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My boxes on the computer are not working anymore

Question: My boxes on the computer are not working anymore

Gruss Is the driver suitable for Win 7? Driver is also the most recent.

Is color pot

the plug maybe not plugged in properly?

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Recommended solution: My boxes on the computer are not working anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I no longer have the biggest after 4 hours of intense searching and cursing. Load driver immediately after uninstalling. After that was tried, same phenomenon. Driver from the manufacturer's side to activate the multimedia key mute or

Yesterday, the sound was quietly listening to music and watching movies

I am finished with my Latin and now I feel like I had to deal with it once I let it be. But now Windoof starts again on his own for half an hour.

So I have the correct playback device enabled, the bars are moving too. Other codecs, etc, are no longer my laptop (Medion Akoya E7220). If it does, then I reformatted my laptop. After the sound was gone I gave it up

Because that was too stupid to me and I did not hear at the time and now I only hear about the external speakers. Before 2 had suspected him, no solution. Have times dxdiag started and had the problem and can help me further. Vllt has an idea or even again, to be exact 2 restarts.

I am slowly despairing, just want to save the result as an attachment. It rather tries Windows because the HDMI and my external speakers, both runs flawlessly. Yes the controls are all turned up and yes it uninstalled the drivers, or as written above, the sound again for an hour.

The day before yesterday I then ... Continue reading ...

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Hi, I have the following problem and indeed go with who could say something. my Asus X53S Series the Fn buttons no longer. Really great if there thanks me. Mfg xdkiller

If, as you say, "all of a sudden" is no longer possible, you should not know why or why.

It happened all of a sudden I play back a restore point that is from the date where it still worked!

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It is now time, but only affects apps that receive data from the Internet, while the Fritzbox app has almost overslept their own death.


Since yesterday only Steam has been installed!

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Question: Do not go boxing

Maybe you can help me
Thanks in advance
MFg trust Bought but has not done anything yet. If necessary replace boxes (warranty) or test them on another PC.
I've got a new 5.1 soundcard from Digle: P
Driver will be the latest, right?

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The encryption (WPA2) can not be a problem as it worked with her for months. It then appears over the network connection but nothing more. someone help? Emme

the stick is still recognized there.

Maybe I can greet

look in the device manager for whether hang (iPhone, PS3, T-Home Entertain) work properly. Important: all other devices in the network yellow triangle with exclamation points and nothing more. I use

Since yesterday / the day before goes a WLAN stick.

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Thank you for updating the drivers
Costs money if I ever ..

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My question, it is not possible to transfer my old score to a new computer
Games: The Tripez
until the end


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Gluck still warranty and Jez is you grad at asus ...
When Trackmanianationsforever sometimes disappears the color and the graphics card is over or dies it slowly overclocked nothing.

It is or can that also lie on the Mainboard? Had lately synonymous similar problems with my 7900gtx but had to

Hello, I have a complete problem with my 7900GTX.
Game is black and white, but only in the game.

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Look at the best times with which drivers that are with you, to the driver installation of sound can with the few information, none say. and graphics card you will not come around.

Was that on it or manufacturer of the calculator or here: http: //

did you install it yourself?

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I was told (on Windows) that my device Acer "Aspire ES 17" is not in there somewhere a driver, so that can come back to work. should no longer be able to use the updates. I have not said that either where, nor can I get help now

ACER provides 17clicks in this field to show it in full size. My device is not even 2 years old and really great.

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@ Peter Stosshoff, with the model name

Quote from Peter Stosshoff:

Aspire ES Thank you! You can do that Well!

Very much the help to be done). I do not get anything.

Find model name or serial number

They go a (on other devices, where older ob's the computers (laptops) still pack and after me they deluge? Please tell me how I can solve the problem - whether the list is led, ergo the updates starting from 1703 is no longer suitable Not currently no help
My Internet provider for the sticks: Congstar, nor Huawei have any help ...

Please give me the exact but not make !!! Win10 are installed, ergo the updates 1703 ff. Can it be correct that constant updates are driven, no matter I got from no place so far.

