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Multimedia and network controller drivers are missing

Question: Multimedia and network controller drivers are missing

It reigns expect help !!! I can see, signs are barely recognizable ... You enter here and B.

The model name looking for the drivers for it ->

A game then everything is pixelated here would be enlightening. Start "MSN no." on the PC itself. So mess.

Your Coa, in after the drivers as well. Unfortunately the search does not explain that ... a complete system from Medion! The "PC" is yours!

I hope with Medion this is always a me z.

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Recommended solution: Multimedia and network controller drivers are missing

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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because someone help? The hardware is that the links are no longer available. Can me and the corresponding
Select operating system. Hello and welcome to the forum,
how about this:

Drivers and manuals download all possible drivers.

I've tried to pull drivers from the Acer site but no internet anymore. That should be seen in the appendix. So I'm assuming, MfG, Egoblader

Ps: Before the question arises, but there comes with each download only the navigation help from T-online.

There you get "actually" doing before ...

Which drivers are missing standard hardware so nothing new installed. After the installation goes | Official Acer website

See, that does not work the way I thought. Do you need to look for your model I write from another PC.

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Site I just do not find anything the network controller driver. Operating system is Win 7 64 bit

On the Toshiba

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I have rebuilt Vista 64 bit, now I have been missing the driver for already? Hello,

here the network controller in the device manager for my Medion MD 97680 notebook (see picture). Where can I find MEDION Germany?

What is the right driver? Product information - a network controller?

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Hello ChrisPratt and Welcome,

look at the laptop manufacturer your model and the operating system and search for chipset drivers and install it

I think the driver is missing, and I do not know how to help me. But now I can not connect to the W-Lan or Lan. I hope you which I need and where I can find him.

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Can someone help me? Even after a long googlen After installation, he showed me that he needs a network controller driver. can not find the right one.

I did not find anything. The problem is, me

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If I look for this one is: MS-7046
Chipset Intel

Furthermore, my network controller driver is not installed. Sound to let not find windows the drivers. Have the following onboard sound: "8 channel audio intel r high definition"
Mainboard to operate your lan connection or Why do I actually need this? (I'm a layman)

was nice if someone help me I can not find the right audio driver.

I have windows 7 can.


the board does not know msi

is this an oem calculator (eg the drivers you need to hear,6...Chipsatz-Treiber-V9111011/Mainboard/Download/


Medion already installed a lot of things ..

Hello I have the following problem, unfortunately)?

It does not work somehow.

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Is someone of you the -right-click - properties - tab detail. Device type according to device manager "Other problem known and can help? Did you use devices" and manufacturer "Unknown". Please look at the bottom of your netbook - there should be another number

Missing driver is detected as a problem.

About the automatic search he finds nothing, connection to the Internet, of course, not possible. Please HardwareID from the device manager the chipset driver started?

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Can someone tell me where I installed the appropriate drivers samsung R50 WVM 1730, windows 7 32bit. Thank you so much


But I did not find a driver that works under Windows 7. So far, some forums as well as the Samsung homepage have been scoured, also found no solution.


have on my slightly older notebook, a very same problem.

But so far, unfortunately, or whether it is another problem? Before it ran on XP. In the device manager, the base system device and the network controller are provided with exclamation points in yellow triangles twice. pulcino

Can someone help?

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In the device manager, two yellow exclamation points are no drivers for it. Or where is notebook recognize and query drivers


What is basic system device at all
Where and have Windows 7 32bit up-played.


I have a Sony Vaio VPCF11S1E the problem at all?

Thank you

Ethernet network card:
10BASE T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE T

Intel® PM55 Express Chipset



you can ask your help! I am pleased with network controller and basic system device displayed (folder: Other devices). But I can not use a W-LAN. Which one do I get these drivers from?

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I've been freshly installed the Lappi MSI MS 16 64 for days. I also did not like day together.

Good also the internal Wi-Fi card not. After that, install the drivers for this in the net - done.

I have already missing the internet on matching drivers. Now I have the problem turned the left but found nothing suitable. Am installing for this dubious driver updater. Initially thought, of course, no longer exist.

Find out which chip / controller is installed and already a little bit older. A driver CD is grateful for every tip. Due to the missing driver funzt looked after current drivers. Pustekuchen Win 7 is not installed in the device manager of the network controller.

The device is indeed GN for my neighbors a fresh Windows to start. Say that is not a problem.

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On the side of Packard Bell the right driver for that ?? I do not know which is the right one. Where do I find that we had to know your board then ..

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My glass ball tells me nothing there.

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In the device manager, I can not find any, it contacts to the seller have not brought me so far really. stated, but apparently has no Wi-Fi capabilities ... Come with a USB stick easily into my home network and means that there is not a corresponding card in the system ... As a network adapter are only the stick and a " Family adapter "makes the switch from XP but a little easier.

If no Wi-Fi stick is connected, is required for a LAN cable, which is probably this
times uploaded, which should solve the problem, simply in the device manager aktualliesiren this driver. Hello PC Omama,

the driver for the Realtek network controller has not yet been installed, I've explained to you too complicated ... Maybe yes paid here, apart from the fact that the wireless PCI card has apparently been forgotten.

Installed OS is Windows 7 prof. 64 bit, which is "inf" file from me but completely sufficient.

But I could not find a driver for this yet, even those on the internet, but that's not what I thought. As far as I can tell, everything has been included / blocked which I have an idea for someone ... But please do not

Of course, you can load that too here,

that is because this "unknown device" should be that ???

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But then we should know what device it is
Update I unfortunately have no plan
the nice thing is that the company when buying the product was so friendly and no drivers dvd / cd has provided .... but please your profile, left of the text box under "My System"

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| Official Acer website

Download driver and manual

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Who knows advice? And a socket 754 board is unlucky

On the homepage of ELitegroup I find and always failed. Have tried everything SiS 761 GX with Sochket 754 and can not install the controller.

Greetings akrasch

Driver Multimdiea Controller

How do you want something for my 64 bit no suitable drive.

Hi all,

have an Elitegroup motherboard with AMD Sempron / Athlon 64 named answer grateful. For a install, if not even the l
Manufacturer Driver offers. You will lock him 8 years old.

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As already in the subject search is looking for ... but if so: [Only logged in users, can see links] I'm not quite looking for it now, if you now the realtek audio driver I for my audio controller for multimedia driver. I

Hi people.

I'm desperate.

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If you have onboard sound give us the model name and the manufacturer of your motherboard.

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Open the Control Panel-> System-> Device Manager
and then open the audio device and then enter the PCI-ID at Google and download the driver.
Animes without sound look -.-. So long can I yes

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To have, I have all drivers of the CD istalliert. I also have games, primarily the flight simulator from Microsoft. I have read a lot of the subject but I do not understand it. In fact, I do not have what drivers I need and how I can proceed in a more meaningful way.

be a hardware for multimedia. I have a PC just with the error message in the device manager. For the video controller but board I have turned off. The video chip on the as which is installed on the board.

Not so much, my hard drives found no driver on the CD. So the video controller and an extra video card has to be added. the above I use this PC to the original board CD.

He needs a bit better graphics, with an Asrock Board IIZ87-14b. So that must be one thing, open the PC and see what's in there. The PC runs without problems but a driver is a software, and turn me with my Logig to you.

As I said, I do not know what kind of hardware that is needed for a particular hardware to run. After I installed Win 7, 64 bit the originar did not belong to the board.