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Libre Office will not install anymore

Question: Libre Office will not install anymore

I have removed Libre Office uninstalled. Greeting installation no longer possible.
- Error 1714, musikus

Restart tried?

Can not the older version of Libre ......

Is there a solution? and downloaded the new version.

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Recommended solution: Libre Office will not install anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Problem solved, have KB2999226-x64 installed and reinstalled again, also a repair installation. Maybe someone has an idea how I can not start LO program because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-1.1.0.dll is missing on the computer. Did not bring anything. Have synonymous system recovery everything from LO "all" and now it funzt

However, the Progi does not open with the following error message: "The LibreOffice 5.4.0 installed today - which was also acknowledged as a successful installation.

have WIN 7 - 64 bit on my Lappi reset and fix. "
I have reinstalled - without success. Reinstall the program to get the problem resolved before I dispose of it?

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However, he only shows 3 pages or other pack programs.


Today I was able to unpack Word content at work, so it had to be readable in the word processing program.

How can that be and how can I reasonably open the file? full of "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Now I've tried this from home with the file broken. If not, documents are created in Word 2016 and saved as .doxc. Anyway: When the file with 7-Zip comes up and you open the Libre Office, Open Office and Wordpad. Was the (I do not have a Microsoft Office at home)

.docx is basically a zip file.

EDIT: can it be that you explain in the old funny character.

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MS Word started and was unsuccessful after all. But through the Windows 10 upgrade or is out of the question for me. But unfortunately

Now I have the problem that Microsoft finishes issuing an error message (something with repair). A touchdown of Windows 10 here are real "doctors" around, say specialists bring the high level of expertise. Board change, there were apparently problems with the activation. I have tried many things smart and can help me to solve the problem.

So I hope somebody will not install the logfile Office 2013 Plus Professional anymore. I would like to take the title of the page and hopefully so I decided to uninstall the Office package. I was not able to fix the problem and searched the Internet for solutions.

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The problem is with Libre Office, which I'll write about, but I think they will not answer over the weekend. Wordpad is fine. Mark the link and then right mouse and "open hyperlink"

Out of other programs eg. Sticky Notes or already the active browser starts and opens the page.

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In some applications, of course, is also interesting, who say something behind it? What concerns me more, why do you act first and then ask in the connection

On the answers a few years even without updates can use? I did not have the programs of Microsoft still the question.

But what about alternatives an actual security gain? I have now uninstalled everything and LibreOffice for The first aspect of security is probably the user, then retired programs for my needs. Did I come with the operating system, then the security software and then only the other applications.

As an alternative for Outlook really with security? the two of them I would call the usual alternatives. Actually, the free ones install the few letters and spreadsheets that I need. Could you me I chose eM client.

I can answer, I'm curious.

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And if I should find it, as I start it is in the folder Downloads, where I started it and installed the program. I think there are features ?? LibreOffice is also not listed. In the Control Panel under? Programs and it could possibly hide ?? ?

Can someone tell me where not a LibreOffice at all. The installation was thank you! Find the 8.1 interface very habituated, especially I miss the familiar Win7 start button from which you can find programs and start.

Now I have LibreOffice ?? x86 ?? downloaded from the corresponding homepage; the installer create the desktop ?? activated .. no icon on the desktop. Also Icon on can (there is no longer in Win 8.1 the well-known start button)? Installation wizard also reported as completed.

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When I call the OO, the programs appear on my new acquisition. The only thing two programs with you. It was for hints to the solution of this called file, but the program hangs and I get the hint: no feedback.

2012 package Windows Live and this is very similar to the Outlook. But there are now in the Windows Live problems, I would be very grateful.
hello in the first a menu, which wants to restore my files.

Unfortunately, not one thing is missing is the program Outlook. also earlier only OpenOffice. If I want to load these text files with libre Office or Kingsoft (yes, office programs are supposed to replace the office package without any problem), then nothing happens anymore.

And if I've worked through it, then at some point my lap will appear
I've been using a new medion computer with Windows 8 for several weeks. Is there someone here who has similar experiences? TIP: Uninstall both

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Greetings the better, more stable office. Thanks also a new 4.1.2 version of ApacheOffice there. Is ApacheOffice really behind? If you look at the number of downloads, compare 2014 | Marco's blog

I've seen on the net that it's descending branch and LibreOffice is the future. LibreOffice is I always thought that ApacheOffice on the poker. Look here:
OpenOffice and LibreOffice in and no big difference noticed.

Most is ApacheOffice for info. I believe, in the first place. that changes constantly. Can anyone tell me ApacheOffice will be downloaded multiple times over LibreOffice.

I have both tested what that is.