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8800 GTS, core2quad Q6600, 2 * 1gb ram of cool but was nothing more. Another power supply I have lags that can lie to me. So I was on lan and everything went great.

Then the next morning on the graphics card. Do not know what even tried, without success. I press the power button on the power supply and the cpu air computer connected was also super. Versuh times without (ddr2 800), 400 watt power supply, mb ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus.

Mfg omawilly
already taken out for 1 min. I also have the battery to start graka. Then in the evening begin to turn and then stop immediately.

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Since you hear the normlan sound somehow help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now unfortunately I have a few

Maybe you could open a window from VIA HD Audio Deck where you have to click on the speakers. Greeting
from the test but not more. If that does not work, then if you reinsert the boxes then you have small sound issues. I have 5.1 boxes from Creative.

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Can I make my boxing system (logitech X-530) to kapput and before this also kaputtt I would like to know if that just goes. I've done that with my old ones who have cloned and then turned to the stop or can something happen?

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Freezes the calculator already like WoW, etc. anyway .... new RAM pebbles ??
LG and a pure software range come (FIAE). Please please

I also have to say that I have Asus Maximus Extreme m. Lies to Flash kA)! freezes my PC. I can hardly describe it, it sounds like a little later than someone such a problem?

I'm you from left to right. Although I'm out of 2 after about 3 min. Had all the latest stuff on it. Bios has recently been checked.

You will be back in the original state. The whole thing is already a while, first I thought to look through a Youtube or other sites need the Flash (vll have ever tried, but please help me! But there have any constructive idea grateful.

really desperate. I am relatively well versed in IT. have a good evening,
Julian. I am really very grateful for an answer or a PN.

If so, I would be for a tip, Good evening together,
first post first> huge <problem! It rustles, knartscht, creaks and crashes beeps and oh no, it annoys! I finally liked to tune in to an old radio listening to 10.000. Drivers are easy to gamble or watch Vids.

When playing online, I traded with lemons. Genrell when I'm playing a game, or trying longer videos some fine tweaks in the BIOS I was excited about the location (typed on memory) ... Continue reading ...

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I have to manually update each time you restart the PC.

My PC clock time has not changed automatically since 6 months.

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I can not install more than that and in the case will hardly be shocked because I will hardly throw my calculator through the area. Years 4 hard disks overhear Hades chased. In general it is true

Users not so bad. I did not find it within 3 that I constantly break hard disks in such a short time. You have to have had an 3 Maxtor and now ask a Western Gypsy at the Fair.

Maybe you should check out the environment of your computer, the digital still until next month. Well it was already 60 euro plates with 500 GB but still can kind of use and similar aspects of a closer look subject. Otherwise Happens remains.

Shit only: bad luck.

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I had shut down the computer but it has restarted (I have not since then the accounts and an update I think before 3 days.) Also has days fond super gefunzt up to their password boxes no longer visible only the icons below right _ Deu / Internet / next to it clicked because I use a script of Rainmeter to shut down on the desktop).

I come only to the login screen where I get my two user accounts are no longer displayed.

since 3 days I have the problem that I can start the computer but Read more ...

Operating aids and power button
Update was about 2 weeks from Win 7 to 10 ...

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The volume is, however, always durable, if you treat it carefully .... What for which buy), Denon, Klipsch make good inEars
The guy in Saturn with us can not see me anymore weeks my in-ear headphones broken. But why are they going?

I'm listening to xD
Have now burned over 10 different models of different manufacturers in 2 months. Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Shure, Ultimate Ears ( are very far from the pain threshold, so they should be built and resistant to sweat etc
usually cost a little more ... Where decent InEars from ~ 40 € actually always so fast broken?!

Hope someone knows why. However, do all (maximum) 2 ever go? There are also some for "sport", which are a bit more stable and always a lot of music. Kopfhorer put it away easily.

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you could try?

The connection tone of W8 but I take, Did you install there the LAN connection nine. There the driver for mode of connection works again?

My network adapters any idea? Do not you have a system restore point anymore.

that it is connected (and of course the visual inspection). Then see if in this