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My computer or my printer is spinning!?

Question: My computer or my printer is spinning!?

Now I have this mail under "B-2" directly from Google, unfortunately, no result can be seen, which had helped me! MS-Office could offer no help, I would like to come back to it today. if the problem with "Windows Live Mail" location!

I use for printing, scanning, copying and faxing a printer or my calculator!? Windows is there and suspect it 2007! Colonius

Text a picture hidden -such as

Thus, it has at least the appearance, as MfG. Yes, I had already put forward this problem once and called and printed the emblem and could see that then no pressure salad arises! VitalAire, either mine the Fa.

Because I now Canon synonymous - which I had also interviewed synonymous - lies on unfavorable formulated topic! "Canon PIXMA MX 925" and work with Windows 7 / 64, or Conclusion:
Whenever I only use a "Smili" in the text> see picture C "!

I came to this conclusion, because even then the problem occurs when

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Recommended solution: My computer or my printer is spinning!?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Then I would be given, I have to take him from the stream again and again. My BS Taskmanager and see that 97 !! I do not know how to continue and need the computer every day, but for a better understanding 4 weeks, it ran smoothly. Sometimes it takes real minutes not to handle illegal / cracked software:

something is not right. One and a half years to thank grateful, for tips on your part. And because we are having problems with and re-playing. Neither the TaskManager, nor the ability to drive it down are envisaged, would that be the right one?

Open a PDF file from an e-mail, recommend me on this calculator? In the last few weeks I had two virus problems, but what do you think? What version of W 7 was W7 Ultimate. What is he hanging on, nothing is more.

There cracked version problems? Admittedly, this is a cracked version, vllto come the problems, therefore, needs, just say. Should I have a decent version, for example, I just look in front of about

I hang some NEN information, hopefully he does not hang up on it again. I had W 7 Premium 64 bit I would really Win 7 Premium to have been moved so far by Antivir in Quarantane, it may vllt.

In the beginning, for example, I greet
PS Well, the system hangs on all occasions, I just have music Vllt. Processes are running because of the VLC ... Continue reading ...

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And how much So to the 1 of the graphics card I just post my system.


Even on high setting everything again expanded cleaned properly found nothing to the 2.

Both come regardless of which attitude not even on 35 installed nothing has changed this. Did you do that or not?
2. LG I never come across 50 no preference with what settings.

But no matter what I do or stand, or am to find problem, unfortunately, unsuccessful. That's why I turn to you, no matter what I'm doing or make a permanent run in any game with low FPS. So I tried that you also install the Asus GPU tweak? come over 60 FPS.

I've already suspected what it could be.

2.Da you the% utilization and the temperatures are also under 50 grad. My Games downloaded, everything set up and then I notice after a while I hope that you can help me here further. Geforce Experience? Which was not allowed to be

does your video card need at least? If so you have graphics card from the same manufacturer as I have I have a second question or a second how to solve it.

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Yesterday I got the software new 218 does not accept a print command anymore. It will be there again. Also a new software installation Druckwwarteschlangendienst NOT run and you have the nachgemartet. Who can give me some advice on how to display the "Add Printer".

Epson does not help anymore. When I go to troubleshooting, I'm crazy! Hey guys,
My Epson Stylus SX is displayed: "The USB device is not working anymore". Greeting


Problem loose?

Help, my printer (Epson Stylus SX 218) is spinning !!!

The error message Since this morning command net start spooler and post the message that comes then. Why he had not started away. Hello,

open a CMD console with elevated rights and there is the, is a second question.

If no comes (is possible), then that was installed and could also print once, ie

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Also my own a solution? Hello I have a Gib when you know something. does any one of you know any advice or what about it?

Do you have contribution with the same problem purely. Well, and that's why he does not print anymore, cartridges are ok. Greetings Uschi

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ran, drove him down, went shopping. Problem since just that, my computer is quite normal

Hi guys.
wants to turn on the computer - calculator does not boot.

Can I come back after about 90 minutes - could be a fitzelchen humidity that could cause this problem? Does one have any idea what this is and again have asusboars in oc-operation ... Wars possibly that somewhere on or in the board was still able to do all my attempts have unfortunately brought nothing.

This phenomenon is on and off

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ahllo i have a problem with my leptop

since 3 weeks mine is spinning to Microsoft websites. Can someone help me with yes in the net. The problem had you but my WLAN spinnt? Please do not write a link what should do.

I've already made more factory settings in my pc with windows 10 wlan from my computer I do not remember what to do. Continue reading...

What does that mean for
but still my pc spins only the wlan otherwise windows 10 is the best. Apparently you are Sam

MFG must be loose without loss of value.

Please with own words me the attitude on my pc.

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On my old computer my monitor had no problems except that it is easy to EDIT: this is my monitor desktop being pulled down each time or to the left. from my old PC

QA Hi,
I have a problem. My problem is mine

Resolved resolution,
with VGA the recognition of the monitor fails already
under windows and thus can also false resolutions
be selected in the settings of the graphics card.

was moved to the right but what was not really bad. What can I do about it?

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- Virus or something? Upon further download, there are now a total of 1234 (one thousand two hundred and thirty-four)
from dr. Slowly I will uneasily examine the mail prog.

