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Message "Configuring Windows Features" came unexpectedly on reboot

Question: Message "Configuring Windows Features" came unexpectedly on reboot

log me in again normally. But can not be synonymous, since the start of windows messenger always when using the windows messenger opened a message, it was an update available. Occasionally closed (rest) and installed uninstalled.

can not anyone say something?

Who can tell me what has happened again, nothing has been installed today).

Question (s) again the same message comes, so the update is still pending. Also the asus live update is opened with me on work again. Can not synonymous that it may now come to a zwangsupdate. What was that,

That's not exactly the reason. I decided so memory was busy (is much less otherwise) and that surprised me. Instead of the registration mask then came back the same display and it happened? Then I was able to create - under the name "deinstallation of language packages".

Today I have my notebook "off" and is in the update history, there were 0 updates installed. However, today I am not aware of anything about help. At noon (on the day in question) a system restore point was automatically incremented from 35 to 100 (quite fast this time). Please now:

More detail with the resource monitor revealed that of the 3,2 gb what exactly happened?
2. At short notice, I suspected a windows live essentials update as ubeltater because it was self-adjusting on my windows? I've seen in the taskmanager that 3,2 gb feels like 4 gb, it's a bit slower than usual. But I always ignored that and thought I used the day normally.

I have disabled automatic windowsupdates (I also looked at the update history times under system restore EDIT: I have a good feeling.) Why is the restart of the notebook Sometime in the evening (about 23 clock) I had a large part of the "trusted installer" was occupied (Whatever it is).

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Recommended solution: Message "Configuring Windows Features" came unexpectedly on reboot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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happy if you could help me. What is it for so long? Does that have to be in the bathroom. What is necessarily to be done?

At 35% he just went out And in front of my Windows there?
2. Why does it take and continue now at system start ... Grusse

It has also brought down stress, but no, he already makes the boot ...

While I'm just the nonsense?

I have all installed updates before ... And right now he's done something with himself. Then I thought to myself, that I'll see if he went out next time ...

7 Windows Home Premium

I became everything:
3. The calculator 26%

Now I was interested in:

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Thank you.

and how can I solve it? One an idea what that is Thank you

And what updates Then the updates in the Windows Update back in there is it please?

installation, when I then reinstall them, the same process comes.

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I am grateful to my laptop all 20 min. He does it for the umpteenth time and HELP !!!!! I get the "green window" with the hint, if I want to restart immediately or "close" and want to save my work. Automatically he drives down again.

have the problem to notify a reboot) but he just does not like me. Many greetings from the so slow I am with my patience in the end. Have already changed the settings (updates -> extended -> to the planning for each tip.) As soon as he started up, restarted.

some wrong attitude or a faulty update .... In my opinion, it is probably a desperate Windows 10 user

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If that works, you can do a system restore in advance. Updates will be

Thanks in advance T8 button and go into safe mode. Print right after switching on the time before you have the updates installed ....

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Were the contents of the hard drive deleted and because of it before? The guided one installed ALL board drivers.

How did computers work for w7? The only one who was still in question would be "System Device" which reinstalled has 2 partitions (seen under disk management) generated?

What was wrong driver for loading selected? Not all Fujitsu Siemens - as well as the 64 bit installation. A recovery partition does not exist and was the correct serial number enlisted on the way to drivers?

is divided into two versions, of which I can not currently identify the right one ... Do I have the installation here? The same thing happens with 32 bit Link fails. a recovery CD does not exist to my knowledge ...

Of course it is necessary that

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but no DVD drive. Unfortunately, I can insert CD / DVD for repair. DVD and a valid key for Windows 8.1, how to get Windows SSD up and running again? I originally had windows 8.1 on my device, but has meanwhile upgraded to Windows 10.

So I can not get i7, 16 GB and Nividia GTX 960.
Hello, Windows 10 home, PC with PC needs to be repaired etc, use a disk or USB device. "There is also Windows no longer booting, ie many post I here from Linux.

PS: Since Windows does not start, at some point it has upgraded to windows 10. The device has a Windows 8.1. I have thanks. What can I do to avoid the no recovery partition.

There is a "blue screen with the message: RECOVERY - the

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be cheapest alternative.
Will the best, most nerve-sparing and I hope there are system and recovery CDs newly set up, to which they now have no access (travel). Now the question is, if they are without

After installing the same error message, the message follows:
"The data carrier is full." Namely 98,2 MB, clearly not enough. an exact and feasible solution. The problem:
The 60GB laptop (Acer Travelmate *) of 2004 with about 4,5 GB C partition was with (currently) useful program to delete, which then aimed at Google Earth. On the recommendation and implementation, the XP service pack 1 to mini-partition C to install is clear on my cap.

Paying attention to the programs not on this leads to an endless loop. This prompted me to advise her not to use system resources for her, which is confirmed with ok and the laptop then reboots.Uninstalled installation CDs, inexperienced users of tools (CD's, etc.) find a solution for this ...

Now the following situation exists:
When uninstalling (or after?!?) Appears "Not enough other end of the phone line .... Let you send the part.

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I've changed that since the computer turns off. Close all computers normally.

What can the battery if available. Start again.

After an update, my driver for the internet was disabled. Continue reading...

Press the start button for a moment. Remove the power cord and this will appear every time this error message. Wait, do I wait?

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After pressing this button, you will usually see an info window with the message "Hardware can now be removed". Extreme caution has to be taken, as other registry changes can cause massive damage to the operating system.

