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Menu arrows on Firefox and Thunderbird too large under Win 8.1

Question: Menu arrows on Firefox and Thunderbird too large under Win 8.1

Nice arrows not changed = the same size as in Windows 8 before the update to 8.1. Hello! I use Firefox in the current version of 24 and have these shown by you and can not say anything. Greetings

I did not install Thunderbird with a new profile. Otherwise, I'll try it

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Recommended solution: Menu arrows on Firefox and Thunderbird too large under Win 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I work with a Surface Pro of PowerPoint365 is much too big. Video is not a perfect match. Best in advance I have some time thanks for the support.

Screen to be set (Windows 10 settings and to be set on Windows 10 or Word and Excel 365 365? The problem is the following:

The Menuband 4 and the new docking station. Greetings, Rudolf_W

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where the problem is.

The 2. It seems that they are displayed in a big size. Where can I use this Control Panel) that the font is reasonably readable. PowerPoint uses the 2 on it.

I do not know exactly 24 "with 1920x1080 resolution.

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The win simply hangs, if you show the mouse on it! To clarify a few pictures:

- Moin hegar
Try these hints One I hope it arrived what is meant, thank you. another possibility with the help of Group Policy Editor

It would be good if you could turn that off, the thing annoying! Namely the following: all stored searches are the probl. As a result, the start menu displays the search function with a (menu) arrow.

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I then reinstall a lot again afterwards; and: does that work reliably?

I have a notebook Other programs are still working (most: Edge, Outlook, MS Office, ....) I then tried to uninstall the most recently installed programs; this did not work anymore: never-ending circling. Or what can you do

There was a recovery point to which I could return; but then had to buy with freshly installed Win10. Then started installing the programs I need so; Everything worked out wonderfully, and was almost finished. Greetings


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Otherwise, do it?

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I liked to have the same size finger fingering as when I do it directly with the mouse. On the desketop something printed hold with the finger to adjust the size of the touch-optimized menus is not known.
I eg Gruss BMOne

Unfortunately, no way to open the right mouse button menu, this is huge and therefore to scroll.

If that somehow? going
i have a thinkpad yoga with touchscreen.

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When I receive e-mail, I am informed about which e-mails have arrived. Since then I always have the system on the desktop off the window? Pictures are helpful

What is the background, but without content. But now the window background does not stay away from me.

with me is PC utilization, if that happens

How can I get started now, is not a solution. For a tip, unfortunately, imagine nothing below. Kind regards


I would be very grateful to me.

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you see the news in Firefox. So Thunderbird as a new toolbar / toolbar.


I heard there is an add-on for Firefox. The add-on Thunderbird, so that

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Even when he is waiting for the applications to be closed in the background. Can someone help me like Kringel runs but the window is not opened. Then as often as I tried Kringel runs but the window is not opened. I have the problem that sometimes I can turn off the problem ????

I did not like that on several occasions. I have the problem that sometimes wait a moment and then try again. If I want to restart computer then also tells me repeated attempts.

Hello dear professionals,
I that he waits for the applications to be closed in the background.

Thank you and best regards HeikoKlicke in this I can turn off the problem ???? I myself have the problem once or twice in the quarter and always when Task Manager does not see any application but under processes. Then I click on the icon of the firefox and TB is not opened. It sometimes helps when the box to display it in full size.

Then I click on the icon of logout and then log back in or restart completely. I am also a new W7 user. I noticed that I see in Task Manager, although no application but under processes. If it does not work, delete the process again, once processes are closed by hand.

Can someone help me how firefox and TB will not open. If I like to restart computers then says ... Continue reading ...

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Where is something to scan, a download opportunity is not visible. It is offered that I change my PC ?? Thank you
Today I have my laptop from in advance.

I would like to install the two programs (Firefox and Thunderbird) via Winboard download page. I think scanning is not necessary, is it?

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Needs to reinstall?

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The reverse is true with Getmail. Https://

Sunny weekend would be it?

Hello to all Mozilla fans. I'm looking for Thunderbird an addon to Firefox to call.

Under search engines there is always only the 2. variant


As ...

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With IsAdmin you will see immediately 2.1 operating system: Windows Vista / Windows All file sizes: 15 KBLicense: FreewareLanguage: EnglishDOWNLOAD SCREENSHOT - isadmin: index

Compatible with:
Firefox: 1.5 - 3.0

IsAdmin is a tip of our member Skorbion

System Requirements:
Windows Vista

Program Information: Version: if these tools are enabled. This is especially useful if you are logged in as an administrator and privileges have been restricted with tools such as Vista UAC User Account Control, MSDN DropMyRights or RunAs.

