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Microsoft office 2010 - Microsoft Fixit is not working

Question: Microsoft office 2010 - Microsoft Fixit is not working

Microsoft Fixit does not work
Microsoft Office has lost the following component: singleImageWW.msi - not working: \ setup.chm
Deinstallation office 2010 - now no reinstallation possible
Would like to reinstall

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Recommended solution: Microsoft office 2010 - Microsoft Fixit is not working

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is Microsoft really Windows 10 update anymore. Can I contact you? To which Microsoft email address 13: 35 clock get confirmed by Microsoft HUP De.

Unfortunately, it works since I did not activate Office 2010 Professional on 14.01.2013 by Product Key anymore. Can my help please help me? of the...

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For a limited time, download the ebook First Look Microsoft Office 2010 by Katherine Murray from the Microsoft Press publisher.

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But an online activation did not work that way. Shown is the message "Update for even without problems." This was the update problems were eliminated.

The download always keeps thinking that it needs to be a lot of updates that take its time. Greetings

Try this approach: someone help? However, Windows 10 remains unsolved issues with Windows Update.
Now I thought that Microsoft Office 2010 (KB3055042) 32 bit edition.

But at some point he always hangs. I also let it run for several hours, because I 2010, after the first start, a renewed activation. Windows 10 issues the message that it is already the second day to install the updates from Microsoft Office 2010.
Hello the round,
I try which are available and start the download.

I could not do anything else. After upgrading to Windows 10, Office requires 13% and the same update to hang.

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There was then error there is already a trial version on this PC well I then uninstalled Microsoft office 2010 and then .. Yes the key I can not delete and if I delete 2 stuff 2 - Office folder of the 1. Went to run Ccleaner without a problem ..

In the registry so "Regedit" I had to instalalize Microsoft office 2010 shows the same error .. I already have the 2.

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If you go to "File open with ..." on

I would like to help a friend who has the following problem:
On his computer 2010, comes an indication that you should activate or buy the program. What has happened, how can (Medion, Win7 Home Basic) is the Microsoft Office Starter 2010 installed. Do not start directly with the program.

From the programs and features control panel, not from the update section but found this help. The fix is ​​the Microsoft Office Virtualization Handler, the documents can be opened. After updating Windows from 11.9.2013 to remove the update.

The icons of the texts have changed, they leave this update if you use office 2010 starter

Hope it works! Greetings


I restore the old state? Thank you.

have at a from the installed programs section, look for an office installation that installed this month. If one goes on "File open with .." on Microsoft Office of my customers the same problem.

Have in the network let the program start only conditionally. If you have a wsus server, be sure and decline

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Since I do? Hello Murki,
please have a look here 8 Marz 2016 Update for Outlook 2010 Junk Email Filter (KB3114887).

What can about

One week the bar is on 0%
and I can not cancel the update ...

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Make sure your computer can access the Internet, and Student 2010 could not be repaired because it requires an Internet connection. Thank you in the "(...) can not be opened. It comes the message
My Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 on Windows 7 will not start since the new year.

However, when I click on Repair, comes: "Microsoft Office Home Vorraus.
What can you repeat the process. "
I am, however, connected to the internet. I do?

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Hard disk has 100 GB, of which then the existing mails 2010 newly set up, the rules to edit or you must first create new and then simply import the saved .pst file via the Outlook data file import function in the Office 2010.


to load it with Windows Vista and Small Business 2007? Is it possible and useful to make the program on my Dell newer version just druber or how to secure the data in it? The laptop is the pst file I copy but 88 GB are currently occupied.

to uninstall the 2007 version? The most important thing for me is the Outlook program, which can be downloaded from April 2007. regularly to an external hard drive. As for Outlook:
The accounts you have in Office until backup all available, incl.

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Since yesterday worked well. I use several times in the last time I load, but with Office the system wants a product key which he does not accept after input. The system is running on Office program and then nothing works. This has been the problem since yesterday.

Hi all,
I message: Setup Exe was not found, we are looking for a solution ....... I still have the Windows7 installed
Word itself can be opened properly and is about applications
Greetings Stefan
What can that be, please help me as it preinstalled a SonyVaio. The system then says Setup.exe is searched for and then unfortunately it does not come anymore.

The PDF installer accesses the PDF directly and converts it into Word documents.

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Did you follow shortly thereafter the note incl. Have unfortunately nothing in the forum already the Dr.. Please check your internet connection. "

I have mitlerweile the current network driver schoneinmal with the Fixit Tool from Microsoft successfully solved. A few weeks ago had a serious system error "Bootmgr missing" stood for Windows 7 tried?

That with the problem - Windows Update. What also struck directly was that found, do you have an idea? Program aborted: "Troubleshooting internet connection could be unstable, despite drivers on my monitor and it did nothing more.

I still do not know why this error When restarting during the installation, however, I noticed that solve problems at once!

Now the definite problem with Windows 7. I remembered that I was successful in the update issue update search and found updates (> 200 pcs.).

This seems currently a general Windows Update Pack occurred, because it had nothing suggested the like. I was glad when finally close to 12h, my fixit tool unfortunately not. This could have returned both of you a majority of the updates because of an error that occurred.

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for installing and the problem with the unstable internet seems solved. Well, after no solutions worked, I decided your tips. from m ... Continue reading ...

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Microsoft warns users off 64-bit Office 2010 | Enterprise | News | PC Pro
Microsoft Office 2010 Technology Guarantee: FAQ - Technology Guarantee - Microsoft Office

Even users with an 64Bit operating system should have been developed, otherwise do not work or generate crashes. Various plugins, including those that better install the Office 2010 32Bit from MS.

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Aufm my lap where 7 on it, the new Office 2010 BETA as a download. Greeting

A question
if I install the beta on the RC of 7 is tuts


Reply to flo.flo2 [at]

Hi all,


Office Products - Products -

is there willl get the error message "package could not be installed"
what should I do?

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From this thread teil.Hello, if the problem persists, please let us know. For me, the problem persists

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I'm not ready to use a paid version for the previously sufficient office because I no longer have Office Starter working. Since my last update has been updated to Windows 10. From this thread share. I have already paid the PC with the purchase of the pc for the office starter.
After the fix-it has disappeared Office starter.

Bought about a year ago Windows 7 and with a sufficient for me office starter.

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Hi all,
I would like to be able to set up Microsoft Office Outlook 2010. But unfortunately I have no idea how I find out now which server I must indicate there. For example, I need to provide a server address for sending and receiving emails.

Thank you
help someone here?

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Office 2010 - For PC and free on the Web

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However, downloading is not possible for any reason, although I see an error at "". When attempting a key check on a product key, it was working on the exact same laptop. It must be possible to download Office 2010 and then perform the key activation.
The acquired data carrier is no longer available.

After a system recovery, MS Office Profesional 2010 should be reinstalled on a laptop.

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Installation worked with the product Key, but version of 2010 for 2 PC. There it was found that the key is busy and said: there were no 2 PC versions of Office. For the first PC I could easily install this in 2014, for a second PC I wanted to install it now.
I have an office, the activation could not be performed.

Is then via login redirection directly by phone (because no input). In the net I find many 2 PC versions offered.
Activation was tried by internet and phone and that right?

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Do not act too harsh
Can be closed.
So do not wind up. 8 look .... The versions of the chip, etc. offers direct forward to Microsoft and there in any moving box and I need the crap today.

And I speak here thanks !! - - - Updated - - -
Google helps if you can then only download the 2013 beta. And I stand so anyone a download link? I have an Office 2010 license but the right DVD is not cracking

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I've lost the key as well and how can I download Office 20?