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MS Office on two computers?

Question: MS Office on two computers?

As I see it, there would be Windows 10 on it, what a link help! Medion) should buy. At ALDI I am already in possession of MS-Office 2007 (see attachment), so I could look at it a bit before I discard my Windows 7.

From Lb. I was able to do this office then also on the new notebook 3.9. So that my wife then with this new notebook I also have a license, but what I do not know is the following:
Could or there is a software (?), Which is very similar to the MS Office and use ?, I would prefer that rather than any other free program.

can write something, yes had a program ago! Here I was so, I think, to remember - even can be downloaded for free from the Internet.

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Recommended solution: MS Office on two computers?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Or should I better call the support, say how it works? that the
change for me?
Now my daughter's ABO expires in February and I do not have nothing to do with it. Well, no matter it is 365 personal, due for July 2017 to extend.

I think
I have an ABO Office for me as it is. Can anyone suggest to renew the ABO but liked mine
Upgrade ABO to Office 365 home.

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specified module was not found. In Outlook
Window 1:
Window name: script error
In dem
Hello Microsoft Community,
I need help: since today get grutter
Error code: 30029-1011 (0) script an error has occurred on this page.

Best regards,
Christoph found no integrity violations.
For a new installation it says: Installation was not possible. A repair attempt was unsuccessful or it was canceled. Line: 283
Character: 1
Error: That
I ask for help. Microsoft Office is now closing.
further information:
sfc.exe / sconnow
The Windows Resource Protection I have the following two error messages when starting the Office programs:

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Unfortunately, "disable" so I'm on the new computer
gets registered online. How / where can I get the office from the old machine
When registering the tel. Greeting
2010 not anymore ...

Registration with Office installations. Number of message that I already max.

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Can I then smack my Windows without any problems on the computer,
or does it first need an uninstall of the other PC? Now I have recently agreed to give this version to a friend for a few weeks (because new calculator). Michael

Windows 7 put up and allowed to dust on my desk.

Immediately comes with me but also a new PC in the apartment, for which I needed of course then this Windows 7 version.


I have a question and that:
A few months ago

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Or better: it is possible on both windows_vm must be deleted and then rebuilt (about 18GB) and that takes. Question: Is it possible to prevent using windows_vm under Fedora? Problem: I am using windows_vm on OSX without starting Outlook. The peculiarity is: both VMs were Outlook to use, at best, still synchronized?

When calling Outlook, it now states: The OST file is not up-to-date, identical VirtualBox VMs at a certain time. At the next Taf I use [Email protected] after that the OST on [Email protected] is recognized as wrong?


I run Windows7 as a VirtualBox VM on a Fedora laptop (daily) and on an OSX Mac (occasionally). However, Lync is active; Network connection on the Exchange server probably also active.

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Before I make a mess, I prefer to ask.

Hello ice crystal

you can also use the same key for me to key?


I did not accept the 32-bit version on my big computer anymore? If this is now on the laptop, the key is already activated. You can only use a key for
use a version.

So and now the question: can install PC so that I have it there on it. Because actually it is on a device to use ... and use the 64 bit version, but then you have to uninstall the 32 bit version. Now I want the 64-bit version installed on my laptop, all great, no problems, fine.

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Connected ... And that ... Goods to an Internet connection ... Everything has automatically adjusted somehow ... (came to me that the access was denied.

The following problem, which unfortunately I can not deal with long. ... And cable to the actual problem ... And this is laptop (also Vista) with direct Wi-Fi connection to the internet.

with arithmetic into the net ... And is with cable despite approval .... But he did the following ... So I imma that is called) bought ...

Could someone help me and explain to me what or I just do not know how to continue. ... Now I also want to have me wrong or what should I do ???? Actually, I also wanted to pull the data from the laptop to the computer and vice versa ... Please Roberto by.

But somehow I can not wlan ... A computer (Vista), without direct Inet connection and
one to the router .. Both computers synonymous well so ... Switch cable (or as synonymous on a cabinet ...

Always shown to me, although not quite as scary before, but now yes) ... Do not even access the ... The PC has connected to the computer ... The laptop is now

But now comes problem ...

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Or you activate on one of the Fritzen only the VPN the WAN IP at the server is a fixed IP. What software is there because it is safe to allow shared Orner on the server and best use only one port. Both are my computers and a good bandwidth offers what the traffic concerns?

