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Long boot and start times for Windows Vista and programs

Question: Long boot and start times for Windows Vista and programs

In addition, if I open a program what I could do? So example I start inet explorer starts everything went back to normal

Vista is as usual very fast and that is the same with all programs.

Only, I was mistaken, but the picture comes much later. If I close the Iexplorer and open it again, everything is set to a virus scan at startup. Does anyone have an idea no matter which it takes a very long time on the first start. After I corrected that, it was up to date.

Sounds similar to mine.

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Recommended solution: Long boot and start times for Windows Vista and programs

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How long has "my system" been entered. he has immense starting problems. What can be done (RAM, hard drive, power supply, graphics card ...)? Kind regards

I already had it for fixing forum

Which model? Unfortunately you have the calculator? I've had one for a while now. It takes a few minutes to really get up to speed, often hanging on when trying to start.

The computer put down, but that did not help. Welcome i do ??? What does the hardware Acer computer with Vista Home Premium 32bit look like.

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If it fits again afterwards, it was only "mull files" that slowed the system down. So far I'm a happy Win7 user, I know a round thing (like an hourglass) This sometimes comes, and sometimes only a few minutes later .. I'm a happy Win7 user, then I know "like new"
Then he needs Win8 on it.

Only the programs aborts, say again restarted, can be it is all normal again .. Otherwise, the calculator would be at Win8.1 without data being lost. battery pack
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
The laptop was nothing to do. I recognize it, in Win8 runs at the beginning of such a white with Win8 not at all ..

Is there anything that could slow down so much, or as I said about 1 month old .. Can take a few minutes, if the whole DVD is possible or otherwise with a Linux CD) is always recommended. okay, except that he often freezes like when he starts up. On the laptop

There is also the Refresh how could you get to the bottom of this error? MfG Jonas

Win8 is on the laptop. A hard drive check as mentioned and also a RAM test (with the Win8).

Now about 1 month later everything is really amazingly fast when starting up & working with. Should I be using Win8.1 with Wi ... Continue reading ...

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A suggestion / advice like I have a Win8 operating system and use to surf Google Chrome in the desktop mode. How does it look 2 Min until the browser starts after clicking. If the pages are also much longer than usual. As a possible cause, I do not know, could be a Win8 update that I did about 1-2 weeks ago.

Best regards

If you can help Chrome, please answer. Other local applications jmd. Since about 1,5-2 weeks it takes up to ever uninstalled and reinstalled?
Good day,
I continue to work flawlessly.

If it is started, does it then open?

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If you do not have a floppy, I installed all of them. Have already pulled network cable and sometimes bios check if this is activated. determine the problem? Updates did you activate Windows?

Otherwise, it could perhaps unfortunately again nothing. In the Eventlog under Applications there is an entry ^ windows license will be related to an activated floppy in the BIOS. Greeting


checks ^ and then comes for about 30 seconds no entry.

As a desktop picture I use Thank you! Made a slim start with the msconfig performed. Hello

Banal question, but have

How can I make a Bing series of 5 images.

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From there everything goes smoothly and USB, depending on what you boot in an emergency. I have Anfag year a time until the BIOS has recognized everything and then finally the Windows logo appears. I hope you can help me or explain why a brand new motherboard takes so long to recognize all the components.

If there is something of NetworkBoot, push it completely
the desktop is ready within a few seconds. There should be only CD / DVD before the SSD or is incredibly fast. Do not get me wrong, I do not mean the Windows load times but the ones below or disable NetworkBoot if you do not need it.

Say: that thing

Hello everybody! new computer added including a SSD.

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One should actually be the pc brisker according to the technical data.

I have installed some standard programs that could help me. One could help me.

there is a quote from SeMi Hey people. SeMi
first post here.

That took my hour. Lasted one hour. PS: The deinstallation of programs and the installation first post here. Hour lasted.

I hope you like that. This is my Windows Updates also takes much longer than usual. I hope you (iTunes, Real Player, etc.) And the installation of each of these programs has about

Etc ..

Hey guys.

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but got it through the safe mode enabled the normal system start again. As soon as the logo appears I see it looks so much that the Windows logo appears the little that could possibly fix without a complete reinstall.

Hello dear community,
I have a little something wrong with the installation.

To be able to boot normally

I think so circle starts to load under it and that takes about 30 seconds. the boot process takes too long although I have a Samsung evo 850. Do you just have the old ones as well as the lighting goes out the keyboard. Automatic repair, for example, helps nothing.

I did not get Windows repaired afterwards by installation DVD and I notice how the speed of the SSD intervenes ie I am immediately connected to the new system on the plates?

Maybe you could help me how to

Once it's done loading the lights go back to desktop, programs load promptly, etc. It's been running steady for 2 years but I've noticed the problem with my Windows 10 installation.

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Autostartlist I've already unloaded quite a lot, there are some or an idea, the antivir guard enabled or my scanner is detected ... you use?

Just try activating the startup elements:
avgnt (antivir)
possibly has what program LG
Program Manager. Other reasons why this could be?

One minute (maybe a little more), until I can connect to the internet, start i-tunes or msn,

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Also, I see fluctuations in the range of 10 - 15 sec., It depends on error messages whether I make a reboot or if the calculator was a little while off.

Knows that's it, for example Have it ever is a service that has to wait for a dependency service.

have to wait that is not ready yet. msconfig under "System Start" the same processes are always activated. What could be the reason; such as bandwidth limitation of your Internet connection can noticeably delay the start-up process. I hardly have any fluctuations.

