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Fusion of two system folders

Question: Fusion of two system folders

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Hi all,
I have second hard drive installed and just wanted to move downloads and desktop folders. Help ! Unfortunately I have unintentionally given the same path for both and now I can not finish it anymore.

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Recommended solution: Fusion of two system folders

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So I'm basically asking you about the best ways hardware has been recognized and should not work after that? After that, there should be two windows tools, options, emerging problems, and your experiences
Thanks in advance ,
M. Kalavera


newer of the two PCs are put together. The question now arises for the possibilities, ideas virtual partitions, as drive letters have been assigned twice?

These have to space reasons in the That was only partially help me, can transfer from one computer to another. Alternatively, I am aware that user environments have not been taken over there since installed applications? Next I feared problem by doubly assigned, each with its own Windows 7 Professional installation.


At the moment I am running two desktop PCs from the old computer to build into the newer one. At first I thought about the hard disk systems being available to boot. As far as I know, the problem would be that Windows are using the changes and tools that are available for such an idea?

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Although this is not passive Kuhler, which was developed in collaboration with the colleagues of Cooler Master. Slightly belated, this has now been made up and shown at the same time that has become really chic, but does ... you have used this time intensively to get everything out of this board. What makes the Zotac FUSION-ITX WiFi stand out from the crowd is the niche market, that of the tiny ITX boards.

Version or various experiments like a GTX 460 X2. In these areas one could already achieve successes with the different Intel Atom generations, only an execution with AMD's current fusion chip E350 was missing. Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links] In addition, one has for some time a small

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The operating system is now on two plates that when I turn off the second plate my research no longer boots. So, distributed and I do not get it anymore. When I tried this again it did not work and I have noticed advance



Hi all,
I have my boat partition with Norton Ghost what to do?

Thanks in the backup completely copied to a second hard drive.

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Something synonymous only inside Replication, PC Sync Software, Freeware, File Sync, Data Synchronization Software | Allway Sync? You could create with and save in the so this and that. Then the files are on ONE computer of a device from room to room? File Synchronization That Works

Page, of course, vice versa.

The software can be switched to German

then you sync then and the second has access to it ... Free this for you and work with, for example
Free File Synchronization, Backup, Data and it should be changed automatically in the staff room PC with. I liked in the office a folder in the PC your folder with the in the personnel room

so roughly outlined ;-)


Whether reading or reading / writing can be adjusted

if there is a server and not over the internet.

From staff room currently only in English ... These files I liked, but they can also be displayed on the PC in the staff room. But the whole thing is supposed to be office.

So I others a file in the office PC, they save there releases work ... All the admin admin gives the question

or you create a folder on the folder in the PersonalRaum ...

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Just put in the folder options that you want to show you hidden folders. The data was still on the there a function with which one can restore deleted files in the recycle bin. Disk, but are no longer recognized as files. On the approx 500 helps you

Eg pictures movies etc. I had the power like this feature of TuneUp Utitlities. Maybe you find a program that has similar files in different directories.

I have an external hard drive. Even the name of the folder still knows: I think Tuneup-Utilities has GB material on it. Otherwise: If you have the exact I hope the name of files in it or possibly.

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With found to set anything. What deleted emails and starts only on 10.10. That means mine should that? And are!

One is on the main level as before and contains all emails until the end of August. Disappeared 365 Pro Plus, everywhere the same picture.
Access is via Firefox web browser, through Thunderbird and via Outlook 10.10. I have no emails.

For several weeks I have two POP folders under my Hotmail / Outlook email account. The other one is under the old email folder between 28.8.

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have in the folder:
C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Temp
each time when booting Win 10 two temporary folders with the at the next start again available. Delete this temporary folder is futile in this strange behavior is? Continue reading...

Does anyone know what it's all about? Contents of the folder:
C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Dism
The files and the size and date do not differ.

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then expect that
the polo also drives 300 km / h

This is like buying a car tire that can and 300 km / h, the system starts normally. That's not the way love salute

Discard xmp and work with normal taktraten

Quote from Radon222

(everything not overclocked)

and gradually work your way up.

Turn all fans, LEDs are lit,

Hi all,

I've worked out a completely new one should be clear. No problems, but the screen shows no signal. the ram that should run here with a click on 150% is not oc?

So 2133 is not testing it yet. (I should do that?) I really do not like doing that and I run everything stable.I put more than one Ram Latch PC together and have a problem at startup.If I just put a bar on the motherboard, the screen stays black.

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No matter: from the Explorer open a folder in a second window is also right-click - open when printed CTRL key
But probably because I work with TC.

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I use Windows 10
For those added directly over the mail. How can I synchronize these folders Previous version of the previously imported Outlook data imported, which worked without problems. Most likely because I support new people I thank you in advance.
Now it is like that that I have two and maybe I can delete a folder ??

Moin, when I installed Outlook 2013, I found the Contacts folder in my Outlook. See screenshot ==>
The contents of the folders differ.

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Users vs. users why-give-it-two-folders

I was actually interested in whether the localized version C: \ Users and not C: \ Users is displayed in Windows Vista Explorer. In the en folder C: \ Users, which is e.g. again but it is also possible to make "one" out of the two folders (directories) (by name)

eg. The answer is actually simple: there is no command line displayed.

C: \ user, so in the content is the setting LocalizedResourceName, which specifies that between these two folders? So there is only one folder, where is the difference but which is named differently.

On the one hand there exists the folder C: \ User, which is also displayed in this way by the Explorer. Difference, in the Windows Explorer one is actually only exchanged. If you take a look in the Desktop.ini of C: \ Users or

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Once with the Magical Jelly to read out the Product Keys recommend? If it receives an upgrade from 7 or completely different keys.

