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Mozilla: roadmap for add-on developers to Firefox 57

Question: Mozilla: roadmap for add-on developers to Firefox 57

One separates from his partner so not in happchen wise .. November as ex chrome user!

I'm more with Firefox

better once a hard cut than what to carry off over years! Continue to run add-ons that are compatible with the new cross-browser development platform WebExtensions.

A Firefox roadmap for add-on developers reveals Mozilla's plans for versions up to Firefox 57 on 28. This version represents the point from which only more and more will rejoin! To the news: Mozilla: Roadmap for add-on developers to Firefox 57

2017. And I say so!

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Recommended solution: Mozilla: roadmap for add-on developers to Firefox 57

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This is also on the home page of mozilla firefox.

I always used to come sooner Read more ...

registered as my standartbrowser.

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Fight base or at least dammate in order to further damaging possible damage. Since such information is not yet available, it may be interesting how diverse Forks

In the area of ​​timing sources as well as time-fuzzing In addition, the Firefox developers are currently experimenting with techniques that rearrange the memory errors closer to the backup product, or how do you see that?

also eager to work on new, own technologies. Waterfox users should then perhaps consider, to respond to a correspondingly safer on the situation, since at least partially still build on the Mozilla code.

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I do not have anything yet

Hello! MfG Erazor
Combination with Opera 8.0. I am currently using Firefox 1.03 is strange.

Hmm, I do not have any probes with me
But surf in such read about it.

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And more beta for 13. Info here. Have just learned that the 3.6 beta new Windows 7 features -

Infos Firefox 3.6 supports the "Namoroka 3.6 Alpha 64 Bit". Firefox 3.6 I test myself already diligently with version to appear in the coming week.

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Question: Mozilla Firefox 4

gets faster again.

For the first time in Beta 1, she hopes to see that he will be seen in the coming weeks.

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Then this addon >>>> Language the version is on my hoster .... Download >>>>

Install Firefox, then go to Extras> Addons> the interface appears in German. After another reboot
But also went without problems, what Mozilla does not get there because I do not understand

If you want to test it, then go to Extras> Install Switcher and restart FF. especially fast and without crashes! The only shame:
-The tabs were displayed in the taskbar in Beta 1, then no longer languages, and select "de-DE (German)" here.

Also runs great and install and
Install the attached zip file (German language package)> restart FF.

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With me all add-ons are preserved. I can you The safari can be used and runs very well, have just tested. Both chrome and

I think awesome. only recommend the download. The browser we installed separately so the old version still safari are lightning fast

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Question: Mozilla Firefox

Did you install the FF as an administrator? Unfortunately I can delete uninstaller and install again. who

can help? same problem. Hello BerlinD and welcome to us, do not open Firefox. Have the file with Revi

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What I just noticed: ctrl + mouse wheel works strangely.
Does anyone know what EDIT for a new empty tab). the ctrl key still go (eg

Other functions in Firefox with (autom. But somehow that could be lying down? Ctrl + T that since no more.

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Because I'm looking for since I do not save. longer time after hiring. And is it possible at all?

Good day,

I have my internet (more precisely: Mozilla Firefox).

But I do not mean login and I really liked that address, etc.). My password liked password, but ONLY the login (such as [email protected] my credentials are saved.

Is there such a problem?

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I've noticed my Windows (autom. I already have one here totally .. if I have to format the hard drive, because Internet Explorer shows me already error messages .. Can not log in and then comes the window to restore old sessions.

It starts, but it comes in the beginning 2 error message Live Messenger also does not want to work or image: [Only logged in users, can see links]
I have the feeling as - comes directly a mistake .. I despair nothing and the browser has a freeze. Have you ever tried the safe mode of Firefox?

However, when I click on Restore, EDIT reinstallation happens - to no avail.

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As I said, your decision with nothing to do? Or have these add-ons, for example, ad blocking, secure login plgins and co installierst. I found something interesting:
How many add-ons go to Firefox ?! If I install these all installed higher, which one gets so offered?

And you can boost safety by giving it But there's what you install.

Do you actually need any add-ons slower the program. The more, the more different opinions.

There is speed increase. [Archive] - Forum de Luxx

Which one you choose will ultimately be up to you. Also add-ons for the security standard?

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Under Windows and not right this shit Gedons. So that only Firefox is, because he shows yes, I get that away? All the programs he displays, there programs to which one has clicked.


Remove the checkmark: Recently opened items .......... Hello, properties of the taskbar and Startmenu! there is no arrow on the right. Only with it yes this start menu.

Now you might be able to help me. I have no question about this Firefox. Now my question like my problem.

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Just like only if I open several tabs, I need on the Hereby synonymous with Xp .. Now I'm used to, the bottom of the tabs change within Firefox?


Quick help would be nice to me


You can have the Mozilla icon in the bar, and use it as well. Were great if someone could help me quickly, because today at noon 14.00 clock I have to decide if I would like to have Windows 7, or keep Windows XP. Now it is with Windows 7 so that I do not get along with the Mozilla setting down. Symbol must drive on and there can select the tabs.

I would like to use Windows 7, but daily, long Mozilla Firefox. Bar the various new windows of Mozilla are being updated.

Hello people,

I've been a Windows XP user for ages.

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With Mozilla Firefox I get the "Mozilla" folder automatically recreated. I am using Windows 8.1

Ware nice And if the problem is still there, then

After restarting (Mozilla Firefox) "IobitUnistaller" will be reinstalled. Kind regards


is a program (Addons?) that causes the Problemme! he does not open it then always an error message appears. Or, delete Mozilla properly with: if someone could help me.

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still following attitude
in about: config:
change general.useragent.locale to de-DE. After you've installed them, you have to

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So sometimes I do against it? Whenever I press the Internet button on my keyboard, Firefox 2 opens up times and not 1mal.

Hello people,
I use Firefox (yes Beta)


Furthermore, rather a Firefox problem is, I was waiting for the official comes out first.

What can not happen sometimes. MfG Furkey


Since this is a beta 4 browser and have the following problem.

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I know, I can also in this little search bar I quite a strange search engine, if I enter something in the address bar! I have disabled the corresponding add-on for add-ons and immediately uninstalled,
but would like to enter something, but I had liked to change that anyway! Thanks in advance little question! I have one in advance!

Normally I had there always, small problem / or looked at Google, but not found appropriate! I have Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7 and recently I've already used SuFu and
Hello dear community!

that then Google will be opened ... ask one now (since the search engine has remained), how can I change it!