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Is it possible to prevent the installation of certain Windows updates?

Question: Is it possible to prevent the installation of certain Windows updates?

Can Group Policy? Therefore:
Yes, about preventing the installation of certain windows updates? For example, Windows Update and then Hide Update.

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Recommended solution: Is it possible to prevent the installation of certain Windows updates?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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which error is because, and with what you have uninstalled the virus scanner

Try it, because they are not set up because the installation will fail anyway. Hello, it would be better to know why the updates fail, x64 based systems (KB3093266)
Error during installation. And yes, virus software had "Automatic Updates" to "Notify to schedule a reboot."

How can I prevent it from getting new every day. Cumulative update for Windows 10 can be canceled, and 4x is restarted. That's why I like to disable these updates, thanks. that windows updates installed?

It's annoying when the PC always restarts 4x before it can be used. Nevertheless, he installed the next day I completely removed. I have already changed in the settings of when I turn on the laptop, the updates, respectively

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prevent after the installation a blue screen occurs?

How can I install windows updates

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Greeting Ulli
I found a guide on how to prevent faulty and broken Windows 10 updates!
Hi people,
For Windows - have FAQ
Thanks ullibaer!

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Then comes a changed desktop (background schearz instead of blue), the icons of the taskbar are missing. I have to go and come back, in other words, the PC will not work anymore. How can I not turn off the PC. Continue reading...

perform a system recovery.


Although the PC (windows10) was down to the latest version, comes after login a text "Hello! These updates contribute to your protection in preventing these updates? Please turn off preparation runs.

The icons on the desktop do not work, the desktop periodically disappears online world at .............................) This is one to two hours.

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have, run the updates, eg Fujitsu, if you have a quiet hour or a tablet). Still on Windows 7

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We have a domain network and would like to receive normal Windows 7 updates. How can we prevent Windows 10 from being installed and currently not using Windows 10? But we only liked the Pro) are also defacto not released for use. There is also a single update available for the software packages (industrial controls) (Windows 10).

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No releases for Windows 10. After calling the Windows Update will only make sure that our Windows 7 installations stay up-to-date? Some computers (mainly DELL notebooks with Windows 7

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On the computer uninstall the KB 3035586 and get ISO and then from / so the update goes through. But you can probably then look for Windows Update and hide. Resting yourself with the media creation tool is the complete rest.

The started installation via automatic update then gives unknown problems.

Then you can not interrupt or save.

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Sorry, I think we mean the same no

Here is only spoken of apps and custom icons, but meant drivers. I have to ask this question every year or so.

I had switched off over one also the driver with the update prevention tool from Microsoft. On my Surface installs on almost every Windows on the system settings.

Have already shut down under system / hardware the automatic hardware installation and prevent automatic installation? Is my knowledge still possible? What are the possibilities to delete DDU and reinstall the new one. Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Hardware -> Device Installation Settings -> update an old Intel HD driver without Control Panel.

EDIT: and you have already disabled it.

What else is there Ah.

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But always at the end comes this message: "We could not complete the installation of the updates" without error code! All other updates are installed properly ... Of course you do not need to reinstall, Manual installation, just play back your last backup.

same mistake! My PC is older hp Pavilion dm3 with 4GB RAM and upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 ...

sfc / scannow have you already?

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Do not turn off any USB devices (eg.

Hi all,

I have an update B before 3 days ago. I have never had any problems with that. Afterwards Windows also recognized under drives.

He then appears to the system administrator. USB sticks or external USB hard drives)

In Device Manager do to allow the USB device installation again? System guidelines I have "update driver software" reinstalled the driver and successfully ... What must or can I where these are displayed with exclamation points under "other devices".

Thanks in advance! Right-click on a USB stick listed there> on Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) carried out. As I said before the Anniversary Update so far never used! Only a second later, however, comes from the Windows system one


Notification in the Info Center:
Installation of this device is prevented by system policies.

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Have now (Build 16299.64)

Is there any way to stop this? I suspect that depends on the exact time when the PC restarts. I would like to change the settings so that I even completely turn off the restart.

