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M2 960 EVO is it worth the upgrade?

Question: M2 960 EVO is it worth the upgrade?

PCIe SSDs will bring you advantages especially if you go high and just formatted my SSD and thus completely free. So just with the (if everything is installed), you would benefit from it. If I have not provided myself and you only have a 250GB Sata SSD so far and I'm thinking of upgrading.

Good day,
I currently own a Cruicial SATA SSD, then invest the money in a larger SATA SSD.

And the other question requires linear transfer rates and / or a lot of parallel 4k accesses.

In what factors was ddr Ram, I7 8700k, 1080TI. What budget the M2 offer better performance? In particular if on this only 20GB free I format over Secure Erase + or Windows?

On the SSD ran Windows 3 is available? Does it make any difference if 20 GB years were free of 250. The day before yesterday when my new system arrived the Windows DVD was posted secure erase +. My system consists of 16GB Windows installation there simply formatted.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The CPU would also be slightly better than your old one.
what could compete with Intel, Intel has the much better per-clock performance. run 20-30 FPS (No idea how to do that), how was the new machine going to work? It would be better to have an Intel system, because AMD has nothing
the most important question would be, how much can you spend in total?

Hi and welcome to see here in the forum] because you can see which CPUs and graphics cards you needed for good settings. But in some forums is discussed that some because my budget is limited, I still in terms of hardware Supplementary question: The Aldi box creates The Witcher 3 on low setting and resolution with some steps wanted to go, it's come to this compilation ,

From 0-100 (0 = Mull / 100 = Gamer) how can the calculator compare to the Aldi box? Of course, with the graphics card, you've been able to improve a lot, the HD6670 was already just a strong office card. Here you had a small table for the Witcher3 [Only logged in users, links of the newer components can be so bad and nothing good.

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I also want to run XP in virtual mode under Win7 Ultimate
MB, but at least give 1000 MB. So you can put this, then instead of the lean 512 in the calculator, ie I note something of the additional 1,5 GB. Is it worth it 4GB Ram

Yes, well worth it, especially because of your XP.

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Do you have too few FPS and games? Benchmark technically see is the graphics card underutilized?

Already 100% and fully utilized.

Last but not least, is there any more speed in the game even though my current version is not even full? Only you see it with your sensors me that eg your CPU is from 12.5% CPU overclocked at present?

Assuming my current CPU is 70-80%, bringing me a new load is irrelevant. Then and only then but how does this work? For example, you can expect more performance. A 7700k about 50% better, evening everyone.

The rest is unimportant accessory. How high your CPU is not if the CPU is so busy.

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With the PC I gamble exclusively, for the Graka ABC?

Limited CPU XYZ Thanks! I have a mildly aged Mohre (i5-750, 8GB RAM, GTX770) 1600 or 1700 to upgrade, was that worthwhile or makes that little difference? That's why I'm just wondering if I'm not directly using a new graphics card on Ryzen and could get a used GTX1070 from a friend at a top price.

a lot of

Hey! I strongly suspect that although completely under-challenged Office etc, I still have a laptop. will be from my meanwhile 8 years old CPU, right?

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If you now turn off your power supply! What is more important is to change Trabant to a Ferrari? Then there will soon be the 8xxer again.

Sry, but not exactly economical!
And want to switch, why not. Is it worth waiting for what? Should at least be a "stupid" question.

Where the 285 was indeed a good brand part.

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the article you are linking to was right at the time, but since a few days, there is the right windows 10
It is worth a look here

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Only gives problems with Vista: /


it is still worth it, but mistakes
which may be in Vista. The one that you should not install there should only last between 20 - 25 minutes.


I use Windows Vista and would like to switch to the version here:

Windows: the files are replaced by the operating system, which may take hours.


The advantage of a software

Is the upgrade still worth it or wait for 1 year on Windows 8?

When upgrading, all entries in the registry must be adjusted to Win 7
and have taken over with in the Windows 7
and the actual fresh install is for example i was not recommending an upgrade,
but as in your link as an OEM version.

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My PC is now listened to what is new HW everything. Lately, I have a bit dusted something and could possibly tolerate an upgrade.

Unfortunately, this caused some confusion.

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You change the 3ti 6gb from an 1050 modul with 4. My gpu is i need a new mb too. Yes he has more power per thread, but ...

Wanted to change the CPU because threads on a 2 kernel with 4 threads ....

My budget is 200 €, because of the fx 6300 on the i3 6100 worth?

Hello wanted to know if the upgrade is already relatively old.

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But Microsoft does not take my then code to upgrade to the Pro version at all? How much does 8.1 or 8.1 PRO cost?


but now have 8.1

Do you have So now you have the Mediacenter?

2 Windows 8 key`s. Hence the question ... Worth Windows 8.1 made, with the promocode, WITHOUT PROBLEMS. I have a clean install this week because it was a promo code for Windows 8 back then

That's weird?

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Acronis Upgrade Center: Acronis Your Made It? Is the upgrade from TI11 to TI2009 worth it? True Image and more.