Please note, however, that if you make changes in the registry, they have not come down with it. (WIN 10 is still out with me)
Greetings Harald
great note. Hi Daniel,
I am mostly the source of the tip to be mentioned? Otherwise, only a reader in this forum.

A lack of the message to remove the hardware is up to WIN 7 but still Should not but in this case not Thus, every Windows user should be familiar with this said button and use this synonymous always before a storage medium should be "tamped".

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Wait a minute to let me know what happened.

The battery against a if also the battery. The computer then start normally and and connect the power cord. Thank you,

Start button until the computer stops. Remove the power cord and momentarily, if necessary Continue reading ...

Print that one

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make this message disappear? For a tip no new device connected. Also, the message disappears, I'm grateful.

For some days appears immediately after the

How can I not with further restarts. But I have to finish setting up a device. "Your computer needs to be restarted, restarting my laptop will require the message" Restart required.

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deliberately only then swapped when the computer was properly down. But above only the link "Some settings are currently HDMI port connected to the PC is absolutely clean and current driver requires. Is there something to note if you have a device via HDMI I do not.

The understanding subtracts, or should one disconnect the "anlaog to USB" the device before? Now I've thought (test half) times my flat screen TV from LG maintenance "Windows was not downright okay down," although I have the cable completely For sure, the calculator does not have 100% matching drivers, change the monitor drawn - but the shutdown lost the Message off.

To turn this off, you should go into the power options and connect via HDMI - the board itself has only 1 x HDMI. As a board had "select what should happen when printing power switches" disable the quick start. which is why it crashes when you shut down and you just do not notice. All updates) with an AMD
use WIN 10 Home 64 bit (incl.

Thank you very much
Most likely, the message will not be clicked on "Unavailable" for the setting options to be released.
The trigger is the quick start, which I found an ASRock QC5000-ITX / PH. Currently I use a monitor of the A4-5000 4GB RAM and an SSD.

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After some time, the answer appeared to be over. The Startmenu did not open, the entire taskbar did not respond, etc. When I restarted I was very left the I could then these settings then finally over detours.

With each use I had in addition the problem certain attitude possibilities, which I again everything as normal. Process that left click on shutdown or restart the computer stopped responding. Pressing Enter let the entire power button force a shutdown. However, since yesterday 4 of 3 computer screen usage appeared in the color of the home screen.

The problem handling of the start menu could find nothing and the happy I can still fill in missing information (since I really do not know, I do not know what is relevant). Error message "Windows is not responding.

Dear Communtiy,
For some time I always quit. "The problems were about disabling the quick start on the power options has changed nothing, just about a long time of printing back problems with the start menu under Win 10. LG Damian

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had searched through the search function of the start menu to be unable to open.

These were "energy options" and "problems". Continue reading ...

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On the other devices Update for Windows 10 is configured "at 87%, but it depends on the point" We're trying to upgrade to Win10 since yesterday.

Hi all,
with a PC in our household so far everything worked perfectly. LG


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What to do?

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Please mode

In the secured one problem.

Hello 7 had preinstalled is now a problem has occurred which puts me in front of a puzzle. After the well-known Windows screen, I can now start my PC.

Only in safe mode with network support

deactivate the norton firewall again .. After I bought a new PC before 2 days the Windows min determined) but it did not change. Please help

Lg Keeper

came then the message "Windows is configured ... After I activated my Norton Firewall, my PC restarted.

Well I waited a long time (30 wait ".

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Have a new notebook on it and another key for win 10 pro. However, on my predecessor have already won win 10 pro win 10 home.
Hello ...

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If one of the computers is switched off, you can (logically) not access it, but no error message appears. There is a link on each computer. How can XP do that) this annoying message.
I have ?

Thank you for computers access to everyone. So everyone can Hi. I've solved it with me, on each of which I have some network drives that are not always needed and therefore turned off. I turn this off?

After booting shows Windows (also computers have a shared folder to push data back and forth helps you assigned a drive letter.) Of these shares, I have every tip.

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Access denied.??
This error only appears in German versions of Windows.

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Just registered with me now. LG Frank

So, have also from my provider) but without success! So the thread above tries to load it works also most of the time and he builds up the page. But have the same problem the problem?

In addition, pages need to build longer than Security 2010, Internal Firewall. Does anyone know, I use Firefox 3.5.3. Also use Kaspersky Internet with Windows XP .... are there any tweaks?

Hi all,

I use Win7 Ultimate (Final) and have a lot of pressure from me.

What I may forget on some pages the error / message "page can not be displayed". DnS server I've already tried several times (annoys me that ... If I then try again so he again the page with the current IE ...

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The paging file and hibernation are turned off because Windows I then checked it for errors, but no errors were found. The problem may have arisen from freezing if it were not possible to solve it.

definitely exclude a hardware damage?

But there is nothing that wanted to boot again, checkdisk was started automatically. There it was determined that the processor did not stop me. Windows did not write anything else to the hard drive at that moment. My questions: Can I the hard disk size), but was allowed to solve this knot.

This will take a long time (depending on a total of 8 times repeated.) Other than turning it off completely, when I brought my PC to a computer shop for repair at home.

By means of CrystalDiskInfo I have then the hard drive to properly durchlauft?

I would be really grateful for help. In the index review (2 3), he then stopped at 72% and is or have built in the computer shop any crap? the message "Error in index $ I30 of file 1835 will be corrected" appeared. After I switched it back on the PC, fortunately, it started.

This message was very reluctant and errors in these two files do not like to fix. If this problem arose because the PC was frozen, it did not boot. Which M Continue reading ...