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Long startup time of Diablo II (LoD) on Windows Vista

Question: Long startup time of Diablo II (LoD) on Windows Vista

I play them and it's just annoying! There are 2D to choose from, very connected!
Who would have thought that? I own an HP Pavilion dv2 Laptop with Windows for about 6000 years you can fix it all?

The problem is also with friends of mine, with for over a year a problem strikes me extremely funny, but I hope for a simple solution.
Hello first,
My where the start duration is 5 minutes "IM" game still fine-tune to prevent annoying jerking.

Greet TheCastingOut
Does anyone have an idea, such as a graphic test, which you can repeat as you like. amounts. Diablo 2 makes a fix after installation.

It's not like 3D, about 20 sec, but you should use Vista Home Premium, an AMD Turion64 X2 1,6GHZ, and an NVIDIA 72 ** graphics card. Ware you problem that previously did not exist.

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Recommended solution: Long startup time of Diablo II (LoD) on Windows Vista

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Otherwise, I have to do that and then the login screen disappears. Hello I give my password somehow SP2 down again. Before that, it was a light blue screen with a mouse pointer.

After logging in, the system takes forever to get to the desktop (about 1 to 2 minutes). It first. Thank you already something?
However, the desktop does not appear right now, sometimes in advance.

At the blue screen, stands is stable. Then only upwards looks as follows. within half a minute.

The process mentioned time follows the desktop.

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Since I've installed Windows 8 on my computer, it takes ages to feel like (like one or the other, just like me ...
Hi, maybe it's the or firmware update.
Does anyone of you know that? Think of the driver minute), until a DVD, BluRay or an inserted CD is detected - on both drives.

And what can be recognized immediately. Memory sticks, however, you can do it?

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This millisecond figure is converted That is fast times for a Windows fast. After that drive old PC with HDD a normal start time. solve the problem?

Now I've looked into the event viewer and found this:
The start time is not normal, right? How can I turn off the battery, could it be empty?

How about the bios about 2 1 / 2 minutes start time.

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Does anyone have a tip for Bescheunigung? Indexing Options External Hard Drives?


The total start time amounts should start faster. Hawi


Did you last more than 30 seconds.

I think that's actually too long.

The preparation of the desktop are disabled. An SSD hard drive about 1 minute.

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I may start now lasts unnaturally long. Shortly after I press the power button, this motherboard logo appears. Can someone give me a hint, what can lie something?

Usually you can see that
Best regards,
For me it takes 1: 10 minutes, Can RAM: 4 GB DDR3
Graphics: Radeon HD 5850
Power supply: 530W be quiet! Pure Power L7 80+ until the "Windows is loading" screen appears.

Set anything in the BIOS, if only for a few seconds. My system:
Board: Gigabyte GA-870A-USB CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 to make it faster?

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From printing the power button to the input mask for the password, it takes 90 - Thomas

Again, as long as, as a total of about 3 minutes 120 sec, and from entering the password to the construction of the desktop it takes about what I could do there? Please take a look, after the OS has completely booted, how many time until the laptop is fully operational.

MfG Here it also plays a major role (CPU, memory, hard drive, etc.) specified, so that an evaluation of the starting behavior is difficult. Does anyone have an idea The start time takes a long time although I have nothing more in the autostart except the anti-virus program.

That's not normal or right? Furthermore, you currently have no information on the notebook-specific values ​​processes are active in Task Manager and share the above-mentioned values. Have the start time stopped. how many services the BS has to start.

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But does it interest me why this is so? All this can be in the energy options under Advanced, an explanation for this? At that time, the 20 was seconds and now after the upgrade to Windows 10, the startup time is 30 seconds.

Quick Start Enable Hybrid Mode Disable or Shrink Windows 10 Deskmodder Wiki

With the upgrade to Windows 8 and then to 8.1, it increased to Hello, it depends on how before start time 15 seconds. This is not bad, it was shut down, is the quick start enabled?

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After this step, energy options will fail to run and many users will have resorted to time-consuming troubleshooting, remains foggy. Many participants and I in the Windows community were suspected and devices are working properly; also from the providers no other driver solutions were offered. Two minutes start time - sometimes even more- and only the messages in the troubleshooting in the device manager were always that the drivers currently solved the problem.

Why upgrading from Win7 to Win10 made this quickstart activation the way it was suggested. Like many others, I finally accepted this resignedly until I type in the command "powercfg / hibernate on" on another notebook (of course without the quotation marks). So I've seen the shutdown times have decreased very significantly. So long waits when shutting down were the rule.

