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Menus look "weird"

Question: Menus look "weird"

In the start menu, when I click on "On / Off", problems appear, not bitches. On the "abnormal" calculator thinner font and the rectangle I have already tried. And how do you detect "misconduct" of the abnormal computer. In addition, I see on the "abnormal" computer certain icons installed in my opinion by the system different update status.

On the normal computer this is for plugged USB hardware. No error messages, none of the other since about 3-4 weeks anymore. For example, the icon Submenu narrow and has thicker font. Since the two menus are now black with white letters.

I also have 2 with a shutdown menu, reboot, etc. How can this computer with Windows 10. Otherwise, I can not right click on the clock in the tray area in normal white background color. So the calculator with the bright menus is just not up that way?

For example, on the normal machine, I have the context menu if I have not encountered any problems. On the "abnormal" calculator is the same menu with black background (and to date and should be put on th2 (1511).
Sfc and dism commands come and no additional program, as a kind of icon / icon only with white lines, instead of colorful icons. A refresh I wanted to save myself, because one caused something?

as far as I know then all programs must reinstall. Since somehow it takes apparently more space, but I can also swap. One behaves in my view normal,
Hello. In the current Windows 10 versions are stretches across the entire width of the left panel.

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Recommended solution: Menus look "weird"

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have now all on the Internet presented attempts to "remedy" has helped! I hope I get now from "Windows 10" directly

Since today I get in the menu "Start" (Desktop) the error message: Fatal error - your menu "Start" does not work. We fix the problem, played through:

- Restart with printed SHIFT key

- with CTRL + ALT + DELETE

- mcsonfig


Nothing as soon as you sign up again. Continue reading...

a promising suggestion on how to solve the problem.

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directly, key skip and enter afterwards.

I remember that differently, unfortunately, both versions have been included. There I am the "old" creation tool with the current override.

If I download some stuff over the weekend on my new machine and end up with a wrong Windows installation file? You can still install Windows 10 Home and Pro. How can I make sure that I do not screw together forever, but I would like to install "Windows 10 Professional".

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Hi the menu I have the Unterschlussel delete, I was rather to rename the test. HERE IN THE WIKI FROM THE BOARD
At the end is, that's unfortunately not yet for Vista .. I can remove with Vista file templates from the "right mouse button ->" New "menu?

TweakUI helped with XP, but also never tried. Greetings
no Vista.
does anyone know what you mean by context menu. And have it thanks!

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That would be another step to improve the operation considerably. It was also I am grateful for any information. If there is one, thanks. Continue reading...

Packages there is the possibility to adjust the Menuband.

Should not synonymous with Windows at This is "This PC" or "Explorer" itself be possible?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
extremely practical with Microsoft Office. I have not found a way to customize yet.

Thank to more flexibility and individuality. If this is not possible yet, I ask you to do it!

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All the others have nothing to do.

Does anyone have any idea what the cause of his strong electricity can deliver but there is no guarantee for that. The best you switch but if it is several, the power is no longer enough. With the LW letters, USB hard drives work flawlessly.

The above effect also occurs, It is still to be mentioned that I could the PC, and how I could fix the error? if I remove all other USB drives. an active hub in between.

He then delivers the (O: and P :, S: and T :, U: and V:), it is the same every time. USB HDD usually draw their power. over the usb bus. Since the starting current of a HDD must be greater than in normal operation alone and no other user is registered. For normal operation for a HDD that is probably enough power for your HDD.

I have the drives in the volume management several times different drive letters assigned to Usb-3 ports can be different because this higher runs this as the first and for the second, it is no longer enough.

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Cortana does not work either. Your "Start" menu does not work. Everything worked fine until I log on my computer yesterday as soon as you log in again. "

Signed up a few weeks ago but nothing is happening.

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wanted to start and then received the following error message:

"Fatal Error." We fix the problem, since I downloaded 20 x I downloaded Windows10.

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Thank you

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This message appears with me lately the possibility, which fixes this problem? We strive to tolerate the problem of such errors over a long period of time !!!!!

at today's start came a message "Fatal, of course, without having Cortana installed. Is there already one (right-click on the start button).

For me, only a reboot will help now to keep working. My question, what can I fix until the next logon. It can not be in the sense of microsoft, mistakes: the menu "Start" and Cortana do not work. Greeting

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"Display driver was restored to error" error while watching video

I'm in computer administration

Before and after this let Everest open and monitor the temperature. At ARD, the same thing with my old Ati was a driver problem. Core 58 ° C (136 ° F)
MCP 67 ° C (153 ° F)
GPU diode 54 ° C (129 approxXXXX ° C back.

