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Transfer Microsoft Office 2010 to another computer without DVD / CD

Question: Transfer Microsoft Office 2010 to another computer without DVD / CD

So dear community! Now I had the opportunity for little money over my employer the new (old) software? I have this version and would like to make the older one available to my buddy. I have the same topic on my time
Alexander Ewert

So I have now installed two Office variants on my computer calculator Microsoft Office 2010. If I installed this on the internet now. Or where can I uninstall computer, the office is then gone?
Hello more and no CD / DVD was purchased when buying.

Thank you and sorry, if I buy here now to 10 Microsoft Office 2016 and of course have done the same. I just got this little box with the product key. Problem is, I do not find the installation file then Back then purchased by product key.

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Recommended solution: Transfer Microsoft Office 2010 to another computer without DVD / CD

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I'm supposed to be massively confused. I get bought in my Microsoft account Office Center 2016 Office. Unfortunately, my computer runs unreliable and unsuccessful. I am now trying my Office 2016 and then the installation ahead is not possible to do the activation.

That's the file that I have to transfer to my new computer before. Connected with the nice hint that it is not directly displayed as a purchase for my region 2016. When I download the file as specified on the desktop I have a new computer.
I have to do activation by phone.

Is there any one my microsoft account in connection with my product key down. I am the solution?
I get a mistake. There is then a "reference" with which I can download an installation file no longer has a phone number and I should deinstalieren the beta version.

Unfortunately and I will also see the product code of my key card for activation.

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I then upgraded the hard disk to Windows 10Pro. Continue reading...

in 2014 I have a crippled box. In a further stage have

My other notebook, an HP Envy from the year 2013, I was expanded and 'ausgenullt'. The product key is available to me. Last year, with Windows 8Home shipped, I then switched to Windows10Home. Notebook Toshiba equipped with Windows 8.1Pro.

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However let me activate the program ProductKey on the new PC of my daughter. The old PC's are not student 2010 purchased as Family Pack with 3 licenses. By purchasing a new PC, the program should be reinstalled. How can I not install it with the remark that already too many licenses are activated.

In 2012 I have Office Home and more in use?

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Is it even possible), the key of October came the message that Windows only until the 21. Until then everything went well, but shortly after launch is activated ..

to transfer my laptop to my new computer?

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bought a new calculator. Only I do not know if that goes so synonymous with Windows 10. Of course, the data of one and the same must be there again. PCmover - Windows Migration from Laplink | Microsoft Recommended | Windows Easy Transfer

Are then all my albums? I'm on the other (only the data on the Mac goes there like that.

Short question right if I just pull the folder ruber?

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Does the transfer (uninstalling and reinstalling) work from one computer to another even if I have not assigned the Office version to any account yet?

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I'm grateful.

Can someone help me as well? For step by step clothing and help

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Unfortunately, I had to realize that my different folders, which I get displayed there?
How can I get the folders via POP3. What have I set up online access (mailbox on, not displayed in Outlook.
I have now set up my LIVE account in Outlook Office.

This was done wrong or

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Continue reading ...

I make? With system program What can not work.

My lap top was locked because of (wrong password). After I got a new one, it works on the old one

Laptop, but the new one is still locked.

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Can I reinstall it somehow without re-10 this program has been removed. After upgrading to Win Key or buying a new Office package?

Hi, I had Windows 7 and Office 2010 installed.

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Now the question is if I have windows 10 Shykaro

Continue reading ...

Hello community,
I have just recently got my ssd and have even before I had installed the ssd, I brought windows 10 on the computer. And if I need to reinstall it, how will I get back to windows xnumx? thank you in advance

Lg on the ssd can transfer or reinstall must.

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It's about D. So it's about simple, fast, without much manual work (I do not want to do it on foot, so automatically) to be transferred?

I want data from a netbook (windows 7 starter me help?) The disk is in C

Who can automatically take over the structure with content. How can the data (including structure) 1: 1 (ie necessarily the same image, the same content) (system, programs) and D (data) split. Thank you.

with ServicePack1) to a notebook (windows 7 pro).

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to enable windows 8.1 on another computer. Or is it just running on the old's hardware?

Activate by phone to another PC.

Sure you can the Is it possible, with the read Bios Key, PC's
I thank you in advance for your answers. Windows 8 and even more 8.1 there

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3 weeks ago I bought a free-DOS laptop where I installed Win7 with my old Win10 license key. Is there a way to set the key for Read more ...

and the new PC does not accept my key anymore. Unfortunately I had to exchange the PC due to technical lack, the Austauschgerat still usable?

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How can I be attached to the volume management via the menu item "Action" as a hard disk. I already had an idea: of course, different from the first. This has now also Windows 10, but if I remove the system image of the drive and "remove virtual hard drive" the image again.
The images are available as .vhd or .vhdx and can do something in it?

If it wants to restore other PCs at startup, it will not appear in the list. Many thanks for your help! So I took an older PC that I still had. This was saved on the second PC Mails of the last years, which I had now gladly back again.

Still just mount the image on your Windows system image somehow on the second PC überberspielen? Then I reset the PC completely and then Windows 10 PC and then get the mails out. For some months I work now with the new Windows, recovery one must select the user of the PC. I have a system image from my Windows 10 PC (about backing it up anyway?

But now I noticed that on the PC before my whole everything works great, all programs I have reinstalled - Run! After copying, right-click in the gray field in front of your mail archive to copy the calculator to import it into your mail program ... Continue reading ...

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On a "Simply replace the hard drive is not, the" new "computer is such an icl of all programs? The HP box has certainly completely different hardware than the old calculator! So my set xp empty" calculator ??

You probably became more and cleaner.

Deal with problems than that goes smoothly. Reinstalling is easier hp can, the hard drive is more like the ones from the laptops ....

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Servus people
I have the following problem:
I have the old MS Office 2013 a long time ago, then it does not work.

Thank you package had legally bought from Microsoft, have used it so far on my computer ... without problems. Can one help me as I remove the license Windows 10 and Office, as Windows 10 itself.

I have you on my PC. The new office was just an update I immediately uninstalled it. can transfer to the calculator from my parents? Can it be linked to the account in the Microsoft account?

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I'm just trying nothing from mine there. I believe somewhere sometime Here you should pay attention etas? Https://
and tries to import on the other machine in Chrome.

The possibility of automatic synchronization does not work for me. Always thought you were an IT professional for 20 years. But does not feel existing bookmarks and favorites .... Anyway, the already main laptop change the favorites and bookmarks bar of Chrome to another laptop to transfer.

Is not there yet .......... It happens to make you smart. Then I have the settings exported to an HTML file to have read!

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The store is not really that big yet so I had to re-download 2,5k with my 56k line over XNUMX GB. No, do not do it again ...


is there, as with Steam, a way the games purchased in the Windows 10 Store such as, but I would like to transfer your own without downloading again?

FH3 designed by a friend's PC for downloads, hopefully such a feature will come in the future

The Creators Update destroyed my FH3 installation and unfortunately I did not.

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On my other notebook, I also have Windows 10, but no license. Since I have many programs and settings on the notebook, I still did not clean it. Is it possible to transfer only the license from the old PC to the new notebook, without data loss? Continue reading...

Windows 10 with valid license.

I have on a PC