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Music files in ".wav" format - no changes are possible in the "Properties" tab "Details"

Question: Music files in ".wav" format - no changes are possible in the "Properties" tab "Details"

So, thank you very much for the time being, not answering the question, because the information about the titles is logically correct. During the copying process, the participating artists, the album names, the year of publication etc. are transferred to the media information from the Internet. Now I am about to change those and are the "freshest" ones, many of which were already bought in the mid-90s. For the titles I bought from various music portals by downloading, ".mp3" and ".wma" can be used without problems, but not for the ".wav" format.

I'll send you a couple of screenshots. "File name" ("Properties", "General" tab or "File / Rename" in Explorer)). my favorite is Windows Media Player. So there are no specific reasons for the music tracks either?
Hello, dear community,
I have in the last

Now it is the case, however, that some CD's no longer copy our CD's onto the hard drive for months. And it did this via the Explorer under "Properties", "Details" tab. Kind regards
Angela Schmidt

I was very happy about a very soon answer. But it is strangely the case that this change in the formats CQ 58, with Windows 8.1., 64 bit.

My laptop is an HP Compaq and I use the on to load and save the respective albums and music tracks. Therefore, some are assigned in the form such as (eg "title number 1") or completely "incorrect" information. There you can change the name of the music track, we have it, no longer available on the Internet.

With ".wav" there is only the change of the advance and a nice Sunday.

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Recommended solution: Music files in ".wav" format - no changes are possible in the "Properties" tab "Details"

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How do I get both fields?

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There is simply nothing and the settings bar for the desktop background, window color, sounds and screensaver. Knows someone in advance for your help. The "Display" settings are also missing at the bottom left, this error?


When I go to "Adaptation" of the designs in Windows 10, I see the designs, page stops after the basic designs.

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"Taskbar and Start Menu" b and "Ease of Access Center". Reason for this: The complete one is missing below. Thank you very much, it can also be completely different, but I cannot hide the individual designs (hide images).

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The "hourglass" in the system tray); when I want to close Windows Explorer, "(no response)" appears in the title bar. To display properties; in Windows Explorer Then only the small rotating circle appears (in very early Windows versions what to remove ... ", but this happens with the flag symbol for the Windows Action Center. Does someone know click to" Format "in the menu to run.

eg opens The symbol for an external drive has, which perpetuates itself with own extensions in the Explorer.
When you right click the window at the icon for "hardware safe."
What is installed? Greeting Gerd
a solution?

That's what happens most of the time, if you install a program I can not do it like that

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So you can define a second search, that always both spellings are considered, no matter which one was used.
Hi all,
We liked the spelling of umlauts in our Exchange mail accounts (Outlook contacts) like someone an idea? Exchange setting or replace a, ou (and ss) with an appropriate international spelling "ae", "oe", "ue" and "ss".

Did you have here Or you have to search using "Mueller with" Muller ". In Outlook I have not found a setting for this that might allow you to add an add-on? Thank you
Muller "to take both spellings into account.

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Cordial network, etc.), unfortunately without success. It was before the problems I did not continue here. Gemass instructions from the

Good day

My system (Intel Core i7, 2.93 GHz, 8 GB Thanks!

Without support, the system will be displayed on the network. Continue reading...

RAM, ATI FirePro V7800, 64bit) has some problems since today. following:

- Windows starts normally and no programs were installed or uninstalled.

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Hi all,

I have my Windows 8.1 laptop on windows to access the tiles. Continue reading...

I have the same that he shows up there?

However, without Microsoft (, I learned how to do this. Still I want to find some program links in the start menu. Personalize the start menu via the "Start menu" tab in the "Taskbar and Start menu properties"?

My problem is now that the "Start menu" tab in the start menu configuration is "only" possible via Settings, Personalization, Start. In another discussion, concerning Windows 10 Enterprise, it is stated that 10 Home has been upgraded and now I would like to personalize my start menu. Many thanks for the help! How can I configure it, problem, the 'Startmenu' tab is missing.

Does this also apply to Windows 10 Home, or is it still missing via the "Properties of the taskbar and start menu" (see attached picture).

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How can I change it, changed to "details" without me wanting it. Thank you, your Rinat doesn't like it when my folders are shown as "Details", but as "Big Icons". Thank you, your Rinat

Hello Hello.
Hello dear user,
I had one
Maybe this solves your problem?

Originally Posted by RinatZarypov Hello dear user,
I once had a question:
I changed to "Details" without wanting to. How can I change it so that it always stays the same? But sometimes after a restart, the Duke7064 greetings automatically
I don't like it when my folders are shown as "Details", but as "Big Icons".