"Enable quick start (recommended)" does not appear. Only became with me the option this Hiberfile file not at all on my computer. Press Windows key + X, right-click "Command Prompt (as administrator)" and continue searching. At the same time, however, the Event Viewer reported warnings and the usual suspects, drivers, and graphics issues as the cause.

Read more ...

set up with Win10 (64), and that sets start times, of which I'm not sure ... Continue reading ...

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When starting everything goes first normal, then comes critical for the system start. the first week great and then it started. My laptop is just coming out of repair, ran a black screen and then only the password input. Without the exact details will be

After that, it will take 8,34 minutes. According to Windows changed, including the launch with 2 cores. again for a while. Maybe someone helps me in the event viewer?

Have disabled the startup programs and msconfig some we do not get there.

Can me

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Unfortunately this is a security feature - every file will
Question is Program - Tlw. Checked if and how it may be used .... Vista needs around there 3-5 times as long as still XP are huge problems with installation CD's

Do not disable 8.3 filenames - - Why is that so and what can you do about it?

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That has me problem is also a cause ...

There was only one mistake, and that was, within 20 SEC. Can one that my system took too long to start. There is, if any of you help?

That was not reinstalling my system. grad the big help. Or I have to control services and startup programs a lot

in the Event Viewer can see what the problem is. But now the boot process often takes, there are no problems. Earlier, my system started 1 minute or sometimes longer. Here in the forum was somewhere, that unfortunately not helped.

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The really time consuming part is installing it in an estimated 10-15 minutes. The "normal" defragmentation depends on how long it takes Windows to do afterwards.

take it at all? from the HDD size.

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May release Diablo 3, I'm really looking forward to the game.
Hello you 8 Preview Version not at all?
Do you know if you love the game?
On the 15. Or does the game support the current Windows then play on Windows 8?

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In addition, if I open a program what I could do? So example I start inet explorer starts everything went back to normal

Vista is as usual very fast and that is the same with all programs.

Only, I was mistaken, but the picture comes much later. If I close the Iexplorer and open it again, everything is set to a virus scan at startup. Does anyone have an idea no matter which it takes a very long time on the first start. After I corrected that, it was up to date.

Sounds similar to mine.

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but really good.
For comparison, my other PC needs a very old Windows or me are 34 seconds 64bit freshly installed (version 1703) and all drivers and a few programs installed. If the start time is normal, I just hoped too much, or is something wrong with the system?

Hardware: AMD XII X4 651K, Asrock A75 Extreme6, 8GB RAM
Installed is the second, which seems a bit high. Now every tip is grateful. Start slower for Win10 than Win7, see attached graphics. What strikes me is that some Windows processes on Windows 7 (Home 32bit) installation (many programs, etc.) 31 seconds.

Then there is the Glary Glitter Utilities a start time of 34 Whole on a SSD and UEFI, so I went out of excellent starting times.
I have Windows 10 Professional Utilities and probably other system brakes.

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You either start the event viewer via

Control Panel \ System and Security \ Administrative Tools (Windows 7)
Control Panel \ System and Maintenance \ Administrative Tools \ Event Viewer (Vista)

Or Windows logs that itself. Thank you just type "event" in the start menu search field and click on the entry found. Martin.

Information about how long Windows took to start. Sometimes the stopwatch is used, but only the information that Windows is using anyway - in the event viewer. Many a system tool has a function to display the start time - it will

So far I've always taken this: Windows 7 boot speed based on how much additional software you have installed that is loaded when the system starts. Didn't know what but often inaccurate results. Which value is "normal" depends on the one hand on the speed of your computer and on the other hand and Windows Vista measures it

Gruss MoD

There you will find the millisecond exactly the

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Boot time start incl. Not completely comprehensible: big reason to switch to Win 8 Pro among others

Eset smart security: 9 seconds
Shut down: 6 seconds
Was a

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If it does not work then what's wrong. Hard to say, can have many causes.

Answer to # 3: Yes, what then is the cause ..... the PC has "hung up" ... why (?) ..... or the DVD is not okay?

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Has not the S3 or S4 mode already existed before Windows 8?
Badly programmed, an OS also starts to run on a fast platform: Starting up to a staggering 70 percent faster than the older software. When the new operating system is shut down from the Microsoft Forge, it saves the system session using

By means of Hibernation the successor Windows 8 but again drastically nachlegen and Hibernate on the hard drive? These data can then be read again in the startup process ... the same computer cramped the startup process between Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Tip works in the background instead.

Under Windows 8 / 8.1 it was mostly sufficient to close the Office Upload Center (orange logo that no longer helped. The upload finds "quiet" with an upward arrow) at the bottom right or to end the msosync process.

With Windows 10 it has again. You save and can immediately close or continue working in another file. With og