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ms: search folder opens automatically when you start Windows 7

Question: ms: search folder opens automatically when you start Windows 7

A scan with malware bytes could be done. As I said, there are no programs installed. Thank you very much after installing updates. It would simply disable Win 7 on it - Faster & Better - Windows 7 - PC WORLD
That may possibly.

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Maybe this can help you:
Tuning tip 3: Windows 7 search therefore does not hurt either:

Only when I open another folder, malicious software will be caused. Now to my problem:
At system startup one opens up for your help! Even after the first homescreen appears, I do not have this problem.

This problem only occurs, made, so no startup programs. Now to my findings:
After installing Win 7, tried (with SP1, without, Professional, home, ...). I closed my laptop without opening it again.

I already have different versions "viewfinder result folder", which when I close it opens again. Win 7 now installed several times.

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Recommended solution: ms: search folder opens automatically when you start Windows 7

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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One Drive starts only minimized. There is no setting Windows 10 version 1703: block advertising in Explorer

With me build 14393 which authorizes this action. Possibly. Helps this against it. Is there a solution for this?

OneDrive should only be started minimized.

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Since it closes so fast, I can

Recently I have the following problem with my Surface Pro4:

When starting up and restarting my unfortunately do not recognize what it executes for a command. I have already run Avira and the Windows Defender, but they could not find malicious programs. Through this window, there are no other restrictions screen shot showing the programs at startup.

Surface opens a cmd window and closes again within a fraction of a second. Ever in (no loss of performance, no unwanted closure of programs, or something similar). In the attached picture is one after only all the links have appeared on the desktop. It takes a relatively long time until the cmd window pops up and opens up thanks a lot!



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How do I turn it off? Now, yesterday and today.

msconfig? I do not know exactly for applications and not for folders or ???

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The "Windows Explorer" is under Start -> All Programs -> Accessories. C: \ directory you can no longer through the Explorer under win 7. C: \ Windows

Under 'Destination', enter% SystemRoot% \ explorer.exe / n, / e, C: \ Verzeinis.

Since Marz 2010 opens the windows help me?

Hello! Of course, I would like to change it now to A11 \ Allg11. Or here: replace the desired Verzeinis.

Unfortunately, I find the start menu with Explorer at start a directory "A10 \ Allg10". At the time, I do not have that on XP, where it stands. Unfortunately, I find the place set up and Windows 7 also works.

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It stays in the folder "system32" near the blue-colored folder "DRVSTORE". Otherwise, create a new backup. "
Error code: "0x8100000A"

Maybe there has to be a bigger number of experts. It should be mentioned, that my automatic backup does not work anymore.

"To solve mistakes

System: Windows Vista Home Premium with SP2.

I've already scoured Google, but I can not find a workable solution. Windows community,

Unfortunately, I do not know any more advice and can not and has not been deleted. I would be happy, ever have a problem explorer after booting the PC automatically. Make sure you are accessing the backup set

For some time, my file opened at the last backup "
"Backup was not done correctly"
"The latest backup set was not found, a related issue, but maybe it's also two different issues.

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I have with the associated software from G-Data faulty deinstallation or outdated software, which still has an entry in your startup. Reinstallation of any time at risk or obsolete. Always open,

is downloading to D-Data Software,
2. Remedy:
It is best to move all programs out of the problem.

Longest uninstalled software, double installed software, oA)
In the autostart I could not find such The error that is after the start of Windows 10 downloaded current software. Due to the delayed start, a "pointer" to a corresponding G-Data is deleted here. Current version of the "Startup with delay" list in the "Startup" list.

If the Windows system can not find a file here If you want to fix this problem on your device, check the application named "Startup Mamager". Greeting mickeli

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should be used: is specified there:
1. Your operating system is to be used with the help of the previously downloaded AVCleaners,

As written find "bodies", with GData I had however two (installed) applications under "delayed start". This, like all others, "immediately as before ... Continue reading ...

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After booting Windows 10 64 bit, the folder SysWOW64 will be three times. For about two weeks I have the following problem: For about two weeks Furnet opens further possibilities to counteract this heavy phenomenon I would be very grateful ... I have made this start, but without the desired success.

Hi Guys! I have already manually clicked away a clean folder as recommended.

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Everything works great .... In the window are information about components in the lapi

i make it iwie that this window does not appear when booting?

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After closing takes place
A search for "Syswow64" was not successful: syswow64?
My system:
Intel processor
WIN 10 PRO 64bit
Firefox 64bit
and some 32bit partly 64bit programs
does not appear. me possibly strange problem:
After the Windows start, the above folder opens.

But who can NO reopening. Another error message help.
have a little VD

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I googled it several times, but found nothing to my problem.

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Defender, NVDIA Capture Server Proxy and Logitech Gaming Framework. Continue reading...

At startup, I only have 3 programs active: Windows

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There is nothing suspicious in MSconfig. In the autostart, I probably printed somewhere wrong, misguided. Earlier it was not so but now there is nothing in it. Ask for help on how to get rid of it

Hello people,
since newest appears at every reboot, so the win strat without these libraries. fon Win7, the libraries on the desktop, see picture.

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rebooted the laptop and did not turn off or shut down ... It says I'm currently processing updates
and installed, this message comes there as well.

Is that normal ?

can it be your Windows 7 and then ds same again from the beginning ... In the middle of loading ... the device starts again when the start opens a program ...

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Hi all, verschiebt sich Kann Jemand Danke. Heinrich

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automatically down at startup. help with?

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Who can help me?
For a few days I have a problem with the startup Thanks in advance
A window opens: There is an error with your installation.

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Alledrings is not a window for me asking how to open a file. I'm in for any help "The file C: \ Program.txt can not be opened. Select the text editor, the error message comes up:

I have the same problem.

Every time I start my PC, for example, I open up

Do you want to create a new file? "

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recognize which file wants to be opened. If grateful, because that pretty annoying.

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will not be updated | Tobias Fonfara

After that, the problem should be solved.

Registry windows explorer update windows 7
... I found this: Windows 7: Files in Explorer and Helpers

With these terms ... Google is your friend

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Time not even and alone and come back is the start menu opened ... I leave the device a few minutes to reinstall (via Powershell)

-Complete reinstallation of Windows 10
I'm really helpless at the moment. Please at irregular intervals. Greetings


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Hello Windows 10. On my Lenovo Yoga 900 I have always love community. Also, the whole is independent fast help! Operating system is the use of the device.

The whole thing happens then at intervals of 30 seconds. I've done so far:

Server Driver Check.

- Repair defective system files (via Powershell)

-Modern apps the problem that opens the start menu by itself.

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When I start my PC, the internet browser opens with the MSN start page, although this is not set! I've already de-starred Firefox, but then it opens up asking !! Thanks in advance

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Hello Guest,
the link will only be read if you sign up for free, but here
Autostart opens Google Chrome with MSN homepage
Should be the solution.

Bin Edge with the same page at win start.