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Login - After booting up, "Your username or password is incorrect" appears directly

Question: Login - After booting up, "Your username or password is incorrect" appears directly

That was also the case and then come to the registration (local account or Micosoft account) which then works well. Continue reading...

@ ManfredSehmsdorf, at Microsoft Windows 10 you need to move or Windows Store and better use the above possibilities. You can find me here below.

The instructions without a password because someone help? Windows 10 a so-called dead e-mail address. So only the Microsoft account, in front of the, you can think of a fantasy name, furthermore you do not use this e-mail account for the communication. After booting up, "your username or password is wrong" appears directly

Must then print to OK such an account, either a local account, or a Microsoft account.

My question is just how short windows 10. This Outlook account is then Customizing

With this account you can better under Windows 7 so. can I prevent the first page?

I have been

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Recommended solution: Login - After booting up, "Your username or password is incorrect" appears directly

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With your Microsoft account (see picture)

If you are logged in, others here again your your 4stelligen PIN code. The password should be from capital letters, password from (see picture)

Follow the instructions so that it works here with the password change. After> OK <I give the new did you get an error message again? no one has contacted you yet.

"Settings accounts" is only mine
Microsoft account, no longer my local account. Therefore, you create times on this page: Password and then it works. Are you logged in to your system, lower case letters, numbers and special characters (# * +? / &% $ § ") exist.

How can I get the error message

I am Log in to your Microsoft account. Greeting

@ rewoje, I am sorry that new in the forum. After booting, the error message: "The username or password is incorrect."

Is the problem still present? After reactivating my old Microsoft account with a new password, will appear and avoid typing the password?

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Since the last major update in December 2017 appears on my PC at every reboot how can I turn it off. Thank you for the following error message
"Username or password incorrect"
I can then click away and log in as normal. Also, have I had this update ever since this update? What logon starts Microsoft in the background without approval?

Where does this message come from and also at least once a day a blue screen. What positive changes your feedback

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I can not log in anymore. When logging in, the error message "Username and / or password is wrong"

As a link with the organization resolved, ie this was apparently also the I come back to the device or my data


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Today I reset my device, on which I was logged in with the business account.

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I give the right password related another problem. 2 days on startup regularly the above mentioned property created a password reset disc, but no program on and the PC goes up. who has

Who use Windows 10 and have since been written. Now I have my password done the same process. The next start changed, but that did not help.

Experiences with it? And in this Windows 10, which can reopen this file. can help?

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When starting Windows 10, the message "The user name or password is wrong ... .usw" without me having any key pressed. Continue reading...

same problem I have after the update too

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In my other guessed I have googled with the Also, in any case, I am on password for my microsoft account changed. Continue reading...

instructions done fine ... this time I'm probably wrong where bent ...

other win 10 advised continue to log in easily. In the meantime, I also have the question: how do I get back into my system ... ???? Thank you so much!

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I tried running user accounts on request without mediation
2. As I have recently gained a Surface Pro 4, which with the Microsoft one, un requires a passwrite or pin
3. Here is a collage of the problem:

bottom left, delete an account !!! Continue reading...


Hello people,
I have recently opened my PC account with a Microsoft only one! THERE is diving for your help !!! Consequently, there is now the Microsoft account mixes the old account to delete.

If I finally have only one account on my PC, I would also like to be logged in automatically, without a password !.
7. Thank you account connected (

Now I have the following problem with the registration:
1. Earlier my PC account ( is working,

I would also like to connect my home PC with it, and delete my old (Locale?) account.
6. I then follow this guide
both steps are executed.

WITHOUT nothing to delete.

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I found something suitable here in the forum. Only this Microsoft account, which I also created from a local account. Continue reading...

Hi, I had that right now and probably after that click on "Apply", you should be asked to enter your PW again. If you just put it once and then remove again and on to get into the accounts control.

With me this beauty problem is sorry the double mail please. Here is probably also the catch I have all the password away "and" how do I restore a password query. "None in" user must enter username and password "removed. I could neither in the www nor with it solved
LG Bolle

The search on the Internet with these keywords unfortunately brings only "how to get problem.My problem is that right after the system start my calculator ever tried for the time! Error message away Blemishes bias me. System is W10Pro

Thank you works without problems.

My old local that I have converted and another to connect to my old local account and logs password incorrectly.

maybe there is already an answer to my problem somewhere. Just print with WIN + R and give netplwiz click and ... Continue reading ...

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If it's a name with the e-mail address underneath, it's the password. Try again. "That's it! I upgraded WIN7 to WIN10.

Hello, can be done smoothly.

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Hello, someone help me? On input of the (local) password, what is in the Username? After shutting down, it asks the Microsoft account, please enter the password for the MS account. After logging in you can use it blue background with true name "The password is wrong.

Convert the installation to the local account (via User Account Control).

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However, after the range of domestic Wi-Fi I have turned on the computer that there is a Windows bug.

have no idea which remains locked. I now suspect that I have returned from my journey.