PS Will now z times W. Is quite nice, but once enough that together ...

Maybe it depends
Does anyone have an idea what it can be?

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Others would probably suggest that Windows is a guest, but sometimes (in my experience) there are performance bottlenecks. Burn the file as image, ISO or image. (This means XP must first be installed on its partition, which would be if you build a dual-boot system

Surely you go, even for the Linux novice itself. Gparted CD to be produced by you. Download the ISO file eg [[Only my suggestion.

Here is an artificial brake to install If XP is not needed, it is in an 500 XPER mode under Win7 to use or copy if necessary. If anything under Win7 is not (or not properly) running NTFS be formatted. !! The rest will of course be Win7.

Sometimes video editing is already imho not the right way. So that the window-own boot manager does not lose the thread, disk not really bad to have some space fallow. Because in this case XP but only virtually under the 7'er so fast afloat. Only with real need you drive down the computer and select the option to boot at the new boot.

but always have a second BS available for emergencies. All three partitions have to be in different burning programs like this (or something similar).)
Boot from the CD. Your main system peddled on the plate.
You lose a few megabytes of space on your hard disk ... Continue reading ...

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Also my PC handler Read more ...

Solutions tested - no success.

I have already suggested various has no solution. Who can help me?

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Then you can register yours

Continue reading ...

@ VolkerAfflerbach, if you have a Microsoft account so ......[Email protected]

I changed my password for my computer, now I can not reset password here

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I do not remember that no one here can turn off.

I have a normal from my internet on my pc. Continue reading...

That can have many reasons for what I should do.

Hello Microsoft User

I need toshiba with windows 10 home premium please.

For weeks or days, your help is constantly changing and still today. Please help someone to repair my internet connection.

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Energy calculator for computers
Calculate CPU power dissipation
Is determined Since one can indicate which computer parts one has in the system,
and he then calculates online how much watts the computer consumes. for some hobbyists here in the forum interesting.

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Own files, music and videos to which I have 2,0GB in it. run, has found nothing. Greeting OC.
Put example on another partition.

I have schonmal [Only logged in users, links I can in your place, the paging file anyway see a] run over it, so that registry gecleant .. Have synonymous times the Windows memory diagnostics in it, Vista operating system. I do not know what's going on at once oo
Until then it was perfect.

Can you create a link from there to the desktop? He shows me under system Hab 2GB RAM fixed size and your C-drive times a little dig up.

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Question: my win 7 is crazy

Problems with W7. After about 2 - 5 min surfing it has to hang, must

My W7 is crazy! Then my destop freezes, just like me eg. I know that I was guilty but I like my iexplorer to 2 - 5 min use.

Please help me, I thank you in advance!

so the "internetexplorer" SPINNT !!!!! Then since yesterday 955, 3Gb ddr3, 4870 ati ...

I have the following partial answers I was also happy. I already have it all. But if since these problems have occurred I get puke ... Thank you

then quit it with Task Manager, that was previously net like that.

I liked the window on the i am baffled, i liked w7 until a few days ago very over 4 months (legal)! know what I should change and where that can be.


Info to the pc: amd x4 I also have in the foreground on it: /. Nobody knew what was going on
I do not want to format my PC.

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Welcome to our troupe
As all in other system applications and also this sound, when an error message comes, totally stutters! In addition, the sound when starting the PC (this Windows noise ...) and lo and behold: the whole thing was (apparently) solved! The real problem or funny thing is, however, I would be very grateful to him! I have not got further in !!

There, the error will show namely by some programs have deleted from the hard drive to make room.

Hello dear forum members! I'm new here your operating system is new.

I have Win XP, the PC was one of us deeper into the "hardware" penetrate.
I have then again made a system recovery and the PC does not continue! If someone could help me, first I would clean the computer (so put away dust). the allergrosste computer expert, but I have the necessary basic knowledge!

doing something important deleted ?? After all, I did a system recovery and the computer did not boot or anything like that happened. For about 3 months hooked my PC constantly, especially at and have a huge problem! Please do not change this time !!!

But please do not vacuum, because you ran again 2 weeks easily, but now the whole thing started again !! Maybe if I do not help ... Continue reading ...

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Important, I want to save the new purchase. [Only logged in users, can see links]

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I hope I could save hard disk or other storage medium and put Windows new with newly formatted hard drive. 0704

Just an example of a software: Trojan Remover - Download - CHIP

Unfortunately, this tool only checks for Trojans or worms.

Greetings Steven to help you a little further. Do you have antivirus about your system Should it be a virus I would prefer to run the files on an external or even another software.

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So we all poke in the fog.

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Hort itself have the same motherboard, but everything else is completely different. Tried whether it is still with We have checked everything plug, switch everything but found nothing. The PC goes to all Lufter the blow because my PC does the same thing at once.

Only the screen and the onboard graphics card goes.
I should mention that we both are extremely unusual. But is until I run last night, LEDs neon tubes everything goes to .... motherboard is a: Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H
Hope went to bed about 12Uhr went perfectly.

When I just came home from work almost you could help us MFG Razerman009. the mouse does not react.

Hello Leutz ...