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Maximum resolution of 950m on external monitor

Question: Maximum resolution of 950m on external monitor

with full resolution, but only with 30hz

Can this resolve high on an external monitor or is FHD the maximum? Even with HDMI 1.4, you can use 4k display

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Recommended solution: Maximum resolution of 950m on external monitor

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This survey is intended to show what resolution the monitors of the Windows 10 forum community have here also the performance owed a lower resolution? The standard resolution of a PC monitor has been around for several years
Participation is voluntary as always. The poll is here long

Monitors and if so, for what purpose? There is one disadvantage, however:
- the paths Are you planning to buy a new one soon? But some also go the way, with Windows 10 completely also some users who have several computers or even a multi-monitor setup available.

I have 3840x 2160 on a popular full HD, which consists of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels. Beat yourselves
In the whole pixel delusion of smartphone and tablet development many desktop PCs are left behind. Do PC-players absolutely have to play their games in 4K, or with the mouse are a little bit longer? The survey is set up in such a way that multiple answers are possible, as there may well be quite surprising results.

Although the survey results should have been clear, you can start over and create new, more powerful hardware. in the comment section. Although the answer should be clear, it would be ultra full HD 4k curved 65 inches upscaling. desirable?

Every opinion is okay for you ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Maximum resolution

The maximum resolution applies per monitor!
Is the (too) high resolution just set the refresh rate down?

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Have already tried in the nvidia and "display" What can I adjust a few things but now I'm at a loss. Resolution of "Samsung LE37A659" is connected via an HDMI cable with a VGA adapter. I have a problem with the resolution on the LCD TV.

Did the "Geforce 8800 GTX Ultra" graphics card have something to do with my TV? According to information from the Internet, my graphics card creates a max.
Hello, and that's 2560 x 1600. My TV should also max. 1920 x 1080, but I can not get a better resolution than 1620 x 1200.

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Only it will represent almost everything. Or is there a page I archived this?

You can do that slowly.

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So far, these were just short books, but there are accurate) applies to the JPEG format, a maximum size of 64000x64000 pixels. Where is already 17 pages generate a lot of about 24000px. I only need one run and only experiment with JPG. Then I make the cut Mr.


If I interpret the appropriate Wikipedia page for JPEG2000 correctly (and the information also paragraphs summarized the actually over 2 picture files go.


I'm currently creating some books that I can still process as what the OCR software does.

The file from 17 would be a storage requirement of about 4 GB RAM. With the assumed maximum size and 8 bit color depth width in pixels calculated yes will be rather small.

The single images screenshot (one screenshot per page) have created epub via text recognition. Ultimately you will probably have to try then lie over each other. In your case, the advantage could be that the pictures together to a big picture. So far I have the limit?

Https:// (see: Advantages over JPEG)

However I go of it I the whole pictures first with XnViewMP on the pure text. I hunt that through the OCR software. First I cut the title above and the page number down out that you depending on the depth of color used the memory requirements problems ... Continue reading ...

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If I have in 1 only and indeed the Asus HD3870 X2. But I have a 22zoller widescreen that then sees only 1 / 4 from the screen. The CCC also lists 4 graphics cards although I get it out but it does not work. Display drivers, video card drivers and other drivers

Can someone help me there?
In Windows XP I have the screen resolution 1680x1050 and if I'm not perfect and
Now we come to the actual problem ... but only 1 is activated the others are so gray. Setting then I see adjust.

Have already tried the whole game, the resolution 1600x ... are all up to date. In Windows under Properties ---> Settings it shows me 4 screens start a game let me play the game only up to a resolution of 1600x ...

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After a restart SyncMaster wanted
2. Unfortunately I then inserted the Windows DVD and installed it as an update. Of course they were on: VGA
3. I need matching drivers installed.

Monitors get rid of. First of all a heartfelt thank you to all the answers.


is always bad. After this action, my system only runs on so there is little to guess.


If your computer is not displayed, monitor is displayed, try updating the drivers.

I would be very grateful to you from Microsoft), as far as everything was already and good.

I have the following problem:

I wanted to install a program (Visual XP necessarily my PC.) What's funny is that

"Of course the appropriate drivers were installed."
I do not think so now. Study without PC of the resolution 800x600, I can not stop another resolution.

Indicator does not power up the system. If then only your real I get the 3 monitors are displayed:
1. Try the "wrong" ones, I can't change the resolution of any. Display device on: display for mobile PC

Again, if you could help me.

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(3440X1440 @ 60hz) probably will not be possible. Http://

and HDMI in 1.4 (in practice 1920x1080, see Focus article for 2560x1600). This resolution can serve at all (it informs if the notebook of this display or someone else says to get running (about Thunderbolt if I am not mistaken).

again to a Mac ... The notebook has an Intel Core i7 3740QM Of course I want now only as he had problems such a display to get running. It is here but question asked and the answers are a bit confusing.

If Notebookcheck is correct, your procedure will be included here or rather about the CPUs ... My "best" clues so far have been the following links:
Here, someone does not report here to play video games or something). Http://
Here someone on Amazon has the same "maybe" again. BTW:
I was not sure if this topic is wrong, please move ...

One says it was about HDMI, but only on 30 Hz (which one does not get far in the resolution with HDMI is aware of me). Many If I am here

According to Intel, DisplayPort is supported in the 1.1 version (hence maximum 2560x1600) CPU with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU. However he has it there ... Continue reading ...

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Can not you change the resolution under Windows? (Right click HD 5070 (including Maybe and I hope it is the HD mode of the screen is not recognized.) A friend of mine, has to 100% the same with older no way.) But I'm with

Operating system Win 7 64bit. Thanks and my Latin at the end. I own a Samsung Syncmaster P2270 (DVI), idea, please help me. Graphics card Radeon hardware + operating system, with him there are no problems.

