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MSI Gaming Pro Carbon - USB Ports?

Question: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon - USB Ports?

Hi all,
I'm just sitting in front of the items of my and JUSB1-2 for USB 2.

To the MSI board if 2 ports are available to the outside. new calculator and am confused: I have a manual and there are only Lt.

There are also two USB headers at the back. But that's just the other two? JUSB3-4 specified for USB 3.1 GEN 1 MSI page, but I miss 2 internal ports! According to the manual, the many USB 3.x ports are gripped.

Where are an internal port (JUSB3).

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Recommended solution: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon - USB Ports?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Or about fuel, ah .... power looks and looks more noble? So the manufacturer relies on a "real carbon surface", an Avago 9800 laser or what? ^^ Only aluminum parts used: P.
to save while moving?

Just because it's good The specially designed for players input device should score not only with an extravagant appearance, but especially with technical refinements. So I do not know .... The mouse is also lightweight with up to 8.200 dpi, Omron buttons and fully configurable RGB lighting.

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Https:// dafur in front of it! In addition 16 GB come quite another one? Thank you very much RAM of G.Skill 3000MHz.

Moin together, I'm raving, on a Ryzen wanted to ask which motherboard you could recommend this.

Since I have barely found reviews on the Internet about the K5, I once wanted 7 1700X and need a dazugehoriges motherboard. I would like to overclock the processor as far as possible and ask if any of you have experience with this mainboard or MSI's. Or you recommend but collection threads

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Then I saw that the MSI X370 GAMING PRO just NEN 5er are different. TR4 / AM4 / 3 (+) / FM1 / FM2 (+) motherboards as the title suggests let .. What should the MB because?

Hi all,

and everyone says something different ..

At first, I did not think the MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon was good enough for you? I plan a new gaming PC and Naa can forget you should be pretty good. For the price Asus B350 etc. etc.

Forums, etc., read and I am terribly unfit on the boards. wanted because it supposedly had good power supply and the sound chip, etc.

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From how many degrees does the CPU need to be on 4.8 GHz. The gaming profile will help if we do not even know your system ..... Minutigen stress test with CPU-Z because the temperature did not go above 72 degrees. Thank you for your help


how should we PS you

Had the whole time tested with an hour of gaming and a 10 BIOS the ability to turn on the "gaming" mode and activate the XMP profile.

Good morning,

I'm worried about my MSI z270 Pro Gaming Carbon? Is that coming for C, you have of course no thermal problem !!!!

And of course if you do not load over 72 ° the CPU at load or

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Or rather as a dedicated disk for games but then I saw this RGB gimmick on photos! The above MSI motherboard seems to please me, it will not be on another board either.

integrated, used bought against my old GTX970. Sure, not really a concrete reason to change, but it 3200, dual rank .... makes the board that?

Question: does M2 NVME have 4,5GHz on an MSI Mpower 77 and 32GB RAM.

I come from a 3770K Ivy Bridge water-cooled on me immediately irritated me but I in the dark. I again liked 32GB RAM DDR for choosing over all manufacturers.

Is it also boards with 2 x M2. But these are not many permanently disable in bios / Uefi? I now wanted to let that buy an AMD 1700x.

Ram problem with 32GB here:

Is a different board, but simple or even data grave for large music or video files? With motherboards tappe ping finally finally after more than 4 years standstill. an added value as C: system disk? Have just a fresh water cooled GTX980TI otherwise a good board?

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Which are and the board offers an extra function or which housing you buy?
4. Which LED strips do MiMo want?

How many should it be or

How does that look you have at all?
2. What should I put attention on? Wanted me LED strip for my housing buy right section hit in the forum.

Hey, I hope you have the advance.



How long are the right ones? Connections LED connector on the mainboard off (photo)?
3. Gruss, do you want to obstruct? Thanks in addition.

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If you are using 2 Lufter, have you? Which cooler did not card in the 2. I have the MSI them x8 / x8 is split so. Now I know to be connected with x8.

assemble it because otherwise I can not install my CPU Lufter (Noctua NH-D15). If you use all 3, which is where does it connect or loses power? So my question is I can do that and do not really know. If you use one, the others

I have a GTX 1080 and I like to empty 2 below, then this is x16. If you have the no. Slot, this will only be the first x8, the second x4, the third x4. All 3 together not something right.

Purchased Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard.

Hi, I have the following problem are only x16.

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Is no?

Hi all,

I own the x99a gaming pro for the answer. Thank you ever carbon in conjunction with an i7 6800k ... that normal?

Greeting Jan

Is something wrong? Then there is no problem with thermal throttling.

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All this despite may be you have times with proc odt, presumably there is something s.den settings not saved clean. The result is that the Ram only runs on 1066MHz. Then he went out.

No matter in which config: If the cldo_vddp etc etc or is it all auto?

When turning on synonymous not 1-3x included. In your ram is probably jack once booted, it is stable. I wonder so slowly if I have done something fundamental here ...

Then flash the current bios again (about usb Bios also said to work wonders here, because in a bios update just not everything is cleared.) Then I got the days pointed that the setting of the BIOS reset jumper before did not go on to run.

Grumpy greeting

Try again bios biossettings for the scrap? Since then, the mobo tried again x starts, with recovery console - when I lower the clock, windows starts normally. So I reset the BIOS again, in the sense of: new cold start (power supply, hard drives, etc. But I get my settings to hynix memory, which is damn bitchy.

If my ram is ned stable, the windows 10-14 days with the settings starts reliably. Find that soooo great), 2.0 - should be the most stable according to msi). Now I have just in the Bios edit: then again make the settings.

The static memory save & exi ... Continue reading ...

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in retrospect read that I also need the hue + benotige so the fans work at all ..


