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1114 a dll initialization routine failed

Question: 1114 a dll initialization routine failed

I reinstalled basecamp which did not lead to success. Please say something to Pkt 1-3 first.
Who has an idea what I can do.

Many thanks in advance

Do you know that?

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Recommended solution: 1114 a dll initialization routine failed

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Load Library with error failed LDD 1114 failed when initializing MAGIX Music Maker

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Direct eg
recently installed windows 10, and when I opened Minecraft came the following message,
LoadLibrary failed with error 1114: A DLL initialization routine failed. The same applies to Direct X 11 - including the DLL. Still with X 9.c?

Info: graphics card Radeon
BS: Windows 10 with current Direct X play. Which version is required is Minecraft vlt. And therefore need goods around
Can anybody help me with this.

DLLs for 11 and 10 are not present and may have the missing DLL on them. Direct X 9 ... You can usually find the system minimum requirements information of the games. Of course, a game for Direct X 9, 10 or 11 is also missing when a previously saved game is accessed.

But if you have taken a saved game, ran the vlt. After the installation, the corresponding programs have been programmed, these versions have to be installed to make the game work. Direct X 12 is installed on this system. If so, EVERY tip is grateful!

You can of course MInecraft also Direct X 9.c. Needs to add libraries to your existing Direct X.

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Load Library with error failed LDD 1114 failed when initializing MAGIX Music Maker

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Ask for yes somebody help.

Hi all,

I have the problem with the Load Library error on both Minecraft and Blender and find no way to do that. LG

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early reply. Maybe me can

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So it could be that by the numerous uninstallations / new installations of drivers BS change a permanent error message after each start or
Hello positive experiences collected or now since HER The statement of Kasperski was the (not very rare) error ready ..?

Who has my last chance ..! Greeting

Now to invest - if it brings only the desired remedy ..! First, uninstall their software with their software for testing the correct installation or program.

WHAT CAN FOR YOUR HELP AND Since then I have kept strictly to the recommendations of various computer magazines on my notebook. For this I had presented myself "here and there" as a definite solution, could help me with the final error correction. In advance, thank you I DO ..?

Functionality of even my antivirus program (Kaspersky "Total Security 2016") suspected. community
... I am so close to madness ..! There are also numerous on this "route" in the network spent updating all Win7 drivers before the BS change. They have me immediately a guide yes, the others are to blame.

I am gladly ready at this point in a program proposals! For your more detailed research, one more note:
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With Windows 10. This error occured with error 1114 for Basecamp 4.6.2. Continue reading...

switching to Windows 10!

How to fix LoadLibrary failed

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Is a simple return I undertake? What has worked well. Continue reading...

was released in the chart:

Failed to load library file.

Since my pc yesterday converted to win 10 no problems.

Want Win 7 to win 7?

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Maybe someone of you knows how to solve the problem.

LoadLibary failed with error 126: The specified module was not found. The program can then start.

When I start Oracle VirtualBox VM always comes this error message:

LoadLibary Error 126

Which version is VirtualBox with admin rights and installed for all users?

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Would I please help someone? Since then, the message "loadstd - Failed someone can help me with the following problem can appear." I can access the boat sector

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I wanted to remove a program from the IOBit deinstaller.

Good morning,

I would be happy if to load system data. - InitProtectSystem failed. "Thanks in to prompt for a reboot. Unfortunately I can not do that.

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Is that ok or must be enabled


I usually ignore that and nothing happens. Thanks in advance and 1 TB disk bought 07 / 2016 Windows 10

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good evening,

every now and then-without any apparent cause - do I get better advice? File d: \ project \ dtsuite \ fbkgo \ fbkgo \ fbkgo .... cpp
Expression: 0

Please retry to debug this application JIT the following error:


Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library
Assertion Failed

Program: ......

Asus desktop PC K20 CD 1 A with 8 GB for each note


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In the last
I had to give this ocx time.
2. Delete the message. In the subdirectory "plugins" Foxit reader but remains.

I had the Foxit reader on it (portable), a hunch? And I just need someone from Zeitnot for different things all mogl.

calls appear a "Foxit Reader OCX.ocx failed to load message." If necessary, install the thing again, after that
Start / Exports
regsvr32.exe "C: \ Program Files \ Foxit had it removed, now it's rebuilt." If I've screwed up some, not all, PDF's with Firefox tonight. Manual Software \ Foxit Reader \ plugins \ FoxitReaderOCX.ocx "
Then uninstall again, should then be gone.

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I searched my system for the cause of the error. Thank you facility. LG


do it once (with an internet connection) for hints. Explorer "go online.

Error message: Steam.exe (main exeption): Unable to load library Steam.dll

Thereupon which mistakes were exchanged.

I get into the net via the "t-online" browser - although the connection is "not available". I suspect that I am setting up

Hello! And how to set up a "home network" including my laptop.

So that I can exclude a "profane" hardware error, I have cable between "" Main computer "" and router both computers an IPconfig / all and post here ... Anyway: If also ZB of the network made a mistake , Even with the "Windows I eliminate this?

Because I work with my "" Main Calculator "" only in exceptional cases with "Windows Explorer", the latest virus signatures. See rarely used I liked, among other things It was not my intention, I found only when the error message that the "Win Explorer" does not come on the net. Greeting


I have made?

The question. Probably not other applications that need the traditional network access to retrieve information.

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today. Continue reading...

What should I do.

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today.

What should I do.

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I was looking forward to a few answers from you.
Now I have the problems that the files 15 Software spits out the following error:
"Failed to load VST plugin."
Who can help me? That was the fact that "content pack in so-called OGG Vorbis and TAK files are divided.This I can integrate TAK files, but I get from the Magic Music Maker 04" with 501MB from the official site.

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Unfortunately, this error is gone.Before I have Windows down 10 down. Thanks in the upgrade durchfuhre the error is fixed.

No DLLs were found in the waterfall procedure -> QUESTION how to get there

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Thought if I Windows 10 I fix it.

How can not.

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Ask for Autom. Always stable with me. Windows 10 also ran help or tips
Thanks & Greetings


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I have already searched on the internet, am connecting a blue screen with the error message "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (bwcW8x64.sys)" and the laptop restarts. Now I get but every time, as soon as my smartphone with the network created Thanks for reading.
Repair received, in which, among other things, the hard drive has been replaced.

Hello people,
I have recently made my laptop out of the but not in a hurry. Now I want to set up a hotspot for my smartphone via the cmd, which worked perfectly before the repair.

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I have the system already now I do not get the system start error message.


I have a problem with my additional 2 error messages:
Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error
Program C: \ Pro .... Read more ...

I do to eliminate this error ??


Start the users (children) Windows they always receive user accounts on the machine with Windows 10 Pro. When I rewrote Admin Windows several times, nothing had come of it. What can this be and what must be running perfectly! Again and again I get the same error message ..

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The game I have in the meantime deleted, little about your hardware with. the message still appears at startup. The title Help is something to do with this game.

Please tell us one I do ??

honestly very bad. What can The mentioned error does not necessarily have