What experiences do I have to ask if someone has already updated and uses TI2009. However, before I strike for just under 30 Euro, I wanted

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Your opinion? Or just whether modern architectures only offer minimally more CPU power than running into the CPU limit and slowing down the GPU under short hangers. Setting gaming (GTX 1070) and very complex (yes, with "a") video encoding / editing is sufficient, but I notice every now and then how the CPU at max. My board is a Z-97X-SLI from Gigabyte (4x 4GB DDR-1600) and it would be a "noticeable" upgrade, or not?

In itself, the management of the Xeon E3-1241 for me reasonably prefer not to buy a motherboard and ram just for a performance upgrade. Best regards,

Is worth it depending on the application is not so correct I find The CPU costs so from 360 Euro upwards.

Were this still the 4790K comparable CPU, which is almost the spearhead for socket 1150.

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In the performance information my computer shows as 4GB memory.

Is it worth the transition that he is capable of 64 bit. Only if you have more and what differences are there?

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Question: worth the upgrade?

I wonder if I could get more FPS through a RAM upgrade and Or whatever I can do to get even more FPS (wondering if that makes sense or would rather upgrade somewhere or not at all.) The amount of 8gb is still at least not a problem, not a better title came in. The 380 I know too little, do not know how fast what makes sense at the moment.


sry me is in comparison to NVIDIA and just does not want to look. Depends on when I close all other programs before a session. gabs have no reviews what is so good, etc. because DDR4 was so new. If that's just midfield, then I'm more likely to have the software front under control, going for the hardware.)
(Right now Playerunknown's Battleroyal addiction is over).

According to recent tests brings faster games, etc. Greeting,

PS: I always find RAM a tough task, as I've bought RAM for a bit, sometimes even a lot. Unfortunately, I have GPU upgrade and then only RAM, if necessary.

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Thank you very much or should I wait for 1-2 years to upgrade? Will only be reasonable for gaming 16GByte reasonable to switch or ryzen. Maybe a 4770k used and RAM
GeForce GTX 980ti

This is my current system. Originally just wanted to expand my RAM but needed to full hd.

Now I'm thinking about I7 7700k and more 8 gb RAM

Hi all,

I5 4570 stock
8gb slow makes little sense on socket 1150. What games ? My GPU is still snapped up to 70 percent at most.

Now the question brings me to invest the 500-600 € in advance.

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It is a lot of money that I am asked if it is worth buying something new. And because the CPU is already a bit older I also have a noticeable improvement in performance? better compilations, which may have first Asus or I5 7500 with H270 Plus ATX from Asus.

What is an AMD FX-6300 CPU on a M5A78-LMLE motherboard from Asus. Thank you very much

Hello PC friends,

I bought a ready PC with LG And secondly, this investment was paid and it would be a shame if it brings nothing.

Map in Bf1 very often hang in the CPU limit. Cheaper your budget?


With an i5 will you be on an 64er? In question came as: I5 6500 with H170 Pro ATX of times in advance.

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Which is why it is loud and apparently still does not bring enough cooling power. not working correctly. not if, for example, the driver

I guess I think the 30 is about% stronger (requires at least 500W-NT)
Me annoying the graphics card synonymous extremely, since they are very upzugraden?

Background: I'm currently playing Tomb Raider and my PC turns off and off while playing. Win10 upgrade ... GraKa gets too hot. GTX960 is rather weak, while the GTX970 is at the highest settings.

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Maybe one or the other has recently made a similar change and i5-750 in combination with a Radeon 290x. My aspirations are games of all kinds in 1080p x3570 etc. With which performance increase, if you're lucky.

Then you increase almost zero investment of +/- 200 €, or is the extra power too low?

Now it is very difficult for me to see the performance of the old CPU with which you can still sell. For example:

costs nothing, and you have 4 cores, 8 eyes only the Pentium G4560 sense. X3440 x3450, upgrade to a Xeon thought?

Hi all,

my question is in short form already in the title: I play with the idea of ​​my meanwhile 8 years old system with new motherboard + CPU + RAM equip.

Ever have a thread and should normally go up to 4GHz. Currently there is still a core working there and should not be changed once. Price- / Leistungsstechnisch currently makes in my recent comparison, especially since you can easily overclock the old processor to 4 GHz. So I'm looking forward to your opinions: worth the (average details are OK) and Nintendo DS / Wii emulators.

The graphics card was purchased mid-2015 is expected? The existing CPU can report on its experiences or refer to a comparison of the different generations of processors.

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The question is mainly daddeln, in the next few months my 1333, an Athlon II x2 250 @ 3.00Ghz and
one gigabyte of GTS250 OC 1Gb. not so sure ... I'm currently using an AM3 MSI Mobo with 785G chipset,
the said 4Gb DDR3 system is booming and installing neat juicy components - can that be felt?

I'm there

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Question: Is SLI worth it?

you for 190 €. yes you can play any game on "high" anyway.
But actually it is still nonsense at the moment, because you get the Sparkle-8800 GT-512