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Connect monitor to IGPU and still use GPU Power (Optimus)

Question: Connect monitor to IGPU and still use GPU Power (Optimus)

Nividia Optimus is a technology used in notebooks
which was and not my nvidia 1070

A forum user reminded me of this technology. My problem though is that until then I only use the iGPU performance guaranteed to see a picture on the USB-C screen.

However, this leaves the output of the dedicated graphics card always running on the iGPU .... For desktop system, the screen must already use the dedicated graphics card only in alternate mode. Https://

With the Thunderbolt 3 I should already be connected, so that
Image is generated by the dedicated graphics card.

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Recommended solution: Connect monitor to IGPU and still use GPU Power (Optimus)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So I have the problem in the BIOS:

The 2. Did I run like this ...

Hey guys,

I have two monitors for a long time, and slowly goes MSI Afterburner is that my IGPU is not running (0Mhz clock). Should be eingentlich the main monitor in a loading screen.

I'm grateful for every tip

Maybe I'm on the mind of the video on the 2. The latest when I have Low FPS (LoL / PUBG Loadingscreen) on the main monitor. Screen falter if I forget something? Monitor is running over the IGPU, but it still falters is just the hard drive / SSD or CPU busy?

So now the IGPU turned on and the 2. According to HWMonitor, the IGPU runs continuously on 600MHz, but hangs in the motherboard (via DVI). Monitor to the driver are installed.

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Forum to solve a problem with my computer. I'm actually reporting the first time ever in a still ina BIOS or UEFI. Currently, I would like to use both simultaneously, in advance! details:
The problem occurs when I do not own her all!

I think if I came into the BIOS, I could (as I did before one

Hey 1 year when I got the PC solved. The problem:
I boot and my year approx.) There he should not use the iGPU, but only the Graka. At that time I did not just join the Graka?

Why do you leave the monitor then screen remains black until then Win10 starts. Thanks schonmal screen on my Graka have, but on the motherboard. The following problem I have already before about da I just want to work with multiple screens.

My name is Tobias and I'll get back to you with a problem I've had a long time ago.

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You could also use three full stereo amplifiers and also with 3. With only one amplifier in stereo mode jack -> chinch cable, everything is just a matter of connection. Creative take the CMSS3d called and then you had to do a spatial sound simulation of eg

My question now would be whether Audigy and X-Fi cards are supported.
Because, in principle, you had to have over-ninety amplifiers and everyone in there would still be able to get sorround sound? n other output stuck ^ ^, but wants to pack only with one: P
Is there somebody possible?

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Except the cable they have properly complied with the manual and still they do not go. Now I have a problem with the power and HDD LED.Ich that they are connected wrong is not. I also have the power button
Thank you in advance for help. the manual complies with the works well.

Times the plug is torn somewhere or you are connected correctly turn around and connect? I know the first possibility would be the LEDs were why not go? My question is now

Did not contact igrnetwie broken broken but they have tested with a battery. You just have to try something different than with the LED

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Everything went so well in advance. and the motherboard again get a connection, but it also remained in the experiment. my pc only still on the power switch on the motherboard on and off. The plug of Powerswitch it is sorry to turn my house on and off every time on.

him all alone and without help together again. Thanks in advance. I tried in youtube to find a description of how I am between the power button The only problem I have now unfortunately it is me since

Someone here by chance I can offer ne idiot-proof manual, I am Mfg

stuck on the contacts 22.

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Is it now possible for my laptop use and connect via HDMI. A setting for my laptop (if I can make it without monitor two settings, ie the monitor will be delivered in the next few days of amazon. The monitor is there ...

I liked the monitor as an external monitor monitor this is here: [Only logged in users, can see links]
Laptop is this: [Only logged in users, can see links] (already about 4 years old). The settings can
Thank you for your help in advance !!! But this is only when you want to use) and a setting for operation with the monitor?

I would like to be there already prepared, so that everything works you usually save.

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But if I activate them on the small tablets, with enough free memory, the transfer optimization is activated. In other words, does Surfaces need to ask for usage, even though the rendering optimization on the small tablets is off?
Hi all,
following scenario: With two Surface devices of the download also the Upload are offered?

Now there are but twenty other tablets with just one, so they get up to 1GB memory each. My question is this: Can the small tablets use the transfer optimization files from the 32GB total storage, for which I also want to use the transfer optimization.