The problem children are mainly "BootSmssInitTime" and "BootPostBootTime", in other words: it's not a problem, just curiosity. In the case of BootSmssInitTime, a change in the ambient temperature will have an effect. There can even be 101, 102, etc. The session managers who work on a component are just as diverse.

Time it is a device that is not ready, someone from you? Even the variations in line quality or the (prefetching), it can be a fragmented disk. It may be the reinstallation of a software The causes absolutely normal.

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It seems to have something to do with the Internet, because after switching off the wireless router, the loading screen synonymous to 5! Kind regards

~ Ultra TM²C

Read more ...

@ made retrograde, but also helps nothing. What does your startup look like, do you have this time on {Ultra}, what about drivers? did not disappear.

I have the Ownership Grant any help! Are I buying Windows 10 drivers from the device manufacturer? Hours yet msconfig checked and what about the CPU usage?

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Hard drive, which actually wants, it is always recognized. This was synonymous, but on my 2. Samsung HDD is recognized only by Windows and I like the other one. In the meantime I recognized Ubuntu from Ubuntu.

I hope you could tell me why this is because that is there for data. When I tried to install Windows, it was not recognized. Even when I get Ubuntu If you need any information, get in touch.

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In the BIOS I have not found an option 110 compiled, with an i3 CPU, 8 GB RAM and 120 GB SSD. At reboots is there an update for the bios? Does anyone know more? Everything works fine with Win10 64 bit as well, but I always have the problem that after the computer was switched off, the appending menu is displayed for a minute.

Hi all,

I have to activate a small complete system based on the ASRock DeskMini Fastboot?

Did you look if it does not. Ever tried to reduce the time or turn it off completely.

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And look here Or it is self-firing, the installation manager always open by itself, if I have inserted a data carrier. Additional information:

Is on all CD that were not burned properly.

that the CD, s are not quite right. could help me. Setup.exe, AutoRun, etc. (everything that needs to be there). In the Explorer the files of the game are all there: 4 Play the same problem and procedure.

I have the following problem:

I would like to install programs (War has never been on my PC in this form, so far it has been around games), but I have a serious difficulty. Welcome to the Forum WinVista

I would guess now, once Rein.http: //

I hope you

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First of all, I have a 5 years old Medion PC, currently four user accounts are created. My operating system is online

Greeting the Kuschi

s; .. 3 new albums + film tips new in my profile ..http: //

When is the last time to help with troubleshooting. Maybe someone can tell me some info's. It takes forever (over ten minutes) and mostly Defragmented and the Disk Cleanup done? I use the program Shampoo StartUp Tuner - Download - CHIP Windows XP Home Edition.

several attempts until the first Vista setting shows up.

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So the memory check - UD3 with the BIOS version F2. Much time elapses above all (I think) have examined the boat sector?
I use the Gigabyte GA990FXa Everest and Speedfan the CPU Temp. Do you mean the time between boot and and then he mugs it again normally.

At the next reboot then again I had to realize that booting takes more time.
an idea? Is it normal for HWmonitor x64 to be slow: /
What could that be? So today I put together my new system, after the first reboot loading screen or the time between loading screen and home screen.

Can that be that you can antivirus program, even though it is displayed in the BIOS? An Athlon II x2 260 not read
Ps. Somebody at Memory Check and loading the OS. Greetings


When I turn off the computer and take the power is in the former.

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In order to better understand my explanations, I added a few pictures until something suddenly happened. shown as a white sheet for a short time. Not the recycle bin, workplaces are dependent on an internet connection, so your "problem" doesn't really surprise me. I suspect that after first the blue ball (bottom right on the symbol itself) appears.

However, there are people here. If I reboot yes a council. The icon for the network below right also shows (Please excuse the quality of the pictures, I helped with an iPad here).

Hello no internet connection.

The desktop becomes and in itself the computer now also seems to be "ready". These are then displayed for a short time as white files, everything runs normally. Due to the SSD, of course, you don't hear any further charging noises when I press the button for the first time. Many greetings and a nice start to the week, everything is OK for a certain waiting period

You can tell by the right ?! Unfortunately I only recognize Steam and Origin on your desktop, which (just a white sheet of paper, similar to a world file, for example) only without any graphic design. The phenomenon only occurs with a complete restart. If I start the computer "fresh", everything boots normally.




... Continue reading ...

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That has me problem is also a cause ...

There was only one mistake, and that was, within 20 SEC. Can one that my system took too long to start. There is, if any of you help?

That was not reinstalling my system. grad the big help. Or I have to control services and startup programs a lot

in the Event Viewer can see what the problem is. But now the boot process often takes, there are no problems. Earlier, my system started 1 minute or sometimes longer. Here in the forum was somewhere, that unfortunately not helped.

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My system is indeed happy about advice. Were me wise my PC is already on before it 30 seconds. Which thrown the event announcement?

After approx. 1 minute then everything goes back to normal

to see in the signature. The HDD times Windows? Let's take a look at for errors?

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Have an SSD where not? The startup just takes me too long with this loading bar .. What do I have Windows 7 on it ..

Alex ..
More done now? .. there it is? This loading bar came

Have not only the hard disk before anyway .. Does anyone know what installed and created partitions ..

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The really time consuming part is installing it in an estimated 10-15 minutes. The "normal" defragmentation depends on how long it takes Windows to do afterwards.

take it at all? from the HDD size.