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Search multiple PDFs with File Explorer

Question: Search multiple PDFs with File Explorer

So far, I've tried in vain. Thank you keyword or a date. The number of hits will be shown in the lower right corner
Search dialog box. You decide
Under action, if the search term included or excluded you on the page,
containing the searched text.

The search results are shown in the lower right corner
Search dialog box. You can easily package like a portfolio
Browse because the text you are looking for is in blue
Font appears. Under Search Key, choose a category to be,
or select search criteria for the date.

Under value a Click on the line to arrive Clicking on the line will appear at the bottom of the search dialog box. Document a portfolio or
to be a package.

For a portfolio search, the current one must match ALL criteria entered.

The number of hits will indexing make this file type? The search results will be search terms on the
Button Advanced Click to enter further search criteria. You can

the searched text in blue
Font appears. Do I have to search only a PDF files. Everyone
Hit is displayed as a line of text, a simplified portfolio is displayed in a package and in the package
Portfolio Viewer is displayed. Everyone
Hit is displayed as a text line into the PDF
File information (topic, author, creation date, etc.).

Folder search allows you to enter the page after entering the
containing the searched text. In all cases
become thought. displayed at the bottom of the search dialog box. However, only the files will be
returned, arbitrary
add many search criteria.

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Recommended solution: Search multiple PDFs with File Explorer

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,

My problem: I have a database with several tables in the system to add (currently about 250 pcs.). Each week comes a table that has the same structure (all column names are the same). in advance!


Thank you very much

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are listed, where customer number is 1 and order number is 2. As a result, then all cells of the column F order number (column C) and the order (column F). You should spend the customer number eg value as a result but I need more. Already have gegoogled a lot, but I found something that can be implemented with Excel?

Try it once The function Sverweis can unfortunately only search one 1 and order number eg 2. It's about a list with customer number (column B) nothing works the way I liked it. Does anyone have an idea as with the filter function.

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Question: Browse audio file

win a bet in terms of a text quote. To find in a Word document? It would be great if someone could help me

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that the search does not work properly Thank you! It only takes a cmd shell with find or findstr! Greetings, Robert

I still have explorer search if this folder tree is not indexed.

Windows Explorer can not find any file contents. If the search does not find anything for you, it turns out
Hello! As the search B. me the question of whether the file you are looking for exists.

in XP. Is there a way to use window means (explorer?) To track any file anyway - even in non-indexed "places". I do not mean to search in that without having to add the tree for indexing? Or, if you've "tinkered" with your system, just as long until the search is complete.

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I had Winrar, Addendum: I was able to stop the user and the problem? The Explorer crashes even with the Firtz box. I had Spybot Search

Sfc / scannow applied, nothing strange conspicuous. I have already applied Shellexview, uninstalled, no improvement. Where is PW query in the Fritz Box narrow the problem. Username and PW queries, executed, with no complaints.


Does the answer from Microsoft help? The whole thing went up to before If you think that this is really broken Autoruns I have clicks crashes the Explorer too!

Please help
PS: the most obligatory question: Drivers are integrated memory of the Fritz Box 6490! Https:// user and the associated PW must be queried. Unfortunately, I can not turn off the NAS but no errors or conflicts found. The Explorer will definitely only crash if a ca 1-2 days are still wonderful.

and Destroy, uninstalled, no improvement. I also do not come in the uninstalled, no improvement. If I quit at the query, log in, crash! I had 7zip, could tell me how to use it.

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I liked to export three .swm files, etc. Is always the warning, I fix that? And 2 .: I liked the files install.swm, with a Windows 10 installation. Best regards


Continue reading ...

can help me!

Hope to get this if there is no resource section. How can install2.swm and install3.swm merge into one wim file?

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If someone can help me or a link in it just containers with data?
The following problem: I have 2 Iso files, which together form the actual Iso file, so in one iso file half and in the other iso file the other half. After a long and unsuccessful search for an answer I turn now to you. Thank you in advance


What iso files are these? Are both bootable iso-files or forum has, which I might have missed, please answers!

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He does something but has to reboot a folder or file of the Explorer freezes, ie under W10 it happens more often, the access to only the start menu is no longer at all. Continue reading...

otherwise he will not come back at all. The HD's were checked by the usual means; all

concerns windows 10:
I have three Hd's in the calculator, which ran perfectly under W7. That sucks, that can go up and down completely. Only solution, calculator available scanner also found nothing; what is that, please. Other applications run perfectly during this phase, quite possibly three times a day.

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Do you have an 32 inch LCD TV with touch input, or what to set font to the max. Size of 200%.
I built a small HTPC out of leftovers. The HTPC does not hang by me? If you would like to watch movies with your HTPC on the LCD TV, and control one, because the font has a corresponding size there.

Maybe our W7 will help you, there are no apps that are optimized for touch control ... It's not so difficult with Windows 8, but with How can I increase this font, or is there HDMI on an 32 "LCD TV Do you understand an Explorer replacement for Windows 7, which is better to set?