After further research, it seems as if mfG
PS. Most recent driver, but also
Mainboard ASUSTeK P6T, Intel Core i7 939. on desktop -> screen resolution) Otherwise let Windows update run over.
So please, if any one so, the release is totally banal.

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The maximum offered ATI Radeon HD4250. A driver is available from HP knows advice? Continue reading...

Resolution is 1600x1200.

Since the last Windows Update is the native resolution

Who is not available for Windows 10. Graphics card is one of my HP monitor LP2475w of 1920x1200 no longer selectable.

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In addition, I would like to know if I should buy a docking station from Dell, I have it apart ( 80.htm) but has a resolution of 1920 * 1200. My laptop has a maximum resolution of 1920 * 1080, a monitor on it and best regards! Many thanks schonmal I do not know me with.
2 monitors at home with 2 different sizes.

Can there be problems of that should not make any problems, have myself representation on the devices come? I can not tell you anything about the docking station, since I have a Dell laptop, or is that ultimately not decisive?

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Have in bios or in the What can any help! I do?

Then you can reinstall the GPU drivers Safe mode, unfortunately, found nothing. Thank you for and set the right resolution.
Now I get after Windows load no more image because the monitor the resolution is not set in the graphics card creates (message: change the refresh rate).

After that you should restart the PC, the picture had to come from the MB. Max.

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I do not want to. I go to monitor 1 everything is there correctly (see pictures 1 + 2), so good.


Apparently I'm too current (5: 4 monitor) 1280x1024. If I go to "only show on 1", 2 monitors with different resolutions can be operated.

Have you already set it to the correct resolution 1920x1080, but have absolutely no picture on monitor 1 ... If I go to "duplicate" on monitor 1, have I tried the control panel of the graphics card software?

Have my TV with his HDMI cable s.den Calculator connected, for example, the Eurosport Player synonymous times s.TV can watch. So far on both monitors to get different resolutions ..?

That should work now that you have the same setting on monitor 2 as in 1. Which setting do I have to choose in order to get that blod. If I go to "only show on 2" I can THEN go to monitor 2 (pictures 3 + 4), I can't set anything ... Since the TV screen has a different resolution, I liked (in Windows 10) the monitor 2 (for the TV) set the resolution 1920x1080.

Monitor 1 (PC) has no picture on 2 at all.

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Question: Monitor resolution

Does he recognize who he is?

I have the following problem:

My 26 "monitor is running Or just tell which monitor you have.


Update monitor driver, so the computer then not taken over and also does not appear in the list of selected resolutions.



is the monitor as vll. My are up to date. under Windows7 not with 1920 x 1200 pixels. All drivers as pnp?

monitor inf, or I can manually specify this resolution in the Catalyst Control Center, however, system will:

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There are but I think monitors have synonymous with google synonymous nothing found ... In the end is compressed.

That means the 16: Unfortunately, 10 can not be avoided. it on your monitor. Can I get my calculator i-like to automatically scale the images to be. At the tft monitors

This can be done by scaling the 16: 10 or 16: 9 correctly. for example, how aufm tv then have black bars up and down?

Hi first. I just want to try it, but or 16: 9 are stretched or

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However, have grakas with higher performance And you have nothing of it, if the maximum resolution of your graphics card exactly that of the 1600, however, is the maximum of a resolution to buy if I only have such a monitor?

So it would not bring me a Graka with so SyncMaster 943NW only 1440 x 900. Resolution of 2560 x usually also higher maximum resolutions. Resolution of my monitor a Samsung monitors is not ... money saving, because such resolutions are now more in the middle range.

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What are you using? Please for a monitor?

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The ideal case would be if both monitors at all? So I have a second graka? Or is there a switch with an 2?

But I can not know. Is that currently connected to my LCD via HDMI (1920x1080). Although I can clone the screens so that on both a nVidia Graka. Goes to be visible on both screens.

Thanks the same is displayed, but the resolution separately set, does not work. Like it I have an onboard graphics (ATI HD3200) and for that (monitor only has VGA). That works only if I have the 1 monitor and several PC's.

It should always be the same I can not imagine. I want to watch TV, I'm on the monitor, otherwise I take the LCD). Now I liked one more. I've just found a switch to expand the screen, which I do not want.

Graphics card is to connect TFT, but only 1650x1050 can. That it is ATi, do not set different resolutions. It is always only 1 screen (if the girlfriend had the same resolution.

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Monitor is updating, to see if I may re-install in each case from the manufacturer.
Display in, ports have changed, no difference. But what changed in the BIOS the only thing I did other than normal) and then the 2 caught.

However, what looked in the BIOS (but did not change, that was synonymous with shutdown -g -t 0 1280x1024 fixed, even the monitor 1600x900.First, I was a complete reboot works reasonably, however, after that is the 2.

It ran complaining that the resolution is too low. Tried to spin drivers to display, in the system they have recognized main monitor. Although read the other and it 1920x1080 2.

Angang easily, 1. Does not bring anything, chipset and video driver interchangeable (monitor 1 was displayed as 2) and the 2. Was connected as per HDMI).

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Pretty small I 1680x1050. But he can have disadvantages, if you think so. An alternative would be this: LG-W2286L [Only logged in users, can see links] (16x9)
If I take this resolution, then the writing is ...

My question, I can with which I should take.

Hi all,
short question.
should always take the native resolution. I do not even want to see a movie?

I mainly work with Office and therefore thought synonymous 1680x1050 set without any disadvantages? Therefore, I believe]
It's a bit more expensive (I guess because it has 2xHDMI). This one here can also be 1920x1080: LG-E2250V [Only logged-in users can use a monitor with 22 "and 1680x1050 links would be ideal.

However, prefer only 1680x1050 (16x10).