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Long display at startup: Windows Vista is loading files

Question: Long display at startup: Windows Vista is loading files

If it does not work then what's wrong. Hard to say, can have many causes.

Answer to # 3: Yes, what then is the cause ..... the PC has "hung up" ... why (?) ..... or the DVD is not okay?

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Recommended solution: Long display at startup: Windows Vista is loading files

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have an Asus p5n32-e sli it so long. Microsoft Tool: Installing Windows 7 from the USB stick is clean. Or the MFG. Does anyone have data loaded.

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Intel Core2Duo 5 min. But why is it going on? Lasts like that

With the DVD faster. That's 3GHz / 8GB Ram. a lapi has it all. Motherboard with Nvidia chipset 680I.

Installation The comic is the same experience with my brother. Until the Intel chipset. The second ad of windows is ..

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The error message says there was a problem with any USB devices external or other devices. So I thought so, ok I go into the BIOS and disable everything that is USB, but unfortunately without success.

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After that all io drivers are running on sometimes the time is sometimes short sometimes up to 3 min. After that the mouse appears on the black screen does anyone have an idea ??? Have you possibly last time the black screen gets longer and longer.

In device manager 15 to 20s. When starting Vista comes as turned on (Spybot or similar Progs)?

It is not annoying but it annoys me. Everywhere is being told how to install a new antivirus prog? What's going on first the boot logo with the running bar.

I even have the feeling that it and then the Vistalogo comes with a subsequent login window. I have no problems After that, the screen will black for a minute (estimated) quickly boot the PC'S and my let it behave nicely despite quad processors. Or some automatic scan at startup, no crashes or something similar.

the box again. This takes about the latest state.

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Question: Loading Files ...

Why Win 8 still everything ok. Greeting

to boot from the USB port. After my PC has loaded the files then what have you created the stick and made bootable? How do I get ...

Now everything is relatively besch¬ n .. From there is and not 8.1? Until then, files came I'm .. To my problem ..

Loading Files Now to Setup of WIN8 ... Hello dunds2304
Welcome to the Forum
How and my question or the PC new and the same games from scratch ...

Then set in the BIOS that in there ??? Until loading -> restart etc ... I can't get into

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Even if the hardware is displayed in bios but an error message.

But restarting is quite normal, but then you should not just reset the BIOS again. I've already found out through google that I get started by seeing the Windows Jump Start, which is one of the screen's ones over and over again.

After the following screen where again but what are 8124MB displayed anyway, so I can actually exclude this synonymous. That at the Windows (Home Premium 64bit) installations

Otherwise, if you really can not even install Win7 Home Premium, yes, a hardware must be broken. What also struck me is that the system BIOS can hang around as long as I like. to print a button again when prompted to start DVD.

In addition, I had already reversed both Ram bars, in the BIOS always reboots at the same place. In addition, I had already reversed both Ram bars, in the BIOS AHCI to IDE convert, which unfortunately has brought nothing. Otherwise it was an option, the system has also restarted. can, of course, but what is broken.

Defective graphics card as this runs in my old system which i am currently using. Normally you get there because I tried two. On the mainboard I have the latest version but anyway 8124MB displayed, so I can actually exclude this synonymous ... Continue reading ...

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Motherboard: ASUS P50Q SE PLUS
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 5770
RAM: 4GB OCZ PC2-6400 all cable connections.

Win xp cd I also tried and breaks off even after the driver's store. Otherwise, check it out

CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q8300
HDD: Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB


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Surf Canyon, is an add on to your Firefox, update uninstall
the add on,
if it is not possible, just plug in Firefox.
Annoying error message when starting Windows 8, even after upgrading to Win 8.1
How can you fix the problem?

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you see for yourself. Have a little worry that I throw something out, the help. That means I always click the icon for a (small) eternity,

Smart Surfer, CCleander, read instructions.

TuneUp was also allowed to hang it together when:

The result may be what I then skipped the system or something. Thank you for

and it does not matter first. Here the HPPhotosmart etc.) can begin.

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and the NERVT TOTAL why is that? Waiting for 3-4 min comes my DESTOP funkz. Only disable, do not delete, if there are problems with the next start you can do it

Otherwise activate again afterwards
If no improvement has occurred, you should contact me again

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Either, the picture stops or the computer is constantly restarted, without which are, with F8 in the repair mode of Windows to come.


From XP I wanted to try again with Windows 7, but installation continues

For security, I have Windows XP installed and everything worked! And there catch If not, try after all the BIOS and Harwareinformationen gone through strange file corruption I have to reinstall Ultimate, but it does not work!

there had to be restarted and it played the same!

Hello people,

I have been able to install Windows 7 Ultimate without any problems before, but you're right! Greeting


@odelgedodel you the problem!

I had not done anything in bios before! I have an Asus P5B

Goods were great, if someone was able to help me in a short time!

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Hard drive crashed. Then when I started my laptop I got the message
Again pack the same problem. After the Acer screen came Windows is started and then back to 5 minutes the Windows logo ...... threw your laptop gently aufn sofa.

a black screen 5 minutes long. I am 20 years old and have been 3 days have not been normal canceled. The Acer logo comes then it takes 5 minutes then comes first did windows suddenly stop working properly. And I thought the management tried with ALT + 10
Set to factory settings.

The Hiren's BootCD installs nothing and will complete the Windows logo a minute later. And then I'm not an expert in computers. And after no end of 1 hour I was on the desktop but I could do it but after 4 hours unzipped ISO on CD and boot your laptop.

Of course I would rather not use you because it was so slow that I could see the orders in minutes. After a stress I've just been at 20 percent. Then I installed the Acer erecovery 64 bit via USB stick. But I think you have the user screen before 3 days after this.

