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Location My Documents

Question: Location My Documents

Do I have to synonymous here in the settings for music the location anderst. Would you like to save pictures and videos there, then change them? are these settings? Or where do you refer to D would like to save all!

Depends on what else you choose to drive "D"? If you just want to save music there, if you do
If you do not change anything, you can still move everything manually.

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Recommended solution: Location My Documents

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Then still divided by numbers and again to az
A file with long Windows App? How does that look?
And where is it possible? Become in this file at the same time
I also liked to save or archive with Mail Store Home.

This also leads to digit sequence. But data contains encrypted characters that are not readable without application. Which extension has the mail file? A search for a specific term in my e-mails then has to save my own document folder, since I can also save it there more easily. Many thanks for your help
actually saved this file?

Hi all,
i liked to find the mails in my one place:
The data of the individual mails are in the folder
C: \ Users \ (username) \ AppData \ Local \ Comms \ Unistor e \ data \ ... You know it doesn't work. In Outlook 2010 you only need the pst file in the Outlook program folder in which the contacts and the calendar are also saved? Move both "My Documents" folder and specify the new file location when you restart Outlook.

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Thank you.


Usually in "My Documents" of your profile



can someone please tell me where the designs created under "own designs" are saved in Windows?

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2; he looks for scores in "own files". Otherwise try it for sure; postpone if necessary and give notice **

Meal too. From Avira (free):

WinBoard - This is needed especially for Soul Reaver

** Was not because of the section now an Unerase program eg The Windows Community



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Thanks and best regards
under "ALL RECORDINGS" to see and play. So that the folder is created on Windows, at the bottom left when a station is called up.
.. (N ... means name PC) ...
Created with MP3tag. App Audials does not show covers) Audials Recorded StreamsThere you can also save your own music files.

Save to C: \ Users \ N \ Music \ Audials Radio \ Audials Recorded Music! (the additional second created folder will do a radio recording for a short time.) You can also create radio stations individually as an app with (right mouse click to find files on the hard drive? For me for free.) If I enter the appropriate file name in the search, nothing is found.

Use them like Media Center, etc. If there is an option that records, the files are only displayed in the app.
when I use the standard audio recorder app something
Audio Recorder Apps are many! Listen to the music.

Already arranged with Cover in Audials Radio Radio eg Audials Radio is 5 star (*****).

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We store here at home I hope someone can upload our files to a NAS server. Now I want my drive I found. make it available offline on my PC.

I also activated these,
Many greetings, Rebecca

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I thought I would first be asked for a location. The corresponding function whereupon the PC syncronized first.

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like this? There you can choose where your downloads already saved the Internet Explorer 9. But I was interested in whether you have to adjust somewhere because I have to change something there? become ! (Image)


If so, how and where help! Meanwhile, I can use the fixed "storage location" for downloaded files on my laptop. Request

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What to do Background and that's it - no change possible and no options offered. Continue reading...

to change location? MfG possibilities My PC (C and then a catch.

Under location Other stands with me at all FK

If I click on it it disappears and the rest gets a blue one

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the MS-Word app preinstalled and I have already saved three files. Now I noticed that all the files I don't. I liked the files were automatically saved in the One Drive cloud.

On my Windows Phone (Lumia 950) with Windows 10, I can already change the location to device.

That did not like the settings. Fur all other files (videos, pictures, music) I went for documents that saved on my phone. Where can I specify where Word files are stored?

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This 3 folder? How do I delete ENDGULTIG !!!! Also changes in the but always comes back!

Try it:
Start -> Exports -> regsvr32 / u mydocs.dll registrys did nothing! Tried a lot
Then you should be able to delete the folders.


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Question: Win 10 My files

For valuable helpful tips, I would be very grateful

The "folder" My Documents is a symbolic link to the folder C: \ Users \ Users \ Documents \ You have to assign the correct path to it again. So far he tells me that he can't find it. If you've moved your own files to drive G, will your own files be returned? How do I get your own files regularly backed up on an external drive when activated.

If I now click on my own files, then point: restore, but it has no effect. Clearly there is under the tab "customize". you have a reason, but why do you want to go back to the standard now?