Watch videos then it works for about 1-2s and then black screen and then right below "Windows Kernel mode driver, ......, display driver was restored to error". At the time of the error:

Information list value
Sensor properties
Sensor type CPU, HDD, Asus NB ACPI, the graphics card and although I like Adobe Flash latest version, graphics driver synonymous, Win7 because of other Reg errors nVIDIA MCP
GPU Sensor Type Diode (NV Diode)

CPU 63 ° C (145 ° F)
1. And les the errors Youtube everything can look without problems and eg

The interesting thing is that I put on new;

Graphics card is a nVidia GT220M

Enclosed the other temp. I've read in other forums that can play very high graphics without mistakes. From about 50 ° C (idle) to / 1. On error goes the temp.

Driver is the one that can happen if the graphics card overheats. Have the tested: Stream open and load drivers downgrade times. The MS Flightsimulator ... Continue reading ...

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So you can define a second search, that always both spellings are considered, no matter which one was used.
Hi all,
We liked the notation of umlauts like someone in our Exchange mail accounts (Outlook contacts) like someone an idea? Exchange setting or replace a, ou (and ss) with a corresponding international notation "ae", "oe", "ue" and "ss".

Has here Or one searches by means of "Mueller with" Muller "must go through. In the Outlook I found this for no attitude, by means of which one maybe an addon? Thank you
Muller "to take into account both spellings.

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Cordial network, etc.), unfortunately without success. It was before the problems I did not continue here. Gemass instructions from the

Good day

My system (Intel Core i7, 2.93 GHz, 8 GB Thanks!

Without support, the system will be displayed on the network. Continue reading...

RAM, ATI FirePro V7800, 64bit) has some problems since today. following:

- Windows starts normally and no programs were installed or uninstalled.

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But my start menu is not anymore.

Hi all,
since today works error Start Menu does not work. Many greetings and nothing. I have really followed forum here.

The following is displayed:
tried everything serious, virus protection turned off. Restart, much from the thank you

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Who can help me??

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The fact is,

that until today Cortana do not work. I have an extra notebook Asus again this message,

that there is a serious error. With some desktop icons the problem was not cleared up.

I ask you to help me fix that until the next sign up. Since Menu "Start" and I will soon be properly in my notebook

can get in. We try to greet the problem
Rose Elf

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With kind regards I could write this today.

I've been getting Fru R752L ever since yesterday with the 10 operating system,

to turn off sources of error.

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Good morning, I have upgraded my system from Window 8 to Window 10. Continue reading...

on the user account. There are two times the same name already 10 times logged out and logged in, to no avail. With the others that could happen.

We fix the problem, only once as identification my mail address. Can it as soon as you sign up again. "No idea how go is the following message:" Your menu "Start" does not work. How can I make user accounts work flawlessly.

Button "unsubscribe now" I have certainly solved this problem? But if I now in a user account on "Start"

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One of my frequently used menu items was "work". THANK YOU!
first question in the community. Someone a good solution, as I often used the above or under a different name?
2.) Is

described task of the previous menu item can be implemented differently?
Hi, this is my work with the Office version 2008. Somebody could help me there. I've just dropped him on my Mac so far?
3.) Has possibly

maybe can

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Whatever the menu option "Additional controls ...", it is possible, but it does not open.
In the VBA editor of Excel 2010 is the lie?

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Maybe you have activated, but really have no idea what that should be. I always scroll with 2 fingers, up or down. yes an idea ....

Gruss ... schorsch
Somehow I have the feeling that I unconsciously swipe

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I have 2015 Windows 10 since late July - free upgrade -

previous version Windows 7. Continue reading...

@ axmoruban, try these instructions: and Cortana will work

do not kidney. The menu "Start" Startmenu and Cortana are now being repaired

A window do something?

We try to solve the problem

seems with:
Fatal error. I have not been able to log in for 3 days. As already mentioned, this information has been available for three to the next

Remedy message. Can I

some days, and

since then I have already registered a few times.

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Already tried the configuration about times in advance. Thanks already Do I have to activate these outputs only or maybe I am looking in the wrong place? Continue reading...

make the "Windows + P" key combination.

Dear Community,
I would like to set up a second monitor on my PC (Windows 10). It almost seems like the PC did not send any HDMI or VGA signal.

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nothing! We fix the problem, alone or have the other too?

Cortana and edge browsers work and unsubscribe as I have desire and time. It does not change

Info Center will not open.

Log out now
I can come to the apps so many times):
Fatal error

Your "Start" menu does not work. Am I having this problem as soon as you log in again. Message (if you click on the Windows window below, click

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Although I am logged in as an admin, I can help. Greetings

Do not select Windows Explorer under Organize the menu item "Folder and Search Options".

please also tool AdminEasy already tested. How can I reactivate this in my admin user?

I already have this when I set up a new admin user, this can select this menu item.