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Thunderbird 12 available on the Mozilla server.

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Hello together,
I have Win 8.1 installed and can
Mistake found !!! Likewise under attitudes -> attachments -> there still search? Where can i have i set Firefox. Under -> Control Panel -> Standard Programs http, https
Firefox was discontinued in the Thunderbird.

from Thunderbird Ver. 24.2 no links to Firefox Ver. Open 26.

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My lg-krebses anyway not good and long sleep and can therefore me which I can download and print out - then thunderbird could make completely new. It would be great if you could help me with a detailed text / description,


and here for
Can these instructions help you?

For GMX:
Set up Thunderbird: How to integrate GMX Mail - not always immediately or quickly report, but report determined. / can etc.

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There are currently no other changes planned by my software company to back up Firefox or Thunderbird profiles. The beginnings go to 2007 Therefore, I will briefly describe

the most essential features for "Firefox Backup"

* creates naming, the source code is absolutely identical. Backup and Thunderbird Backup were born.

If you would like to talk about alternatives, then please do not go here, here it is only fully functional for backups, but not recovery. foreword
As previously announced here two programs from the program should not be more complicated. Long story short - "Reduce Firefox for a backup program so that even the layman should be able to cope with it.

All displayed folders can be opened.

* It will all detected backup files (see naming convention above) Except for the optics and thank you. saved within the user folder. 2009's previous solution ended, though he thought, there are also enough documented cases of misconduct as soon as cross-version work is done.

These are the two programs whose functions were written with care and experience. Since I do not consider MozBackup as a viable solution for backups compressed backup files for all installed profiles for Firefox based on 7-zip. The respective Mozilla pr ... Continue reading ...

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What could 38.2.0 do?

For some time now, the two programs are starting to be painfully slow. The FF I have ever 1x the portable FF-28 and 1x because the latest FF-42, also portable. I then install offline the A.Flashplayer, latest build.started 2x restored, has brought little. Conclusion ... either I restore the previous system image in both PCs of the FF also qualm slowly.


My system: Win 7 Prof, FF 42.0, Thunderbird [Trueimage]
or I remove the A.Flash with RevoUninstaller Pro. Thanks in advance .............. pat37

Yes, I also found here, have on 2 PCs flash own removal tool, see screen

Maybe that's enough for me too?

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Starting with the Firefox 8, which was spotted days ago on the FTP servers of Mozilla and was ready for download. As a new feature, it brings a ... Read more: [Only logged in users, can link to new features, however, Mozilla closed a few security holes unobstructed some problems. Yesterday the version became official

Both applications receive little, as the new period of publication envisages]

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Under Customize View, 32 is the operating system. Many Thanks
On my 22 "sees nothing at google.

Have Vista already turned off small icons. Unfortunately, I find everything so small.

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FF 53 on a second device (should you dispose of it). AV is Antivir Free login pages etc. To understand it would be (same OS) does not show this behavior. It has occurred mMn only after the "security fade" for it to be able to test it.

In my current FF installation work on here no change. OS, Windows 10 many homepages the dropdown menus is no longer. Bitlocker Arch installation does not show this behavior. For example,

On many homepages

Are the pages secret? It only occurs in FF, Chrome is fine
Reinstalling the FF brings no change
Portable edition shows same behavior (Other profiles folder)
Empty cache, etc. does not change anything, of course. FF 53 on my Pro 64 bit creators update. active.

Java Runtime (even if logins, but I can swap time as synonymous. Reinstall also unequal javascript) is up to date. Language selections on solution suggestions?

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For professional reasons, I actually had Windows data under Linux is "/home/shortrange/.thunderbird". What problems could there be? Has anyone had experience with such an operating system move? Can I have the user data from there simply in Windows 7 in which it had worked, was a bit fumbling in some places

see also here

So I'm going to move from Linux to Windows to install 7 Professional 64bit on my laptop. The folder where the corresponding folders under "C: \ Users \ shortrange \ AppData \ Roaming \ Thunderbird" copy, so that I can continue to use the settings without restrictions?


I currently use Linux Mint 18.1 and would like to continue to use the settings and user data of Thunderbird. Thank you for your help

I had tried the test way and with Thunderbird 45.8.0 on a notebook.