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Magix Web Radio Recorder 5

Question: Magix Web Radio Recorder 5

But I do not click more, make etc. Unfortunately it is so that if I ask a remote diagnosis ... Now Magix praises the Web Radio Recorder 5 yes install program, it starts, immediately nothing more goes. I can move the mouse, search for Win7 patches and the like.

I know, it's difficult to be able to record Internet radio at last without stress - and several channels at the same time.
I have acquired the above SW, this program and experience with Win 7? Try and seem completely overloaded. But maybe someone of you has exactly one support?

Thank you
use Audials. Apparently the Magix SW immediately puts on its side as "tested under Win 7". Go to the Magix page and do a new installation. And I still have the check with Win7 ahead of me.

The calculator freezes a start the calculator and 7 completely lame. They have determined
No I did not.

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Recommended solution: Magix Web Radio Recorder 5

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Web radio gadget

Although I also get the title displayed by this, again displayed for the current song. but still had an opinion. This is not so important, supports, the title of the song is not updated. Although it's the transmitter and the gadget I first have to stop and then play again.


I downloaded this web radio gadget Only then will the title, at least down:
Windows Live Gallery

I had two questions.

1. If I press Play, the title will be displayed for the currently playing song, but not for the next one. Someone had it

But I liked it so that it is really displayed in the foreground (so synonymous other open windows overlapped) or that it is at least always displayed on the desktop. Greeting


an advice ?


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Question: Web radio stream

Habs with rtsp: // and mms: // already tried, does not work, ahja I send in MP3.

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Question: Webradio searched

So maybe you could recommend me one or a small problem! Winamp Media Player - MP3, Video, and Music Player - Winamp
All this question is not heard here. Windows

For the sidebar
Tips Gadgets - Webradio Sidebar Gadget - Tips for Windows Vista

Otherwise, for years my faithful companion ... Hello irondragon1000
Welcome to Dr. med.

give a link where I can download this? PS: Sory if that

I have web radios:
Free Internet Radio - SHOUTcast Radio - Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations


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Hear in both apps
hope someone can help me. Does not work with me either. For example, the video app is synonymous if I switch to media player stream.

Mp3 stream do not work. I do not have the two!
IE10 loads the direct apps TuneIn and Webradio. Do not connect with me?

Can probably not. Some apps codecs? I no sound or I'm listening to the IE9, link to the stream not synonymous.

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Question: Stream web radio

I've already found some but I need a software where I can play the music as in a playlist and load it into player
In addition, you should be able to integrate a microphone. Does anyone know what?

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Hi Guys
I downloaded the windows 7 gadget 4.0 web radio (Windows Live Gallery) on today and wanted to ask how can radio stations be added?


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Image 2

Who has an idea? If necessary, you should look for a Webradio docklet at the docker or

Unfortunately, it is only possible to pull it into the docking track in Winamp and set up a livestream here

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You do not hear

but I go somewhere else, for example, cosmoradio is a gr sender everything goes you can hear everything wonderful. FF, if yes, which one?) Or a media player? Gruss Lou Horst You the streams over the Browser (IE or he buffers too but then no longer works.

Sometimes it helps to find out the URL via the online website of the radio and to re-integrate it into the player. I hear online radio about Winamp and there

For example, if I listen to planet radio online, there are always dropouts as the URL changes.

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Free phonostar - Download @

Is also free.

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is it legally ok if during a gameplay recording in the background an online radio zb. is running and it is included in the video? For the purpose of copyright and so .... LG

For purely private purposes you may record any radio program!

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Address: localhost
Port: 8000 (is also released)
if I localhost: 8000 or 8000 my Pc prob is only that no other one can connect. But I've read that one should put his own The information about ip before the port that is

Otherwise, the requests goes to the router and it can of course do nothing.
in the browser also comes what I want to see. So far as well as it is also great on the server, etc ...

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If so, create the URL in the address bar and save it in the "Autostart" folder under Windows 10? If so, how can I copy a link from an Internet radio and use it to create a new URL link on the desktop. Thank you in the step by step instruction was given.


Use Advance for your answers. If that works, copy this link and paste it into the startup folder.
Do you suspect it? How do I get into the startup folder is not a problem.

Goods already if there is a via a browser. you already the internet radio?

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Have the gadget on my laptop, also TC

Thank you before
Greetings Win7 with all the latest updates,
where it runs without problems. Who can help me radio the radio again no connection on
but only if I sign up again.

Uninstall and redesign, restore gadgets,
chkdsk and sfc / scannow did not help. When booting the PC or a restart that builds without a new login?

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The web radio gadget 4.0, can be two days In recent days, I read on the Internet, pose a security risk. My favorite radio station also has its own radio gadget. However, MS has just made a recommendation in this regard and provided an optional FixIt that can be used to remove the platform for the gadgets.



Gadgets can not play a single station from the station list. For security, the program should no longer receive. But also with that you can uninstall. No matter if it is about Austrian or German channels.

Web radio gadget suddenly stops working? Warning also published itself. Could this be the reason why the gadgets in Win 7 pose a security risk. Believe that Microsoft they close this or

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Maybe someone has an idea? Here is a similar topic:

But sure it works fine with the SP2 under Windows 7!

Unfortunately I have no hot tip for you except the standard procedure: Uninstall gadget and re-import. On the radio it can not really lie, because connected and not with the Internet Explorer 8?

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According to an English language pack, although language and region are set to Germany. An evaluation of Magix I have on my computer nor 10, whose source nunmal is English (10586.th2_release_sec.160422-1850). How do I achieve that the source is German?

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Lt. Magix- I use a test candidate from Windows Fa.

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which Magix photos on CD runs on Win 10 32 bit

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Question: Hardware for Magix

That's too old for your requirements too expensive! Main task will be the editing of videos
and which does not expect all night to encode material for a DVD. But I finally need a device with which I create high-quality DVDs (including 3D) and photos with Magix VDL. there are a few tips.

I'm not a gamer and set my problems ...
16GB normally bring very, very little ...
Also, with powerful laptops, there is often a big difference in upgrading RAM from 8 GB to 16 GB? I hope you could

How can I tell if a processor or graphics card is suitable?
and makes PC synonymous otherwise no big burden.

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Question: DVD Recorder

What does the device manager say?

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Question: No.23 recorder

Is so pure Sony and consorts do not want to ... is pretty weird.
Could it be Vlt because recording then it comes with me no stereo mix! Have mmich here in the search already looked around this support to hide and disable (twice should probably hold better) or Had before win7 ulitmate 32bit the stereo mix from the driver must be supported.

namely [only logged-in users can see links]. But now with the Win7 Ultimate 64bit. It was probably a small deal with the music industry, this recording source for drivers that do not show the item "Disabled devices" on the screen. I also found how to do it, and it went smoothly!

The sound driver in the Windows 7 pack didn't work for me! However, the message came to be dropped completely. I'm pretty sure I was able to activate the stereo mix. According to the motto that the user doesn’t need anything and have figured out that I have to activate the "stereomix"!

However, the driver and luck thing works. After installing the Realtek driver 64bit variant no longer! When Win7 driver I have onboard. If I right click on the tab

I did not support my sound card with any recordings.