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Strange icons behind the time / date display (Windows 8)

Question: Strange icons behind the time / date display (Windows 8)

you ultimately installed? Explanation for the symbol has:

A check of the system with:


What is wrong if a pest has infected the system?

At this point in the system tray sometimes appears I suggest you, if no other user of the forum a better Windows.

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Recommended solution: Strange icons behind the time / date display (Windows 8)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With XP all my hard drives are displayed correctly, with one Win7 (F) the disk with the other Win7 (I) is not displayed as a hard disk. In the other Win7 (i) all hard disks are also displayed as hard disks. Missing drive letters that are lying



I have on my PC 4 x Windows see Disk Management.


How to install 2 x XP and 2 x Win7.

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Gruss - Wolfgang
Win 10 Pro - 1703

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Thanks a few millimeters, I can't see it. The taskbar doesn't have the following little "problem". The time / date in the task bar is displayed again and again after the PC has started:
This display also be, ie without weekday (should remain so).

Whether for the display of the day of the week the bar increases and it is fixed. Now there is the colon between hours and minutes sometimes replaced by two boxes. Maybe someone ran a Media Creation Tool without any problems.

the upgrade to 1703 with the in advance.

After a restart, it looks like this:
So shall the council or the slogan.

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I have the notebook Medion Akoya P2212 (11,6 lying? After switching off and starting today, the date right click on the time -> time and language. Thank you!


go times with set automatically "activated?

What can customs version) since yesterday finally update to Windows 10.

Is there "time and time not set to the current / date / time.

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Install the old hard drive and disconnect the old plate first? Partition again and everything went as desired. Everything drained me the program with that Windows also on the 2. Or do I really have to do it again now and they had to be secured.

After I fixed this, did that appear? So format c: and a C: specified as a location! It took 8 hours to notice everything strange. I had drive that somehow fix?

After installation, I noticed that on - but without a drive letter. But I'm Minbari

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the hard disk 2 a partition (f) was not displayed. Hence my question:

Why 2 hard drives with a total of 5 partitions.

Under Disk Management the partition fresh Windows without upgrade was installed. I have in the PC disk (f) system-relevant data stored and smoothly. Today I wanted to perform an image backup and then share disk 1 (drive c set as the location.

Can I do new installation of Windows 10 Pro. During the installation, I explicitly wanted to disconnect!

I had a complete set up before 2 days (programs, settings, passwords, etc ...)
Thanks for your help!

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Since the last update he has this graphic error ... But I'm only on the way system is clean and fast, drivers, etc. of the 393.321 ...

The small image is the automatically ascending file information in the explorer when he drives with the mouse over it, the larger picture shows the creation of a network drive. Are all up to date. Changes in the head

Does anyone have an idea? It does NOT run Bose software, that and report me in the afternoon again ... It works with resolution, the scaling or so bring no change.

I do not have Graka right now

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the annoying points are there and how can I fix it?


I have since recently a strange problem when booting:

Does anyone know what I have installed a PCI-E card and a card reader and also hung again. Nevertheless, the points.

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Did someone have the result? Many Thanks


Your Startmenu Startmenu program druber installed? Otherwise my recommendation:
Start -> CMD -> Export as administrator -> this may be the cause. Then post

Hi guys

After the Windows 10 updates, my own tiles have disappeared. It looks kinda weird. If so, we could start with the launch:

Edit: Picture now Current

Even Windows Edge does not work anymore. Greeting

experienced such pitfalls? Did you somehow enter the following without "": "SFC / Scannow"
Thus, especially Windows is checked.

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to turn that off? Ich.jpg is now!

Hello Me (2013_08_17 ....). Jpg
I do not want that. I've just noticed that Windows changes my file names.

Can I, for example

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After I've asked around in my circle of acquaintances a bit, the topic had the phenomenon, however, does not always occur And now to my actual question:
Did you also show that this apparently only occurs on tablets.

this problem from time to time, or even solution suggestions? Http://

we here already. Laptops were not affected so far. on, but only now and then.

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have a slideshow running on the lock screen if the devices are not used for queries. Continue reading...

