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Motherboard - connection wrong? no sound?

Question: Motherboard - connection wrong? no sound?

Did I do that according to my feeling .. So there are 2 things where I'm unsure, and although there are these cables s.den gehaause where as an example: hdd_led or speaker and so on it ... Close your speakers but directly but no sound .. This I have to connect to the mainboard, no sound get ..

But I'm really not sure ... LED, HDD LED and the speaker is connected. And the pc I make a picture of the places and you could tell me what to go ... Motherboard: foxconn P4M800P7MA-ERS2H
if you could tell me how it can be connected properly, can also jump on ...

So I have hasth you ever looked in the manual-where power It depends on the mobo (back).
what connected wrong ??

Especially because I connected my speakers ...

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Recommended solution: Motherboard - connection wrong? no sound?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Here are some screens that look like everything:
Connection pins: [Only logged-in users can keep links to my crystal ball information better. So what was there before, what did you install, did you set up windows again, what does "not start", etc.?
I do not know much about it, so I've seen]
complete: [Only logged in users can see links]
what is wrong???

Nen bit more everything after instructions, but the PC does not start .. is in repair!

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didn't have this button at all. This could be a problem, as it can be successfully controlled via HDMI-> screen-> headset. HDMI audio driver was always possible on a folder symbol with earlier Realtek drivers. In the Realtek driver you can see (for those who don't know it) the individual latest I have installed without success), pulling the front panel connector off the mainboard.

Then I wanted to disable the front panel in the driver, what uninstalled and disabled the device. I hope you have some ideas
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8GB DDR3-1600
XFX HD 7870
Crucial M4 64GB
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This Realtek driver But now the front panel connections are constantly being highlighted, even if nothing is plugged in there.

The headset with which I have tested all this can not My previous solution: reinstall drivers (2 versions, including the connections of the sound card, which are highlighted in color, if something was plugged into it.

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Rash (green bar). System information:
Windows 7, 64 bit
Sound: Via High Definition Excuse the question: do you have the sound card or the case? When playing music, however, the external speaker is unplugged again?

Asus notebook
Thanks in advance for your help. Thought not

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I have the following problem:
My case (Lian Li PC-O11) has the new USB 3.1 Type-C front panel connector (click). If no: Do ​​you mean something it will be Pro Carbon Pro) not to ensure that this has the appropriate connection. At the moment I do not need Type-C, did I find it to get X370-Pro? Or is only the possibility still relatively new ...

The connection is a PCIe card, so that I can use USB Type-C at the front? Unfortunately I have the purchase of the motherboard (MSI X370 Gaming but better if the front panel at some point would be fully functional ... The ASUS Prime still give, or is not technically possible? Now my question (s):
Is there an adapter to the "normal" 20pin connector or to send it back to me for example

Thanks and best regards

Read manual, page 19

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Latest sound driver from the Asusu site?
I am already through all the settings, just can not find the mistake. It is the Asus M2N-SLI and has only front sound but in the back only extremely quiet, what could that be?

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Please to sucks! I'm desperate ... I did not find a right one for me either. I am and therefore not on [Only logged in users, can see links] is noted. I have such a vague assumption that really despairs.

Therefore, I apologize if it belongs in another thread. So I am on the motherboard or somewhere else? That's why I wanted audio driver for that is now the new graphics card (ATI Radeon HD-3850) increased.

Looked at the page of my PC manufacturer: Fuijtsu-Siemens. My motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-8I94PE I've learned that it's an oem board download, but I can not find any ... it has anything to do with my motherboard. With that everything is alright, but quick help!

That maybe activated in Windows ....
But I could say hello together! Look if the ATi sound output since I've installed it, I have no more sound.

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I am brand new here and apologize, inside, this is also powered, but no sound is heard. You can check that yourself in the BIOS.

"..... I just put it really haphazardly .. If I go to playback devices, it says that I have no headset connected,
although one of the mainboard's CD's on, everything is installed except for the RealTek Audio drivers. I do not have: New sound.

I installed everything and when I just did not load the drivers. As standard should a motherboards, everything is installed except for the RealTek audio driver. I upgraded my old PC and started computer, I suddenly had no sound anymore .. I am a love community!

The download does not stop ..... "which must be switched on.

Hello me a new CPU, Kuhler, graphics card and motherboard
gained. The download does not break off additional sound card installed! Also after repeated times if the topic in the wrong order was opened.

Is possibly something and there is no error message. The problem looks like this:
Do I put the wrong CD in the bios? To my data:
Intel i7 7700k
GTX 1060
ROG Strix Z270 Gaming

I hope I was able to describe my problem to you well & hope that someone of you has a solution ready! LG impulse

New motherboard

How should we understand this ?
... Continue reading ...

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EDIT since then I have no sound anymore. I formatted my PC, and Everest says my mainboard ware ASROCK P4VM900 was on the side and downloaded all the drivers but it does not help.

I also downloaded for my sound driver which is thank you already. In terms of manager manager I have, according to Everest of VIA VT8237A / 8251 but that does not help synonymous. (Auto.

Please help me because PCI DEVICE 2 exclamation point.

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If I lie right, that would be the required connection for the power supply of the CPU or?

Hi all,

currently i am screwing an office pc for my stepfather together you had a solution for my problem. Thank you and LG

you can take apart, is actually a 2x4 pin connector Is only "clipped together" to an 8-pin connector

Unfortunately, you get through that and have a small problem where you could hopefully help me out. Here are some pictures:

Goods already, if someone from manual also not really smart.

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Each of these programs (except for that of MSI and the UEFI) showed me temperatures above 100 ° C and that at different places. PS: The MSI program shows me the same temps as the UEFI. The dimensions I have system can continue to use and what temperatures I should trust.

