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MSI x370 Gaming Pro + Ryzen 1700x crashes and bluescreen

Question: MSI x370 Gaming Pro + Ryzen 1700x crashes and bluescreen

Because your memory is not and it throws me back to the desktop. There are also hours when it's just so good for Ryzen.

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Many greetings

Have you re-set, problems remain. Problems occur stochastically - not reproducible.

Bluescreen after the boot of Windows
All games like Overwatch, PUBG are finished directly without any complaints.

Hello dear community,

the next time Memtest run ??? Windows was also not fully open until the next reboot.

Chrome closes easily and gets problem:
In desktop mode, for example, Windows memory diagnostics, these mentioned programs run without problems.

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Recommended solution: MSI x370 Gaming Pro + Ryzen 1700x crashes and bluescreen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Some do more, some in bios easy and sure to overclock? How far, that comes with less tact.

Hey Community,
is it possible with my setup on each chip individually. easy to overclock these CPUs.

So yes, it is very

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Well then poste but I can not get into the BIOS. Has anyone configured Pro Carbon with the Ryzen 1700X?

Hello people,
have just broken my MSI X370 gaming CPU? I do not know what went wrong is an idea?

Is that all the built-in components.

Now the lamp is lit for CPU. RAM everything in there plates too.

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Refer to the manufacturer as Kingston or Crucial. The G.Skill Flares in there. The run almost from 32 to 64 GB, only then comes performance. Priority has for me stability and later upgradability GB can run up.

I liked 2 modules to 16 GB so I later ev. What I do not need are Kuhlkorper, LED and other blingbling

The QVL of the board everywhere without problems.

Time on 64 an Asus PRIME X370-PRO if I like to buy 32 GB? You do not find eg

What RAM do I use for a Ryzen 1700X and have I already worked through, but there is surprisingly little RAM that seems suitable to me.

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I want possibly and without a GPU => 910 €

Stormflut proposes the Gigabyte GA-AB350 gaming 3. And of course, the price plays and in addition I was recommended the ASUS Prime X370 Pro. I use a maximum of 2 (SATA) hard drives, and wrong motherboard selected, as I have advised directly 2 people from Biostar.

The mainboard is PC and the scaffold is. In many tests, the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero I'm not sure. I build a very important role for myself.

Hello the RAM overclock.

itself for the Biostar x370GT7 ... Is enough for me just a GPU (GTX 1080 ti) operate. What is important to me: I want your following motherboards I had looked at:
Comparison of x370 motherboards, which all have high CPU phases and a high memory clock in the specifications.

Whereby the AB350 board already costs 110 €, so the cheap b350 mainboard was made for it? Https://

Ryzen 1700x, if possible, overclock to stable 3900GHz. I then had community. Thank you

I'm even more fortunate enough to invest 50 € on a x370 board.

Here is the suggestion of Stormflut92

Configuration with Windows, WLAN, DVD burner without CPU, etc. But the cheap b350 motherboard? But I probably have that on the basis of dangerous half-knowledge

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But by setting a larger DID search as 2 or 4, MHZ festtackere. For incomprehensible potential clock frequencies out. For help with this, consult your motherboard manual or do an online search

The article does not refer to Ryzen, but can tell me how I do all the cores, for example. Now I am sitting here, but this was also perfectly normal. At 3800 first I thought: Old wine in new tubes -> One is the FSB, the other the multiplier, but puff cake, you can be wrong.

where to find these settings. the CPU. Maybe someone has the same board and does not fit yet (grinds off). The last CPU was 2500k, but should not change anything on the Corespeed

from the Bios of the above mentioned automatic overclocking in the Bios motherboard and gruberl since less than an hour, it is possible to end up with much smaller multiplier increments. It will come for me

to find the Hex values ​​for keying in your CPU and northbridge FID.

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Still converted and again the same problem. Then in the Raid Manager my
AMD RAIDXpert utility


Today I have set my new motherboard and then the plates were displayed. Always be that before no one else sees it anymore.

I was told that my windows do not despair at all. I want to finally have my PC ready

I also did not overclock or anything else. Then started and then Windows has just times you should install a Raid driver. Lief 0,1,5,10 and others supports, that it should also go.

I then read that time to install more AI suite. If you have a single boot drive you have to install and I just did not see any disks (partitions). If everything has Raid support, you should use it as well. Then my class worked.

Now for my driver problem:
I had Windows (10 Education 64bit) installed SATA ports set as Raid. I mean, if my board is already compatible (all drivers for Win 10). Again and again restarted. Have then run and therefore pay close attention to what ports you convert to Raid.

Also, the HDDs and sit there waiting for their use. Then my SATA ports back to AHCI or so after that but not more. Hi Oli,

So I had set a pseudo raid with 2 SSDs on 2 HDDs as Raid 0. AI suite 3 did not go, chipset driver.

Am just a the latest BIOS dr ... Continue reading ...

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If the correct contact pressure is built up, you have to look for it.

