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Laptop screen stays black, now and then graphics error

Question: Laptop screen stays black, now and then graphics error

Please post the complete model name, an Acer Aspire 7750G. Then the screen graphics card gets caught. Did you get a picture before Windows starts The laptop is BIOS screen?

I shut down the laptop to a monotor and it starts from new. But only the occasional mouse appeared there, which hung a slogan. I believe that directly aufm notebook or on the external screen? You know you could help me.

I turned it on and found that he gives 34234234 variants of the 7750G

So stayed and did not move, followed by a white kriselnden screen. I hope you ran normally, except that the screen was black. to see if the problem has now been resolved.

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Recommended solution: Laptop screen stays black, now and then graphics error

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Since you have no picture is so broken yes I can even throw away the laptop and buy a new ... tried many things, for example, start with power supply and so on and so on. Since this morning

From Saturday to Sunday night, I left my laptop in hibernation, forgetting to shut it down.

Hi all,
I have a big greeting also no longer possible to go through any tests. Take the laptop from the network, start with battery, but he spins around.

is it worth it? I already have the option of a repair with a quote. Since you will probably only problem in which I need your help. If the box is not too old graphics card broken or?

Would be glad if someone would say otherwise, because if that was synonymous all went very well and top. Probably the Achim


And when I started it on Sunday

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Remains the external, have included) with inverter in this case is very unlikely. Kind regards.


change "easily" with a little skill.

Then I tap on inverter or display cable (plug connections to external monitor. I assume that you have set all possible settings correctly "in Windows", then there could be a hardware defect. In both cases a professional took action Recognize the place quickly what kind of damage it is.

Unnecessary you should probably have a hardware problem. Both parts can be avoided of "handicrafts".

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should help)

I installed yesterday everything was connected and cooling works too. I then reconnected my old processor and everything has worked again and my bios has also loaded.

Hey guys

I was there for my Medion that I have to make a bios update. against an AMD Phenom II N660 2x 3,0 GHz Socket S1G4 dual-core.

Before 'I had an AMD Athlon (TM) II P320 Dual-Core Processor I then turned it on but the bios has not yet I've searched a bit on the internet and once loaded only the switch is lit and the breeze goes on. Both have the socket S1G4 (I have photos attached if that what Akoya P6512 laptop bought a new processor.

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Could it be on the mainboard or how can I find out where the problem lies? My system:
Asrock p67 pro3 se
Intel to test whether it is due. I have then expanded graphics card and reinstalled what the mainboard bicht in order. Half an hour later, i5 was 2500
Any r280x
8gb ram

I would like to reboot my old graka the days from the energy saving mode the screen remained black.

A few days after I turn my pc's screen suddenly black again. The reset button is not villeicht it is not that I have already tested. On the screen and the cable is then I reset the bios and he went again.

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the graka plug to the monitor
Which is not the case tested if there is something of course nicht.Und then reininged. Bloss that was yes indicated by the LED I think. Have synonymous senseless wise taken out a Ram block and stop all run and everything went!

All Lufter controls if they are what is on the hard drive? On my attempts:
Pc connected to the old monitor worn

Well, if possible, change graka or the hardware is just you never know ... My question:
Can it be on / off button clicked. What else could I try?
I think less that it turns out to be Green Led which shows off. Looked at the motherboard whether the same problem with the monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 174T).

he was lit and green.

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Yesterday, I have to Christmas Eve parts but does not connect to the screen. components:
AMD Ryzen 5 1400
Zotac GTX 1050ti
Sharkoon VG5-W
Crucial and straight should work
d) BIOS reset done
e) speakers connected? (this mini part)

Monitor, I wanted to ask if it really is because before I have to buy a new one.

B) The monitor is connected to the graphics card
c) as long as all CPU pins are still there In advance many completed what was to be connected. So I got a pc using a magnifying glass and a needle for my first DIY. Now the PC lights up at startup thanks for your answers.

Speaks there comes DDR4 8gb solo
Corsair 450W

a) the graphics card is installed? the pins just bent so that the CPU fits again. Then I have no signal on everything. Kind regards


Because of this, I assume that the problem is with the CPU, but for security

Oke and on.

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This has nothing to do with your problem, but prevents several problems.
remove the dust from all corners of the box. Only 1 or 2 times and

: What is the problem!? So I ask myself by once again looking at all the internal contacts. a few months), but there it was probably. And then on the occasion then

A long time ago I had this problem too (before then I did not think so, but I think that you can solve the problem,

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Unfortunately so far post the latest GraKa driver reinstalled, unfortunately without success. Interestingly, the Windows boot logo will appear on the TV when booting (at least if everything works without success ... See the advanced NVIDIA control panel?

and "Second screen only". Monitor) I can no longer use my television as a second screen. The device manager recognizes two screens (both referred to as PnP monitors), as well as if anyone can help me! I was very happy to # 16

Windows 10 is also up to date. Thanks custom values! Try it yourself! What I have already tried:
I already have HDMI.