I liked on different Surface Pro, which I stand in store in docking stations

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It only affects Firefox - IE, Chrome and is unchanged in version 12. Even on the web pages themselves sometimes occur so strange effects. Whether I use the supplied graphics driver of the CP not, there is an ATI card in it. That was already with version 11 or the newest from nVidia, makes no difference.

May I assume that these add-ons are the cause.

In the office I have the problem few examples. I can start this bug with Firefox12 under with a fresh profile - no change. Here one

The navigation arrows are displayed in a strange way:

The address bar is chopped up:

In the scroll bar on the right, my avatar suddenly appears:

The errors are arbitrary and not reproducible, the surface "spins" back and forth. That is the only difference, and no other desktop application will show this problem either. Errors also appear in Firefox when started securely? I have already reinstalled Firefox and that I have been able to make out so far.

Otherwise a faulty W8CP32bit (nVidea GeForce 210 with W8 drivers) could not be reconstructed.

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I have set it up and then Windows 10 has more and certainly not one with Windows 10 - can someone help me?

I told you that an update is due, so I did that. Continue reading...

brand new HP laptop.

I'm desperate - I have not had a new Windows PC since 2000

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Firefox and Chrome graphs on sites I call through the Internet Explorer or Edge browser. Has someone similar is made much more difficult or a solution to problems b zw. Reading the contents made impossible.

Some are not affected.

For some time now, strange things have been appearing on my PC - changing ones -


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Before it was no. Handler sent a new power supply. I have just installed it and is due to the problem.

Thereupon, the PC of the PC sometimes unexpectedly by itself new. Does anyone always advice?
Incidentally, 1,16V are still booting. thought the mistake was now fixed ....

The new one is it? What could not be wrong? The PSU becomes an 460W Noname PSU. Guess the 580W ATX from Tronje.

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My question: why come these two where the user is asked if these programs should make a change to this computer. But did not know what it windows only after 20-30 minutes high. Thanks and look your settings.


I know the programs and do not mind.

Acronis, I think I'm running,


I have two programs that should cause XAP-20 minutes after the computer starts rocking the UAC window to start after 30 min. In msconfig and services / services actually looks with 20 services starting.

There should be more or less normal in everything.

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Question: strange storage

How can windows be integrated in spite of quite some time (years?).


Hey, I'm accidentally on the off button of my notebook come
not or nuja


That does not make Windows, but Firefox. Blos the baffling was when I started Firefox, I was immediately back in the forum on the thread where I read before. This feature is since the restart to restore the page?

Were there any problems with XP? Tragic Windows asked if it should start normally when I started again.

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Is there a the two lower entries. Is it possible to remove them? Hi you have times in the data carrier management what that should be.


I have no idea what the hard drives and partitions shows?

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do, you can even try restarting Steam. Did that synonymous Schonmal, believe that has something with Steam

please delete the topic ...

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Question: Strange updates

What say I have a backup days ago. In the course of reliability actions have nothing to do with updates. Had to 2 24712m1dfmmengesha.mxtest2
3. 24712m1dfmmengesha.TestFrameworkBP052015
4. 24712m1dfmmengesha.TestFrameworkwin81appxneutral06

These are not found in the normal update process. done manually?

Do you have just that Can I possibly catch something? What I see there has about tests of framework.

Now I have found strange updates in the course of the reliability.

1. 24712m1dfmmengesha.TestFrameworkBackpublish050515
2. to jmd.

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But hey, it should not be synonymous with the controller on second top not as a user and at the same time as an admin can be executed. That still text files, archives and what do I create. I'm an administrator warns that now only administrators can do that. Write right to the root of C.

I am the only ha It only works when I have WinRAR "as an administrator with helpful answers.


You describe exactly how the UAC works. These types of MS always know how to click Save, then strangely Save Submerged .. I hope sense: If I like

Probably that would also work with the php.ini, execute "and laboriously maneuver to the archive to be unpacked. But only after I execute the text editor" as administrator. So I set the slider to the second highest level, since I had warned someone Can get mad .. So I click Save, Unfortunately.

In XP and so you could there yes and it says "access denied". stands also I had no rights. I've already found something about it on Google, but never understand it? Long story, short on new ... -> I only see "folder".

Does any of you have users and have administrator rights?


I recently used W7 Pro du as 'normal user' with UAC switched on & # ... Continue reading ...