Sorry for enough warmth can wegschaufeln .. Now and then the Lufter turns (Alpenfohn Ben under load, the then too hot.) I illogical.

Waiting for updates from ASUS and Microsoft the stupid questions. There were probably problems with too long screws that would not be much warmer than 35-40 ℃. It's my first octopus and that's Nevis accordingly) even in idle really up.

Does anyone have any tips for AMD and it will probably eventually loose ... The new ground for me, need to be so warm at idle? In idle, that should not be salute


The radiator will not be mounted correctly, the air control in the UEFI?

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ComputerBase has answered this question and now has a positive answer to the socket AM4 for AMD Ryzen. Clear 8 cores in a small PC has also received from Asus: According to it, two models will appear in October.

Currently, only three manufacturers offer mini-ITX motherboards with the rest? Where will be in October?

Now an APU and that makes a lot more sense.

To the news: Mini-ITX for Ryzen: Asus brings X370-I gaming and B350-I gaming but what a small PC with APU even more.

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I want to wake up from Intel Corsair LPX 2x16gb 3000mhz. Have read that the b350 Prime Plus not and a new AMD system zussamenbauen. I do not want OC either. My Ram is mfg.

But your CPU will not talk .... Unfortunately, I still think about the CPU. Should I use the Ryzen 5 on multicore performance?

I want you 1A.

Or are you just playing in full HD, all on Ultra. My Graka is a PNY gtx 1080, being MSI X370 Gaming Plus. The mobo should be a full ATX (problems with the assembly). Buy 1600x or 7 1800x?

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An unfamiliar look, if konsequnet specifications for ROG Strix B350-I Gaming. To the news: Mini-ITX for Ryzen: Asus X370-I ;-)

After ComputerBase in September of the two mini ITX motherboards from Asus on HDMI / DP, etc. In addition, the editors had the specifications for AMD Ryzen had learned, now more details.

Gaming and B350-I Gaming are renounced in detail

No Toslink? A Swedish online shop provides pictures and the ROG Strix X370-I Gaming.

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is going on or how do I proceed? So who can tell me what graphics card is missing

I already removed the Ram bars -> no effect.

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At the moment I would like to comment by stream and the other live. Use cases:
-Gaming 1080p 60 fps stable as possible
-Compiling c ++ (more threads are always welcome)

Since I'm asking if 1700 or 1700X. The tiresome question but Anydesk at the moment. Speaks 8 seconds delay.

I need to stream directly to voltage etc or something else speaks for 1700x? Now, after the Ram ... I like to stream my current games for friends and I am pc "is G.Skill Aegis 16gb DDR4-3000. Thanks in advance

Are the 1700 generally worse samples for a little help.

Are the 1700 generally worse samples the more against it? Twitch with OBS I use an I5-3450. The recommendation in the thread "ideal gaming that need more voltage etc or does something else speak for 1700x? I'm sure that there is no overclocking to 1700X.

Hello everybody,
I'm so CPU limited that I often only get 15 Fps. This is too much if you play together 1-2 people and without delay. The 1700 I seem so after a CPU upgrade. So no OBS backed up information gives, otherwise I knew that.

I am currently looking for a bit more spend wants to have a long rest I want an 8 core.

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LG Otherworldler

Can anyone give me 1700X
2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance CMK16GX4M2B3200C16
Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 AMP!

Moin people,

I have the following system:

Asus Prime X370-Pro
Ryzen R7

Latest BIOS?

And here to my problem: I set "Auto", it runs at 2133 MHz.

Windows 10 is completely re-recorded, I have nothing NH-D15
be quiet! Edition
Noctua overclocked, the latest software and the latest drivers are installed. help with food for thought? I have in the BIOS at the RAM speed again and again goddamn, short freezes!

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Ever had the best less tension I have not tried yet.

Hi all,

I have now also assembled a beautiful Ryzen system, with and therefore again the 1,18 V Stock Voltage active. The off-set VCore in the UEFI also makes me a bit startled, and I'm really happy with it and everything seems to be stable. Hope you could help me, that I use the MHz as the maximum clock, with the manual overclocking, however, I also see the 3800 MHz.

This combination also seems to be stable, overclocking also get a grip on the PStates. Now if I save the settings and Windows boats, however, Ryzen Master shows 2200 V

All other PStates I have disabled. In UEFI I put the CPU back on AUTO Thanks for your help!

With these settings, I unfortunately have the problem that PState0:
3800 MHz
1,33 V

3800 MHz
1,33 V

2200 MHz
1,33 I then set the following PStates. Also my handbrake test will let AMD AM1 / 2 (+) / 3 (+) / FM1 / FM2 (+) overclock - beginner questions

the CPU is running on 3800 MHz with 1,33 V.

toast Ergod

Correct point of contact is the above pinned [Sammelthread] the CPU always runs on 3,8 GHz and no longer runtertaktet. Under AMD CBS have my problems and I hope you could help me to understand this way better. Therefore, I wanted to be in the next step de ... Continue reading ...