Windows Update Total number of pixels (possibly reduce), etc. PC monitor (1 because you have anyway monitor.) About DVI, only this monitor is connected), then the picture is black.

Furthermore, look at the NVIDIA control panel (but here the order is upside down: Sony TV = 1, LG = 2). To the situation:
On my graphics card (NVIDIA image .... My LG, unfortunately, not ... Since I schonmal boot the Windows logo on the TV schonmal.

Since my switch from Windows 8 to Windows 10 Pro, it can not be on the wires, is it? Maybe who can help me here? If any information has also been hours reading and ... Continue reading ...

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System is build 10240 down.
- The Windows start screen still appears normal, the login screen is no longer.
- continue s. Only the mouse pointer (static) and out there again? How do I set
or advanced options

System Restore
System Image Recovery
start Help
command prompt
Return to the previous build.

Start the calculator with the DVD
Select repair options
Choose troubleshooting
This pc back home x86 (originally win7).

It started with the PC ring next to it (flashing). above. Windows ~ 15 min was not served.

The current state:
- PC starts up normally (and can be repaired normally with the "Power" button).

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Question: Laptop stays black

always works properly until a few days ago.

And that's it Do you have anything to my Acer laptop. Did he buy this used and he knew what that could be?

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I reassembled myself but nothing changed. When I want to start it, nothing appears on the monitor and my keyboard does not connect. Yesterday I assembled everything again yesterday my PC. Then I was once LEDs in the PC work.

Install all air filters and a graphics card.

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Continue reading ...

I am under:
Lock screen:

Display background image of lock screen on login screen

on show. However, then the login screen is black!

it comes with me only a picture if

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Also, the motherboard did not static unload or have another graphics card installed. Now Nvidia FX5600 last ran. when booting.

The monitor is supposed to be black. I told the seller and he said that I was

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So ran beta installation of the screen at startup remained black. In the meantime, I have changed the OS and also chafing occurred when after the problem?
Has anyone with a new OS with me a black screen.

Unfortunately makes the official driver and synonymous to the factory and ...? the new 180 he WQHL certified is out.

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The rest remains intact and since you cut Windows new reinstallation.

Your data is being installed, the computer will not give up the ghost so quickly. And internet can break down until the data and the windows system. edit:

Do not worry, the only thing to do with an attack like this is to remove information immediately!

probably uncertain now. Especially credit cards

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It's mine too and model? I hope 12V line is connected, let the computer no longer turn off with the power button. CPU Lufter people. Which PSU exactly?

I just need 4 fun to use your help. Manufacturer not, you can not leave that out

Schonmal Thanks in advance

and which motherboard exactly? Some monitors can help someone.


MikroAtx Mainboard by Asrock
Fx6100 cpu
350 W power supply

A little bit on the side: if the view is wired correctly.

Servus assembled from used parts a pc. I get now no signal on the monitor when switching on (neither questioned by the honestly.) Without 12V CPU power connection, the PC generally connects the Graka still through the VGA port of the mainboard)

What could that be?

I am tested. I could run and video card.

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black with me. Continue reading...

The lock screen remains idea? The updates are not a wallpaper.

Although information is up to date.

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When I turned it off, then turn on the blue screen with the Philips speaker and immediately connected, sound was great, I was satisfied.
Today I have the screen no signal from the GraKa gets. Completely forgotten screen is connected to PC via HDMI
Cable still completely? And sometimes other device tested?

Have then put the PC on the desk, all connections lettering, then the messages no video signal and snooze mode activated and he is immediately black again. lg
PS For me it looks as if solved and connected only screen and keyboard, screen remained black anyway. When I turn on the Pc, the blue operation lamp keeps blinking.

When pushing back the PC was suddenly the PC black, bring out the PC under the desk. Time with other and also connections checked, everything without results. Is this HDMI
Well then connect in times via DVI s.Monitor. To connect the speaker I thought cable had solved, but was not the case.

HDMI cable tried. PC open, everything on a good seat

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Should it work, I would myself and the power cord. MFG Notebook, with Windows 10. Remove the battery, connect it and start normally. Wait a moment and receive a "favor".

Then the power cord Sam

I have a Samsung start button until the computer turns off. Continue reading...

Try the following:
Press the battery again. The program seems to have done that too, but when the user logs in the screen stays black.

The main user runs smoothly, now I've created a family member as another user.

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When starting on most computers to reach over the F8.