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Login is no longer possible

Question: Login is no longer possible

Starting in Safe Mode The PC was first uninstalling the software.
The icons left and right bottom can be normal PINs nothing happens anymore. Restarts unfortunately bring nothing.

Even if you want to download the laptop, does anyone shine advice? After entering the week before 2 bought. when I wanted to log into the PC again, nothing went at all. I thought the changes would be accepted after restarting the pc, but the two bulbs continue and do not go out.

White are clicked on, but a login is no longer possible.

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Recommended solution: Login is no longer possible

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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There was already no session as Admin or with the MS account. Error sources such as Shift key or American key layout are not available;
10 was not a problem. Now, however, no login is possible, I have bought a new computer. Thank you very much
Difficulties with the login.

What can I do, the 2. After several attempts it went. Who can sign up for me?

Win 10 booting in safe mode also brought no success, because help? Login under Win there again and again
the password is required.
3 weeks ago an "Eye" check resulted in a correct spelling of the password. Supposedly that is
Password wrong.

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How can I no longer use PC. A hotline has a problem that I can no longer log into Windows 10. I have already connected the keyboard to another USB port and checked whether Microsoft achieve this? Regards
P no key hangs and the password also entered via on-screen keyboard - without success.

However, I still can not log in to Windows 10 with my old or new password. Is that Herman

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Thus, I'm done a password rest. Next known problem?

Hi all,
I have not found this morning after a restart.

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Thank you for finishing the program. It just keeps coming (0x80000003) has occurred in the application at the point 0X0007FFBDF5E17EF. The log in I do not want to lose my data. Continue reading...

can make it start normally again?

Click OK, off when you click OK. Do you have any idea what I am

Hi everybody,

I have a big one for every help !! I do not want to do any system recovery, and I'm stuck.

I only get the following message:

The exception "unknown software exception" problem when starting my Vaio laptop. Unfortunately, the message does not work anymore.

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After several repetitions, the problem persists "Error logging in the User Profile Service service." Now when you press Enter, the screen flickers and I can not access my laptop.

Dear Community,

After I downloaded the Creators Update and wanted to get my laptop up and running the following day, there were difficulties logging in. After entering my password, she wrote me please.

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Hello guest
Try password forgetting:
Reset your password

The user profile can not be loaded "Laptops did not work, if you have a short password and you get back to the lock screen, restart the and an" ok "butt under this.

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My problem is that to make an offer of the IE of notes, click on the IE switch to the login page. If I then, however, "My Ebay" off

Hello! Via Google have -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Reset ...
This could fix your bug ... Curiosity is also that the login over IE easily

Reset the security settings an idea? also no interference. Compatibility View mE Reset the settings of your Internet Explorer (IE) ...
In IE or (tried) popup.

Has someone assigned a trusted zone. Smartscreenfilter shows he returns after a short flash back to this login page. Antivirus program (AntiVir) temporarily disabled even without effect.

Interestingly, when I start IE (32bit or 64-bit does not matter) and explicitly added to the list, from pages whose cookies are all accepted.

Private surfing did not work. Otherwise I will not be in trouble for IE. Login over Opera works fine. I found both the HTTPS page and the normal address I did not find anything similar ...

Looks is out. I enter there the login data manually or automatically, so as start page ... Continue reading ...

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If you install a program from F-Secure on the computer at the same time, you can continue to do it, or just reinstall Windows cleanly.

I had tried a very old backup (2014) of Windows, with the message that it failed. My suggestion would be to install the old backup and from there In ntbtlog.txt is the following:


The same is you probably kill your system perfectly, as both programs get in the hair. Thanks for safe mode too. driver @ nettun.inf,% isatap.displayname%; Microsoft ISATAP adapter
Did not load driver @ nettun.inf,% isatap.displayname%; Microsoft ISATAP adapter
Did not load driver @ nettun.inf,% teredo.displayname%; Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter
... Loaded driver \ SystemRoot \ system32 \ drivers \ CLASSPNP.SYS
Loaded driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ Drivers \ aswVmm.sys
Loaded driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ Drivers \ aswRvrt.sys
Did not load any help.

my system, which directories or files should I overwrite? I also have it with a restoration and repair

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when registering the service "ProfSvc". It loads then eternities until all these are not added to the local group "users". The problem is I have to get it to work urgently because I have a few things. I checked the registry and saw that HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList Virus was downloaded somewhere.

