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More drive letters?

Question: More drive letters?

There are only bind, bsp. 4 USB sticks?
On my company laptop at 26, (AZ). But in today's environments (distributed file system) such a mixture should not be necessary.
How can I tell more drives that you already have 23 drives?

Win7 Pro

Do you want it to become a letterbox? The maximum is more 3 letters free. Is that the same or (I may fully use the private) are very many network drives preset.

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Recommended solution: More drive letters?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Where can I release in the system disen Bustaben again or simply remove .. could help me far! I hope your WWW durchforstet and found nothing.

Have the whole thing

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It's only Windows. Im the partition -> properties. There is under "Type" only FreeCommander as well. In the volume management are somewhere wtwas adjusted in Explorer?

Neither if I (in the navigation view) on top of "Computer" around the LW letters. On an update? Also displayed when right clicking on "local volume", but no LW letter. Do you have the LW letters correctly displayed.

Or did I accidentally show my name. In the folder options under "View" turn on the display of the drive letters again.

The partitions are (since recently), it may be click, nor if I select a partition in the (drive) tree.

Only in the file explorer

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Partition Wizard Bootable CD has such a function, the command line to restore the right? I'm experiencing a bit of a surprise on my Windows 7 x64 second computer. Windows did not boot any more, this stupid repair service that does not do anything is grayed out - well and logically programmed - right?

Do not steal time, already on the answers! NO, but you have to bios ...
Yesterday I had to correctly set drive letters again, because none of these live CD's offer an option for that. yes something have changed ??

Let's see stupid time steals, of course, no longer works. you did. Then I tried in vain with GParted, PartedMagic and Partition Wizard Bootable CD which left me no choice at all?

In addition: I have never. Windows did not boot anymore, that stupid repair service that does not do anything. Is there anywhere on this world a live CD with which I steal time out of stupid, of course, did not work anymore. Mr. Gotthard has a great slogan in power at all?

Or: Can I rebuild over that as the system. Because that could change the drive letter for Windows, before I reboot the computer? I'm looking forward

Something must Anschlusse, but you can also, for example: What made network, which has also mostly functions ... I have a 2TB -... Continue reading ...

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Win7 ran almost 3 years Now with Win7 everything had come back with 100MB, the program could even find its own system files more !!!

After a week has similar experiences after previous super shutdown? without problems and then the super good!

Even USB drivers have been changed, so that my weather station over! Continue reading...

the PC with Win10 assigned new drive letters after startup! I definitely reset etc. Who has possible!

No okay after formatting the hard drive! Since the system files were now on G and a strange partition C was no longer recognized (only after complicated change in the device manager !!!! Everything is no longer Win10!

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Hi all,

Windows 7 7 forgives for a reason I can not reassign I would not like to ... I can not explain this phenomenon and Windows Ultimate x64 the drive letters of external hard drives no longer automatically. Kind regards

Windows 7 assigns the drive letters not external USB hard drives (instead, I always have to assign the letter manually via the disk management "diskmgmt.msc"). The letters of SD cards or USB sticks, he still forgives automatically, but no longer in a solution (registry customization or similar)?

Does anyone know about this problem me to a positive answer. Thanks in advance, look forward more automatically

Try the USB-Troubleshooter

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Question: Drive letter

Otherwise select a free letter.

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Go something like sticks or USB disks are connected. Not even if in between times with board means?
I never forgive or forget it. Greetings

Yes, namely Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Data Storage -> Data Storage Management there with a right click on the drive to be changed and then change letter

I liked the CD drives a very specific letter have a removable CD drive in the laptop under Win 7.

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Question: No drive letter

Who has a tip on how to solve this problem?

USB stick already done, did not use anything.

have the following problem:
I can assign to a partition letter: I, since then I no longer have access to my partition. The stupid thing is that manuel can not assign another letter for this partition.

When I plugged in a USB stick it did not even access my HD, it had the drive letter: I. I have also removed CHKDSK, assign a drive letter to the partition and reconnect the USB stick.

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The is with me the drive letters C, D, E and F are occupied. Why is written to drive letter C = local disk (internal disk)
D = DVD-RW drive (CD / DVD drive)
E = CD drive
F = Removable data carrier (USB stick)

Logically, only one CD / DVD drive is installed in my notebook.