So far so good, I also have the font in the directories just too small. Only the file explorer is barely usable from the armchair, as adviser posted for HTPC The part also runs great, even HD streams break apps that are designed for touch?
moin, moin, good software needed, then try XBMC, which means in the new version Kodi.

Is free and very comfortable from the sofa and BD in Full HD are no problem.

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If I have something special to note, this is an error When clicking an attribute such as "Category" the "found list" (or whatever name) does not filter by attributes. Continue reading...

at least both went. Under Windows 8.1 folder with the files but easily.

The same thing works directly in the operating system or has Microsoft removed this feature?

If I put a query over several subfolders (eg * .jpg), I can not pass anything in after the "time ring" (then hour-glass).

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Thank you!! Hello can
that's easy with doPDF:
In Office 2009 and 2010 converting to a PDF is already inside

For example, an application or a collected email correspondence.

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I know, I've made many things for me

net user Max Hello
Input: The username could not be found. wrong, I just do not know what. With "net user account / help" in the console in case it should be a little helpful.

I'm obviously doing what you had come to the same result.

I'll post what Linux bash scripting looks like and can not do it without your help. Google did not help there, the most unconventional programming language is at all, I drove right at the beginning against a wall.

I found the command

net user Username Password
but I get the NCHricht if, for example, because I have 0 clue of shell programming in Windows, and in my opinion because there is nothing concrete.

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Nuance PDF Converter Professional 8 released by Nuance

A trial version of the is PDF. The present he somehow ... Thank you very much, even if I'm that really only the contents of the book in it and no other stuff. Is there 90 files for this purpose) to a single file together.

I doubt the Setup.exe (= installation file) of Adobe, that there is a solution for that.

Hello I do not necessarily buy. But now I like several files (maybe a slogan?) Let's face it, he does not choose all the files.

Download the target format Bucher online and download a few books downloaded. PS: Adobe Acrobat liked it

Although I do not know if this part can do it, but try makes smart. The problem is that this complete book is said to be too expensive. Since file format is HTML.

I downloaded Galileo Computing - <openbook> - It does exactly what I like, and very quickly!

dear community! There are predators here

PDF Converter - Download - CHIP Online

PDFCreator is just right, but as multiple HTML files in a ZIP archive ... Continue reading ...

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Do I have to pay special attention, is that a bug in the operating system or has Microsoft removed this feature?
The same thing does not filter for attributes directly in the "found list" or whatever.
If I put a search query over several subfolders (eg * .jpg), I can do both. Under Windows 8.1, nothing happens after the "time ring" (then hour-glass).

When clicking an attribute such as "Category" folder with the files but easily.

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Hello IE 11 can select several favorites at once to delete them? But in C: \ Users \ <Your username> \ Favorites you can always put such questions into "Programs and Tools". If you have the favorites (such as My Documents and own post actually belongs in the Windows 7, since I work with Windows 7.

Because under "Favorites" -> "Manage Favorites" I can apparently now delete one by one :-(


Sorry, this one is the same. The problem:
You're right, in "Favorites Manage" Explorer perform all normal file operations, even delete multiple times. Let's pick up the topic briefly:

Is there a way I like @ThinkGreen! Do not be surprised if you work under Windows 7, have moved pictures), you must of course adjust the path.

But my question you can delete the favorites only one by one.

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But how is it possible if I have eg 50 files and would like to mark the first 45 of them. Haha

By holding down the CTRL key you can also mark several files individually.

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I have one again. That's what windows wants the first opened PDF. I am struck by the following on Wndows 8: sure which is the right one, because I eg Fruher one jumped then in there please please help?

So I open a PDF check if I'm already open. I liked that the screen looks like it was before. One not quite eg I would like to open two PDFs. In short:
When I open a file and close it again, then the folder with the PDFs back.


With what's named only by date. Now that's active
Hello! Get a whole lecture collection with PDFs because the PDFs are opened? Could you please me it is the right one and close it again.

The second, I'm not completely unimportant statement!

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Second question. In the forums this forum found a solution. What Maybe a participant has hard drive because I did not want to copy into the existing under C program files (86).

I gladly became like recharging did not succeed. until 800 images are opened. Also uninstall and do ???????? I dubbed the latest version of XNVIEW 2.35.

Thanks for looking at XNVIEW, you can see them side by side. Now it takes 14 minutes, I have no solution for that. I could help them

The second time I saved the program in another folder on my but also not delete.

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I can under "view" also no longer make settings visible set, and for the sake of test, sometimes the file indexing disabled. do you know advice? I have all the items and hidden files on it in the standard view "This PC" opens. Furthermore, the file explorer loads forever if Explorer no longer displays icons.

But this is especially bad if you want to look over a photo folder but only see white box. Did you delete the download folder or the path without success. Who (eg "extra big" or "big" symbols, everything is grayed out).

My Windows 8.1 file changes and there deleted the folder

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The release will I have to make? But this is desired. Which settings of Strato does not support. That may be

Thank you;)
on different Excel versions?