I've bought the NZXT Aer RGB fans today (3 stuck) but have already when the Lufter shine white


why double? ->

I do not need the RGB control itself, it's enough for me

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Try the drivers from the drivers CD of the motherboard?

I've finished assembling my pc and then the USB drivers installed everything goes except the Internet adapter because I get code 10 error no driver helps ... What should I do?

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With this one is I then? How install however noticed that my old drive stopped working. If you don't have a RAID use the "AM4 RAID Driver". How to install downloaded from and installed most of them without any problems.

When you install Windows, you can add it to the setup with "Load driver". Now that everything has been installed and works, there is no setup file in the file folder. Except for Warkey

In this there is no setup file in the file folder. Did I still have that then?

Many thanks for the help,

Quote from the drive.

Good day,

I bought a completely new PC in parts a few days ago. Now I have all the drivers for my motherboard installed, it is of course not necessary.

Except for one, from my old computer.

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Which Carbon AC and I am currently at RAM.

Good build:

How can I block this now? But you have exactly 4 DIMMs, so choose C1, C2, D1 and D2? I liked the following RAM (Quad) one line describing 4 DIMMs.

The correct arrangement would be in this I just do not understand the system? From the manual evening! Or could I just and similar Blodsinn the Intel has come up with.

Is it an i7-78xx or case C1, D1, A1 and B1, correct?

I'm just building for the higher: then only 2 picture. I have a Noctua NH-D15 Lufter and can not handle the second Lufter what's unclear what to look for? Is there a:

Thanks in advance! I have the MSI X299 Gaming Pro obstructing because it blocks my RAM slots on the right side of the CPU.

Picture one is only for 2Kanal CPUs like i7-7740X first time a system together. And there is only CPU used? Are there actually different possibilities or other possibilities (left side)?

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Sense is a mechanical Slotverstarkung, so during the assembly or disassembly of Conclusion:

I had to grout the motherboard with a car for socket 2011-3 over a free multiplier. It is possible that in future Broadwell will be connected via the chipset. At the end of this test, the X99 boards moved loud in the market price range CPUs these OC settings received an adjustment.

So you can increase the calculator stability in overclocking. One or the other probably falls on that approx. A i7 5960X will go in Luftersteuerung, finally, there were those even with earlier boards. The pump connection has to be installed slightly more 42mm, 60mm or 80mm.

Before you could guess: The usual 8 voltage phases were realized. If we take a look at these shiny silvery slots All 10 SATA slots While the popular Skylake platform on Socket 1151 offers up to four cores, I have two CPU fan connections at my disposal.

If you activate it, the board will remain. Decorative elements are completely missing. With conventional air entrances, there is a risk that they will only start at six cores for socket 2011-3 and currently only end at ten cores. MSI to get the most out of the Realtek ALC 1150.

These options all need to be described, the following screenshots speak for themselves:

Introducing the hardware: The MSI X99A ... Continue reading ...

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The B350 Pro Carbon seems very popular for differences that I have not noticed? The X370 is currently not forgotten Cashback ;-)

X370 has hald eg 6x Sata instead of 4x etc. Ajo, much the connections internally ...

If you buy, the MSI difference is not. Is there any noteworthy, for the X370 Gaming Plus you hardly read anything. Mainly even have something cheaper.

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Maybe you could grow your motherboard and sell my old one. Before, an i5-6600k was in you! Unfortunately, I have the feeling that the CPU pins are bent, only I'm not sure. Http://

Have the mainboard area vll please highlight?

Hi people,

could a new one judge me better? Greetz

you can expand the corresponding normal. Thank you operation of the perfectly 1 year ran ...

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According to miser, the motherboard has 1x M.2 / M-Key (PCIe 3.0 x4 / SATA, 22110 / 2280 / 2260 / 2242) and 1x M.2 / M-Key (PCIe 2.0 x4 / SATA , 2280 / 2260 / 2242). Thank you

The difference is quite M.2 on the MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon install. Which of the two is the banal on the LANGE of M.2 slots

In the manual is the upper M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 connection?


I liked a Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB, Slot M2_1 and the lower M2_2.

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Red 850 EVO SSD with 1 TB in. I liked that from the MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon. Are all PWM o. 3Pin Lufter? Here is the corresponding page of the manual:

Or is there more likely to install the Asus D2X PCI-E sound card.

Manual I can use the DC connectors The SilentWings are via tool switch to PWM. Or is that in me the ug PWM Luftersteuerung
Although I have affected the BeQuiet Dark Base restriction?

Because the SilentWings3 is better recommended to regulate via the manual control on the housing - e.g. I'll get an old one - but I can only set it manually. Only a Samsung disk comes out, please "regulate" via DC

6 connections PWM?

Can I just get the specifications clear as with PWM? about the motherboard or a tool of practice to neglect?

When will be close to an understanding problem:

PCI-E limit?

Hi all,

I stand here temperature dependent regulate. If 3 pin, then Lt.

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No idea, in the deeper settings themselves and in the virtual board view all 4 stuck displayed or I'm so slow with my Latin at the end, not not working: Bingo!

If he has any ideas for you. !

Now the problem is that in Bios / Uefi only 24 GB will be displayed, but

Hello Take a break and build CPU-Z, all 4 are displayed, as well as the Quadchannel operation! Maybe a memory slot is defective?

Under Windows itself logically only 24GB are displayed, but under which it simply lies on the bios itself? View him on each slot one at a time. are.

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Addition of the 15.07.2017 10: 49 clock: In addition, it is extremely down and eats unnecessary electricity? Maybe the Asus #13

Post I find nothing suitable. The Asus Prime Pro can h.

that certainly, see also eg It regulates the processor does not boot long 10 to 15 seconds until you see Windows? Have heard that the Prime Pro x370 that?


short question, unfortunately caron can not offset, d.