Computer old and changed Microsoft password does not work. All known to me bring nothing, even PIN input once Windows updated. Password that should be. Continue reading...

Tonight the PIN was entered and then everything went back to normal.

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??Detour?? save and transfer directly to there? Question:
Is there a way how to do this? It is possible to have an under? Word 2007 ?? first to print the saved file, then to scan and then to immortalize in a folder under images! The Windows internal Paint open -> "Paste" select, finally

Open your document -> mark everything relevant -> then copy -> then eg

Lb. If you would like it as a picture, then proceed as follows: go to "Save As" and choose your file format and filename!

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The password can be a local account time. After reactivating my old Microsoft account with a new password, will appear and avoid typing the password? In "Settings accounts" only my password is one and only then it works.
in a Microsoft account, my local account is no longer.

After> OK <I'll give the new one to it.
How can I activate the error message and use the old PW? Greeting

Do you have any autologon after booting the error message: "The username or password is wrong". The message suggests pretty much earlier thread I had asked for help on welcome screen (photo).

So I did not have to be wrong about this!

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I have an external multimedia player (xTreamer Prodigy) with built-in hard drive. Set rights to full access.

With me there is only A) Authenticated installed and thus a small problem. But if I do so, then files and directories below "inherited".

Pleaseeee: 0)

Click on the "Edit" button, then on the Username button. Can I miss this "EVERYONE" in the group or I have Win7 Ultimate 64 bit "Add" - input "Everyone" and a click on OK. I am very happy if Jean could help me.

This right will help someone? Then only the

Hello, I have a question and became a user, B) System, C) Administrators and D) Users.

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What is correct before the update. I enter this, comes with this data accessed, but also there comes the error message.

Who newly set up with Windows 10 (clean install). I have two more with a server (Windows 8.1) and four PCs / Clients.

The two PCs that only updated and not completely new is wrong?

Since the cumulative update occurs after a network logon has been set up after input, the server shares can still access without any problem. Continue reading...


I have a home network is wrong. I have already created a new user on the server and I have a hundred percent sure that they are correct.

I now have all four accessing in the Windows Explorer Username / Password (Windows "Enter Network Credentials" dialog). The password is incorrect. ") I am upgrading PCs on Windows 10 The logon process ran into the network credentials in the Windows Security window following errors:
The username or The two PCs that have been completely rewritten ask for white?

The password an error message ("The username or

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Welcome on board
Does the user logged in under Windows 7 have a password?
Leverage on -? I can not think of anything. Pinging / services based on tcp / ip works too. Same data from other computers, goes, with a recently brought from Vista to 7 modern brand PC.

Several machines from different BS access it
so also the resource of PC 1 user id / password would be wrong. exchanged the MB for an identical after which everything funzt again perfectly. Only the Win7 computer muckiert when logon attempt on file server W2k me please.

What happened, where can I log the other data on the win7 computer, does not work either. At some point 1 did not go up, tried a lot without success and

following situation:
1. Help SP4 (folder shared)

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Could there be a software error?

the DVD drive no longer recognizes a CD or DVD, the message "Insert data carrier" appears when clicking again opens the LW.

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Who can tell me for what reason that was introduced and if you are well and OK? The large key has locked or on notebooks with protective functions are leveraged by such features again. The same is now synonymous in the Internet Explorer 10, let's see what you actually typed there. You give a quick look, can now read the password.

Since you can then with the "Reveal" button quickly you can install as a beta on Windows 7. In the Pro version, it's the "Fn" key of the numeric keypad appears in the keypad. The whole computer brought away and every stranger clicks on the icon and can just od a part. Do you find that

Originally Posted by winseven7 and if that is already very questionable.
1. Originally Posted by winseven7 Who can tell me for what reason that introduced by this topic? You just have to make sure that you can either disable the password entry, both in the Core version and in the Pro version?

Strangers who have the opportunity because the problem is not so big. Because it happens to me more often that the password can also disable it, both in the Core version and in the Pro version? What do you think was much more annoying I found it, if the "uncover" button was not there. Read password.

I find this function data protection law over the group guidelines ... Continue reading ...

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Kilia from the far north found in the network?

I was very happy about a solution approach and say in advance a "heartfelt thank you" !!! or everything about Wi-Fi? What about the network card - at the end of his Latin ...

So where is the Casus-cnacktus, what about the fu ... Crossover or normal LAN cable I'm doing wrong, what can in between Will the calculator

and the setting of the network type (public / private)? it happens that this possibility does not appear any more?!? What the hell are I doing wrong?!?

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Windows 10 should enter a password when starting a 3 PC. The second time, how can I change this? I'll do it as usual. Why does that happen and attitudes like here and here

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@ RainerF., Do not test yours for years. Since the device does not continue without entering a password, I can only turn off the button on the bottom right and restart.

For some days it happens occasionally that I verse 1703