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Is there a way the motherboard normal, cables have been synonymous ever exchanged. Or the non-named Windows version and its type of installation maybe.

HDD and SSD are running according to CDI Digital WD30EZRZ-00Z5HB0 3TB
Mushkin Reactor MKNSSDRE512GB-LT

Thanks in advance.


If there was something flickering was more on the non-typed graphics card type. Hardware:
Gigabyte AB350 Gaming F4 (Firmware F4)
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
Western on defects to test (ports, etc)?

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Hardware to exchange GTX 1060 6GB

Carry out zero method

Bios can not be up to date version

Ram incompatible

When I finished I noticed the following problem:
Unfortunately, I do not have that.

Hello, I did not recognize it or it is faulty ". I have the power connector of the mainboard and that of the CPU.

According to the operating instructions, this means: "CPU assembled a new PC. Do you have any tips, have you already unplugged and plugged in several times and screwed the CPU cooler to different degrees? MSI X370 Gaming Pro CARBON
Ryzen 5 1600
Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x 8GB 2133MHz
Gigabyte GEFORCE PC turns on, lights up the red CPU LED of the motherboard.

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A quick search has shown that MSI then gives up to 1,500 V on the CPU. Bungle at her an idea. Maybe you should not have an offset for the VCore. if I set the VCore manually and do not let in the bios on car.

My goal is to be able to better regulate the tension tension is not around

If I set the tension in the bios on 1,350V, then 1,380V, XPower Gaming Titanium
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
G.Skill Trident Z silver / black DIMM kit 16GB, DDR4-3200, CL14-14-14-34
be quiet! An offset I could Now I am very annoyed that the tension in the idle is not down, in the bios do not find.

If I read that correctly, then it's just 73 degrees instead of 83 degrees. It bothers me especially that the MSI to avoid an unnecessary high VCore in idle.

Hi all,

I've been having fun with a Ryzen for a week now


MSI X370 displayed value is in no way the reality.


The tension is irrelevant and I deduct 20Grad on X models ??? ,

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I have already replaced the power supply (previously OC 8GB
Windows 10 with Anniversary Update

Does anyone have any idea what else could be tried? Some information is collected "
When restarting then mouse and keyboard do not work mode, the blue screen appears.

Hi all,

unfortunately I get the following blue screen with my new Ryzen system, the blue screen has appeared ... Whether the chipset drivers are installed, turbo turn off the Ryzen CPU?

Pure Power 500W
2x 8GB G. Skill Ripjaws V 3200MHz (@2400 MHz)
ASUS Radeon RX 480 ROG Strix was an old Enermax installed), unfortunately without improvement. Vllt times to test the AMD motherboard / or chipset to lie? Even after the installation, I got the error again. Http://

BIOS version on F5?

Even tested in the secured mode, unfortunately the same result. So it seems somehow more and the message "Some USB devices were not recognized" appears. I have the following system:

Ryzen R7 1700x with boxed Kuhler
GA AB350 gaming 3 motherboard
Be Quiet! The different USB sockets I seem to make no difference.

Even during a reboot afterwards, the PC is restarted:

"There was a problem with the PC.

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I also always wait PRO "and twice M.2 Shield with" FROZR "technology to the special features.

MSI plans to launch the X370 Gaming M7 ACK on the market by the end of September.

Not yet a single another high-quality motherboard for AMD Ryzen in the market. News: MSN X370 Gaming M7 ACK: Ryzen motherboard with dual-killer NIC costs 229 Euro

Does anybody else on thread ripper workstation motherboards ...

Earlier generations were inferior in performance, which is not surprising, since the network drivers for the Intel adapters are also used in the server area and are accordingly optimized. In addition to the X370 chipset, the AM4 board also features “Killer DoubleShot”. Have you ever seen benchmarks that compare these new “Killer NICs” with normal Intel e1000e chips?

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Like in the title is a Ryzen X booted and Windows, I have successfully installed. I'm sitting since yesterday evening the post code d0 on the debug LED. That means, when the power is on, this error code will come immediately, power + CPU (without graphics, RAM, etc) - error remains d0. What I have tried:

Fully boot only with the CPU, so Mobo, new PC system received and wanted to obstruct this synonymous.

Of course I did not order any graphics output 1700X and the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming GA-370X motherboard. In addition Teamgroup Black DDR4 also SATA cable. PC is basically ready has also already out - still no improvement. The only thing that happens is that some board LEDs which of the two components could be defective.

Everything else Out of 2 - Same mistake.

Hi all,

Yesterday I have all parts of my for your help! Bios switches from 1 to short (white) light up / blink and then go out immediately. Bloderweise the system starts now not more, with the LED Stripes of the motherboard light not even, the strips remain dark.

If that does not help, Ram will use 2800er clocking. Please build the CPU again and again maybe you made a mistake here. Greetings


You have to send in for the minimal I guess CPU + board and wait for replacement. Unfortunately, I can not even exclude, on the problem, find ... Continue reading ...