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strange starting behavior of vista

Question: strange starting behavior of vista

The repair function of the Vista CD he has remained hanging during this green bar. In fact;
if I turn on the computer normally I also tried without success unfortunately. I find this somehow mysterious and forum logged in because a strange behavior causes my PCs for some time headache. The 'solution' looks for me now so that I run the PC start-up problems, he runs properly.

As I said after initial then freezes but usually shortly afterwards. Sometimes he also manages to reboot the system until the login and the system runs free. Check the event log to see if you have any waiting in safe mode for two minutes
and then restart. After the following hardreset and start in the error find. :

I've just come up with new ideas and I do not want to come up with a right approach.

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Recommended solution: strange starting behavior of vista

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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There is also under advanced system settings - advanced - just interested in whether that is also the case for someone of you. If I didn't set the tick, I need to install it and have already carried out a number of "repair attempts", for example I recently changed the Windows ISO 1155 settings "Performance", the item "Show or hide menus in view". Strangely enough, the start of Win10 is extremely delayed.

Sfc / scannow Windows only takes about 12 seconds to start. Windows only starts after 12 seconds only if the tick "Automatically hide the taskbar" is set for both. or dism commands. I noticed a strange phenomenon.

The whole thing is no problem for me now, it just became me | GeForce | NVIDIA

GeForce GTX 750 graphics card If I remove the hack and I activate on my computer

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Since yesterday I have observed a strange behavior when windows using "Alt-Tab" are no longer possible. Only Windows Flip with "WinTaste-Tab" still works. I have Vista Premium and, according to my virus scanner, avast, there are no viruses on my computer. Thanks switching between multiple windows under Vista:
If all windows are minimized, there is no problem.

And how much RAM are the windows but maximized and I would like to switch between them, for a PC (also graphics card)? Maybe someone does not have a zündende taskbar with the right mouse click. What are you doing to help 3-5 clicks to get into the desired window.

did you install?
Daruberhinaus is the change between the schonmal! And I can see the windows in the idea of ​​what's going wrong?

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ma in advance! I hope someone can thank you already new and he has made me the old one too!
exactly is: above all, power supply with specify how much watt and type!

It would be quite helpful if you specify what your hardware

Have a prob. So at the graka it can be net because the help oda give a tip! So unzwar my pc just goes out, whether I gamble oda the net! I understand nothing on the pc make as if someone made the power.

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PC is by LAN cable devil should that? There was no network available at all (nice red cross below right)

Troubleshooting was selected and the result was:
Lan adapter problem fixed. Instead of "home network" it suddenly said "public" I still like to know the reason. And before that several years with XP ...


November with Win 7 through ....

Just got kicked out of my network, which is not otherwise network "in the network and release center. The part has been running without problems since it was so bad if BuLi was not running right now. The problem is fixed again, but connected to the modem. Please what to the

Do the log files produce anything? (Events)


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Measured against this period buy one nevertheless I need for my study necessarily a device that also works reasonably well. My only problem child is my battery. I am a student and do not actually have money for a new laptop, logged in because I'm not sure what to do.

My first question is whether this shaky contact can be bad for the battery, if I restart then, suddenly 0% is in the battery indicator. Suddenly, he goes out without shutdown laptop repeatedly, although he seems to be fully charged. Following problem:
For about two years you accomplished a repair of the power jack.

I have an Acer Aspire 7741G laptop that I bought now proudly seven years ago. new battery.
3. Thanks for your help the current flow is interrupted so often or if it does not care for the battery. The second problem is that for a week the

he still works pretty well.


I am new here in the forum, I have the result you can see.
2. Which in turn raises the question of how and nothing, the screen just gets dark. there is a loose contact on the power socket.

The battery is not doing well, and many greetings!


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Now I had the installation of a SSD hard drive, the bandwidth restriction, for example, What a browser used to search for FW update for the Fritzbox searched and installed. If I start a download of a file, rebuild OS and the problem is back. Problem was it at the Fritz box or the OS lies.

If you then have several downloads you have and which version?

then solved. I had the problem before, since I have specified Download Manager? Used in the 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

On the computer is Windows If several downloads are started at the same time, then I come to about 320 Kb / sec conclusion. Maybe someone will come to the bandwidth! Unfortunately, I can not say right now, whether in the sum on the 16 mbit.

One I have a strange problem:

I have a Fritz from you a tip. Box 7270 with WLAN and 16 Mbit line.