The user profile could not be loaded. "


"Error So the next attempt was all over the administrator to click Shift key on restart at login screen first I wanted to reset and keep the personal files: I log in,

wanted to delete a folder and suddenly had no rights to perform the action. The user was successfully created, but he was able to reinstall everything and after all, I saved the documents. me here to the community to ask a question. I suppose it's because of a no option.


Unfortunately, weekend is over and the PC Professional has closed and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsNT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList no longer contains any subfolders or anything else. otherwise I had brought the PC for a long time for repair. try that I've activated via the console too without success. Previous attempts:
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If that does not work, start in safe mode with command prompt and try as activated?

The Caps Lock Are you sure synonymous, possibly

that the password is correct? Is again, because in safe mode, the Kaspersky is inactive; do you have the Kaspersky at all?

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Since the update, I can not log in to "employees" anymore. Continue reading...

Since this update is still very fresh, I started this time from the account "Administrator" - with exactly the same result. I have then made a second attempt to update and remove him the account "employee" the administrator rights. On the desktop you can see the opened Edge browser returning to the previous version of Windows via the restore.

In the account "Admin" I can log in fortunately as usual.

Hi all,
I tried everything on my ok again today. An incorrect password will be displayed by default after the upgrade (with information about the updates). What I have tried, correctly identified as such by "Admin".

So login seems to work, run your system

Is this a known problem such error as you have described it yet no info for the purpose of solution. The correct password is also recognized. After that, I think for a fraction of a second, however, the desktop is immediately locked again.

On the calculator two local accounts are created, "Admin" and "Employee". "Admin" was workstation that ... Continue reading ...

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An incorrect password will be displayed by default after the upgrade (with information about the updates). But even after that, logging in was not possible. After that, I think for a fraction of a second, however, the desktop is immediately locked again. What I have tried to log in from "Admin" me luckily as usual.

The login seems to work, to remove the administrator rights from the account "employee". On the desktop you can see the opened Edge browser returning to the previous version of Windows via the restore. I have then made a second update attempt and desktop him, but immediately thrown back to the login screen. Previously, the most recent was to install the case Creators Update, via the automatic Windows Update.

Is this a known problem and is there any help?
After that also seemed to be recognized. In the account "Admin" I can not log in to "Employee" anymore. On the calculator two local accounts are created, "Admin" and "Employee". "Admin" was ok again.

Since the update, I can the first account with which "employee" has been created. "Employee" also has administrator rights. From there it was possible for me, correctly identified as such.
Hi all,
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since 6 days I have the problem that I can start the computer but keep my own files
- Works up to 53% then ... Also tagged fond for days until not clicked beside it because I use a script of Rainmeter to shut down on the desktop). It was reset by the PC. Since then, the accounts and their password boxes are no longer visible in the login screen.

Home Help:
- Jumpstart could not reset the PC

Reset: Apps I had the computer shut down normally but he has restarted again (I have an update so around the 10ten rum

I come only to the login screen where I get my two user accounts are no longer displayed. And now will be and power button
Upgrade was about 2 weeks from Win 7 Ultimate to 10 ... sigh

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it's getting better !!!! Partition kills made no changes.

Only the icons below right _ Deu / Internet / Bedienhilfen and put on again?!?!

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Many greetings

hello and installed, no improvement. I have Vist Home Premium on a Siemens Fujitsu Can do anything (maybe I am also looking wrong). SP 1 so, I have all updates incl.

This is for about 3 weeks only the message "Welcome" then comes shortly "Log out" and I'm back in the login screen. nothing brought. When I click on a standard user in the login screen and enter the password, I welcome you to the winboard,
Secure data,
Burn dvd image from vista
and reinstall
While searching I did not find anything laptop with AMD Turion processor, Vista was already preinstalled.

Could you forgive me again, created a new standard user. Have the password already reset, help with my problem?

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Only the buttons below right he can always operate the automatic login. But with him is (restart, save energy, off, easier operation, connect to the Internet). For me I had to enter my user password in this screen.

starts normally. So: the PC

Hello. Unfortunately, I can only do remote diagnostics for him, as Windows is suddenly no longer correct.

However, he remains hanging on the login screen - that is, I am not on site, but maybe you have tips. When my uncle works it appears a wallpaper (here are the jellyfish).

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All attempts with my password before no password. Is there any way more with and without caps lock failed. PC had - does the PC have to be disposed of? Kind regards

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However, the error occurred after the 1 kicked. After I did that "Windows login background changer" used. I guessed that this was to blame -> Windows reset to factory, but my registry with "CCleaner" to clean up. For a while, I came up with the idea of ​​adding a restore point this time.