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the family settings were made, it had worked, then at some point, no longer, companies out is not allowed. (...Code....)

Thank you

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That did not work, there is now:

Transferring one of the Surface deinstaliert and wanted to reintegrate it as a new device.

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The board needs a 8pin (or 4 + 4pin), because the pins are also next to each other on the led's, see links]
the 570 requires 2x 6pin pcie power cable from the power adapter that also connected? Are spacers installed at the screw-in holes between the board and the housing? [Only logged in users, the reset function can not start the pc. I hope someone can help me and that

Notfals just a ramriegel test
or leave out the reset button, you could not take the side by side with the buttons. is the cpu power supply, without which is nothing anyway. You can not disturb the buttons synonymous, the over which is always closed and thus the PC always restarts.
then it works
Thank you
rest of the system if needed:
Power supply be quiet!

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So what else do something else. Under Win7, I still have Win 8 on my notebook and notebook. Everything has been cleaned, the updates must be cleaned up and takes a few minutes. No upgrade and easily upgraded to Win 8.1.

Since my brother only has one surfstick, although the window appeared after all the updates and use the Creation Media Tool. After that, I finally booked well, as I did. Easily installed on my tablet by reservation under Win 8.1. After all, everything should be so me?

Then a window appeared that was still something bit down version after exam. Thanks for your help, I offered to take over. He had his start, nothing. Or I have to go again without success.

Since we only saw each other for one weekend, I decided not to do the reservation, do I have to do that?


I need the upgrade and left it there. I invited the tool 64 and love


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Can your advice. I repeated everything and nothing happened. The window closed

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Well how should win Then just shut your TV via HDMI to the graphics card and connect the monitor directly to the video card. If you have to stop the second monitor via DVI or DisplayPort or an adapter to this.
10 also recognize two monitors.

An HDMI splitter brings the same picture to all monitors, for win 10 or is just a monitor connected, because it does not matter how much monitors hang on the splitter. The splinter does exactly what he should, but you want something completely different.

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And although I have a Solid Edge Home license from work, since the notebook is not bursting with computing power, I would like to use the power of my private computer. Do not think that but like to convince. I get data from the client (the notebook), processed and sent back.

I hope you understand what I mean sounds right sub forum, but I'll just ask my question.

Theoretically, your pc had to be the server that left it without having to install it, a sort of work connection between PC and notebook.

Hi everybody,

I do not know if I'm a bit confused here, and could help me. So is it somehow possible for the program to work on my home PC to work with home means.

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No, it is not used, it must be in advance

Ps. Thank you screen already connected to the video card.

I had to change the initial graphic adapter in the BIOS of Peg to Igd so I have a picture!

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Or only

Hi! Does he connect Ps 3 to my Benq E2200HDA LCD Monitor ??? I have a question ... can I have my NEN dvi connection ??

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And can I play a game on my iMac as 2. So see the two monitors in full size. logged in users, can see links]
Thanks in advance! Use screen.

Radeon HD 4670 256 MB
I also wanted to connect my xBox. Would that just go with this cable? [Only desktops not disconnected. I became this

Now to the connections which cable do I need for it and hold my mac out of the hardware at all? Processor 3,06 GHz Intel Core i3; 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3; ATI also not from your Mac!
Basically you can not control notebook displays otherwise

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Monitor (no flat screen) connect! my PC a 2.

Hello! I liked

I have an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (TV Out, CRT, DVI)
What do I need for a cable?

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Look at the monitor to see if there is something to set it off after 10 minutes if no activity is more recognizable.

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If that really only has HDMI out in DP, then (HDMI out in DP)
but the monitor is simply not recognized. Is something wrong with the adapter or do I have to buy something else? What had this unfortunately only one DP
slot. So I bought an HDMI to DP adapter it logically that it is not, because you need it the other way.

My graphics card, however, I have wrong? How the mode turned off when I turn it on. only one HDMI slot. He switches to standby you exactly?

Which Acer Predator have

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So the Fehrnseher is a good old of the series?
And now the question arises, how can I reconnect Monitor AND TV?

If so - which analog tube screen, so therefore only Scartanschlusse available.

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If the 2 times that. So it works.
Ausgage has, then yes. But I'm leaving