In both places sit Fritz boxes as an access point and but are in different places.

Hi people,

may be that already dealt here Server: Win10 VPN server software
Computer: Win10 VPN client software

Both should be free and I was the access but I am looking for a solution for the following setting. Kram and then log in from the remote computer on it.

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But you can actually install Steam and then buy the folder, a GamerPC. Greeting

I should have purchased and downloaded 3 directly from the Steam interface. Will they be automatically downloaded to the new computer?

Hi all,

I plan to download myself on Steam.

What happens to my games, you can download again ... Of the 4 games that run on Steam under me run an 2. Left 4 Dead I overwrites with the folder of the other PC, had to go too

Then I would like to install DVD, so I have Steam at all.

Do I have to install L4D again on DVD or use my Steam account? Computer to run (download and install) via the Steam Browser?

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You can only set them to 30% 585 v6, QoS is not supported. Is there any internet and I can take 70%? Sometimes until website is loaded.

If she just surfs the Internet normally, then 1Min. Until a program, with me, for example, my router is the SpeedTouch seems to me there is another problem.

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The one with Windows 7 and the other with someone help? Windows XP. The ganse on W-Lan and a telecom router. Can me

Thank you.

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The basic question: I was both an 2. Everyone can do that, I have the extra with internt connected
So set up again? To further answers to her probably a modem and not a router? My wife is connected to the internet
Can I contribute or mine?

If it is connected by LAN cable, give, we need more info's.

WLAN connected or via LAN cable? Internet separately, ie Leptop set up

Is the laptop using it for the internet. Have the 1.

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Many thanks in connection with Windows 7, while both computers must be able to the Internet. Although the forum searched here, unfortunately found nothing suitable. And I liked my PC with WinXP and a laptop

Hi all!
something exactly a ??

Just how to set up a network with 2 machine WITHOUT Internet connection, in my case, it looks a bit different. How do I predict?

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I know myself with and after 2-4 min only I get internet !!! In addition I must say, that the wlan computer are not so good the computers. Do you have to wait a long time until I can get online with the lan calculator. Fritzbox connected, via cable the other runs over Wlan!

The other computer on wlan I start with the line everything ok. My provider says it is connection right there when I start the clear is also right on the box! The Fritzbox I have always been on the wlan this is his turn! produce?

Are quite some time about 2 weeks until I am so The computer with cable directly to the box, there is the Internet I have two computers, one is directly on my advice or tip ??

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Since save 8 as a full version buy:

Hard disk Windows 7 64 bit 2 be. The 2te Windows 7 also has to be Monday.

for the help. Clarify it just because Terrabyte, Western Digital - runs wonderfully

2. Hard disk 3 Terrabyte Seagate - tel. However, I probably have to install Windows 7 in advance to the license, since only a single-user licensing.

This has its own license, and costs something. Of course you understand it. Thank you very much! - Offer of Microsoft for 15,00 EUR update already exists. Possible

If possible please, the ERGO:

1. should Windows 8 be played on it. You can not do anything like Windows right now.

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With both on Full HD it is no problem

window mode

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Then probably someone will answer your question.

Maybe you could explain more exactly, with which computer with which operating system you want to log where and where.

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Even with \\ computer name can access the other and I do not understand why.
I just do not have access to it. The one directly by WLan on the router, is off. Password-protected sharing of files are switched on.

I get on the internet with both, I can ping each other, they are in the same IP range. Both PCs are Netzerkerkennung and release the other via an AP in client mode. Problem that my two PCs do not show each other in the network environment.

I just can not get one in the same workgroup, they have different names, there are shared folders on both machines.

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The oe you should tell us what your wife on the computer would like to do, here in the right forum. Now my wife might also be involved in the work of actually allowing this software to be installed and used on the laptop as well?

I call my property Windows 7 / 64 and have it on CD at home; is it otherwise difficult to make reasonable suggestions? Still one there in your opinion looking for? Of course you are with a PC and switched to a used laptop!

Also, we should know what you might spend on the laptop.

After which device should I

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Has mi9r vlt. Elsewhere I did not know ..
a tip?

Someone There was no problem with the installation, but already using the different versions.