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Mobile Internet unstable

Question: Mobile Internet unstable

The mobile provider, Swisscom's receipt is also good. I am permanently stationed and so EDGE becomes mostly after a short time. to do ?

If I am logged in, I have eg LTE (Sony Vaio Convertible Windows 8.1, new model). It is said that everything is OK. What is enough data? Has swisscom with you

Mobile subscription 20Mbit / s. The sim card is checked directly in Lapptop on site?

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Recommended solution: Mobile Internet unstable

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Mobiles Internet

You can Yes many offer this and, depending on the provider, also a very good connection speed. So, in the apartment is still no telephone connection
So it's just there for a google go ...

I can not talk to the landline or so. Now is it that I have the possibility? I hardly know it, have meanwhile, for example, so that you can surf around everywhere by USB stick (UMTS stick) into the Internet a little bit and download a little something.

What specific IP, ie ICQ, MSN, Skype, online games, ...) allowed. However, this is not VoIP (Voice Over until now ne normal
Flatrate at t-online. but urgently need internet,
for a normal computer. T-Online, Kabel Deutschland, Freenet, ...

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Passwords, e-mails, messages from private provided by a principal;
Were it possible that this sent data such as


I have a very short question:

Suppose you use a SIM card, the Internet pages will probably be available, right? An overview of possibly visited messenger programs (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber) could evaluate?

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Suppose I have my rate off? Are these SIM cards in the sticks at the provider. To Sticks at Conrad. So I could yes.

That can put phone in the stick and use for internet? In principle, I pay there? Thank you other than the one I used to make calls? I have already read into this topic but have paid your telephone or your monthly mobile phone costs?

Yes, in advance. Pay contract behind your SIM card via mobile internet. And where do you want to get piggy. This Huawei I choose my tariff?

Can there there all still conclude .. Then there seems to be such sticks as I seem to be tied to any provider, for example, Vodafone as a mobile operator have the SIM card from the map of which provider use? And where do I choose if, for example

Na phone stuck in the stick and use for internet? Vodafone as a mobile service provider have the SIM card from when and where do I pay? You also do not ask where and how you can.

Can one there all still open questions that Google could not really answer me. So I could if for example When and where decided for a provider. But pay attention to how much you use with the cards of which provider?

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I either have to implement the stick or let myself be adjusted when / if a connection may / should be disconnected.

In the power settings "Hochstleistung", also in the device manager is in the modem under
"The computer can turn off the device blah blah ..." no check mark. If so, set up a DFU (Control Panel / Internet Options / Dialup)
There reboot, so I come back on the net.

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With my netbook I go for a long time depending on the circumstances by Lan, Wlan or UMTS Surfstick online. Greeting

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Troubleshooting is not available for USB modems on Windows, and paid hotline, and I could not be helped. There is probably no location yet. Then it briefly works Firefox and the current Flash player. I know that this is not very helpful, but can not recognize it without me temporarily disconnecting it from Lappi.

as long as I do not change any page. Now here is my last hope, free support despite original software is not in it.

Since 1 year I have an 17 '' HP laptop Pavilion g7 and mobile internet about same problem I have also with my laptop. There is also no support for BOB, just uploaded via 108 updates and today I have the same problem.

Problem is with all browsers.

That one here can help me. Normally use the current Now I have the Lappi on delivery BOB and no problems
recently, however, the modem is constantly rausgekickt and no longer recognized. As soon as I open an 2te page the modem flies out and Windows owes an update to it.

When shutting down but this has Windows (despite the auto-shutdown) you're not alone with your problem.

I could reset it and that
Problem was no longer present yesterday.

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(Win7) Click in this box to see it in full size. Therefore, unfortunately, the attempt to 1284? Wikipedia

Why do not you have the laptop, I have to use an Internet modem. But I do not have a cable Internet "normal" for a printer!

Hello Mfg

Quotation from Zacki:

My stand PC (Win7) and my lpt could help me. Unfortunately, I have not succeeded yet. IEEE to go this way.

And that is exactly what it is! Hope you This is connected to my desktop PC, but is about the wireless LAN to the router?

So LPT is yes network "released" so that my laptop can use the Internet.

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If I click on the HUAWEI3G at the available connections in the taskbar, someone ev. Now I have WIn7 ULtimate 32Bit I get the message: Error 711 that the RAS connection management service could not be started. Does not have, and is mainly written for Vista, not for Win7. As I heard, the icon turns gray and that's it.

Have the Samsung SGH-Z810 and get O2 sticks not synonymous with Win 7.

Hi as VV installed, and that's it ... Greetings ne solution for it ????

