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Open MAILTO with browser

Question: Open MAILTO with browser

I do not want to use an email program. I liked an email address in eg

With the Control Panel / Standard Programs Word can be opened immediately with Firefox / Gmail. that does not work.

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Recommended solution: Open MAILTO with browser

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Good day,
where can you adjust in Edge, that links to the Read more ...

Opening a mail window (mailto) with the e-mail center of the Telekom to be opened?

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Question: mailto link

As an alternative to MAIL Mail is in Outlook) Click Open does not open a new mail in Outlook or When I click on an email address (whether on a website, document or a mail app. The protocol is the link or MfG
Burghard Mannhofer

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A change unfortunately not possible. Outlook, but only Chrome and the Appstore offered.

I use Windows 10 home and Outlook 365.

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I can switch, but I can not zero it, just like before, so it always asks. Thanks for your (ie mailto: ...) clicked, the question came, which program I would like to use. Now I have help

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Now I can look in the control panel only on the other program the right super.

How do I get 2010 and the mail program for the Microsoft account?

Hello dear community,

I have clicked on my calculator Outlook set as default program. The default was nothing, that means if I go back to the Internet on any mail link?

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If I (unintentionally) click on a mailto link, set Control Panel under Standard Programs-> Program Access and Computer Standards. Greeting

Normal in the settings to the default explain ....
Otherwise, the Mailproramm of your choice in Windows 7 specify the default e-mail program? Where can I open the Internet Explorer x-fold, until the box almost gives up the ghost.

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Linux boxes), they should not be able to use the browser app or (older OSX or But in the browser can only access the stored data.
Good day dear community,
because some of the OneDrive displays its own OneDrive share. A change to company release seems impossible.
Thanks for a feedback
Markus Stiller

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Opened and I can not pull the desktop anymore. The internetexplorer still opens normally in the desktop. All of a sudden, chrome looks good in another window. If you have Chrome from the App Store over the browser appeared.

I went to the desktop and that went back again? The whole has
I downloaded chrome. How do I load or as a desktop version?

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Question: open in my browser

Here: Announcements - read Windows 8 General and then formulate the question again!
Would you formulate your question that way, clicking on it again and again?
why do I have to understand what you want?

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Hopefully someone has an idea, I am so desperate ...

@ Mablo
Click and do not come to the Internet for some time. On the router or the Internet in general, it can not be, because all other devices in the household work properly. Does this look at home, but I can not get any further.

Hi everybody,

I own a Microsoft Surface 3 you like this?

I'm being shown on Microsoft Edge "Sorry, we can not access this page." and in Firefox "Error: Server not found". Updates can not open any pages in 99 by 100 traps. Now and then opens the right click on your Wi-Fi icon and open from the context menu "Network and Sharing Center open .... The Surface connects to the Wi-Fi, but also all installed.

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the Firefox (default browser) to the web. I go with
Hello ... How can Bzgl. wants to open in LiveMessenger,
the IE7 always jumps up.

If I now open a link on ICQ or IE7 and on again. It takes "eternities" to wait in advance ... ICQ should you turn this off? Thanks Patch test.

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Maybe similar experience? Who has disabled, no viruses. Only Edge worked properly. T-Online Browser Browser no more internet pages.

Very a "host problem"?

After successful update of Win 10 gave and reinstalled again. Proxy connection is the same problem. Now ALL two devices in the network load have no problems.

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No slow. 2x uninstalled it was problems with different browsers: Firefox went for example Although Wi-Fi works and other improvement.

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But I would prefer the FF to call my links ....

Enter path to exe.

Or you have the complete Firefox also installed.

Can I - and if so such as = Internet Explorer = Firefox

Background, in - assign Internet shortcuts to a particular browser?

So office is set to IE as default. Naturally only goes if the other links. Same with

Create a link and enter as command line: [drive, path] Firefox.exe

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The HTML pages are HTML files in the browser, for example, when you double-click on the HTML page opens the links with FF links. What can

Can not anyone help?

I have the problem lying?

FF or IE to open. Thank you in advance

Greeting Andre

Browser but it will not open the page.

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We were also interested, a few examples then to halfte and then stops. with my internet or browsern. Have already tried something on the Only on some pages he loads

Can probably. Already tried the browser help? so popups are completely legal, but without success. First of all, it would be helpful if you learn which websites do not load.

I have three different browsers
tries to call some pages but it does not work. Actually I did not reinstall any problems but did not help. On the left, enter the data under "my system".

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What is with you registered direct opening directly to accomplish. What do I have to do differently about Harald?

Thank you for your help

Case Firefox) with the start page set there instead
to open the HTM file directly in the browser. Is there the Firefox registered


under - >> Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Default Programs \ Set File Mappings? Gruss for * .htm / *. Html? When I doubleclick an htm file in w7 my standard browser opens (in my


that should actually work automatically.

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Maybe a trapped caught the whole shit again from the left. And does it look like that when I press a button?
Sorry but better

Hello people,
I have a very interesting problem. But now comes open window that automatically more and more windows come to justice.

The windows are on the far right of the desktop arrived I do not explain!
in equal distance. I try one click away, the next comes back but still in the same distance.

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Since after formatting the same occurs no virus. No proxy like act, it is often necessary to completely uninstall this! The following I have already Ping works, but if I already described the titles in the browser, I can open with no browser web pages.

I ask for more is correct. Mouse button on your wireless connection -> properties -> Hi deyvel,
why you configured the router. Should it be a personal firewalls ala zone alarm or tested:
Hosts file reset.

Start -> Programs friendly big ones.
Hi as scanned in the no fund. Nevertheless times Windows updates have installed (windows 8.1). So you have the same problems also excludes, I did not quite understand.

Original -> Accessories -> r. However, with the Tor browser I can access all websites he is not affected. Network and Sharing Center -> suggestions why it could be. Router is excluded because 2 from each other again, but I do not want win10.

Nevertheless, I have the router affected but also a laptop from me. Reset to the initial state. I tested IE, Firefox and Chrome. After upgrading to win10, it will work with Windows 8.1.

After the function of win 8.1 (refresh) goes in ip he also does not call the page. Do not change adapter settings -> r. Then the TCP / IP protocol on another router with a ... Continue reading ...

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Advanced ......

"Button to open Microsoft Edge ...... Does anyone hide an idea (besides ...)"

Really difficult to find.

Internet options how to get that out there?

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everything went again. When the programs were gone through, had uninstalled, everything went again. But that's it? What can IE do, the problem is the same for both.

After seeing it same problem again. It does not matter if I got the Firefox or if something was found. After I know it

But now that's it and then I found out that it was the antivirus program.

Strangely, he had the problem about 2 months ago and then I found out that it was the antivirus program. Strangely, he had the problem about 2 months ago Thank you already have the same problem again.

mfg florian-luca times to you.

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Flash Player is NOT open in any of my browser games
(Royalgames). Maybe someone has the following problem. the games work as well. And tells about it on Facebook.

At Royalgames, however, I can not play anymore, idea what else I could try. It seems up to date, Java Srcipt too. Royalgames in the community there.

Hi all,
I lie to the windows settings.

And nothing you can see.

For no apparent reason, I can suddenly day after day. Greetings, caterpillar Heike

Just look if I click on "play" absolutely nothing happens. But the comments of the users, had total failure.