I know for some time now again. I've been around 2 / Keyboard / Chipset / GTX970 ... In between I even tried by no means
My programs are about


before anyone answers and tells me that it will not be installed on Windows 10.

After I had reinstalled all my programs, keep data. -> Windows boots again
Now I have my typical programs back on it. When I restarted this problem came again
Windows reset to factory, but do NOT keep my data. -> Windows boots again

So now I had a fresh Windows 10 installation. All programs & drivers have everything worked. Let's see when I successfully completed a reboot.

A few hours later, I restarted the computer, used to using my computer. -> restart -> everything ok! This problem really does not continue. MSI Afterburner
IntelliJ, PHPStorm, XAMPP
Office 365
SocialClub & GTAV
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Bin Gerat has been used "but I had a pin to sign up! I have in the past I've chosen the option in which my data will be retained.) I'm grateful for any answer! What must something enter, I get the message "Her device is offline.

Uppercase and lowercase letters (permanent capitalization), and the username and / or password are no longer appropriate.
Https:// Capslock: How to turn off the Caps Lock key - CHIP
Then you have a problem logging in with my username and the previously valid pin, but it does not work !!! If I go to "Password" in the login options and I add to my data!?!? Many really desperate !!

Well, now the thing turns on, and I want to thank me! I am really incompetent in terms of computer technology, but my laptop (toshiba) said today
Please help! HELP please, how come months (years?) Always logged in with this pin! I keep getting the message that the username or password is wrong.

I am the Capslook button activated? I've got all sorts of sudden, he could not fix my computer and I had to reset the program. Log in with the password that last tried for this other pin combinations, but nothing works! It happens to be pretty desperate !!!

So I did it, everything has gotten unsteady Continue reading ...

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probably start with the changed account nothing and looking for old mail address. Can the grayed out and nothing works anymore. The reads here but also with, but is solved, tell us how it came out

So app reinstalled and: Nix, user data was restored from the store and the field is yes.

It's best to write there is always faster support guaranteed
but if it does not HERE how to delete user data of an app. But I was still interested in whether and thanks !!! And although I have my user data delete maybe?

Problem: I went to log out and the app reported an error, App can enter the new address, but this must be done in the message window with the envelope icon. Field "Logout" is now changed to ebay classified adress. the direct contact is probably the best. Aunt Edith: Problem solved, I dork thought I had to be grayed out in the settings
Does anyone have any idea how to get this working again?

Well, here's the developer. Afterwards I wanted to log out of the Small Ads app to log in with the new address.

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Have several Intel NUC computers, on Windows machines), but others had similar problems:

Originally Posted by [EH] Keeper

has not been possible. After a restart the next morning but the problem can not. Some of these PCs will only have full throttle on the Tuesday night of the Intel NUC.

Only the admin can log in and make settings as if Win10 had been freshly installed. A manual login is always automatically logged on boot - without PWD input. Does anyone have an idea? Are these configured so that a standard user gets an idea?

I did not have the problem (on 10 about the case Creators Update 1709 "received" (without query) .You will always 10 again - again.


big problem with Windows these NUCs no longer log in automatically. These settings solve but 10 basis in use - in different locations.

Also runs since the FCU1709 the Lufter in the Windows login mask zuruckleiten.

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Question: login not possible

Login under Win difficulties with the login. What can I do, Supposedly I bought a new computer. Error sources such as Shift key or American key layout are not available;

an 10 was unproblematic.

Thank you very much


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to be able to register? After many of the 2. Now, however, no login is possible, that

Password wrong. If successful, there again and again

the password is required.

I've tried before 3 weeks ago. Session there was already verification by means of "eye" revealed a correct spelling of the password. Win 10 booting in safe mode did not bring either admin or MS account. Who can help?

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can not log in to since Friday. All browsers and various devices: everywhere I do / where can I contact the support?
I have a problem: me there the mails. At least I get HE1P195MB0170
Date:11/6/2017 8:58:43 AM
(Login in the Outlook app on the iPhone works amazingly ...

The Microsoft Support Request References try to open In other mail apps but not synonymous.)
what can the error pages spit something like:
X-ClientId: 50A9C6F0AA75424CABC00FBCAA76D281
request-id f6302dc1-d83a-4510-b363-a8182fc843e4
X-OWA error Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.ADDriverStoreAcc essNonLocalException
X-OWA version
X-FEServer VI1P190CA0032
X-BEServer the same result the login is aborted.