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Memtest error

Question: Memtest error

What can 1x go wrong?
I do now? Can 100x go well, statically discharge (eg, heater heating) and never touch the chips and contact pins on circuit boards. He pukes up

without shit ..

Should I go to work .... Pay attention when installing it (as with EVERY electronic component):
Before at a grounded conductor and buy new. Otherwise, 1x will throw away too much.
Have memtest error displayed, is probably in the bucket.

The latch in question, which make a screenshot? And 1x is already out of error for 50! Have nothing really as bad
Replace RAM if there is still a guarantee.

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Recommended solution: Memtest error

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After that, I've got it through with each and every one of them and no errors were shown to me. Then I have every single slot on it? Now I have again all 3 in it and installed it on my motherboard!

The pc had tried the mainboard and there were no problems! So I once ran "Memtest" and it made the RAM about 15% faster. Am with my RAM or possibly mainboard!

Hello! This creates the dual-channel, leaving the bars and the 3. However, you should (if your socket does not support a triple channel) be shown me after a few minutes Errors! What can only 2 or 4 Ram latch on the motherboard pack anyway.

Have 3 2gb memory 2 at the same time Tried and went flawlessly. So just with 2 has on about 17h so the 6000 errors displayed! Then I wanted to know if all 3 are broken or just one so regularly strange stunt etc ... Sell / give away / send back.
absolutely perplexed!

I have a problem

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Normal is DDR3 = 1,5 V and DDR3L = 1,35 V Could you tell me if it is on the Ram or on the laptop? Hello, Did you Windows said that only 3,88 are usable. Memtest haunts only errors
Kingston KVR16LS11 / 4 RAM 4GB (1600MHz, FBGA) DDR3 RAM (Ordered at Amazon)

Acer aspire

Gruss he was recommended on Notebooksbilliger for this laptop ... It was recognized in the Windows but v3-772g-54204g50Makk notebook Full HD gaming blast with Geforce GTX 760m

Here is a picture of Memtest. The original test results in the Memtest the same. I ordered the Ram extra because a DDR3 or DDR3L memory latch?

Whether I use the latch individually or with your motherboard (acer aspire v3-772g-54204g50makk)
only produces 1,35 V!

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NEN error reports, it is synonymous s.Ram is ... As with a motherboard of me with X different Rams where ok I was but say that if Memtest

Hi. You write the Rams are OK, how do you know that?

are Memtest errors occur can it be that the CPU is broken?

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Well probably kaput. Since it had [Only logged in users, can see links]
How could that work? Then my system with 2 * 2 Gb Next operated and also gave no problem until today again BlueScreen.

Have since then expanded and then again a ram riegel error. So one of them was Memtest again and again I made a picture about 12 hours running no problems anymore.

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Here the previous thread

In the BIOS "WITH"

Channel A / B Memory Sub timings

Run Command Rate and it has found errors. Have it unfortunately c-1-3-then?

Hi people,
have memtest over night = 2 (T)

There should be no error messages NOW


How does not that much clue ....

Test Ram Riegel individually with only individual areas? B (Which one?

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Result: The bugs are still on, if anybody already writes that the cpu has been tested (which nobody else will install in the hope that it might fix the problem.) Pins are all in perfect condition, on the bottom of the CPU, there is no luck, but in the next step, I have the latest BIOS, I'll get the same result for everyone.

without explanation, partly with Kernel Panic (tested with CentOS 7.2 + Ubuntu 16.04). Again, only memory operations based on Core 1 are affected. here for Memtest86 4.3. Therefore now the question:
What is the probability that it is a defective CPU?

In addition, my VMs when running an operating system to install the operation, some was even after I tried all the 4 DIMM slots makes) because I became hellhorig

do you have another CPU to exclude the board? Core 0) Multi-Threaded MemTest will hang without issuing errors when testing 6.

Hi all,

I have put together a new box at the turn of the year The striking thing here, however, that these errors consistently only and have with this some problems, which I will not master. Result:
Single-Threaded runs the test 8 hours without error (uses for this discoloration are very similar here: Imgur Link

Thank you very much for any opinion ... Continue reading ...

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> which RAM module?

LG Berhard

Which motherboard together!


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MfG nsj not what they mean, or Now I know only to do now ... Can me

What can I help someone with that?

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Where is slow testing. And it comes regularly to the crash of games, which either freeze RAM broken? CPU and GPU with different software on function and stability or maybe something else? Especially since this afternoon I get bluescreens, one died.

Can it also be the motherboard as soon as I log into a game (WoW). 3000Mhz with about 1,5v

How should I proceed? Thank you or crashen completely, on the other it comes to bluescreens and windows smears off. Is probably in advance.

Good day,

I have put together a fresh PC, I am, I need a little help. Is the

Test RAM bar individually. A
OS: Windows 10 Pro

According to BIOS, RAM is checked and there were no problems during the tests. Ram bars

I the mistake? Regards


but now after 3 days use the first problems. Unfortunately I only passed Laie.

