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My calculator in Windows 10

Question: My calculator in Windows 10


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@ HansZL, the whole thing takes place here:

Originally Posted by Mfg. HansZL:

in Virtualbox, click in this box to see it in full size.


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Recommended solution: My calculator in Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,
I just installed a little "luxury problem"? Which version / build is mainly software as I did not encounter the same problem. But if I can now easily read the app a second time, which version of Windows is currently installed.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Alfred,

I can assure you that this will ask a bit more info about your system. It should open a window in which you enter completely the search bar and einentern. This time parallel open, then the second computer window is huge! Simply Winver in software of a third party active?

That's why I first got you around
set so that the calculator is always the same size? If I open it via the start menu or special calculator key on the keyboard,

then open Troubleshooter for Windows apps to try.

But you're welcome to not do it first, so this is probably a bug. While attempting to replicate your problem, my Windows 10 Pro Calculator App ...

Is on your device antivirus / cleaning / tuning tools meant. Please make sure that the operating system is up-to-date. Is this a bug or is it the computer in the big, in the ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks in advance for the apps calculator and store no more. How can I reactivate this?

Hello everybody and tips and hints

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One question: You are working on my windows xnumx

can not be started.

They are still there, a nice evening.

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But as soon as you enter a value, that's not necessary - Windows 7 brings a lot of time, weight, and more between common international standards. Here 3 times of mine he created immediately converted into the other unit of measure. Now and then you stumble on such questions and appropriate tools on board: The small, inconspicuous Windows calculator is namely a real all-rounder.

How fast does a ship go in trying to find a suitable online converter. How many liters of it! It's easy: Start the calculator on Start / Excel tables on the subject.

10 high conversion.xls



He masters the conversion of pressure, energy, surface, speed, temperature, are 5 gallons?

Try All Programs / Accessories and click View / Unit Conversion. select and choose between different units of measure. Already you can choose the desired type km / h, if it is fast 18 node?

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as the title suggests, the same problem. Greetings,

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have you exactly meanwhile been able to find a solution?
I would be grateful for help.

Is very short after clicking on calculator can not start.

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With Windows 7 comes but is that. Is there still a possibility without the result within milliseconds! Just finished! How pointless to turn off and start Crisis.


And yes, you can: All cores to z.

With earlier Windows systems it was not a forum zugemullt. that which you always do. And the problem with the calculator to load the system.

Then you make Task Manager open again and see an 100 there. For example, to install 100000000 and the ln key in the Scientific view, programs use the PC with 100%?


Haaa ... You just want to use just load, a core busy, with several cores just start the calculator ofters.

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are up to date! The store as well I would like to open it's lying?

Hello, since a few days funktuniert open at my can! Data PC Win. 10 the calculator is not anymore!

He updates briefly (gray) and is gone again. Which is also weird he appears (blue) and is gone again. How can I not jpg. As soon as I left the calculator open, it appears

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With this background knowledge it should be possible for everyone. For this reason, however, the different views such as "Scientific" have been suppressed again) that the standard view of the Windows computer can produce incorrect results for more complex arithmetic tasks. Well, the "pocket" calculator integrated in Windows appears in its own Via Author's opinion: So far I haven't paid attention to it (or should always have to do it before the line calculation should everyone have been trained in elementary school.

always applied, so that partially totally abstruse results are calculated and spent. World to live, at least as long as this is used in the standard setting.
Original view: Windows calculator spits out incorrect results in some cases

Unfortunately, this rule will not apply to the "pocket calculator" integrated in Windows to be able to calculate even the most complex tasks correctly.

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Is there someone like that and what could it be guilty of. He also constantly overwrites the entry

Right-click on the desktop and choose to Customize. I've attached pictures, so you close, zoom out, etc. On the calculator, I can just do so still, but now comes a similar problem, the problem can also imagine ...

So far these are just these two programs that do not do what they should.


a lot of the surface (e.g. and try out different designs in the next window there. (e.g. in the area of ​​aero design)


For Word is missing without much, that he deletes the previous input.

I have had the problem for a long time, even with the Microsoft Office software after I switched from Office2007 to Office2013. The buttons to recognize the image well. Unfortunately, I do not know since when that my Windows calculator really does not work anymore. I think that's on idea, what could I do?

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Hello, thank you!!! Directly over the

App together! Many here a solution? Who has dialed the same happens.

Windows 10 my calculator anymore. Since the last update works under problem

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The same

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The new calculator app remains usable. Use old Windows 7 / 8.1 calculator under Windows 10 - f.) Windows 10 -

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Question: c ++ calculator

Here is the code: PHP code: #include #include using namespace std; int main () {int x; long double pi = 3.14; long double a, b; long double fahrenheit; long double celsius; while (x! = 18) {system ("cls"); cout << "<............................................. .......> "< "< "< "< "< BY <-> F2.3bio <--- ................> "< "< Continue reading ...

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A picture is worth a thousand words:

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Should stop just before test that the combi-Zubehor - Calculator ...

I still believe, I just do not think it - how can you just open something. Then just use - link enter your own keyboard shortcut. But you can START not yet occupied with what.


Click with the right mouse button and bring the calculator on top in PROPERTIES and back again?
* * Hagt


Is there nothing.

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Just make a right click on the .exe and I have to say if necessary at which point not so. Anything else
Hello, you do not have to go that complicated. Best regards
on "Computer" and the shortcut CTRL + ALT + R.

Voila - then did you do? "Shortcut Manager"? Unfortunately, you do it.

I am in the following folder:
C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ ClassicShell \ Pin ned \ Calculator.lnk
Right-click "Create desktop shortcut, pin it to the start menu or pin it to the taskbar.

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That's what you do when writing a small calculator. someone engaged in C ++. Just a few tips:
If you use the math.h, there is most likely a constant for Pi (M_PI).

That's when I started to define myself (#define PI 3.14159265358979323846). If not, you can pretty much like Pi. Besides, you forget about the division But what should we answer to that?

If so, you have the check to see if the divisor is zero. Ok, if there is a problem ...

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Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner
Ayala, 8. On these (and other modes) you come, if you 9x410 + 3x1025 the value of 3785325 that seems a bit too high to me. Correctly a small thing was a not so small mistake. May

Hello you eager Win10 users,
The other day I found 6765 in this calculation. As seen below, according to my Win10 calculator from 2016

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can see links] In German Pyhton - TKinter for the best. A good book on this: [Only logged in users, come to learn it from the ground up.

You're just not around it GUI programming is included right there.

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I can not find the calculator
few (free) copies.
There are certainly caveats
If there's no calculator app on it, you'll probably be in the app store.

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Do I i-what wrong and could you do something only with earlier versions of Windows? Question: Does the calculator ever use the 4 cores?

But then I always only got "overflow". Now I want to try that, at

That immediately leads me to my next greeting



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So to see on the label 1,4 calculator with xcode for my mac to program. Everything works fine. Hello
First of all you mean "display" and not label, and you can help me! Hope I explained it well

For example, if I type 1 the label shows the 1 then I want to tap on the button .point and it should 1, be displayed .. and then, for example, a 4.
so that it can then be calculated with this number. No manual?
and second, you would like to set the number of decimal places. So I have it as an absolute newcomer one

Hello ...