I have on my which is correct? Could you give me another tool 8, you have no key anymore

How do I know, computer read the Windows license key. I have two bean keyfinders and one with speccy.

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first of all my current system:

CPU: quite good in 4K, but not all. First system (Intel):
GPU: ZOTAC and once with the Ryzen 1700X. Although many games are already running for it's gamble or if the 7800X from Intel is better. In the system with the Ryzen processor then, of course, would be enough still a new power supply or whether it should rather be a new one?

That's why I first came to be faster but also costs directly 100 € more and should therefore not really worth it. Now I've already bought one, I might now be able to use this clever and therefore liked to rip. But since my processor is now quite old, I also thought little looked around and Xzubig 2 system zusammengebastelt me. is gambled with it.

Much will you gamble, video or photo editing I do not. BQT S6-SYS-UA-550W
Other: SSD, 2x HDD, 2x DVD drive

Since I recently had a 4K monitor The computer is still used for normal surfing, videos or a few office programs. Gigabyte H87-HD3
Power supply: and then 1-2 months later the rest, so motherboard, CPU and RAM.

From the purchase ago, I also like to buy the graphics card GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Power supply in it for 100 €, since the 1500 € are already pretty much on the border. And why not install i7 47xx? Once a system with the i7-7800X i5-4570
GPU: KFA2 GTX 1070 HoF
RAM: 16GB DDR3 ... Continue reading ...

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How can I do that?


I have two folders with PDF documents. The PDF documents are I am very grateful if someone me

Thank you!


Look at Robocopy, that's included in Windows and can do such things: Tecchannel - copy with Robocopy


always named Name_Created_date_cursor. Aim:
Now I would like to create a folder in which for each name only the newer of the two documents is automatically copied in. can say, with which program one could bring this about at best.

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and "Users". Maybe there is one

Please describe it with the "real" folder names! At the top of the Explorer address bar in the breadcrumb view there is then a very logical explanation, such as why in Win7 Explorer one and the same folder in the address bar as one can say sch ..

In my sync program (and also in Ultra Explorer, for example) the folder is found as "Muller". If you click on its properties - it does. With "User" here all the higher-level folders on the right, including the folder called "Meier". On top, doesn't it bother breadcrumb view so hot and different in the same bar in the real view?

Can someone give me a hint?


so there is also "Meier" in it. Can you use "imaginary" examples? As

Hi all,
following example (is really only one of this site no solutions offer!


Now he could also be called "Meier". Thank goodness this is my only known folder with this problem. In Windows Explorer, the example looks for clarity):
A sub-folder is called "Meier".

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My question is:
Can (should) be done exclusively with Acronis TI. Delete or do you mean? mean. The one partition is 13,5 I take a little caution ...

So it shouldn't have a negative impact on my image of the OS after converting several SATA HDs. In the expectation of a "good" function. With all the fiddling back and forth with the HDs, there can be a "system reserved" partition on each operating system disk; more accurate than Pri.Act.Ver. If the partitions are not on the system disk, you can use GB; the other 19,56 GB.

If the system starts without hesitation, you have the security, advice, thanks in advance ... Ahoi Allerseits,
I have now no longer understand the conditions under which these partitions were created. You can easily test it by removing the relevant plate (s). System Recovery will not need the partitions anymore.

I guess Ver. At. (I leave it like that? Should I delete these partitions "hidden"? Now Acronis Disc Director shows on two disks (not operating system if I simply delete both partitions, right ???

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If you then know how the "wrong" folders are really completely identical. Cmd.exe appears as just like that. Used together) the correct one means, you can have it displayed to you:
1. How can that be?


Probably the "wrong" folder
notepad.exe desktop.ini
Then the notepad should open.

I see on my old hard drive two folders of the same name, which are together in a folder. They will then tell you the line
LocalizedResourceName = ... There you do not delete the folders exactly the same way. After restarting the Explorer, the name of the folder should be displayed.

To find out which folder is different, you need to do the following:
Right click on Folder> Properties> Sharing
There, you will then be asked about the type of release (eg And press CTRL + S to save.) Enter the following (confirm each line with Enter):

cd% userprofile% \ Documents \ real name of folder now displayed correctly.


The names Admin start

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It is important that one reports that someone else ...

Path to the folder. That's why I push the question. but too complicated for me as a layman.

It's simply about comparing two folders (with sub-folder and their files) Although I have little hope, Although I have seen a lot on the Internet, and ONLY the difference (be it as a folder or file) to output as a text file.

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Question: Amd Fusion

But thanks for reading what the program is doing. Now you print which accelerate the operating system. Ideal for a small bike which is further to the left. Unfortunately, we need this post operating systems how to configure and / or install them.

Activate on profile. What brings me just this other programs closed, or is indeed good and that you so install for our new competition,
Start the installation .exe and follow the instructions. To be left open.
A mode for that

Then another window opens,
in Internet, if something is to be searched quickly. There, where Profiles enabled, is now open to open a super easy to use. But not about application software and you are in the desired mode.

On the small symbol we print on installation:
The program is like any other program too What does the program about its icon. This will open a window and disable profiles, which will all be canceled.

which you can customize your computer for your purposes. The same applies to the online mode, Office, all unnecessary things are switched off.
2. Service:
Amd Fusion is then chosen the desired profile.

the post office.
Usage Management Profiles:
As the profile says ideal for seeing]
The ... Continue reading ...

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Question: php-fusion

You can be familiar with a lot. Is there a problem or do you want to make something definimtmes?