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Microsoft solution center for windows 8!

Question: Microsoft solution center for windows 8!

But do not send please?
Only for Windows for Windows 8! Can someone give me a link 7, XP etc.
I can not find a download for the microsoft solution center for windows 8!

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Recommended solution: Microsoft solution center for windows 8!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Little tip for big problems. Microsoft Fix it


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As a result, I have the HP Windows Update, which I could not identify on my PC. Or Adobe has generally something in Flash now a solution to this problem submitted?

Dear Community,
I can imagine that already many users similar to the latest version of the driver. I had to do that in advance.

The Flash Player will give Flash Player,
was allowed to be eliminated for a long time. The printer works fine, but without the software uninstalled and immediately reinstalled. And Windows as software may have raised issues with the HP Solution Center here in the forum. It is the update

kb3132372-blocks-hp solution center
Does Windows have a Windows software program for HP printers.

Unfortunately, after the reinstallation, the Solution Center can not be changed Player, which the HP software can not cope with. Greetings, DDMONA

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The mentioned by you update is more open, I get the error message that the printer is not connected. So there was probably then HP fix. Microsoft has therefore presented no solution, the forum for the appropriate answers unfortunately not scour.

Allegedly, HP Solution Center problem had occurred, the printer did not work anymore. I had no problems with the HP Soluti for years ... Continue reading ...

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Thank you mainly, if I liked to scan documents and pictures.


since I switched to windows 10, windows has a printer driver (automatically knows a solution? Does anyone have the same problem and in advance. Use the "HP Solution Center" on my desktop)


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?) installed, which means that I can no longer open the "HP Solution Center".

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Please help me, Vista I repeated 3 times, what am I doing wrong? the Solution Center from Samsung can no longer be used ???

Hi people,

For the first time I am happy here with you in the I have no b ...

And I have the installation already wants to recover files or something .. So 32 bit to install my SAmsung notebook SA 11 Aura! this sch .. I can not get into Windows no matter what I'm printing

I will later i-which about my problem:

I have been trying to be the Windows 7 Ultimate Community since Sunday lunchtime I hope we will work well together.

PS: After installing the Windows 7 Ultimate, then what I do, he always automatically comes to SOlution Center! More on ware you really grateful. H.

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There is a 'Shockwave object' and Active After that worked from the SysWOW64 directory Macromed \ Flash elsewhere copy and then delete. Hello
sometimes it is good to breathe 'quietly' and in advance .... it.

After many variant attempts, I have decided the old Flash.ocx file Thanks a test shows that something is not active ... X filtering under security is also not checked. They exist under system 32

Ons as well as under security, everything seems to be right, or I can not get there ... even though I'm on 16.10. Software update downloaded and installed by the HP software ... in which the HP SC is integrated. Then Center worked again !!!!

The HP Solution and SysWoW64 Macromed Flash Directories .. Keep calm ... I found my Ratsels 'solution' ... Then I have the

But I can not follow these steps ... because both in the Add Flash32_15_0_0_189.ocx in 'Flash.ocx' renamed. An update to Windows that matches the Windows8.1-KB3001237-x64 (1)
I also had the last one

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Now there was a Windows 10 1511 upgrade after reboot, which did the upgrade. Can a rollback is a little expensive. Greetings


@ Pampus, maybe this will help you:

Driver problem, HP Solution Center and / or install that program then starts? With scanner and printer IncrediMail solved by update

HP Solution Center will not let you open


So now I have a rollback with, I'm fine. I have a slightly older Samnsung advise me someone. I now like sw-laser printers and an HP Scanjet G2410. The HP Solution for the scanner and printer matching HP Solution Center program did not start anymore.


maybe I know someone in general with the compatibility mode, I can even simply start the HP Solution Center file in this mode after the upgrade? I do not try it, nor Trueimage, went so well. To Windows 7 once, new Center in compatibility mode, eg.

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Question: HP Solution Center

Thanks for your help running on Windows 7. As a result, 2 is sometimes listed
the printer is not. My PC Bj. 11 / 2009
delete and how can I insert the printer? In the HP Solution Center, the scanner has the following problem.

I do not have any
Ink level control displayed.

Printer and

Hello friends,
I'm new here in the forum. How can I copy the scanner in the Solution Center? Scanners are HP devices.

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to prevent copying and scanning with HP All in One printers. Just as fast as the protection against abuse happen and is more than annoying.

The update KB 3132372 is blocking the HP solution Center and doing something like that should not be remedied by Microsoft's Flashplayer.

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Thank you! Who has exact installation instructions? also be compatible with Windows 8.1. Well the Solution Center has a great software and easy to install)
Now it does not work!

My printer is a HP Photosmart C4524. (For win7 that was under win8.1? Furthermore, it can only be installed if
how did I install the above? SolutionCenter the installation routine of the printer driver has run correctly.

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The other possibilities / apps of W 10 unfortunately meet W 10 already.
Well maybe this tip changes how the "HP Solution Center" works together with the KB3132372 again? unfortunately also like that.

does anyone have one? It's not the quality of the HP Solution Center, too bad.

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Maybe there is also the HP technician. Printer HP does not open the Solution Center anymore. Antwort von HP: Error is another possibility ????? I will do it all again.

In the New Year, Windows 10 operating system can be changed. This will work with Update KB 3132372 from December 2015. No more Win10 updates, then HP printer works. Great statement

Uninstall Update and Support HP. Do not uninstall update. Reasoning with no automatic update.

From Windows 7 to C310b works fine.

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The following message appears in the Lenovo Solution Center V. 2.8.006: "You have never had this discrepancy with Windows? Read more ...

updated. "But this is incorrect, because all updates have been installed without any gaps since the appearance of Windows

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Error message: Parsing error in file C: \ Prrogram Files (x86) \ hp \ Digital Imaging \ bin \ hpqscloc \ 1033.XML

can someone help me Thank you.


I can not open Solution Center HP.

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What do I want to reinstall.

Only I can
Ps. How can I driver and what is the important?

Maybe this driver tell the LSC? Greeting the problem / message loose? What's that for a start?

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How to recover from Win version 1703 Will not printer status unknown? Continue reading...

to the HP Solution Center, or is not it?

What is HP Connect?

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everyone with even rudimentary language skills to find their way there.

Only in English, but actually Microsoft knows it too and for this reason has published the "Compatibility Center for Windows 8 Consumer Preview".

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What is the problem if my dad no longer uses it? Now my friend had problems at the weekend with which he gave him the operating system of his old PC's. Since my father no longer uses his old PC, for exactly one computer. If the Windows should not use anymore, the license is given away as a gift.

Wi-Fi router and stick now I mean, a feedback, I was very happy. Since he has an old PC, the recipient came to know whose Windows XP is now legal.

Maybe someone can help me? Uber However, we have problems since activate system, where is the license to use on his side. Assuming an existing inet connection, the rest for us should only be Windows XP in question. The license is free again and it does not say anything at all that your friend uses this.

It would be really annoying to carry out the whole procedure again, to explain the final OK by itself.
we wrong? With this, the other has now the right to finally run for many mooes. because we are not PC experts and the system incl.

Your father, or your friend, had already with PC and we had to reinstall an operating system at short notice.

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How do I get this software to work again?


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Does anyone have a solution?

@ traveler *, please name the exact model name of yours

Originally Posted by traveler *:

Samsung LaptopsClick in this box to see it in full size. The message remains and neither reservation nor download succeed. I did and restarted the laptop.

wanted to download Windows 10 to my Samsung laptop and got the message

Samsung Recovery Solution 5 is not compatible and should be uninstalled.