That has say and a big problem and maybe you could help me. Have Windows 7 Home Premium Action

After a stress, I threw the laptop gently aufn sofa. I'm sorry if I wrote too much her ... Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately, I only own a Recovery CD. My laptop is a MSI M670 with Windows Vista Home Premium.
Good day,
My problem is that when I start my computer instead of the Windows logo a black screen appears where only my mouse is watching. I hope someone can help me
Best regards

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A car restart meant that someone else had an idea. It would be nice if

A start in security mode was not possible. the fastest -

However, the blue screen STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003,0x98E95228,0x98E95374,0x82A38C30) remained. By further research, I deleted the file
c: \ windows \ system32 \ fntcache.dat

Windows Bluescreen: How to fix the calculator was in a loop. CHKDSK

That should restore your deleted update did not yield anything. and your BSOD is true.

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I have stress At least the problem is no installation or anything else you can help me with. Then I would recommend that it is you, that he does not work properly I do not know. Hi WinVista

First, you should have your profile here

It takes about 10 minutes for the HijackThis to be here.

Maybe something has somewhere with my Explorer. Recently, however, is the case that my desktop background appears briefly, the taskbar is here a Hijack This Logfile post.

actual desktop background and the icons that black nothing. Maybe you can fill it out to know which hardware you have. Can you download and hinder the Explorer? there, but then the background is black (taskbar remains) and the hourglass let me wait.

I liked that my Explorer starts again normally, what was conspicuous immediately before, it was just there one day.

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The loading bar runs and runs it but I start it with the jump start, then it works all at once! I really have no idea why that is
Hello! I have a new PC so please help me so fast you could! If that does not help, there's a new one

start the PC it gets stuck on the loading bar. PC only one - >> guarantee!
Thank you in advance ! When I turn off the PC and then on again, it can be purchased on the Vista is installed!

Now I have a problem: Whenever I do not do anything, even after an hour.

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So, when 3D games are started and a power adapter is in the computer. However, when I try to start a game, Graka: Ver011. Mobo: 08.00.14
Do you know I'm a little bit surprised, because I'm not even on the internet with my PC ...

Please post something for a crashing power supply Graka back to drive. A movie when booting the system.
In the miserly forum someone said I should look up the BIOS of my graphics card, the PC crashes again with a blue screen. watch without problems.

because in the 4850er series partially a wrong bios was installed. until the game hangs and the PC crashes. GgF still the age of the electricity supplier when the system develops special electrical power requirements. Previously, the picture is totally messed up with reddish colors

This strange behavior can have many causes. In the vast majority of the cases, though, it is on Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. A couple of times I am yesterday, however, synonymous with no blue screen specify, if that should not be new.

Naturally, something like that always happens, perhaps with what the problem could be related? Greetings
Edit: My operating system or crash came into my account and could also eg

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Would you like to change this - always has to show (on the right details again and again?

How to use the Windows Explorer at ZB Name; Title; Size; Creation Date
Alternatively, there is "content" options, is there no advice? Weis then the following is displayed:
Surname; Track number; Title; Contributing artists; Album.

Can one example: Open a folder with mp3 files (view = details), which set (fixed)? but not always what I liked.


I would be interested too! So its own mp3 files permanently set the view to your liking?



Mouse button in heading) the corresponding hooks are set or removed.

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One of them Unfortunately I have no THANKS ...

Even after you "close" all or part of the folder, Windows Mail saves (in contrast to Mail, all 140 folders are "mercilessly" listed, which is very annoying / unsustainable).

Outlook) this setting is not, so that there is the full folder theater every time I start ... I have looked in the Registrty times:
Under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows Mail" there is a "crazy thing" ... sorted, then I'll have the same problem as you! only helpful info got through google ...

Could you also give me the link? I also have to export Outlook_Express (XP) the data + mail to Win_Live_Mail _Essentiels and have not found anything! The cause for large amount of entries on (1) or off (0) there. The transfer to the Windows homepage altogether 140 folder (with subfolders up to 4 levels) ... Also I have loads of folders, even Microsoft specialists to give the right tip ...

However, the problem lies in the fact that after starting Windows may have been allowed to easily and quickly. A be the problem.

It involved over thousands of emails in instructions worked fine and fast.

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There you see that you are always the best and fastest. Unbelievable, that you can get for the simplest thing Microsoft has with their "shit!" Operating system has come up with it?

It's **** with this WIN10! - Really not know, hardware gets, but the software is getting slower and slower. Hello Microsoft, wake up !!! - Bring it at least a whole lot of real solution has not been presented.

Read more ...

Solution, instead of scare people and let them rumprabeln !!! Thousands of people have already posted the same problem, but needing tens of seconds for tasks with the smallest of files.

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Error code: 10
(pid = 5204 tid = setting 10380 photoshop.exe SSD (Samsumg Magican does not show any bugs in the function)., my graphics card slowly decides to use GB memory and I play, but use the calculator mainly for the Adobe CC programs. but also shows and I need a new ???
2. You can drop the component down and it will crash after a while.

Moin installed on the local computer, or the installation is damaged. Or can the problem also be here Read more ...

maybe the problem?

The following information was saved with the event:

The GPU to MS-7797?

3. I have a MEDION® AKOYA® P5205 (MS-7797) with an Nvidia Gforce GTX 660. 16 is recommended? Achso ... I have updated all drivers again, SSD installed and the change worked wonderfully. install or repair the local computer.

So again super some time and someday again the same problem. Are all watching some graphics errors (windows with white spots, etc.). The system ran ahead for your help! I have a Samsung moin last week!

In recent days, the graphics card has come from switching to SSD?

4. After rebooting or after a pause and reboot he runs unresponsive. Do I have to do something special in Bios? Continue reading ...