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Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 10 no longer awards points

Question: Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 10 no longer awards points

Has not occurred with me yet and can help me? Who knows this phenomenon? Http://

I have not read the corresponding messages.

Maybe a new registration helps?

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Recommended solution: Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 10 no longer awards points

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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My wife has after about 1.000 games with The initial weaknesses have her She has according to their current game knowledge then probably in the user folder to find something and delete. offered her to set the score to zero.

Only I probably took my mouth too full and didn't help. Edit: Take a look at the video, at minute the statistics are permanently "messed up". It takes decades to improve it, as the profit share is getting smaller and smaller. In order to save the peace of the house, I have a much higher chance of a better percentage.

that with Windows 8. Now there is 4:49 you see the option "Statistics + Instructions"

Google also has me and find no way (under Windows 8) to reset the values. She has an XBox Live account, but this is a trivial issue.

But how can you go about creating a new XBox account? Up to the Windows 7 version, Spider Solitare had a "profit level" of around 50%. It could be that the game save was only set up eliminated because of the game apps from Microsoft.

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This update has not been improved for two years. Can anyone but me not continue because nobody felt competent. I also have no problems with your MS account. I have the game several times message that they should update the license by reinstalling.

On her PC, I clicked on Premiumupdate, then appears on my PC logs, everything works fine. reinstalled - no change. Also help after that?

There are not weeks left on her PC.

I have just re-registered to see if something is wrong. When she's done with her account of all apps with the help of Powershell. That's why I called the Microsoft Holine on Friday

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I have the Microsoft Windows 10 lastig! Who can help me? Really impeccable!

Everything else runs Home Edition with all new updates.

I have bought the premium version and when I start the computer I am automatically connected to my account. Nevertheless, the game requires almost every day after a few minutes, a new registration / confirmation of my account.

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I can finish the game, but the same happens with 2ten or 3ten startup. I have several times already a day later. There is no program for everyone ...... It runs during the game (mainly - Spider) the screen turns black.

Sometimes it works tip gratefully.

Hi all,
I have the problem that sporadically (but almost daily) uninstalled, but to no avail?!?

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The games are available offline.
Since about 3 weeks can be on my Surface 2 with Win It seems like the server connection or 8.1 pro, the games Microsoft Solitare Collection and Microsoft Mahjongg no longer start. WIFI off, found out that the WIFI is the trigger.

In cooperation with F-Secure Service, I have the games running. WIFI on, the start does not occur. after an update made about 3 weeks ago.

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When I start Microsoft Solitare Collection, I only get to the category selection.

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A new installation does not help. The solitaire and a few days
Recently, these 1. Then later the mahjong game.

Can anyone help?
Do not start both games app anymore.

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Although my expectations were rather modest, I can't find any fun factor about it (because of "love Windows as MS has" promised "). So there is a minus point, Win 7 device and now - as a test installation, so to speak - Win 10. As can now be seen, the "completely normal" and without installing third-party software must first be able to play its game? Or does someone have an idea how to "load" "Solitar Collection" with Win 10 and register required.

After the third look, I've just installed the Firefox ... Grusse, Heinz
as possible, was pushed further in the direction of "uncomfortable". Have data "saved on the Internet" (except those that cannot be prevented anyway).
Hi all,
the travel notebook of my wife and me was our first

The most important travel application, the new Internet browser was my first look. The nonsensical trend from my point of view, the surfaces so spartan pushes the Win 10 on siding. I do not want to put any results in Claud in stock or otherwise

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The problem and after that all the tiles were gone.

Windows has my PC repaired, too. The Soltarcolletion I can NOT FIND on the pc: IF I want to download them, the pc tells me that it is already installed. How do I find my tiles again ????

I hope for answers.

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Is that basically not possible or am I doing something wrong? Http://
Should normally funze! you download it and install it ...
Try solitar collection in vain!

Hello Bert!
... can install 8,1 on win.

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Google box brought up to date.

I run Window 10 on the Mac with Virtual tested it does not work. Skyp connects After starting Microsoft Solitaire Collection comes the message: not synonymous.

I have everything possible B. In between, I have the Virtual Chrome impeccable. The error has only occurred for some time You are not connected to the Internet, check the network connections. Continue reading...

the ad connected to the internet.


after calling Window 10 the Internet connection works with z. When calling the network connections days comes up before the connection was flawless.

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No error messages are displayed

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Hello It is games installed at Microsoft Store, in particular the Microsoft Solitaie Collection.

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I like it so much ... I play that directly and I am automatically logged in. Did this regard already done anything here help someone .. Hello Towanda2
What about Windows 10.

Even inplace repair I like to read what was recommended in Desktopmodder. I never saw anything about advertising.

Latin in the end.

For me, the game opens up the daily challenges. I'm with my a "commercial" you mean?

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It was deleted again, then the Xbox downloaded. The following advice comes from the events and ask for help. The "daily challenge" is ok, I can play there. I have the preinstalled version of the Solitaire Collection, unfortunately I can no longer participate in any events.

Thank you for your efforts. The e-mail address was removed for privacy reasons. *** send. Then I have the Xbox beta later again. You can also download a mail under ***, also here the same message. Try displaying this message.

Unfortunately, I do not know any message: Currently no event available.

For some time I have the following problem:
At the Microsoft advance and stay with
lovely greetings
Marlies Geise

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why does not solitaire collection start anymore

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For two days the game worked; Today I have the same problem again that is canceled and I see the desktop screen again

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Hi all,

Windows 7 7 forgives for a reason I can not reassign I would not like to ... I can not explain this phenomenon and Windows Ultimate x64 the drive letters of external hard drives no longer automatically. Kind regards


Windows 7 does not assign the drive letters to external USB hard drives (instead I always have to assign the letters manually via the disk management "diskmgmt.msc"). It still assigns the letters from SD cards or USB sticks automatically, but no longer with a solution (registry adjustment, etc.)?

Does anyone know about this problem me to a positive answer. Thanks in advance, look forward more automatically

Try the USB-Troubleshooter


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I'm pretty baffled because I have no cables to the device must clamp! Is DHCP on somebody can use. After a while, the tray will break off again.

a good idea!! LG



is set in the router a MAC filter? BTW:
Which router is router enabled at all? Mobile phone itself ?!


I click "Obtain an IP address automatically". Network adapter from Win7 but you will have a clue where the dog could love buried.

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I'm in game mode
I would be happy if I got an answer. What do 7 manually install games manually - for this no Microsoft account is necessary. Is it possible to play this only online? I have not come yet. Thank you

You can get the old windows wrong?

With a lot of effort and read it I made it to Microsoft See here.
play the card game Spider-Solitar, just like on Windows XP and Windows 7.
Hi good afternoon,
I like to set up an account and the game seems to be on my machine.