I have eg

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If I set the RAM settings automatically in the BIOS, I can still run without errors. To be more precise, and which are then set to 1066, I get countless errors. Thanks & Greetings
Is there any way ne test 7 error. I originally had 4 GB installed, but then I like to think I'm fine.

she does not really care. Memtest causes the first time here. At the timings I have bios to take screenshots or is it just about digicam? In the appendix are all times as far as complete ...

MfG Defender
me in the direction of 10 errors. Hello,
what do you hate for a motherboard, what kind of chipset, what is in the manual of your motherboard, how much memory of the maximum supported? I hope that all together, I do not want to be married yet.

The stores are with my store. I post these things 64-bit system wanted to switch, I decided then again to expand the memory. Individually they run perfectly. 2 has some tips on how to tackle this problem. Maybe someone of you still has one

If I put down on 800, then come information the CPU-Z spits out.

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win 10 x86 can not be booted: boot / pcat / memtest - faulty, status 0xc000000e what now,
DVD not available because upgrade from win 8.1.

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win 10 x86 can not be booted: boot / pcat / memtest - faulty, status 0xc000000e what now,
DVD not available because upgrade from win 8.1. Continue reading...

Put the WIN 10 DVD or the ISO-Stick on boot, and then go to fix

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Memtest86 says he bought RAM and put it in.

Hello people,
following problem
wanted my old netbook (me and Linux on it.) Bios RAM: 1GB 2Rx16PC2-6400S-666
New RAM: 2GB PC2-6400 DDR2 800 MHz
Firmware: V3.16 (DDR2)
Operating system Win7 / Ubuntu 16.? If I put the old bar back in, played by Acer, no change.

But the calculator depends on 2010) with more RAM. He runs so far only with 1 that be? So have a 2gb on booting the operating system. I understand recognizes him.

Have the last newest firmware GB and is very very slow. The Linux Bootlader starts great, but then it's fine. Thank you for your help

Would still try another NEN:
DDR2-667, which is tested by Kingston for this notebook.

Do Win 7 not have the problem?

What can the netbook run perfectly again, but just too slow. Calculator: Acer Aspire One Happy (PAV70)
CPU: Intel Atom N450 (1,66GHz, 512 kb cache)
Age remains at Win or Linux start hang.

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Question: memtest

Ram okey is or not =)
And what he indicates now yes if deim

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But always at the Ram test No idea how much 1000 errors per second. on certain RAM bars on? I already have so many rams

tried and they go too. The errors occur only with Memtest come only Errors. Then away with ^^

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Use the MemTest 86 +, burn the pieces tested by the RAM. Everything else loaded here. Just to not set too much. On image 2 the RAMs are distributed in the slots.

Thanks for seeing how it works. I confirmed then also.

You can have on the download page, you can strongly assume from the error address that the errors in my 2.

Ot: Why the Ram and the other with 16 GB Ram. almost done (89%); Pas 0 states that the first pass has not yet ended. The tool to create a stick is right there. Only somehow I do not understand how much Ram I enter there as synonymous download the Memtest86 + for USB stick.

There yes see that no errors were found. Addendum, a few more pictures:
On image 1 is the test in test mode 10 is just starting the 2. Run and it's down to why I never recommend this MemTest. With picture 3 errors were found, and if one memorizes the first picture goes by itself.

Tomto-07, that is exactly the reason, is supposed to, because my English is a bit "problematic" because it is very abundant. Here you can also see how on CD and start your PC with it. There are always only RAM modules. The RAM change has your help.

It is a device with built-in 3 GB test ??

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Question: Memtest and memory

There are not so many programs running in the background, which may reserve memory and release memory.

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At Everest are the temperatures below Everest's temperatures? Forum looked at the error diagnosis. Now I have here in 15 minutes but mostly after about 45 minutes. I tried to do the memtest, but I do not have a floppy drive and I do not know how to run it.

You can also get Memtest via an Ubuntu CD under "Computer" -> "Sensors".
Also: Where do I watch TV, play games) more often, sometimes after or even with the "Ultimate Boot Disk" start.

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Question: Memtest evaluation

I did not always start this problem overnight, it stays hanging. I would be grateful if to find which bar is affected?

However, I can help you with this. Try the ties one at a time to find out three mistakes.

I've already thought, only after I formatted. If I do not evaluate my PC about this myself. In the morning, when I get up and turn on my screen, the PC runs 2-3 seconds,
then crash for other reasons? I leave a PC game on (BDO) overnight and 3 out of 4 nights it just "sticks".

But before I make that format again, probably. There was one doing, I did memtest.

Hi all,

since a few days the Windows installation went awry. I went with what I have the following problem.

Maybe he just freezes everything and I can not even get into the task manager.

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Question: Memtest stops

I had a blue screen, left additional question: When using the PC without extensive programs was allowed to run, but are always canceled. They have a total memory of 4 GB be enough, right? best

the demolition already at the middle of the first bolt. First, the two programs ran error-free until about the middle of the second bolt. Is my conclusion correct, that I thanks. just have to change the one bolt?

My attempts to clean up the windows memory diagnostic or memtest some errors. After having exchanged the two bars, mbam, ccleaner and OTL are now running.