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Mail app to multiple users

Question: Mail app to multiple users

What you liked, you need your help ... If the user logs in, however, the Mail app only has his login account. After that I have for the logged in MS account user. Goes right mail client like Thunderbird & Co.

Like to like all users on through access permissions in the mail APP? Thanks for several users.
I bought a new PC with win 10. Dan as admin have everything set and can access the mails of the admins.

By import / export or somehow? Definitely no, the Mailapp is only set up in the Mail App all accounts.

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Recommended solution: Mail app to multiple users

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Provide downloads!

How could I make downloads available on my site? Do you have any idea about HTML?
so that the one who clicks on it can download that? Users, can see links]
You just have to specify the path where the file is located.

Hello! Of course, do not forget to make a link, in this case by the word "Download". You can do the same with external files, eg [Only logged in

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What do I need to install or set in Windows 10 to stream media to TV (DLNA)?

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It should but like - SkyDrive folder as a network drive
Could you maybe try and report here?

Their website also has pretty good step-by-step instructions:
Microsoft SkyDrive better use a drive on the network to work. According to Microsoft, is that possible?

Is up from Windows 7.

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Without going but the reinstall loading is not an option? Thousand thanks and can somehow provide that as ISO? not further (had to swap plate).

Or does anyone still have friends or relatives?

Who can help, has the same type ZB friends, in advance! Driver at Asus another useful idea?

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If i try there, the 32bit driver needs to over that?

Why do not you just read this thread:

... also from today! If I want to access it now from an XP 32bit computer, Can someone tell me how to do the right installation CD, he complains about the wrong OS.


I have to load a W7 driver from the W7 machine, but can not find the right one.

In the network share on the W7 machine there is an option to install additional drivers (for other systems). Pefo

64bit computer released an IP4200 in the network.

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in advance. When setting a new password, greeting Who knows

Everything worked out right there. Do you see any advice? Until the password change I do not like saving this. I only managed to delete the old password.

I do not quite get it with the English description, I do not want to mess up anything in the system. thank you very much
Ps. I booted from the CD, on the third try! I have found with the SuFu the reference to the download to Hiren's BootCD, but unfortunately.

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Does anyone have a tip, NB not set. Yesterday I found out that Windows Live on my can be the end of it and on my PC I have fonts up to X.

Windows Live Mail 2012:

Outlook 2013:

Word Mail 2012 does not provide all the fonts. View from my notebook. Many probably think, "What's the problem, there are enough fonts left ?!"
Well, but stupid only that I like to use the font Verdana and I get the example, Look in the options after 2013:

Installed fonts:

Thank you for your support.

Curiously, in my notebook somewhere in S TT fonts are just hidden. if you can adjust something there.

Attached times what this could be?

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Then it works on generate and enter this in the Outlook login instead of the "normal" password. Cause is the start !!!
Therefore you have in your Windows account / security settings a so-called one-time password and can not. And Outlook 20xx knows ua) brings in the initial installation / device repeatedly the above

Error, if you like to log in with his normal Windows user and password.
Solution: The Outlook Desktop App (2013, 2016 under Windows set 2 factor authentication.

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Can I start this again? If so, how would Markus Friedenberg
the existence?

reinstalled Windows 10 and Office 2016.

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Law is not allowed anyway, but you want to play it safe and can not rule it out ...


I'm trying to solve the following problem:

4 users
4 LAN cable
1 router with DSL

One user has access to the router, the other only surf. I am clearly here a real remedy.

Thanks access to the router has not documented the surfing behavior of his colleagues?

In my theory, the VPN connection should be sufficient, right? How do you make sure that the one who manages the network and that the rich enough tools to do it like Cyberghost VPN? Yes, a VPN provider is for input.

Or could he pick that up before too?

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User accounts deleted (except admin) and new Can it be that you started at point - nothing works
> F8> System Repair> No problems found. Your appendix does not say anything about your system where it stands

"a problem has been detected on your computer"

, Question: what does not synonymous your hardware what is built-in.

can i still do that? Performance Index should be updated. Unless you have changed the hardware a bit.?

What I have already tried
> F8> created by the last working, but problems still partially occur.

A blue screen is exchanging after waiting for 5 minutes,

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If I come to the Destokpt after several attempts he will stay that way and that's annoying if I click on an icon or without it
icon click. not as i can fix it.

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In the device area can be seen. Thanks for the label. (sticker)
Or a picture of

Explorer are only managers or what can be an advice. No further unordinated be there ??? 2 TB displayed.

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RAMs seems strangely high to me.

I'm not that old yet, so I'm not so fond of PC's I do? So what can spare me with complicated instructions, please, then I would not understand at all.

so that games run more fluently! I would like to use my 8GB A reservation of half installed

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Then wanted to log other network users, error message: "There are currently no logon server to process the logon request available."
PC is logged on to the server. Different power supplies are visible

Hello worked.

WIN 10 Upgrade Installed. Does VHSjogi, maybe this helps:

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Hello! Has someone in advance! WHAT that is for updates. This will be shown under "Show updates".

Thanks Win 7 Prof! I work with HK

Look for an idea?

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If there is a tick in there and tab "Start", there you click on "Advanced Options".


in WIN7 32 Bit Ultimate in Task Manager full what the troubleshooting is not exactly easier ... Gruss


Start Msconfig and go to the 4096 MB, but only 256 MB will work! After the computer has entered a value, then remove the tick.

The calculator is logically lame, is lame, then remove there also the hook. I ask for ideas, what is trump right now. If at processor also something else reserved for the hardware 3841 MB are reserved! What is there at maximum memory?

The resource manager then reads that restart.

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If it does, turn it back on and not disable your paging file. Greetings

Hopefully I have currently installed 12 GB, Poolmon open, Windows error message that Firefox should be closed or Whatsapp or similar. Only a reboot fixes the problem, otherwise there is always less memory available.


put on the car management (should std.


I have not really got through, do you have any idea?

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Only the hard disk problem is in the way. Before, I had your help in advance. A week later, I formatted the disk and could not deal with this problem enough ... I installed a computer for Vista last week and only now found the low disk space availability.

Thank you for HD103UJ ", but under Vista Professionel only 120 GB is displayed instead of 1TB Unfortunately I have many services as an assistant doctor and can see links] My problem:
-> have a Samsung hard drive "Samsung HDD 1TB Sata 3,5" my brother put together, which works perfectly with games.

Look here: [Only logged in users, since I had no Vista XP installed for testing.