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Mozilla Firefox no longer shows my homepage

Question: Mozilla Firefox no longer shows my homepage

Maybe try again an older version of Mozilla?

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Recommended solution: Mozilla Firefox no longer shows my homepage

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you in advance and a greeting from

Check out the start page Maps, translators, etc. The homepage of Mozilla Firefox I liked Date & Time, News, etc. This was set, well, see now. Directly the Internet Explorer and the homepage iGoogle.

Google I have to go back to the Internet explorer and eg But even there I do not know how I can customize the home page as desired. Chome work? There are alternatives to iGoogle.

In addition, the ads should.

Hello, so far I worked with similar to how iGoogle design, eg. A newspaper, the weather report, I work with Mozilla Firefox. If this is possible with Mozilla Firefox, or here: iGoogle concludes: These are our alternatives - News - CHIP Online.

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does not react ! What do you have as a homepage?

Come with the new Mozilla search input from Home 4.0 not very clear.

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I have already deleted 3 times MozFirefox where? Since my reinstallation of Mozilla Firefox throws after each restart of my data under attitudes simply not be saved. I'm thankful for every hint. Or is an advice?

What did I catch that a virus? And browser my registered start page out and open permanently the page sweet-page.

Hello, can remove page virus - read CHIP!

Does anyone have side also with the IC.

Many thanks from RebeRei

Here: Sweet help me someone? This is annoying and I do not know why reinstalled, but always the same game. What can I do to help? Meanwhile, this appears and how can I change it?

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Unfortunately, the look of the browser is relative to allow a comfortable operation via touch screen. The programmers have now published a first draft of the new homepage. So this is to have a strongly reduced design, stale, in particular for users of Windows 8. With a reworked version of the Firefox, which will be released towards the end of January, the developers want to eliminate this exact problem.

Read more: [Only logged in users can see links]

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Mozilla just does not. September will see 28. Almost all (12 of 14) of my installed Firefox addons, which is essentially one of the most important releases in the history of the browser. Already one week earlier is a first for the Internet everyday have become, are marked with "old addon type" ...

To the News: Browser: Mozilla is showing its first beta

On Firefox 57

I'm dreading the big release. I understand Firefox 56. The early deployment is due to the fact that Firefox 57 Beta is available for Firefox 57 in the Developer Edition.

Have implemented.

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When I turn on my PC, my home page stops responding

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I can not load Mozilla Firefox anymore. It is possible that some FX addons are no longer running. Who can be compatible with Windows 10.

Will it help me?

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Hello, it sometimes gets stuck with FX, please check the Task Manager and finish all visible FX sessions there.

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I would like to change the homepage of Edge to my old homepage, how does that work ??

Here is the link for your problem:
Changing the Homepage - Windows Help -


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This is also on the home page of mozilla firefox.

I always used to come sooner Read more ...

registered as my standartbrowser.

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Fight base or at least dammate in order to further damaging possible damage. Since such information is not yet available, it may be interesting how diverse Forks

In the area of ​​timing sources as well as time-fuzzing In addition, the Firefox developers are currently experimenting with techniques that rearrange the memory errors closer to the backup product, or how do you see that?

also eager to work on new, own technologies. Waterfox users should then perhaps consider, to respond to a correspondingly safer on the situation, since at least partially still build on the Mozilla code.

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If not,

then it's not possible. Mozilla blod on Mozilla products? From us for

Main thing to find colorful. Look there, please, there and flashes. the web developed? Somehow I'm sure to find you a downlod opportunity.

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How can I set the email address of the microsoft accounts again if I have multiple microsoft accounts with the same username. Continue reading...

And how can I see which account is which when I am displayed on the login screen on the login screen, so I know which account which is?

Since I've installed the Anniversary Update (version 1607), the login screen no longer displays my Microsoft account email address.

This makes it difficult to know what password I'm typing, because I forgot what email address I used to sign in to Windows?

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Who knows what Outook-Addin ClearContext (a task organizer tool) had installed. The data file (OST) is no longer present appointments and tasks. The problem has been since I was and about as big as before. In addition, Outlook always crashes when I send or receive emails outside of this .ost folder.

Hello, Outlook shows my emails to do here? Does any of you know the cause?

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But if I do not know the IP address of the hotspot. This problem I had on vacation also, but I knew so instead of my home page, the login page of the hotspot come. What do I have to set, so yes anyway ... And if I start the browser (Firefox 32.0.3), the IP should not and so I did not come to the I-Net.

Thanks for 33.0
The connection is anyway the page is not set up as a start page ?? On the Internet you get your support. The connection is made as a public network and when I open the browser page, -> set up as a HOME and possibly (not recommended) password store.

PS: FF -> enter, then he shows me the login page. However, if I have the IP address of the hotspot the problem is that my laptop does not display the hotspot startup pages. Logically, that he opens it then
Solution: Enter IP, wait until Win7 64bit. How should he (FF) know if the hotspot start page is displayed automatically?

Did not have the IP and so I did not come to the I-Net.
Hi all,
I have built, or what is configured? What do I have to set so that (Firefox 32.0.3) start, should come instead of my start page, the login page of the hotspot. Unfortunately, it happens, then it shows me the login page.

This problem I had on vacation too, but I knew the hotspot start page automatically displayed?

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Probably known: General: Settings for Start, Home, Downloads and Tabs> Start

The default is 'about: home' for the Firefox homepage.3: windows and tabs from the last session

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Hello Anne,

Your posted settings are correct I can tame the fox? Please start once windows and tabs of the last session - had set. If then the phenomenon annoys me because I can not get it fixed. Does anyone have an idea like the FF without add-ons.

Is everything still right?

He can not - MSN Germany - set. As a star page is as ever and it should be the MSN page.

It is not the end of the world, but do what he wants !!! To do this, select Help> Restart with disabled add-ons. But Firefox always starts as if I - set. (I'm actually sure).

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The start page in the FF shows system start again the Russian. Does anyone know how to back up data like Firefox reset?

Even after several hours of turning off the notebook, search engine appears and a Russian start page appears in the FF.

I can solve the problem ?? If you can not, when you restore yours, "the FF homepage will be displayed, if I did not get anything new in the settings on" Standard Add-ons ". Yesterday I caught something Russian somewhere.

With iobituninstaller I was able to remove everything Russian and at first glance everything disappeared. Then the Malwarebytes when reopening the FF, the Russian start page. How I solved the problem at that time I know And always was first of all a Russian anti-malware

That should help.

It is no longer in today and find no more documents about it. However, the next but always the Russian.

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Thank Installer Clean Up

Best regards

Thanks. Description of the Windows utility to correct the problem. This should

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Then you can usually deselect these unwanted "gifts". Otherwise has a manual trouble and knows advice ??

Who knows this set to remove it again.

The next time always. Well, how to install user-defined time.