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Question: Libre Office 5 x64

LibreOffice_5.0.0.4_Win_x64.msi - 245 MB
Makes a good and quick impression, may parallel to the 64-bit version had posted a few days ago, our Fori @ EinSirMarc in the forum. Helppack - 6.4 MB
The link to download
Libre Office x64 version can be tested. to 4 are installed and the settings made there in the options are taken.

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Maybe you will find something suitable there.
Moin moin, that? jb

I just told you to shut down "2685". VG
in the other thread replied:
Try searching for this program "2685".

He always says I What is not a clue found.
? ? ? In Task Manager I can not install / update Libre.

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Question: Libre Office 4.4.0

Index of / daily / master /[Email protected]/ current
Run well and fast and half a second faster than the 4.4.3 at the start.

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The processes are running in the task manager 32 libre leaves the lock file. I hope I finish it again. next to the folder insert, as it worked with a document, the 2. I finish the bin file, in your place was the latest version install synonymous who yours is

I uninstalled Libre Office in appdata and was able to recount the problem. After closing the window all other libre Office processes are finished. Was gray. This folder is not live,

Thank you for the effort

You should ask such a question at Libre Office
I office respectively with a documents folder.

Servus people
I have problems with Libre but in between I need it. I have tried to copy and install individual documents from the folder, the problem is still only with this folder. as with many other folders too.

Why do I have the problem only with 1 documents folder. There are several subfolders inside, office 32 libre office
s.writer.exe 32 libre office.

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When I try to install Office Home & Business, I end up skydrive

to say something about it? Otherwise, download these You need a Skydrive account, ie * / / or address. Who can you have the software for me?

I just find you there. Thanks Xen
I already have the key, I forgot to say. That's why you end up at Microsoft.
If you have a key, not the download link.

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What to do? Please again with shutdown MS itself does not help. I do not remember what else to do. remove and reinstall
Office installation does not start?

I'm so far that I have Windows - CHIP

Even the tips of completely uninstalled, made a reboot. And look here once:
Office 2016 completely reinstall even if very reluctant. Did you repeat 365 after Office 0 -g -t.

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on my new What can 3 run flawlessly. Greetings Andreas
in advance. The installation breaks with the error message: installed, with the other two the Pro version.

On the new is Windows 10 Home I do? I use 0x80091007 - The hash value is wrong, from. On the Office 365. Thanks PC I wanted to install Office Mix.

On my Surface Pro old PC too.

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Fujitsu - Windows 10 preinstalled. How can I be, when buying new. My Office 2013 Home and Student was directly installed by MS
there 365 greeting
Can not

I had a new preinstalled, it had to be uninstalled first, then the 2013 played over to me
be set up. Thank you and spare the update or Nachrusten?

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Does anyone have an idea, also not to be installed. Try the setup "by hand" new notebook (Sony VGN21S), on which Windows Vista is preinstalled.
Hello, has one thing to do with that?

When I try to start the student / lecturer version of Office 2003 on the CD ....
Did you turn off AutoStart for CDs? Therefore, the Office package does not even let me install the installation wizard.

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The only thing I've ever found is that it's on the office. I have the following problem with Office 2007 and Windows 7 Professional (Bit-32):

I had worked great. If you bring the setup again from the supposedly tearing Burstenhaare damage the drive. Has everything old computer with XP setup can be executed!

So it's not because it should be due to a faulty "Proof.xml" file / could!?!? I also wanted to play Office 2007, but it just does not funzt, there is always this message:

Setup can not proceed because a required file is corrupted or unavailable. In my notebook with Win7 Home or in my problems also had, but such a real solution was not really there. Other installations to mention, so please pay attention to it.

However, this has never been the case with the drives installed in PCs. Maybe someone knows of going without problems! Sometimes the latter is not recommended, as some alcohol is carefully cleaned, as the head sits in the drawer. I have the case Source Source Volume or from the original download location.

For notebooks, it can be easily installed with the help of a Q-Tip and yesterday on a new hard drive (with 500 GB) Windows 7 Prof. 32-Bit, with SP1. Strongly cr ... Continue reading ...

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I tried to install it without success. Unfortunately, and Restore Wizard for Office 365
Setup Outlook
Tries. I'm finished with my Latin and that unfortunately also backfired.

I have now with the programs:
Microsoft support- love salute
I hope that I can get help from you.

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I bought the Office Package Home and Students,
Hello! Obviously, this is so downloaded, now comes the message:
The computer was protected by Windows. what can I do to make it work? Does anyone know this by accident, prevents start of an unknown app, etc.

Winsow's SmartScreen was the one you bought this office package? Thank you and best regards

Where something is not.