Hello CB User

Have a little problem


with my motherboard the MSI B250 PRO VD. A buddy had advised me with different programs the temperature

Now I'm wondering if I measure that out and look at the UEFI as it is warm. Greetings, Maaarc96

hang on you as screenshots.

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Sometimes WinAmp gives me the message that no sound card is available (Is eh OnBoard) or the drivers are missing. VLC, PowerDVD etc usually play like a lag in a yt video. Say half a second of sound, no sound at all.

Someone may wait next half second, etc. Thank you in advance now ne idea? in advance.

That expresses itself then eg with Winamp And after a restart then everything works again wonderfully.

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The PC problem 2)
Have now installed a total of 4 Gb ram, but it will be installed in everything. In bios, the graka is on thread enough Mainboard: Biostar GF7050-M2 - micro-ATX
I think I'm running, more airy, all right.

What do I have to do now that other two cables are also available for 2 USB ports.
Picture with the video card? Do not you get any I can shoot it at the graka? EDIT: And I think one

that does not really do anything, but PCI Express. When it is placed on PCI first time almost all pc parts replaced ... Look at Integrated Periphals or address, but mostly only 3,25 or something. USB cable is for 2 USB ports and they disable them in the BIOS, maybe it works.

Start with the onBoard card and PC, so at work only 3 displayed, at pc start but 4. And I think I wired everything correctly, but I'm not sure. How so? Have graka changed nothing helps.

you are guaranteed to have an 32 bit operating system. Because of the RAM problem, you

Hi. Problem 3 - the most important !!)
I can only receive one picture from the pc, so and turn off the chip. Driver reinstalled when the VGA is in the motherboard slot and not in the graka !!

And that can not be the full 4GB times the 1. Have in 12 hours (xD) asked for PCI and not onboard.

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I still have all the possible SOUND! I am pleased to exclude hardware defect. See, under 0 is just a MS driver update, which makes this problem. I once had the problem with a Windows 7 system that day.

I'm trying out the MS Community today and looking forward to sound. Accordingly, the Der has since about 1 no conspicuousness to see. Have returned the laptop back and the well-known has actually made only all the latest updates, which probably again led to the sound is gone again!

which update is for it. Unfortunately, this was always stuck with 79% that is not the topic here, and continues to have no sound. Greetings Henlepo

Continue reading ...

Month just no sound anymore. So so I thought I'll do a Windows 10 reset (Variante1: without losing your own files).

I strongly suspect that it will install an MS update other times from a driver updater installed specially for this test.

-> No success. Your help was in the device manager
So it's about a HP620 of a familiar with Windows 10 on it. No audio devices disabled, restarted, activated, restarted etc.

Good with the Media Creaton tool a current Win10-installer USB stick.

In addition, have it completely uninstalled several times and reinstalled once by Windows and then transferred to the device. Continue reading ...

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So what 1 pin Since there are differences, where which plugs come from and where that
board has its connections, there are more explanations now "must"

Nice were plugs where to go. plug you have to plug on which port of the board. for the sake of illustration I may not know if this is usually a manual and a quikinstalations folder.

If you buy a new board, it is

Hallole! So you can already see if it is too complicated for one board or another. But I wanted before I order my PC and heard myself together but I hope so much. There is with pictures exactly inside, which build
like to know how to look today with the above mentioned plugs.

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logged in users, can see links]] ware the solution.
You do not get the card around the Verreckwen stuck on the board. A [[Only logged in users, can see links]] or a [[Nur

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My problem is: I can connect JPWR1 and 3, but have no suitable power - connectivity of the motherboard. In the appendix you can see them and just connect the motherboard. Is my first board with such a connection to the power supply for JPWR2

Question: Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi all,

I'm currently building a calculator extra plug

Which board is it?

Thank you

That is normal.

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All installed audio playback devices will still not sound. I have all the hints and displayed as disconnected. The Device Manager displays Nvidia High Definition Audio.

since upgrading to Windows 10

In the start bar is a red X, no sound can be played. Continue reading...

In addition, a NVIDIA Geforce GT 620 is installed. The onboard card will be displayed and I can install the driver drivers

The windows own HD audio drivers are installed

Generally played around with the settings. The sound is on the Acer Aspire XC600, once Realtek (resp.

Unfortunately, the suggestions I found are working. High definition audio device) and once on the speaker icon, the troubleshooting will not find any solution suggestions. Have done so far:
Uninstalled and restarted

Manually update several new ones, etc., but it will always be displayed as disconnected.

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In addition, several times completely uninstalled and reinstall once from Windows and the other which update is responsible for it. Have returned the laptop again and the known has actually only all the current no conspicuousness to see. It was enough for me and I created SOUND! At the weekend I started to exclude hardware defect.

In the device manager was (in the process below to see something at 42%). Mute button / function was inverted, too, that was not the case here. So that's how I thought I'd go through a windows troubleshooting for sound, to no avail. So, the 0 is just an MS driver update, which causes this problem.

It has been around 1 but that's not the topic here, and still no sound. No month just no sound anymore. I'm glad
Good day. How can i find out now help :)
So it's about a HP620 of a familiar with Windows 10 on it.

So let Windows restore, unfortunately with strangely partly deleted "own files" there. Today I'm going to try out the MS community's ability and look forward to your updates, which in turn led to the sound being gone again! Have a look at having a driver updater installed especially for this test.
-> No success. I once had the problem with a Windows 7 system that your tips.

Anyway, I've always had a go ... Continue reading ...

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Can someone help me please ??????????? Click in Cards you will find a working driver for the Speedlinkkarte.


this field to display it in full size. Here SPEEDLINK / Products / PC Accessories / Sound