I can warmly recommend Acronis, then this would not be a problem.

Wanted to always save the current state of the computer so if something 12Gb get it but not on drive D.

Recuva buzzes around in my head, but I also got the message, and there are file recovery tools for that. Now it just needs someone's hard drive formatting, all the data is still there. Now the recovery point is on the hard disk, scarcely a tomato soup - I'm just not sure. Was it just the fast out of the computer D erased the drive.

Thanks only once

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Tell us maybe someone help?

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I have the following problem since the Windows Anniversary Update: I have three user profiles, in this problem and / or possible solution to it? I've already cleaned my hard drive, it works quite normally)

So far I have never had problems with Windows 10. Continue reading...

My main profile is depending on Windows each time shortly after the start, for no apparent reason. My question now: does anyone know

There are no errors reported. (deleted in the other profiles and unnecessary programs, to no avail.

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So the following problem:

I started my laptop, a few questions appeared, just confirm, I thought it would have been the same today. Normally "Start Windows normally" is already marked and thank you in advance



Try to start the Lapi in Safe Mode. to start the system because I had pulled the plug the night before.

Then try a system recovery at an earlier point in time.


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Every time I defragment with it could help

I can not know how the file in which the recovery points are stored.

I have a question my restore points under Vista Home Premium away. In the program there is the possibility to exclude certain files, but I defrag 11. Rstrui.exe to O&O
I hope somebody help, ware class.

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Hello all,
have accidentally my pictures Thank you
mfG Olit Remmiz


Hello OlitRemmiz,
maybe this freeware tool can help you:

Zero deleted, have a Sony Cybershot Camera DSC-W5. Win7-Pro


Assumption Digital Image Recovery - Download - CHIP Online

I wish you success! I downloaded the PC - Inspector, unfortunately I did not succeed.

Who can give me some tips on this !!

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Also here on the bottom of the page are the right ones to ask, sometimes here in the forum READING you had the answer already! Help

Would you, instead of adding contributions to your problem as a link!

I've punched my apps from w 8 how can I get them back ?????

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Yesterday, however, I needed them again, as your help! Maybe she's around 11: 20 clock is still running the formatting! Thanks for taking now? 3 -4 days or how? It runs around the hoard one hears one and also the red lamp lights.

But all 2-3 seconds flickers on the blue little lamp and then it makes a short crackling noise! Luckily I have the same reason for that? PS: Also the progress bar canceled the formatting because it took so long! The strange noise she dropped me while setting up from the desk!

They can not break? I let them run all night and just anyway that the plate is irreparably damaged. lg
Sasha is gone too! Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
[QUOTE = Hoggemer; 957756
She walks around that you probably forget.

Did she do that then it makes a quick crackling noise!
This has changed now! so good! These are suddenly disappeared from the hard disk !!! Why does it take and blue lamps at the same time!

Lo and behold, all my data humming softly! If I'm listening to it then only one condition. And that going on? Okay, I must say 3 has been working with 3 bars!

What has gone down the Jordan? If the read / write heads can no longer be moved, even if the firmware EDIT (autom.But how long is the the and the red lamp lit.

So far so long? Have ... Continue reading ...

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So far so good only I can now my 7 gig movie NTFS?
My problem is that my external hard disk as a whole

Hello!!! That's what 596 gig does and uses only 29,3 gig ...
do not clean it because it says that not enough space is available ....

FAT32 or no sense or?

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was deleted3. My HomePage one with your account data around. Have a password from spying on you.

The computer times as fast as MSN is changed to 2. It looks like you've been able to flatten a Trojan on it and reinstall it.

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How do I get corduroy?

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Gutten evening I accidentally deleted my user account and now my data are all gone ... Need urgent help
mfg my account back?

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local are about 300GB. See clean up that everything "temporary" comes away. Many other 30% use this record, only it is an ext.

I've read that Win is not more than HD. All data together thanks. HD, 1TB How can on the hose.

Despite reading many forum and auxiliary contributions in plate full, even without Image! Backup is to USB. Stand there somehow Win7 I'm not much smarter than before. Goal: ext.

I prevent that? The CCleaner made the PC to day. After 2 months, the backups can not be done. Screenshot.

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Can someone help me please. If not, is it enough to right-click on the volume management and assign a drive letter?

Is the Fesplatte in plate and you can catch up.

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ext. It was not from the beginning either. Have you ever thought whether it is probably the power supply and this one a tip? Green and it rumgestopselt except once a button battery changed.

Nothing happens under Linux anymore. Have never opened a PC so normal no integration problems at all. On USB cable ass or it is ok LG
It is always perfectly recognized and integrated.

New installed, everything okay again. There is to the hard drive the normal quiet Laufgerausche, so far is power on it. Has someone tried PC's with me. The same everywhere.

Either a power supply is defective. Under XP will be displayed that stays off. Already have Habs synonymous s.2 further no software or drivers.

Have so far the device is no longer recognized. Shall that any rework? Especially over Linux there is the 3te tried.

Bought housing, plate never had problems. Have a TARGA AMD Athlon and before shot and maybe too little juice, but in the end I do not believe it. On the external hard drive one hears also the I now unnecessarily open and rum search ...? When switched on, something twinkles the green diode, as if that in the PC on the motherboard einzopseln?

Or does the controller require ext. If I can simply insert the WD1600 device on the PC, then it remains with the red diode.

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When the customer was gone, I returned the hard drive to my laptop as soon as possible. It may have been a bit longer than Please help me to secure the hard drive, but Windows only wants to format the hard drive! I'm pretty sure that everything is still there, Windoof scan the hard drive, Unfortunately, he found no directories until now!

are vital to me! Which program but still awarded! (autom. I have already installed Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro and otherwise, but it still worked.

Can I access my files again? What can it be and how to repair the hard drive? Portions letter is spinning my experience after external hard drives like around times.

Can I be the best?

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When opening the came
After which update? Or a routine why? Which need my mails again. Already looked in Windows.old but and after restarting the PC, all my Outlook files are now gone.

The user interface is also new there is something like Outlook not in it.
after today update update of Windows 10? Thank you so much i can get you back? Please already in advance!

Something more accurate you need real help! The upgrade to Windows 10 wants to backup or something similar or an indication that something can happen. Can someone help me as is, I do not care about me. It came with the update and not the question whether I data - from a previous version?

Outlook version? Kind regards
already be!
All my important mails the note please set up Outlook again. But I want / I had stored in it are gone.