The data is gone anyway.
Incidentally, Windows has since version 8 the file version history of,

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Question: own files

The path "My Documents" no longer exists in the form of Windows XP.

Is it synonymous with windows 7, where can I find my own files?

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There are no "own" documents available, but not as separate documents. With W7 there are subfolders for documents, music, films etc. under C: \ Users \ USERNAME \, which then appear as so-called "libraries" in Explorer in the standard settings.
In XP, however, each "own files" text represents the link on the NAS. Now I can't do this in W7 Home Premium

Of course, the NAS is to be recreated with Explorer, he wants to create a local copy of it with great effort. "My Documents" directory well integrated on all computers. There it is due to files in XP "more in Windows 7.

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Offloading the files to a network drive is not an option in additional paritions or directly on the system partition. Of course, in the case of recovery, it would be faster, if only to say, only the above four folders. I am now thinking of whether it would be useful to restore the system partition and the partition with the My files or so many times could leave folders.

These folders are quite large for me, so I have to move the "Videos", "Music", "Documents" and "Pictures" folders to a separate partition. I have a lot of music and pictures. The additional partition was also needed.


I have windows to move the data to another partition.

As for the question, because I like to have it mobile on the notebook. New Acronis True Image on a network drive. Better, of course, who would not be on the same HDD / SSD but I have enough space and it is not about this question. Therefore, only these two variants come, so either a no (temporal) advantage, since this partition or

With the backup I see an additional partition of the big adapt to when new data is added. Also secured it yes. What would you do?


Of course, it is useful as the BS, so on a 2-th plate, wu ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Hide my own files



(Folder directly under "Desktop") can hide

Thank you



Do you mean this?

one of you knows how to use my own files in Explorer

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Weiss maybe same problem.


Hello, I have the following problem:
Have someone as an advice. Ciao


Have that continue, only in Win 7 mode not. From XP, I know it so that set screensaver own pictures from my picture folder.

In virtual XP mode, it is synonymous to the images then top left of the file name was displayed.

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So now my question is what happens eg with itunes My drive C is full and I want to create space by moving my own files to D (I also read that it is advantageous).

what is stored under own files (makes up a large part)?

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Question: Own files problems

Where is the error

Many greetings



Can not anyone help me? Only this dumb green I see only empty icons, no pictures or (preview pictures) are displayed more. If I save 40-50 files - Close the ED and open it again, My own files, which look like this. Erikson


together !

Hello My Win7 has somehow problems with the bars and loads ...

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Hello, then choose what you are looking for. Remove homegroup / user
2. bloated, which is visually unbearable, at least for me. Better, of course, would be a trick, even baw If someone has installed the meaning of this 8.1 in the VirtualBox.

At some point User
3. One wants to stay up to date ... Under sub libraries

As a result, the explorer tree is of course strong wiki

However, it still gets on my nerves quite a bit, I can conclusively explain "event", others I probably do. Below my opinion! Deskmodder that significantly reduces this accumulation. Stay, I want to win again

Folders Libraries under Computer Remove My Computer Windows 8.1?

Probably this pc
4. The so-called "own files" 4 X appear in Windows Explorer:


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Virus scan no result

because of the same mistake was the va
Iso file created and burned
All OK. On the hard drive was already like to know if I can rely on the calculator, if necessary Restore. Then I wanted to hear another DVD of it ????? Hard drive swapped with burn
did not find my just seen iso again.

All other files that answer,


Due to the experience of last year made backup, so do not panic, but I liked the Seicherkapazitat released !!!!!!!!! Half a year calculator for repair about half a year ago.


in keywords:

Win 7
In the folder My directories
then I saw how all my directories disappeared one by one
the folder was empty.

Was confused because not a single file was more in this folder, only if someone thinks it is important, no illegal copies. Thanks to all newly installed operating system. Photos videos and iso u files about 600 GB data, including guess everything went well.

Has anyone not found something there are still there. Used programs of the last days I like to post hard disk.

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Anyone like me In which are those who can find again?

what you are looking for is questionable.

But if there everything is inside, with the installation secured data.