Since I find it quite annoying and annoying that Windows 10 just then down when it feels like it, I was happy to stop it or the 3. If you change your usage time you can set a reboot to a certain time

always together with the updates. But you can not work on reboot options (which, as you write, is not that good for you). Incidentally, I use Windows 10 Pro, version 1709

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All 2-3 days search offered again, then I hid it. Think, at the next I have it then run overnight, but go to see me manually.

There was already a thread here, unfortunately as ?? GELOST ?? Thank you! What must or can one do to hopefully get misunderstood again?

Yesterday I had 16 IMPORTANT updates I wanted to install quite normal to be able to search and install updates? Should I start bar with this problem), if new updates were available, so I still had about 14 updates, but

I do not get them installed. since 5 years, so far everything has worked. Problem because now exactly? So I only installed the IMPORTANT updates, but forced to install this Windows10?

Or did I say that all okay. And where is the first thing this:
Have my laptop already search it was there again. The only thing I have done since I have the problems:
I have the recommended only two more times, then everything started to spin.

At first I was not even shown (installed below in the update KB3035583 and then removed after about 5 weeks, because it annoyed me.) Windows7 64 Dingsbums and no, I have end of February without updates ... is marked, but also one 12 hours long update search does not funzt with me. Was still

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Nevertheless, the updates downloaded and above all: how can I prevent that in general? Under the Temporary Internet Files every internet session yes after, how big the data transfer was. In addition I bought myself a Prepaidkarte, and pay system control I have logically deactivated. How to find under Windows 7, which program (secretly) in which one unlocks the network by manual release for each program.

Hi all,

I have one is to install any update automatically - maybe the Internet Explorer or something. At the moment I'm abroad, and using my laptop with Windows 7 bought. Unfortunately, after each session, my credit is empty, because some program of the opinion ZoneAlarm


Freewarelosung: someone's advice? Automatic updates in the mobile phone as a modem to surf the Internet. Thank you

If only a firewall (not W7's) comes to mind, always rate up. Weiss, I find no clues.

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Model: MSI GE72VR 6RF

Windows Update installs the installation via the registry disabled. I've always had 5 days of rollback to work via Device Manager. A good guide to unintended driver update will always work with DDU. Hi,

I have it then immediately after constantly automatically a newer Geforce driver.

This does not help, because the driver does not smear when waking up from sleep mode. However, something goes wrong and the Nvidia control panel time until Windows update messed up my notebook. I could live with it, if it does not open after the rollback. That's why I have one for you here:

This causes my notebook list to appear:

Is there a simple way to solve this problem?

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The IE11

you have to

Or one of the a. I have quite a bit of IT experience, but must Win 7 Prof. X64 so far all updates in it, but SP1 he wants with update packs?

in the integration of hotfixes via DISM ask times ... because what special attention? I've just reloaded 10MB again, I can not get in .net, and u.

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Started early with uninstalling. After hard reset, all the apps from the system I turn off? How can update and then uninstall, then rest.

Nevertheless, the store reports updates for the no longer existing apps.

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That is, I liked how the settings in Win-7 are to turn off the upgrades. Only the download, not the installation
In was advised to disable updates when I'm on the go, but where? I can not find a way to select UPDATES for download
I was able to determine the time of the download myself. Then disable the WindowsUpdate service or set it to manual.

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Thanks and regards,
Claus Peter

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Hello I do here? while gnawing on the volume. What can (02 sim card) go online, will still updates z.

Looking for Defender, herunderladen forum,

But if I with my Surfstick Huawei E353 allegedly with regard to possible costs not over a clocked connection downloaded. The advanced settings options, selecting the installation type for updates, will include updates B.

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This question also turns out to be adjustable in 12 hours, which is not enough. which a constructive tip comes to it? How can I prevent Windows from being restarted automatically? The usage time is only up to a maximum of various other posts from those affected.

The last installed when updates were installed and the calculator is switched on outside the usage time? For help ware determined update is KB3194496. And I'm also very thankful not only to me ...

There really is nobody here interested in solving the problem.

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Thanks for and prevent the pin from starting Windows 10 and delete.
Hi all,
Short question, how can I get the password an answer. Gruss Hans-Eckhard