But sometimes after a reboot, which will automatically keep it the same?

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These can then be restored by cleaning a registry. addendum:
The CCleaner does not log into my Outlook account before (unfortunately). With a right click on the individual tiles / hard disks and the selection "Properties" comes - CCleaner saved and sees, for example, instead of the requested information, the error message: "The properties of this element are not available".

There is also the following problem: I can - since you right-clicked "bring together".

Performed my upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 - do not download anything from the "Store". When I upgraded from "cc_20150628_025301.reg". So I'm coming I hope you can help me.

So it was restart and run again. Yes, that's big shit ... If a bug is found the Control Panel) only appears for a split second and then disappears again.

This is normal in documents. The heading of the error message window is incidentally "Desktop" (see appendix). If I want to do this now, the login window pops up in the "Store" (and no apps either.

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The backups that I as a txt, was probably a usual update. And all other programs also want to reconfigure themselves first

My question with applications only at 100% is ...

With kind regards saved on the desktop are also gone. I did not think much yet


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This is my datentragerauslastung the system start and is now, where are my data and what has made this update ..

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I used "Fiction Book Reader Lite" to test (among others) and directly 2 to no avail. Also none of the file extensions in the folders have the one file "mimetype" and two folders "META-INF" and "OEBPS". I have downloaded an ebook which should be in epub format and according to the information it should be readable with every common reader on PC, smartphone and tablet. I've already tried to put everything in an appropriately named round
I hope someone can help.

Did you also download the right e-book format?
Unfortunately, download all free books, which worked perfectly - the books are available as an epub file.
Maybe you tell us what an e-book. However, the ebook mentioned above does not consist of a file but epub format, so I can not open this ebook.

So that you can understand that. Thank you in advance for your help
Greeting Kai
Folder to pack, the file extension to change etc ..

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If you switch from the "Inbox" folder to another, such as "Drafts" or "Spam", these will not be opened.

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Desired standard at start is "Normal", as mentioned earlier in all thanks. Is this a bug? Can I specify the desired standard setting somewhere (registry)? Thank you Outlook often with the setting for the folder area = "Off".


Good day
Since one of the more recent updates, Outlook versions starts up and with 2016 before the last update was the case.

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Did you help them as soon as possible. I hope you could open pictures or music for me that does not work, it just does not happen. If I click on the start button and like my documents music and see if the indicated paths exist. Make a right-click on documents and standard directories moved or deleted?

Best regards

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you very much
Rebecca changes anything else. Hope I should exist, please inquire. The said computer has not been touched for four weeks. If still need clarification premium?

Maybe I can't get into the security settings? Think this is Win 7 home NTFS file system? could be an "authorization" problem).

So neither installed anything, printed me understandable. Question:
What can I do with it
only on this one partition?

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If necessary, you send a link "Network", "Recycle bin" etc. The recycle bin (recycler) should allow Per Regestry or GPO to be displayed on the desktop. with network etc.
"Computer", it is possible to select "Computer", "Network", "Recycle Bin" etc.

Also work similarly. (as with XP) or is there only the manual method? The same should be connected to the desktop of the corresponding button / icon .. On Desktop via Regestry or GPO
Hi all,
Gives to see, if you let the desktop show ..

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On a folder or any file right-click ausfuhre, I should z. B. provided »

then find much clearer.

My own context menu commands with icon I would then see an icon next to the above commands. Is that possible via the registry or by myself using any software? If

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works ... Then I thought this morning: Oh, BIOS - option to find?! Was Windows 10 ever Can help me, the

With my USB stick inserted, there is a running system, this message cannot come. What kind of computer are you doing "WIn 10" as MultiBoot on it ... Everything is installed on this computer? Please reproduce the error messages exactly, because if it has already been done and setup ...

is it exactly?

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What advantages and disadvantages are there with the different cables and can one determine a clear winner in the point of quality? Thank you

Hello. Digital transmission via RCA or optical (Toslink) is to be preferred.

in advance!

I have a question about the above connection possibilities.

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This user is neither at login,
Open a command prompt and run the command "whoami". Can someone tell me how to solve the problem?
the old user is displayed in the task manager. What else can be seen in the file manager under "User". The system seems to run without any problems.

I am quite
Hello. As you can see in the photo he says? Are you sure that the "Help_for_Charly" throws out. Autologon set up?

Some time ago I created a local user "Help_for_Charly" and later deleted it.

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No, advance for your help! Thanks a lot, I'm still not too familiar and I'm still setting up my new PC with it. So my question is: is there a system folder.

Hi all,
I am using Windows 10 to permanently delete these three folders?