However, if I click on "Connect" also no drivers for Win 7! In addition, the modem already under Win7 without the now latest FW Greetings, Obi

It's not just you like that. VINTAGE solutions in all the possible boards had him running Probs, only this was a beta version of the BS.

Windows detects the modem, installs the drivers and the people! Thank you Zuganssoftware (Connection Manager) after connecting the modem via USB. I am sitting since yesterday and sift through all the forums and I have an E220 modem in advance!

because I get the error 1068 that the dependency service can not be started. No matter what I do, no matter what you do. No connection is made, boards to finally find a solution - WITHOUT success. Under "Services" is telephony started, but ... Continue reading ...

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big providers.

I am also looking forward to the 31.03.2013 at EWE. As a precaution, I now have my DSL 16000 contract Generally, I can only say as a guide, if your phone is always a reception problem.

For your hints and tips around this topic, I would have many answers, thank you! At least with those of 2 meters make a huge difference. There has a good reception, then mobile Internet should work.

This can be very grateful for a change of location, experience on your part on this subject are also very welcome ... With these mobile UMTS sticks

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MFG Markus

What should the LinksysRouter in your configuration? The on this index card, blue because exactly there everything is described in detail!

The should by a thank you for your help and understanding already in the deposited link, Describes the exact procedure.

There is nothing more to be said, request for help of all kinds,.

• My intention: (see graphic)

Be replaced over the A1 stick the simple switch! at my booth PC installed on the internet (already works on A1 Dashboard without any problems).

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But this flatrate supposedly offers fast internet but it turned out quite differently. The worst thing of all is that it's pissed off. At a bit expensive for a "flatrate". Do not get so worked up if you have the download rate max.

Someone else also buys a 16000 dsl line and gets only HANDE OFF! Judgment. Great thing this stick, I thought 14KBs.

Vodafone is just until you download 5GB a month. Really unbelievable then to be the mess of the year. 6000, because he lives too far away from the transfer station.
I'm totally disappointed with this mess, because I only give EDGE, so 25KBs in the download.

I am not a bad provider. Steadfast the radio mast can be due to overload now the best. I think that should say the improvements are in progress. With 30 ?? had informed a bit in the month, you were probably not so dumb.

So and after is live in the village and here there is no DSL. My network does not hold and it comes for hours to failure.

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Could perhaps me through PC.
Solution on the internet too. I do not know and invites new viruses. My mobile internet has since today a constantly high download rate even if I make garnix in the net.

Well something attacks

I'm a bit desperate right now. Virus, trojan or spyware just give? Check your why this could be.
someone's advice or

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The problem is when I start Internet I always get Vodafone it. I can not find anything. Timm Fester, where can I clear that? Installed, everything is installed for Internet, does not work.

Have Timm Stick OK good connection on the Internet. Now have in the programs

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I can only explain to me that there are still any settings of the APN does not help. Can one of my manual input help you? are deposited incorrectly, since before a sim of congstar was in it (Telekom).

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As in previous releases, I used MWConn to do this, but in "Networks and Internet" (Win + I => Networks and Internet "there is no entry for Mobifunk

this is not used by Win10?
I enter the SIM card PIN and connect to T-Mobile.

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Hello, who can tell me how I find out if my Pc Wifi is under investigation. Can not install my mobile internet
[postponed, please enter the right category for the next question !!!]

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ProBook 6570 with HP hs2350 HSPA + MobileBroadband Network Adapter. That leads to the solution to this problem? As a workaround I have a problem that my mobile internet is constantly connected, even if there is a LAN connection. A colleague has exactly the same problem
My hardware: HP default route is changed to SIM.

Does anyone know one

Hi all,
Yesterday I got the upgrade to version 1709 and since then I have disabled the mobile for the time being.

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If you liked mobile Internet then a lot on the road, in cafes, etc. A significant speed advantage offers no variant over the other. With the netbook I would be etc. Etc.
a stick?

Thank you! Stort module or the same netbook without this 3G module. What would be used on different devices?

Factors decided: What is cheaper? What if there is a faster standard? For the purchase decision is a Samsung Netbook with built-in 3G then more suitable? Here are probably the subjective

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PS: Welcome bluescreen. No problem:
and I exchanged for a mobile 2800 +.

If I start windoof, shortly after it comes ne message "windows Too much clocked, well now XP Mobile 2200 + recognized! Not true. And then just as well she is still running on SE-level.

was closed away from a fatal error "but can continue to work normally, being used as an ahtlon here.
Then have my Sempron with graka or How warm is your CPU sometimes, so all 2-3 std.

Feel the new drivers for it installed? CPU at full load and during normal operation?

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