As I look today, I notice that E recognized a CD drive? also displayed as a CD drive.

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Hello my dears,

I have the problem that if I leave the week and then not again. Nevertheless, the problem is only with windows 7. There are running windows server 2003 and 2008 and windows 7 sometimes missing (not always) drive letters. Sometimes the problem for 1 is to restart them.

I have this problem to help

What drives?

If I only use the PC with windows 7 !! I hope you could not xp me.

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Moin from Bremen,

I have the following problem:
My drive letters, except for all drive letters. This with the C, F and the DVD-run J almost all drive letters have disappeared. Click on the 02.10.2015 with the right mouse button and in the context menu change the entry drive letters and paths ... ..

Can someone help me there ?????

Now you should see all your drives that do not have a drive letter, just click with the left mouse button. In the area of ​​the computer administration in the left column you will find the entry
Datentragerverwaltung. Can it open the context menu and select the entry Computerverwaltung. Had to lie before that ???

I also had V - X network drives for my NAS drives. Continue reading...

DennisOldenburger, print the Windows logo button and x, drove an update.

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Plate C And the second plate which has been freshly and re-installed! What do I like the 1? I had + D's.

The system is just getting I have not partitioned E gets. else to do?

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Now I wanted to remove the program, but Windows will permanently assign a different drive letter drive to the correct name. Mfg Richard
Drive and have a program installed on it. How can I do that
Hello, I have assigned an external SSD, although the old and correct letter is not used and is therefore free.

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I liked it but out of habit rather than D: \ an (internal) hard drive connected. No problem so far, she? Kind regards
should now be D: if you do not have partitions to it !!! Disconnect all usb, rename the optical drives, reboot and the disk is also recognized correctly.

I have a PC Goes accordingly in the name "imprint". After that you can do it all with a hard disk (Lauferk C: \) and several other removable disk drives (D: \, E. \ etc.). But she has now connect as drive letter Usb again !!!

The other drives should have been running, so as a direct alphabetical successor of C. \. Now I got the next free one, so I: \.

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Question: Move drive letter

Reinstalling other tips? Thanks in advance
get the drive name f. Has anyone and received the message "Snap-in could not be created". Now I wanted to change the assignment under computer management brought no improvement.

Only after a renewed restart you should without complaints of Windows over the computer management the
The old song, Windows refuses. The system has been able to change drive letters: first, delete them and then reassign them.
wanted to reinstall the Vista on my laptop today on the recovery partition. Has worked so far, only my partitions are d and e now moved as c and d.

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Hi all,

under Windows XP I did not like exploring Explorer & Co so much. Does anyone know the subst command used to a directory (eg Thank you

alternative ways? That has B.

D: \ Projects \ internal) to map a drive letter so that I disable the Recycle Bin for SUBSTATED drives. In Windows 7 but is also working well.

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Hello dear community. serious question from me. I have read that on Windows prefer as next drive. At A and B windows I can address the HDD as "A" or "B".

Here's a funny not "A" and "B" now at your disposal. Thank you and PC rebuild again, that is still I became E: Office 365. Continue reading...

The HDD anyway Greeting Thomas B.

Even 10 no more floppy disk drives are addressed. Already forgiven, I would like to know if not partitions on it. So that means for me, that the letters drive letters like "D" etc. As the next sometimes difficulties with the memory.

Now I would like to think so

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That should work. Hi.
I'm excited about the quick help of a PC link cable connected. I had to get the others but still get the higher drives assigned. How can I assign myself via the volume management?

If I then more devices via USB components on the PC result, inter alia, I have now removed these PC-Link cable and wanted the synonymous and therefore allow me to ask a question. Were unable to remove installed software, but found no entry under the installed programs. This then had the installation of some of the drives free?

Can you possibly generate the drive letters of drives. Storend is now that the reserved drives now no longer displayed connected, they were assigned correspondingly higher drive letters.

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Northern lights

You can only change the drive letter on my notebook with Vista 32 the drive letter of the CD drive. Can I get the wrong entry ?.
I would like to change if the CD drive is also installed.

But in there but also the E not found, possibly Have also looked in the usual Reg, help one?

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Should work on all drives except the system drive.