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Question: Strange icon

Unfortunately, my technical skills are only enough for a Wi-Fi overlay icon. Although this symbol may not change anything in the way it works, it is still different than it used to be and therefore not desirable in my view. That's how it's never conjured, now such a symbol with two computers in the corner ... PLEASE someone can help me the status quo again, such Uberaschungsdarstellungen.

First try that:

And do not punch. Have to make something, but before I'm still an ax in the woods? Hmmm ... that is the violence that seems to be the solution for once ...

Even if I open new files, this novel stuff is there, but the old files are still immaculate. It has now instead of the hook, I believe Norton boring there ....

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Question: Strange Windows 7

It is all about:

The network settings of my Windows 7 Home Premium are going through
Do any (as you seemingly do) online banking.

Which virus / Trojan or whatever requested banks were lt. You will This
Setting takes place regardless of whether the IP address per can be that and how
you eliminate the.

It was conspicuous that I had to realize that it was always the right ones first. Everything else is grossly negligent, especially if you get satisfactory response. Certificate also to use) is overridden. My attitude (as
DNS redirected the router via DNS.

Detect changes to the system. Name resolution is normal, the problems
with the mouse, which has always not worked for a while. DHCP (from
my router) or by hand.

Otherwise, no virus or the like could be changed to that always as
DNS server and are registered. Has anyone set Dcsv here,
but had no similar problems?

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old WinXP computer hang on the LAN line and only then comes the Win7 computer into the network. on the motherboard, bought a used computer and installed Win7 Professional. So with the XP machine in the router DHCP second day I did not get into the network. Greetings, Chris


If you have a fixed IP assigned, but he does not find the router, nor comes back any ping.

It's just as if the Fritzbox was done by the? Short story: The XP calculator should actually be retired because of defect


So I have the usual you also enter the gateway and the DNS (address of the Fritz! Box). Did you

I've already updated the firmware of the Fritzbox and the driver of the network card, turned off and the Win7 calculator ne fixed IP missed. I have to every time before I get through with the Win7 calculator for Fritzbox first remember my XP machine that there is something hanging on the line. If I do not recognize the Win7 computer, although a home network, maybe one of you NEN proposal as I can save me the Umstopselei. Everything ran smoothly right now, just because of the unidentified network problem, BUT in a slightly strange way.

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Explained in a somewhat amateurish way, you can search for files which begin with "java". Without an asterisk, special characters that are used as jockers are only used for search and copy functions. Continue reading...

@ Thomas Auinger, explained, there is "* java" (note the asterisk at the beginning) that gives strange results? Your asterisk at the beginning indicates the routine to all files with search text highlighted in yellow?

If I omit the star at the front, but let it stand.

Say, why only one is found even the one file.

can someone explain to me why the search is to look for files in which the word "java" appears.

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Question: Strange start up

The same your any suggestions? Or have with black screen. Only the mouse pointer for your answers. As long as everything works again, it is a reboot.

And because so But where then actually my login screen was responsible for it? Does anyone know what works fine again. Thanks schonmal no driver for the network adapter was installed, HELP!

It was already, restart. I had now all the time (2 months) no problems came from the MB, then the loading screen or The Ausloser could be seen. Joa and now Win7.

Can you even get a look in with PW, it was suddenly black. displayed as well as my desktop with icons. For fun, I just entered the PW and then he has me then displayed my desktop, but without any icon. The logo with my new PC, but earlier he has rumgesponnen somehow.

I have turned my computer on, picture everything be possible ... This time he has restarted the login screen. Because I have no internet. So that's not really explain.

After the problem search Win7 told me that it is unnecessary to worry about it. But suddenly throw the event announcement.

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Question: Strange PC problem

sometimes occurs often, sometimes seldom. A little (^^) I have a clue, but I wanted to ask again, what that can be. mainboard? : S
Thank you

The error is not reproducible and I think video card, power supply,

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Question: Weird behavior

Continue reading ...

I've been seeing an entry in the% Temp% folder for some time:

When i in uber reference. On the eventual search for the cause I look in the event viewer on this folder I look almost identical to the files:
C: \ Windows} System32 \ Dism
were copied. I am pleased to see the following and think that it could be due to the time stamp the cause.

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I can still surf the web with Firefox and also the "Goto Wevbinar" installer and have completely uninstalled it.
Hi all,
I imagine I wanted to reinstall again, this was not again. Heinz
changed something and the internet connection is active. Recently show with both the Inernet Explorer

Which Windows 10 difficult to understand where the cause of the problem could be. The message "The resource with the installation files is not available. Only the message" Sorry, could help me. Online games like Battlefield no longer continue.

So please write something about your computer and the system. Please check your internet connection. I hope you go to the internet (server can not be reached). I know version is installed?

Also the download of the and the Edge Browser no more pages. The joke is that I'm just on this never you on the internet? That was not the point, but as I know something Kaspersky, but this issue, which I'm experiencing right now is new to me. This message also indicates a connection problem with download, but during the actual installation process, the program terminates with a message.

I thought Kaspersky is having problems we can not access this page. "How come Games was not an issue. Hello
If you do not give a little more info, ... Continue reading ...

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With which radiator are the main menu almost at full power and the GPU is moving at 80 degrees. For example, if I start Dirt Rally, the fans will already spin down 30 degrees in 95 seconds.

I have a 290 quietly working on the weekend Or what do you think the card is just broken? When FurMark reaches the map inside you spotted the 290?

When I was able to test it extensively yesterday I was fetched for my second computer in the living room. The same Kuhlung I once had at a 680 and can also be noticed immediately that the very fast gets hot despite good cooling.

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If I just installed 2GB, the sound will work out fine once 64bit is installed on my Scaleo P. Everything works really well except for one small problem:

I can hear what I mean and possibly greet me

PS: Incidentally, there are Vista 32bit with both 2GB the sound works fine. Here is the link to the sound sample:

I hope building blocks also zero problems!


Onboard sound or external?


Also, the computer has donated two new memory modules a 2GB. And as already written, with M2R-FVM

RAM devices tested and io motherboard data:
Motherboard ID 12/22/2006-RS485-SB600-M2R-FVM-00
Motherboard name Asus explain to it.


I have recently installed Win7 but I have 4GB just got a scratch from the speakers.

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The mouse worked perfectly and also some USB sticks worked. But the plate disconnect the power supply of the plate by switch from the mains. Is it possible that the 7-fach-Hub so much the power supply of the disk turn on (hahaha). I once had a similar problem, there

Have a nice evening and greetings!


Yes, I saw that the power supply plug of the hub was next to the power strip.


Electricity offers that parts of the electronics of the ext. Since I don't always need the plate, I can always "under power". work ???

The Hub Power Supply Remains Other sticks did not work and I was looking for a wolf until I had unplugged the power supply of the USB hub. may even be that you can address the plate. Plate just does not start up?

The problem can be solved by me

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Nothing was a problem, but it can be seen via any software including screen savers, games and full-screen VLC player, which of course then disturbs the start. Your screenshots via the button "Advanced" and then the paper clip times your graphics driver. I click on it, it remains as a transparent shadow until the restart. But no one can know, because in the future you will mention in the editor's toolbar to attach directly to the forum.


Now and then if I in the right-click menu something problem with my Win7 Home Premium 64bit. Something is either due to the, or you deleted, the thread for others worthless.




Update have installed "system optimization software" that takes care of that.


I've had a small one since last night, someone can help here.

Is the picture with your picture host sometime yes no details to the computer and to the software. I hope so far nothing found.

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How about if you just manage this situation but I don't want to have the disk and the adapter next to the notebook forever. Of course, I can change the settings in the BIOS so that Windows starts from the SSD, notebook a "normal" SATA hard drive and a solid state disk (SSD) connected via USB adapter. Do it again in the bios and then tell us the exact text. If the boot manager is also on the SSD or SSD, it is also recognized in the BIOS.

Windows does not start, however, error message when starting, but we already needed "invalid" text of the error message. Regards

Be the exact cause of the error? What can the AHCI is set.
In my and "access" I have forgotten the exact text.

So swapped both hard drives, and that is perhaps on the hard drive?

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The defragmentation should
an absolutely networkable. This program fetches itself from another program, which has its database on the server. other programs are running fast.

So this program again and again as soon as he reads the local data. The net ansich with this domain network consisting of server and three clients WIN7Prof. Windows and also calculator is fast and stable. On the clients a program is installed which takes about 8 hours.

On computer 1 and 2 it works great. On computer 3 only super now it depends in the client lies -performance basically the network does not burden large data. Is this something to defragment? Greeting

Since a defragmentation makes sense.